Monjur Ahmed
Monjur Ahmed 26 perccel
He literally stabbed people 50 times
Melissa Love
Melissa Love 27 perccel
The worlds not allowed to end until i have seen each & everyone of these movies ! 💕👍🏻 Stan Lee ❤️ Marvel forever 👍🏻💕
Sheik Mushahid
Sheik Mushahid 32 perccel
Release in hindi also
laramie bahr
laramie bahr 34 perccel
This almost made me cry...
Simon Rhee
Simon Rhee 35 perccel
6:23 who said “Get over here!”
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari 36 perccel
Marvel still knows to make us go crazy
Goo June Poy
Goo June Poy 37 perccel
1:28 me at 2am. Every effin day.
colemanerik 37 perccel
Didn't Rooster Teeth already make this years ago?
Fharish Ahmed
Fharish Ahmed 37 perccel
This guy is not Low Key...
Prince 41 perce
I exepected it to be fan made
Brodzzzzz 43 perccel
Seriously can't stand Owen Wilson... He's so annoying
mfr md
mfr md 45 perccel
I have to stay alive until 2023
Hani Lab
Hani Lab 47 perccel
command hallucination
madmonkey6969 48 perccel
2:54 Oh look its Natasha Romanov over there, i wonder if they will bring her back?
Nynra 49 perccel
So, you are telling me that girl is the only one in the world without a phone and Wifi?
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest 50 perccel
Angelina Jolie's Beauty Never fades❤️😍
Frida Maulidiar
Frida Maulidiar 50 perccel
To think that there are movies will be released from MCU give me chills
Gustave Laugh now Cry later
Gustave Laugh now Cry later 51 perce
Denzel didn’t complete me in Equalizer2. Jason just gave me hope again.
Lily Valley
Lily Valley 52 perccel
Wow what words !
ramasodi Malete
ramasodi Malete 54 perccel
Solution Ghost Simple
Solution Ghost Simple 56 perccel
How can they not sleep? It's so easy that I can do it with my eyes closed.
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 56 perccel
Blast trailer ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌❤️❤️❤️ impressive
Helem Alves
Helem Alves 57 perccel
Priti Singh
Priti Singh Órája
Good lordddd.....m just so damn excited......can't wait to see them all..
Zemocon Órája
Trailer is better than movie
Plain P
Plain P Órája
Upshya enternals trailer lihily and dusrich khat upt dakhavty
Marlon Suan
Marlon Suan Órája
The last part smells fantastic 4
WeebCast - #1 Anime & Manga Show
WeebCast - #1 Anime & Manga Show Órája
Was I the only one who initially thought this could be a Firewatch movie adaptation? That game was incredible and I thought this was the day it would come to theaters lmao.
Clickbait LoL
Marcin Staniek
Marcin Staniek Órája
so much every movie in marvel cinematic uniwerse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maple syrup
maple syrup Órája
So.. the task master is yelena?...
honeyBee gaming
honeyBee gaming Órája
Man I miss those old days😭😭 finally marvel gonna make us all crazy again 🔥🔥🔥
Shankar Sagar
Shankar Sagar Órája
I had a goosbum too see this Marvel's love you forever ❤️
F S Órája
So not interested.
Batang 90's
Batang 90's Órája
Can't wait to have a movie titled I can't Poop
honeyBee gaming
honeyBee gaming Órája
Wanaka forever .....(Rip ) your highness
Vikas Mane
Vikas Mane Órája
2:32 Harish Patel in the house.
Free Man
Free Man Órája
So its Children of Men, but instead of a baby its a baby than can sleep, got it! 👍
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Órája
ah yes, clickbait.
Major Phoenix Gaming
Major Phoenix Gaming Órája
ya lied to me :(
Dedi Ahok
Dedi Ahok Órája
Ko kaya Jo Taslim yah?
