Noah Lequia
Noah Lequia 21 órája
I’d still prefer Brett Favre as host!give him shit ton of Vicodin and his abilities are unmatched!
Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris 21 órája
Category: Also Known As Clue: Aaron Rodgers Answer: What is a choker
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 21 órája
Aaron shows some Alex Trebek in him and with the beard, that's a good head start if he becomes the host of Jeopardy!, because Alex had a mustache when he started and the beard is a trademark for Aaron Rodgers!
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 21 órája
Aaron Rodgers seems like a fun dude to guest host Jeopardy!, he's got potential to be the next host!
Designed By Franco
Designed By Franco 21 órája
Who’s here after Aaron Rodgers hosted Jeopardy?
Spencer Mann
Spencer Mann 21 órája
You rock 12!!!
Sylvia 21 órája
The guy on the right was clearly impressed with the lady contestant at the end.
Raul Garcia S.
Raul Garcia S. 21 órája
Perfect post route-touchdown. Well done numero 12.
Vince Nayman
Vince Nayman 21 órája
Go Vikings!
Gail Arnold
Gail Arnold 21 órája
I am so in love with Aaron Rodgers. He's the right host for Jeopardy. None of the snideness of Alex, beloved as he was. And Aaron's voice. The questions don't sound like a threat. Maybe Brady would Guest Host when Aaron goes on vacation
Don DP
Don DP 22 órája
aaron voice goes from 50 percent to 5 percent volume thru out the sentence
Matt Burke
Matt Burke 22 órája
I read of mice and men in high school
acc teet
acc teet 22 órája
Rodgers has been doing good!
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 22 órája
Wait..her spelling was correct...
Cleopatra Demers
Cleopatra Demers 22 órája
Aaron Rogers 👍👍👍👍👍
CJ Dafoe
CJ Dafoe 22 órája
Scott made front page in my local news paper!
Nysguy2003 22 órája
Why did they forget the $400 clue???
Seth the Chef
Seth the Chef 22 órája
Give me more of papa Aaron
Devastinator 22 órája
At least Aaron Rodgers is doing alright as guest host.
Luke Church
Luke Church 22 órája
Either I’m getting smarter or the final jeopardy questions are getting easier
Yishai Abaddon
Yishai Abaddon 22 órája
Its definitely not the former
Marybeth Duke
Marybeth Duke 22 órája
Aaron Rodgers for permanent host of Jeopardy!!!
Games and Toilets Productions
Games and Toilets Productions 22 órája
I love Aaron Rodgers guest hosting jeopardy. Even I got of mice and men. Great job on dennis winning
purple gorilla
purple gorilla 22 órája
This is only the 5th game Rodgers has ever done, and I think he's improving with each new game. That suggests a high potential for this. Plus he actually wants the job, which means something to me. This is a future hall of fame pro athlete who wants this job.
Chizzie Lovell
Chizzie Lovell 22 órája
Aaron Rogers is very boring
Chizzie Lovell
Chizzie Lovell 21 órája
@Vinny Edwards but bring excitement to it. Not put people to sleep
Vinny Edwards
Vinny Edwards 21 órája
This is Jeopardy, not The Masked Singer.
chad ho
chad ho 22 órája
Nice and men is correct.
ZeiglerJaguar 23 órája
This one seemed way too easy ("tell me about the rabbits, George" is so deeply ingrained in pop culture) but I guess they all seem easy when you know the answer. I'm absolutely shocked that only 1/3 got it!
Mo Atef
Mo Atef 22 órája
This one in particular was easy, but there are some that have been tricky in these recent weeks!
Gray Almeida
Gray Almeida 22 órája
No I agree, this is a very easy answer lol
Rex Racer
Rex Racer 23 órája
No disrespect to any of the trial hosts, including Aaron, but I’ve heard about a fans’ endorsement for LeVar Burton. Knowing these episodes are pre-recorded by several months, I know there would be some challenges in giving him a slot at this point, but it’d be interesting to give him a try.
chicken2jail 23 órája
Tough question. I guessed Watership Down.
Charles Lumia
Charles Lumia 22 órája
The rabbit part of the clue threw me off too. Was tricky if you didn't remember the rabbits on the farm part
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin 23 órája
I knew that answer! I'm so happy right now!
Tommy 23 órája
Sorry Rodgers but Ken is still #1
Christopher Kraft
Christopher Kraft 23 órája
Aaron Rodgers is a pleasant surprise to me, he's doing a great job as Jeopardy host!!! 👍
TheSheiban 23 órája
I'm enjoying Aaron's coolness as a host. Alex Trebek is irreplaceable, but Aaron Rodgers is certainly living up to what he made...
James Godfrey
James Godfrey 21 órája
He seems really wooden. I honestly thought Ken Jennings was much better.
Martin Moeller
Martin Moeller 21 órája
Interesting. I think he’s quite awkward in the role. He doesn’t seem in command of the content. To me, the best post-Alex host was Mike far.
Brodie2005 TheGamer
Brodie2005 TheGamer 21 órája
Unless Jeopardy likes him better, they should name the new host Ken Jennings
Dead Ryan
Dead Ryan 21 órája
His voice has the perfect calmness to it
Franz Henke
Franz Henke 23 órája
Tavistock has its first celebrity
Kathleen McGuire
Kathleen McGuire 23 órája
Congratulations to Dennis!!!!
Rohan Padiyar
Rohan Padiyar 23 órája
Alex was definitely a G.O.A.T.. What he was to me, he was like the schoolteacher we all wished we had. That was how I looked up to him.
