Sir Reality
Sir Reality 14 órája
For some reason I think that Angel Dust smells like sweat and Chinese sausage. Don't ask me why
flownominal 14 órája
I dont know if it's just me but there are times where the show goes like... 24fps > 6 FPS or some shit. Usually when the Prince talks. Is that on purpose?
Nancy Miranda
Nancy Miranda 14 órája
He actually did it with him the owl
Jun Ch. 悪狼 じゅん
Jun Ch. 悪狼 じゅん 14 órája
ok, millie has her family here... are they really a bunch of maniacs in the family?
ClassicAli 14 órája
basicass user
basicass user 14 órája
They should send striker to take out val
b _ londie_
b _ londie_ 14 órája
strange fact: This video made many people cry, because it shows the same thing as in reality .. I'm no exception. These situations happen every minute and it's terrible!
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars 14 órája
Blitzo: WHOOZA GOOD HORSEY??? YOU ARE! ☺️☺️☺️💗💗💗💞💞💞 horse: ♦️n♦️
sirflimflam 14 órája
I love Blitz. He's often portrayed like he isn't very reliable but this episode really highlights he can be pretty badass.
szari 28
szari 28 14 órája
Domenik hat sich deswegen angespieben
Locus Ruiz López
Locus Ruiz López 14 órája
Rainbow Gacha
Rainbow Gacha 14 órája
fizzarolli: calls the kids ugly 2 seconds later: nobody here is mean
The Red Sylveon
The Red Sylveon 14 órája
vqlentinez 14 órája
the voice acting in this series is just mind blowing
Isabel Aparicio
Isabel Aparicio 14 órája
Life is not worth living
SJBrandon69 CODM
SJBrandon69 CODM 14 órája
If I’m correct, Blitz wants to go back to Earth? Is there somebody he wants to see?
Lauri Törni
Lauri Törni 14 órája
Honestly these videos aren’t as good as the pilot. Mainly because it’s just so random that some parts seem like they are for a kids show. I hope they can fix this and make it even better. Still love watching these episodes tho
Sullivan Daily
Sullivan Daily 14 órája
flavia lucas
flavia lucas 14 órája
Why this is trash
meta glitcher
meta glitcher 14 órája
1:56 my type of shit and 2:10 how i tell my friend to shut up
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars 14 órája
Blitzo getting flustered. Definitely has a praise kink.
Jar573 14 órája
Everyone talking about Stolas family dinner scene, but no one is talking about this sign 16:59
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars 14 órája
I love blitzo being so very insistent and passionate about his fatherhood
Sonne Deku
Sonne Deku 14 órája
Gotta love the Pre-video Warnings before each episode, it's like they just KNOOOW
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 15 órája
I love how Stolas' wife doesn't even bother to keep the volume down or make it a private call
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars 15 órája
I love how Blitzo basically has hairballs with feathers. Also, GREAT voice performance from stoles he is easily my favorite
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 14 órája
god, the sound-design in this is just pure gold. The fighting sounds, snarling, hissing ... <3
Darth Sidius
Darth Sidius 15 órája
8:37 is that blitzo
Andre Afton
Andre Afton 15 órája
İm missed alastor:c
Simping for Light from the squad
Simping for Light from the squad 15 órája
9:14 im simping for the clown too TwT
Vin Cor
Vin Cor 15 órája
17:24 that was smooth af
Shane Hill
Shane Hill 15 órája
Jeff 2
Jeff 2 15 órája
Elias Navarro
Elias Navarro 15 órája
Did anyone else realize that strikers voice actor is Norman reduas
Thomas Marriott
Thomas Marriott 15 órája
lol found a curse that is not censored, bit idrc lol.
helluva child :3
helluva child :3 15 órája
is anyone younger than me? bc like im under 18
Itz_Nexus5725 15 órája
To people that are saying it's bad because of the fps, you should see the work it took to make this episode, If you didn't noticed this episode had a very good job in making lightning and them even added cgi objects in the background to try new things 17:25 (you can see one in the scene striker is talking to Stellla in the phone, here's the behind the scenes:
madbillz gaming
madbillz gaming 15 órája
i can't watch this and not think about furry
GhostInk Arts
GhostInk Arts 15 órája
Petition to protect Moxxie at all costs
Axel Villa
Axel Villa 15 órája
I hope you fucking make a episode 1
「 Bxlla 」
「 Bxlla 」 15 órája
Angel Dust: Oh HaRdEr DaDdY Snake dude: *SoN?*
#little nightmares
Kimberly Mellentin
Kimberly Mellentin 15 órája
the real question is if strickers a chameleon or an imp
sir. snake
sir. snake 15 órája
3:01 is that plantera from Terraria
Cam 15 órája
The animation gets better every episode, great work every time :)
KingBoo 15 órája
Is this an official villain?