Wew this movie is different now...not a zombie/mad scientist/psychopath/alien invasion/or other movie...!nice one
Ashul Sinha
Ashul Sinha Órája
I didn't even watch the trailer before starting the series. Glad I didn't. What an amazing journey it was. ❤️ ❤️❤️
ajwatcher Órája
Why do I see a lot of understatement here... Every word Loki ever said and it only amounts to a small pile? I was expecting an entire library. Stabbed people in the back 50 times? Don't you mean 50 thousand?
EMB Órája
My goosebumps got goosebumps!
arosequartz Órája
The only good thing that came from wattpad
Josh B
Josh B Órája
This isnt new was out in 2018
大仏 Órája
Anyone noticed our Harish Patel, aka Ibu Hatela from Gunda, in the first look of Marvel's Eternals, the actor confirmed that he is indeed part of the film. What a proud moment for him. 🇮🇳
Ivan Cvetnić
Ivan Cvetnić Órája
They missed an opportunity to use Faithless’s Insomnia as a theme song. "I can't get no sleep!"
Master of Ligma
Master of Ligma Órája
"We should sacrifice her" ah yes the religious Idiot.
Kevin Fernandes
Kevin Fernandes Órája
*EVERYONE* You have been trained and tricked into drinking alcohol since you were 17. Alcohol is a toxic drug, poisonous, and cancerous. It damages your muscles, bones, cartilage, heart, liver, brain, pancreas, every organ in your body especially if you drink more than 2 drinks in one night. This damage is cumulative if you keep drinking regularly, 20% damage in your teens, 40% damage in your 20s and 60%+ when you're in your 30s onwards which leads to serious disease. Your body warns you that you are damaging it when you are drunk and get hungover, these are not normal or acceptable for your natural body. No celebs drink or barely do, even though they may trick you into drinking. Alcohol is good for business profits, government taxes and the medical profession as it makes people sick. 100s die everyday due to alcohol, 1000s are disabled with pancreatitis, liver/heart disease which is deliberately not reported by the media! Alcohol controls population numbers.
Shivam Rajput
Shivam Rajput Órája
Oh its a nightmare
Deborah Stoykova
Deborah Stoykova 2 órája
"Only on Disney+" muhahahaha nope
Prime Merlinean
Prime Merlinean 2 órája
"Plot looks interesting."
Bob M
Bob M 2 órája
Forget the moral. Just a cool movie. It ruins it if I look into it. I don't want a meaning or a moral. I just want to be entertained.
عباس محمد
عباس محمد 2 órája
Shibli Qamar
Shibli Qamar 2 órája
Omg theater scene give me goosebumps every one react😭😎
Saad Atiq
Saad Atiq 2 órája
Clickbait 101
Omona EmSe
Omona EmSe 2 órája
Carlo 2 órája
1:28 This is me after I finish all of my homework.
Tony Morrison
Tony Morrison 2 órája
Was anyone else thinking this looked like a movie of the book "Nod"?😅
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 2 órája
He looks really hungry in this movie!! I say his crapiest movie he’s done!!!! He’s a better actor than this shows!!!!💯😆🥲☺️🎯♥️🍀🇺🇸🔨🌎✊👍🏻
Xrisus94 2 órája
L Jackson and Reynolds. Take my money
Baman Buchem
Baman Buchem 2 órája
Only Marvel can save us from 2021
AttyDara 2 órája
Kumar Rishabh
Kumar Rishabh 2 órája
can someone tell doctor strange to bring iron man !!!
Mr Sunshine
Mr Sunshine 2 órája
Woahhhh… cant wait…
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 2 órája
I had gossebumps watching this
Pixel Ranger Studio
Pixel Ranger Studio 2 órája
if you think about this: - corona virus - pc part prices up in the sky - construction material prices up in the sky Almost everything doubled in prices! Its insane.
Pradabae 2 órája
Can't wait to see the movie 🍿🙃
Hakimie Husni
Hakimie Husni 2 órája
everytime enemy was killed im liked “fatality”
Oreo 2 órája
Looks like trash
Loki = Joker
fleezy, baby
fleezy, baby 2 órája
this is that move with Hayden Christensen isn't it