Aesthetic 7
Aesthetic 7 27 perccel
John Doe
John Doe 46 perccel
Zack Snyder's Justice League baby, that's what we want! #SnyderCut #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #WarnerBrosExecsAreEvil
Mike Celaya
Mike Celaya 58 perccel
I've always said that Batman v Superman was more of a justice league film than Josstice league. Zack understands the DC content unlike him. Which is why this trailer screams DC!!! The age of heroes has come again at last.
Unimpressed Lumine
Unimpressed Lumine Órája
Man of steel and BVS ultimate edition are severely underrated. Looking forward to the true sequel
Bipolarbear 4873
Bipolarbear 4873 Órája
Well I'm in
zhengyingli Órája
I don't know about this, guys. Based on Zack Snyder's track record, I'm afraid it's going to be a masterpiece.
Alison Of The Shire
Alison Of The Shire Órája
I can't think of many dramas that have drawn so many emotions out of me in such a short space of time...tears, laughter, anger, shock, outrage. It's all in here. Fantastic, brutal drama. Highly recommended!
TIC IT Órája
Aproveite e pegue a sua bandeira 😍 🇵🇹🇦🇴🇧🇷🇲🇿🇹🇱🇨🇻🇬🇼🇸🇹🇬🇶🇲🇴
The120376 Órája
Mel Blanc was a beyond and gifted voice animation actor of all time. Just simply the best. There will NEVER be matter how hard they tried 💯
GamerLuke20 Órája
Why is this 4:3??
GamerLuke20 Órája
@zhengyingli Ahh... Ok.
zhengyingli Órája
It's the IMAX aspect ratio.
Dani Lifestyle
Dani Lifestyle Órája
The Best Movie
Marciana Silva
Marciana Silva Órája
Qual o nome dessa serie alguem sabe
Rafael Caetano
Rafael Caetano Órája
Smells good...
AliLi 2 órája
Friends Reunion Special.... Yayyyyy
Jeremy Morall
Jeremy Morall 2 órája
is this a palm springs prequel?
Scar4Playz 2 órája
Who else came here from Shroud?
RXTZ SleekZ Órája
Ah yes shroud, one of my favorite player in CS GO
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
no comment on the trailer? its just advertising for other people if you dont even voice your own opinion.
Oct 2 órája
I didn't cry, but I still feel bad for that death
Smile Platinum
Smile Platinum 2 órája
Amazing PS3 graphics!!! cant wait to play this game
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 2 órája
Amazing idiot, can’t wait to $hit on him
Cultured Sims
Cultured Sims 2 órája
She’s a mood
swlimable 2 órája
This show needs to continue! @hbo pick this show up!
Mike Walters
Mike Walters 2 órája
I have no idea what I just watched but I loved every second
Yana Co
Yana Co 2 órája
No spidey
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
no goth models
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
no bts
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
no biden confetti bombs
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
no luke skywalker
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
no dr doom
lexy9210 2 órája
It’s like Palm Springs and Black Mirror meshed into a movie o_O
Thomas Bevan
Thomas Bevan 2 órája
People really in the comments saying it’s the same movie 😂😂😂
Mohammad Faizan
Mohammad Faizan 2 órája
A G 3 órája
I would have preferred if they actually let the husband speak more. Amy and the therapist are talking about him and he doesn't get to tell his point of view, also of the relationship and of the challenges that he might have with Amy.
Niall Black
Niall Black 3 órája
Yeah she's still a joke theif
KlassicLoL 3 órája
Cristin Milioti and getting trapped inside some kind of simulation/time loop is my favorite genre
trey 3 órája
This movie can be insanely good or insanely trash. Jump my opinion.
TabalugaDragon Órája
well Snyder's Batman V Superman was inbetween, so this could be the same.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 órája
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 3 órája
George Hillier
George Hillier 3 órája
I have this vision of Batman saying this: "He may have faced an army, but He's never fought us, not us united.... We have you, the most powerful Amazon that's ever lived. We have that man (points at Barry) a man who's powers we can't even begin to comprehend, we have that man (points at Arthur) the king of the oceans who has the whole ocean at his beckon call, we have him (points at Cyborg) a man with unbelievable abilities that defy science, we have a Kryptonian ... possibly the most powerful being in the universe, and we have me...... I never lose a fight, and I promise you..... we will not lose this one....not on my watch".....
raven thomis
raven thomis 3 órája
i get hbo max, but whatevers on, is n. not tv guide choices..but not complaining!
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 3 órája
*Dropping some (hot) tea:* Just heard *tomorrow* we'll get *_teasers for both Cyborg and The Flash._* 👀
Ricardo Munoz
Ricardo Munoz 4 órája
XProject13 4 órája
After seeing this scene I still could watch this movie and still probably be surprised by it
XProject13 4 órája
Kevin bacon: “I don’t even know you” Thanos: “I don’t even know who you are”
Save martha
Save martha 4 órája
It will be bad, like all other DCEU movies, but the nerd will still defend it
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 órája
Your opinion
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 3 órája
And you'll still be here, crying over a movie you say it is going to be bad. Unknown to us and to your own self, being portrayed by a fake account. That's the description of a minion, or, may I say...a parademon. How does it feel to lose your humankind?
Paulina Fuentes
Paulina Fuentes 4 órája
Extendida, mejorada y con la idea original del director original. ¡No puedo esperar par verla!
MegaTimmytommy 4 órája
I really like her mask.