Noel Romerez
Noel Romerez 15 órája
Wow, love the TWD crossover episode.
josh voak
josh voak 15 órája
I keep coming back to this. anyone else?
Google-Chan 15 órája
How... How the fuck yall get Norman Reedus?
Sareth 15 órája
god, the sound-design in this is just pure gold. The fighting sounds, snarling, hissing ... <3
Wiktor Maślanik
Wiktor Maślanik 15 órája
So Blitz(o) Sisters name is Barbie Wire? Wiro ? Nice.
Bob Man
Bob Man 15 órája
Guys look they made a new episode of hazbin hotel:
X Axštrø X
X Axštrø X 15 órája
Someone Turned The Hose Pipe On!
Aidan Morales
Aidan Morales 15 órája
Petition to make a Helluva boss mid season trailer 👇 like and comment if you agree
Soup Fruit Loops
Soup Fruit Loops 15 órája
Bruh there’s so many dislikes😂
Simping for Light from the squad
Simping for Light from the squad 15 órája
1:29 perfect wallpaper owo
X Axštrø X
X Axštrø X 15 órája
Someone Muted A Nightmare Before Christmas!
zarothegamer owo
zarothegamer owo 15 órája
saw the chrs. from zoophobia, is it cannon?
just noo
just noo 15 órája
1:55 I told myseof he’s a cat
SupaSalmonYT 15 órája
Bruh I love how queen is just screaming while King just doesnt care
Chopper Reindeer
Chopper Reindeer 15 órája
I love this show it's amazing
Alegna Anidem
Alegna Anidem 15 órája
"Looking awesome, feelings helpless" I felt that hesitation once he stared into the mirror as flashbacks came to him. 😔
The Gamma Gamer
The Gamma Gamer 15 órája
0:34 "gee you really look better from the back" -Quagmire
Bruhhify 15 órája
I don't know much about animation but what is a SVA thesis film?
Simping for Light from the squad
Simping for Light from the squad 15 órája
10:20 ugh she so bootiful
Simping for Light from the squad
Simping for Light from the squad 15 órája
im such a flipping simp TwT.Im sorry for simping all over your characters Vivzipop TwT
Simping for Light from the squad
Simping for Light from the squad 15 órája
dont click TwT.Im.Just dont
Nunya Music
Nunya Music 15 órája
"I'm not good with my hands?" ded
tress Zambrano
tress Zambrano 15 órája
Hello Vivziepop I love hazbin hotel and Helluva boss, when more chapters will come up, and I love the shipeo of Alastor x Charlie, and the one of Angel x Vagie
Nanda Desu
Nanda Desu 15 órája
Hmmmmmmmmm..... Stryker got a golden tooth. The most interesting is,... The placement is kinda the same with Angel Dust and that another drug-addicted spider
Rui Jie
Rui Jie 15 órája
Wow the levels of violent-sexual tension is at an all time high. And who gave Striker permission to be THIS HOT AND LIKEABLE?! THAT'S ALMOST ILLEGAL.
De_Widow-God Jk
De_Widow-God Jk 15 órája
13:06 Moxxie: I shall use this weapon Also Moxxie: Doesn’t use the gun at all
garcia meekis
garcia meekis 15 órája
Just noticed that Blitzo spat out a feather at :40
dagnytheartist 15 órája
My wild theory: Striker is Fizz in a cowboy hat -black blood (12:05) -stripe theme -Teeth -good at putting on a show/singing -ready to trick Blitzo Contradicting evidence: -he has a tail when Fizz doesn't -voice and movements are less robotic Buuut his old form got burned in Looloo Land, so it's possible that the voice/tail are just new parts of him. What do you think?
3mma 15 órája
Eyy wtf I remember watching this back in high school but didn't realize until I watched it now again that it's Angel Dust
Mox 15 órája
Millie rule 34
walter berty
walter berty 15 órája
Malik T Fortune
Malik T Fortune 15 órája
The comedy in this episode is the best from this series
Blake Cooper
Blake Cooper 15 órája
Is there a full song that Stolas sang?