Nancy Jackson
Nancy Jackson 23 órája
Aaron should be made host! He is perfect in the way he leads the game and interviews the contestants.
Mitchell Hodack
Mitchell Hodack 23 órája
What is "Of Mice and Men"?
Jasmine 23 órája
He's one of my favorite guest hosts so far, barring Ken of course.
Kevin J
Kevin J 23 órája
I enjoy Jeopardy!
lampini 23 órája
I really liked him in this. You could tell he was enjoying himself.
Jason Eaton
Jason Eaton 23 órája
When is a asian ..indian person gonna host. .. geez
maevestrom 23 órája
I'm really glad Adam Klein in the middle won
MrSimmies 23 órája
Those were easy ass 'questions.'
Alex you are great. Please shave and let us see your handsome face!
Patricia Watts
Patricia Watts Napja
I was waiting for someone to have a stupid answer!
Nolan Stuart
Nolan Stuart Napja
I miss Alex Trebek he was such a great host who was taken from us to soon
redhotchilifan98 Napja
Never would have expected to see him doing this lol but I think he's actually great at it
redhotchilifan98 Napja
Never would have expected to see him doing this lol but I think he's actually great at it
Clayton Bernard
Clayton Bernard Napja
Small businesses affected by Covid 19, more like small businesses affect by Gavin Newsom being a stoooooge
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Napja
He wasn't trolling him it was a shot at the coach for closing to kick a field goal when they were 3rd and goal and needed a TD. Thats why Aaron loved it.
MasterDoge987 Napja
I have no idea what this means, but sure!
Jacob Lofton
Jacob Lofton Napja
I’m liking his voice more. It’s getting less monotone.
Nikita Kucherov
Nikita Kucherov Napja
What food is Nancy?
Marc Shannon
Marc Shannon Napja
What a doucher! Erin is as interesting as a room temperature glass of water.
Chris Playz
Chris Playz Napja
Brob 1990
Brob 1990 Napja
I wonder that too, kicked a field goal and hope that the d holds Brady
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Napja
Aaron Rogers lacks the personality required for this job. Boring!!!!!
Tom Barker
Tom Barker Napja
Aaron is doing a great job!!!
Lost Dahlia
Lost Dahlia Napja
LOVE! I hope Aaron will be the new Host! I can see him growing old! :)
Rhonda Traywick
Rhonda Traywick Napja
Aaron should stick to Football 🏈!
msr111 Napja
The city of GB and all Packers fans love this guy but It's also good that AR hasn't forgotten about his roots in northern Cali.
Tanya Ladika
Tanya Ladika Napja
I believe Aaron Rodgers has been the absolute best 🙌Jeopardy host thus far. He gets my 100% vote!!
Christopher Tamer
Christopher Tamer Napja
These are not Pokémon questions, they’re just normal questions with Pokémon somehow intergrated into them
Jonathan Riojas
Jonathan Riojas Napja
Why did the chick wager any money at all if she had no answer?
Kent Fink
Kent Fink Napja
I could fall asleep to the apathy.
John Anderson
John Anderson Napja
I though with only $5 or won by $5. Call it the $5 wager.
Guilherme Peixoto
Guilherme Peixoto Napja
Make the O-line episode happen please!
Debbie Worth
Debbie Worth Napja
This guy is so boring. His voice put you to sleep
Tony E
Tony E Napja
Obadiah Hans Amos Springfield was the younger son of Jebediah Springfield. I never knew that he wrote a book in the bible.
Kim Piché
Kim Piché Napja
Jeopardy! was a mainstay in my life as was Trivial Pursuit (also a Canadian Connection) and Alex Trebek made this show what it truly is- a lot of fun to watch and play along with! AT is what made Jeopardy! so popular and successful ((the writers too). It is certainly an honour to be a "fellow alumni" of the same Canadian university. Named my son Alexandre after Alex Trebek. Aaron Rodgers is both intelligent and charming; not to mention an amazing QB too! As a long time Baie Verte (Green Bay) Packers fan, Aaron has my vote to host Jeopardy! permanently! Going to Lambeau Field is on my VERY short term "to do" bucket list. See you real soon AR!
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall Napja
Great job Aaron
Vincent Mazzola
Vincent Mazzola Napja
Rodgers did well at this...but he's still not quite right. He's too...soft spoken I guess? Granted he has big shoes to fill, so it's not totally fair to knock him. Trebek just had the perfect charisma for Jeopardy
lori whitmer
lori whitmer Napja
I think he needs to have just a little more enthusiasm in his tone of voice. It's flat.
Sebastian Payan
Sebastian Payan Napja
Alex Trebek remains undefeated
Teach Anansi
Teach Anansi Napja
Wait, wait... was the last one correct or not!?!?!?
Matthew Junio
Matthew Junio Napja
Just hearing this alone just wants me to see either him or Ken Jennings as the next Full Time Jeopardy Host
The Book Was Better
The Book Was Better Napja
If you celebrated Y2K then you know the answer.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Napja
Aarons really fucking good at this. Hope he retires soon and does jeopardy full time so I can see more of this and less of him destroying my bears.
phoenixSoundbyte Napja
Mr Scott, you are indeed a fucking LEGEND for THAT 🤣🤣🤣🤣
icalexander Napja
Damn, talk about a true squeaker of a victory WOW
Jeon Kookie
Jeon Kookie Napja
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