Therese Marie Pfanz
Therese Marie Pfanz 21 órája
A beautiful and great love story of Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH and His Royal Highness PRINCE PHILIP! Feel sad for Her Majesty, deepest condolence to Her Majesty and England! May He Rest In Peace!
Janjura Ubol
Janjura Ubol 21 órája
What a long life to live RIP your royal highness😭
cody howell
cody howell 21 órája
respect for the cop for not shooting him for suicidal purposes he did good
The Zwandernaut
The Zwandernaut 21 órája
Rest in peace, Prince Philip💐
Franco Cruz
Franco Cruz 21 órája
Everyone who says cops just want to kill should see this , cops are human as well , they feel emotions , most of them would never want a situation like this to occur because they would have to deal with the guilt of killing them
Susan Jenkins
Susan Jenkins 21 órája
Such a sad loss for the Queen and her family. I wish them much peace and love at this terrible time
Bel wolf
Bel wolf 21 órája
And his last memory of Harry was he and his manipulative wife spewing venom all over the royal family on international tv. Harry should stay home and leave his family alone to grieve and pick up the pieces of the mess they just made.
adee ha
adee ha 21 órája
Just stop.
Patrico Galacia
Patrico Galacia 21 órája
Fiffa 2020 or football
The Gaming Chambo
The Gaming Chambo 21 órája
Built Ford Tough!!!
Born2fap 21 órája
Reminder he married his cousin and got her pregnant
Jaguar Acosta
Jaguar Acosta 21 órája
RIP Prince Philip and condolences to the Royal Family’s.
Good man gone may so rip 🕊🕊🕊🕊 god console the family
Leena Hashash
Leena Hashash 21 órája
It not funny people make mistakes
Laurie Germain
Laurie Germain 21 órája
My condolences to the royal family for their loss. R. I. P Prince Phillip
Sadia 21 órája
RIP Prince Philip, truly a remarkable man.
faze jeep
faze jeep 21 órája
level 99 ggwp
James Lyons
James Lyons 21 órája
Philip lived an incredible life, and definitely earned his way into heaven. RIP your Royal Highness!
Sean Not-telling
Sean Not-telling 21 órája
The internet is good for something for a change.
FFEMTB08 21 órája
The man fought in WW2. What a hero.
partly cloudy
partly cloudy 21 órája
God Rest his soul 🙏💔 Lifetime of military service & loyalty to the monarchy & to UK & Commonwealth nations . prayers for the royal family minus 2 of the most disloyal members on earth
K. Amalan
K. Amalan 21 órája
Peoples uprising is soon reaching its peak,under the present circumstances the ambassador will be arrested and God knows what will happen next.So long the military junta is in power there is no safe heaven for him and his family.A counter military force has to unseat this brutal junta that has made enough history and than it is safe for the ambassador to return.Until then he has to seek asylum .Wait for the situation to change or the UK directly get involved.The ambassador is a voice to save his people and not for the junta that kills its own people.The world supports the helpless people of Myanmar who needs help from at least the UN Security Council to act fast .
Sam Puati Samuel
Sam Puati Samuel 21 órája
RIP to his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip of UK
macpduff 21 órája
I really like Princess Anne. She has many of her mother's qualities. I remember watching the Coronation. My father bought the first TV in our neighborhood for the occasion. All our neighbors crowded into our Bronx living room to watch the event.
Steven J. Roosa
Steven J. Roosa 21 órája
R.I.P. Prince Phillip.🌹
macpduff 21 órája
Condolences from North Carolina. This will be very hard on the Queen. His death is the beginning of the passing of an era
H N K 21 órája
UN only have condoms
Mary Ann Remotigue
Mary Ann Remotigue 21 órája
My deepest condolence and prayers goes to the Royal Family and the people of Britain. This is a sad time. His life might not have been what he expected it to be but he did made a very significant contribution to his family, the queen and his country.
ฅ槴子。愛科粉蒲 21 órája
David Sparks
David Sparks 21 órája
Who is funding these militia?. Could it be european or american governments?.
D S 21 órája
“They probably died here” I hope so, the dirty isis pigs.
boldness kauendji
boldness kauendji 21 órája
No one got his looks though. He was so handsome
deez1 nutz1
deez1 nutz1 21 órája
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Mweyo MS
Mweyo MS 21 órája
World's predators will gang up to grab this 'golden pportunity' if there is something precious to steal
Ca Sneaks
Ca Sneaks 21 órája
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stephen hartley
stephen hartley 21 órája
good riddance.
David Sparks
David Sparks 21 órája
Mozambique was at peace but after the discovery of massive natural gas and oil there's no peace.
Alexantros Tsirambidis
Alexantros Tsirambidis 21 órája
Good Riddance.
Hyde Laudiano
Hyde Laudiano 21 órája
Soooo... Queen is single n ready to mingle? 😏
Amy jo Jinkerson
Amy jo Jinkerson 21 órája
good rot in hell
Arondeus 21 órája
Hah! at this point my guy, non-blemishes are easier to spot