The History Guru
The History Guru 4 órája
Why did you cut off the first one before he was knighted?? That's why I pull that one up to watch. Overall, still great selection; found it interesting I'd seen more of Bugs Bunny's moments than the ones in the Daffy Duck compilation.
boo Jay
boo Jay 4 órája
So basically Palm Springs meets Black Mirror? Welp, if Cristin Milioti is going to get typecast, might as well be these types of roles because she's damn good at them.
show Godzilla vs Kong please ....
macsdf1 4 órája
Need more onion and ducks and sticky
Ali 4 órája
looks interesting
Eduardo Villagomez
Eduardo Villagomez 4 órája
Oh good, more nightmare fuel
Quiin Amyx
Quiin Amyx 4 órája
Ghibli is known for their beautiful animation, I feel like this just drops the ball
Gio Hellvis
Gio Hellvis 4 órája
Fiona Lackenby
Fiona Lackenby 4 órája
Any idea when you are going to announce where people in the UK can see Zack Snyder's Justice League since it premieres 10 days.....
David Hathaway
David Hathaway 4 órája
Might Shazam have a part?
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Órája
nope. this was filmed in 2016 before shazam was a thing.
Chris Waden
Chris Waden 4 órája
I had a dream almost like a premonition this will be better then marvel avengers endgame
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 4 órája
It’s already better than that mediocre garbage cash grab
EEyEE 4 órája
Watched *BvS: Ultimate Edition* today. I'm even more hyped now
Caetano Arce
Caetano Arce 4 órája
Wow that girl study at my school
The MBTI Memes Channel
The MBTI Memes Channel 5 órája
yo lmao is this satire or what? turbo cringe
Bryson Gobel
Bryson Gobel 5 órája
The look on Zack's face at 12:16 made the whole movement worthwhile for me. He looks like he gets a little emotional there to me. His response to Fiona saying what we all feel is worth the whole journey.
Joe King Videos
Joe King Videos 5 órája
Canadians: this movie will be on Crave, not HBO Max. Please support this movie when it comes out to show WB that we like these characters! No reboots please!
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 5 órája
love the trailer but wtf is that aspect ratio
Huisbeest 5 órája
well proof that the lyrics to crazy in love are.....crazy!
Firat Tilbe
Firat Tilbe 5 órája
Jacob B
Jacob B 5 órája
I miss regular show
El Drago
El Drago 5 órája
i want it to be dark i want it to be the actual DC i dont want any sugarcoating or any PC culture shit i just want it to be the PURE DC i want to watch quality DC content cuz i love it wayyy tooo much i hope you guys can deliver even after this hyped snyder cut cuz the latest DC Movie - Wonderwoman was trash AF plz fix DC they have the best stories, the darkest stories pls dnt ruin DC
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 órája
@Save martha Says the one with an unoriginal name
Save martha
Save martha 4 órája
Edgy kiddo
Hafiz Mohammed
Hafiz Mohammed 5 órája
Zack're the boss, boss
Rasputin 6 órája
I loved Cristin Milioti in Palm Springs. Look forward to her in this!
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes 6 órája
20 milhões de subscribers para hbo e hbo max ?
the movie guru
the movie guru 6 órája
Joss Whedon, please take notes from this trailer when making a superhero movie/show...
the movie guru
the movie guru 6 órája
I guess we all owe Zack Snyder a big apology about trash talking Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Prasanna Deep Adhikari
Prasanna Deep Adhikari 6 órája
0:03 Uxas CGI looks so much better than this in the recently released pic. <3
Marina Valdez Reyes
Marina Valdez Reyes 6 órája
Helen Moran
Helen Moran 6 órája
the 1988 one sucks
Feral Fan
Feral Fan 6 órája
I love both of them and their cooking show. Its hilarious!!
יחיאל דנוך
יחיאל דנוך 6 órája
666 ZONE
666 ZONE 6 órája
Only thing I'm waiting is for joker performance in this justice league
hytek 6 órája
This looks way too good
Ah i almost forgot sonic boy but human, and a batsnake violented by kong
Veri Gute
Veri Gute 6 órája
Grace Randolph is all jealous gossip by WB bc they look stupid after THE FANS MADE ZSJL HAPPEN. ZSJL is going to be a trilogy - and Cavill said he was done, but then agreed he'd come back w the ZSJL so - Affleck is already going to be in The Flash. And ZSJL film is going to be the highest streamed film all-time. The people will demand it. They haven't waited around for two years to not have the trilogy they've asked for.. - it will be RELEASE THE SNYDER TRILOGY ...-With the 120 million or so viewership with ZSJL/Snyder. Cavill may not get another lead role. Deserves to play Super man. WW 3 or Aquaman 2. These Franchises are literally 1billion movies. And 18% of the stars in Hollywood are in the Snyderverse. Epic Trilogy, & there is still completing the Knightmare in Part III where Joker + Batman team up after Flash resurrects Batman. So they will finish that. Yes there'll be multiple Supermen, as has always been the case in Entertainment. More has always been better in the eyes of Hollywood. And I'll bring my 250k followers fighting here for you Henry. And, the web can always start another coup online like it did before :)........ We manifested ZSJL and we can do it for Henry just as easily. WE are the demand. We. From the start I said Grace a traitor and a coward of life. She always took jabs at Affleck in her interviews with Snyder. She never wanted or liked the idea of these movies succeeding. Wake Up!! Now you know. She also made up the number of Subcribers on HBO Max lmao She wants it to tank. She's a coward. You got those connects ALL - Spread The Word! Not Abrahms. Not anyone. WE got Johns sacked. WE are in control. WE.
Ellie roblox - howard
Ellie roblox - howard 6 órája
I watch Tom and jerry aiready