Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 5 perccel
What is your favourite song by Sam Cooke?
Daire dude _\
Daire dude _\ 16 perccel
Why does he look like DJ Khalid if he was boufht of wish
Christian Hess
Christian Hess 21 perce
$8000 to spend 4 nights on a train but they can't make more than one meal course for the media people that are going to bring the revenue in
ionescho 25 perccel
Who were they fighting? any historical accuracy in this battle? Was that old slavonic language at the beginning?
Kadir Yilmaz
Kadir Yilmaz 36 perccel
It’s a scene that i will even watch after 10 years...
Uday Sali
Uday Sali 46 perccel
Any one guess next season is come??
Adam Bas
Adam Bas 50 perccel
Как фильм называются
Обкуренный ЁЖИК
Обкуренный ЁЖИК 12 perccel
talha dincer
talha dincer 58 perccel
Marios Órája
As the seer said: “No one will forget the name of Bjorn Ironside , greater than Ragnar.”
Sharkmaster Órája
I watched the trilogy a few weeks ago, i am prepared for Matrix 4
wheelspk fails
wheelspk fails Órája
Hahahaha bim!!! Hahahahah
Andy Lyon
Andy Lyon 2 órája
Nice spoilers!
Fleur Fleur
Fleur Fleur 2 órája
in french please too.
Lishnu Lishnu.c
Lishnu Lishnu.c 2 órája
Got or Viking Is better
Emily Eden
Emily Eden 2 órája
why do horror young (white) protagonists always have the same energy as unseasoned chicken boiled in plain water?
colette tato
colette tato 3 órája
I like the vikings hiatory .It is epic.
Michele Lella
Michele Lella 3 órája
Che morte epica cazzoooo
Zushi 3 órája
why did u not see this on netflix
Sky 3 órája
the only show I enjoyed more onscreen than the original book :)
rudy nosa
rudy nosa 3 órája
No know that's a bad sign
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan 3 órája
I like how they are wearing an old diving mask and what looks like a helmet made out of a life jacket. Definitely gonna give this show a watch.
Juan Manuel RB
Juan Manuel RB 3 órája
deben repedtsre!!
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan 4 órája
I shall call you Clarkson. XD
Sudipta Patra
Sudipta Patra 5 órája
Once a legend said, 'retreat'. The rest is history 🤣🤣
Rrino Pitbull
Rrino Pitbull 5 órája
Fantastic!!! Amazing!!! Thanks to this scene i won faster Covid-19!!! Now every day with sport!!! Bjorn is very cool character!!!
mikeggg1979 6 órája
Josh Barnardo
Josh Barnardo 7 órája
Now I know what communism tastes like
Никита Ильичёв
Никита Ильичёв 7 órája
Викинги говорят на американском английском!) Русичи на то ли Польском, то ли ческом!))
Harvey Birdman game lawyers
Harvey Birdman game lawyers 7 órája
the funniest thing is that i was looking to stream games theough my ps3 so i want to record myself pkaying games and yotube just assumed whatever
Von Zuriel
Von Zuriel 7 órája
Jason Broerman
Jason Broerman 7 órája
This was and I don't like this word but this was EPIC
Fabricio N.
Fabricio N. 9 órája
Press F guys... beautiful.
Aparna Rajesh
Aparna Rajesh 10 órája
Liz and Molly are his victims of deceit
Uran TV
Uran TV 10 órája
başbuğ bjorn yerin uçmaglar(same turkish asgard) olsun!
Sami Medjber
Sami Medjber 11 órája
Merci, merci pour tout
soner turganer
soner turganer 11 órája
True son of Ragnar
Ethan Bonyadian
Ethan Bonyadian 11 órája
The British Show
The British Show 11 órája
Can we just agree that if he lived long enough We would be Hearing of King Björn Ironside of Scandinavia
udar steroididel
udar steroididel 11 órája
Germania! Germania! Der Sieg wird unsern sein!
BisPro 12 órája
what episode?
ELLE 12 órája
How to win a war only with psychology: Lesson 1
Xenia Athanasiadou
Xenia Athanasiadou 12 órája
My sweet Bjorn :'( he was born as an alpha and he died as one. <3
Aranex Aranex
Aranex Aranex 12 órája
Ktoś z 🇵🇱?
yomi williams
yomi williams 12 órája
As much as Lagertha was made up to look older in Season 5 and season 6, but it still wasn’t successful 😂😊😃
ติ๋ม สตีฟ
ติ๋ม สตีฟ 12 órája
Joegamer55 13 órája
Is that graham greene from dances with wolves .
Madison Materi
Madison Materi 13 órája
Does anyone know the title of the classical song that starts playing before it switches over to "I'm In Love With My Car"? I can't find it anywhere!
Cheryl Bird
Cheryl Bird 13 órája
Toddlers trainers
ستوريات تموز
ستوريات تموز 13 órája
قناتي جديدة انزل ستوريات وفديوات متنوعة وحلوة اشتركو بالقناة وخلو لايكات 🖤🥺
Hadi Ali Abbaxi
Hadi Ali Abbaxi 13 órája
Greatest series of all time;
doliio volay
doliio volay 14 órája
"Retreat" - Ivar the homeless
Vinette N.
Vinette N. 8 órája
Indominus Reks
Indominus Reks 13 órája
Repost 🤡🖕
Sid Snot
Sid Snot 14 órája
This lacks diversity 👍
Kode Lyoko
Kode Lyoko 4 perccel
now you get it 👍
Szczota✪ 14 órája
I cried a lot at this moment.
fahim 15 órája
We need more Viking series ,they are better then Sci Fi
fahim 15 órája
The old days when Ragnar and Floki were in the series are gold
Inquisitorsarenotcanon 15 órája
he looks like Jack Nicholson's Joker with make-up in the thumbnail
stephieirene1 15 órája
that was powerful
Rasul Mirzoev
Rasul Mirzoev 16 órája
Так пояснительную русскоязычную бригаду пожалуйста!.)
doliio volay
doliio volay 14 órája
So heartbreathing :(
Deo Osime
Deo Osime 16 órája
Shawn Zviuya
Shawn Zviuya 16 órája
Is season 7 out?
Aarne Aittala
Aarne Aittala 3 órája
Season 6 was last.
Katze. net
Katze. net 16 órája
Schade, offensichtlich 200 Wikinger gegen 3000 Rus, sofern genau hingesehen wird. War erst begeistert dann enttäuscht!
puja mishra
puja mishra 16 órája
Very first of David Tennants work I saw... immediately binge watched Broachurch and Doctor who 10th Doctor version...Such an underrated artist ❤️ and these two make for the best couple 😄😄
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 16 órája
Farewell my brother soon you’ll be drinking ale from curved horns
puja mishra
puja mishra 16 órája
I love the casting.. just perfect ❤️
Multicultural Arts Exchange
Multicultural Arts Exchange 16 órája
Caeser Romero
Caeser Romero 16 órája
Not exactly Jaws, is it?
Bashir Ts.
Bashir Ts. 16 órája
anyone do you know what is the song?
Sunrise 9 órája
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
Tonihring Tongsin
Tonihring Tongsin 17 órája
Ragnar died and now Bjorn...I will stop watching Vikings.