Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Just Cause Grappling Hook!
11 hónapja
Thanos Sword Build!
Flying a JET SUIT!
MT-OKNES San 7 órája
Its been 4 years im still waiting for the Ruby scythe from RWBY😂
Stingray111 7 órája
I wished the Hacksmith was The Hacksmith
Winter Sonata
Winter Sonata 7 órája
12:29 Is that breathtaking guy!
Captain Ed Mercer
Captain Ed Mercer 7 órája
This made me happy! Omg I'm usually sad but thank you hacksmith! You put me in a good mood!!
MilthontheLegoBuilder 2020
MilthontheLegoBuilder 2020 7 órája
Earthworm sally Carrying Diseases from florado cali
Samuel Mompremier
Samuel Mompremier 7 órája
Thank God I'm watching this 2 weeks after it was uploaded! Lol I was right about to become a member because the suspense would eat away at me for a week!
hacker FAHAD
hacker FAHAD 7 órája
You should give this to fbi and army
Smithmarks joseph
Smithmarks joseph 7 órája
time portal and time machine
Mi Phegl
Mi Phegl 7 órája
Idk, I feel ike this is obvious, but do you have to reload it?
John SM
John SM 7 órája
Your biceps are lovely!!
Marion Alexis Aguilar
Marion Alexis Aguilar 7 órája
Pls do a uni beam iron man he he
Eraser 7 órája
Why didn't anyone do a Fortnite dance in front of the vault to open it?
Carl Henryk
Carl Henryk 7 órája
Today we see the lightsaber. Tomorrow we see the formation of the Jedi. 2000 years later we see star wars come to fruition
BlackCreeper 7 órája
Fun Fact: Thor's Hammer Is Not Heavy, Its Just Thor Worthy
pugug 7 órája
Did this remind anyone of attack on titan?
Shubh Narain Srivastava
Shubh Narain Srivastava 7 órája
just imagine the hacksmith with adam savage
Ocean Titan Lesley
Ocean Titan Lesley 7 órája
Please make the batwings
Kit CatHide
Kit CatHide 7 órája
He can Defeat Bedrock with His Light Saber
LongX49 8 órája
imagine flipping that on your face
Samuel’s Adventures
Samuel’s Adventures 8 órája
You should try making your own onewheel
Nandhakishore KK
Nandhakishore KK 8 órája
Guys your videos are awesome
Stingray111 8 órája
Make jets that ACTUALLY make you HOVER!
Jareth Theron
Jareth Theron 8 órája
You got a permit for that...
Green Dholia
Green Dholia 8 órája
50 yrs from now hacksmith might build an actual lightsaber
Orbit Plays
Orbit Plays 8 órája
3:14 Him says the words particle excelerator Me:Gasps Also me under breath: the flash
Fanix 17
Fanix 17 8 órája
Oh God... I can finally become the sith lord I was meant to be
Ari Silaen
Ari Silaen 8 órája
Now i get it why thief dont want to mess up with Hacksmith Industries
Scott Culver
Scott Culver 8 órája
You do realize of course, this IS how it all began... A long time ago...
Plz Help Me Get 100k Subs
Plz Help Me Get 100k Subs 8 órája
I don’t want to sound like a begger but I just ask that you guys get me to 100k subscribers you can turn off notifications, anything but you don’t have to all I want is to get the silver HUpost play button. Have a Nice Day 🙌
Hunger Strike Gaming
Hunger Strike Gaming 8 órája
3:50 there is something
ios mackbook
ios mackbook 8 órája
he literally have 4 to 5 sponsors in a single video dammmn son!!!!
joshua charles
joshua charles 8 órája
Holy obi wan kenobi!!!
Turn the cybertruck into a BATMOBILE. How cool that will be.
Yo BygoneSZN
Yo BygoneSZN 8 órája
Avatar glider no balls hacksmith
Not Acat
Not Acat 8 órája
The battle cry is why he could break 6 tiles
Amin M
Amin M 8 órája
Recreate now the “Luke , im your father “ scene
misolou fout
misolou fout 8 órája
They kinda look like heist crew with a skilled member
misolou fout
misolou fout 8 órája
Can’t wait for one without the big tanks on the back
Ar you. Dad Hmmm
Ar you. Dad Hmmm 8 órája
BrokenLuck 8 órája
I want this ngl
Farrukh Ahmed
Farrukh Ahmed 8 órája
Starwar fan atteddence here
Yagi Toshinori
Yagi Toshinori 8 órája
I like when bogdan makes wooshing sounds when swinging stuff around lol
Clayton Binder
Clayton Binder 8 órája
It need more weight in the front so it doesn't have to dig through the water so much, it can glide on top.
BennyTalentTV 8 órája
I have tears in my eyes! Now we can f us up with style at least!
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 8 órája
dont tell mama or papa
alecrocksable gaming
alecrocksable gaming 9 órája
Was I the only one cringing real hard from this?
Panda Gaming Official
Panda Gaming Official 9 órája
Me :puff easy. my hands : no 🤙🏻
SpartanWolf 9 órája
6:53 funniest reaction I've seen thus far and with those goggles it's even funnier
AS Sharp Gaming
AS Sharp Gaming 9 órája
when r u posting new video
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 9 órája
Translate to small brain plz.
harsh chauhan
harsh chauhan 9 órája
3:45 man , i was thinking he was to cut someone arm!
David Bob
David Bob 9 órája
I mean silver and gold allied
David Bob
David Bob 9 órája
This is very important I'm in suit is made of iron and gold alloy
Landon Gray
Landon Gray 9 órája
can you buy it i like it is so cool
FPKBlast 9 órája
If this man was born in the 1500's we would have flying cars by now.
Charu Jain
Charu Jain 9 órája
Poor pumpkin :(
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus 9 órája
im pissed theres an among us reference
dlihcfodoG 9 órája
ok got it rob bank with lightsaber
Chilli Extract
Chilli Extract 9 órája
These guys are so badass how have I only just found them?!!!
YsmCreekz 9 órája
1988: *we will have flying cars in the future* 2020: *hold my lightsaber*
Joy Bacani
Joy Bacani 9 órája
YsmCreekz 9 órája
*imagine he dropped it* 💀💀
komal pandey
komal pandey 9 órája
How do you make holograms please tell me sir
ItzChronic Btw
ItzChronic Btw 9 órája
Can I have the light saber
Mother Brick
Mother Brick 9 órája
try to use magnets in the extra cold space in the handle.
Morgz 2
Morgz 2 9 órája
How did you get a advanced mask
nightmare 9 órája
Make a scuba suit with ai in the mask/helmet
ErikWithaKnotaC 9 órája
Considering you make projects based on video games too, is it at all possible to replicate the poltergust from Luigi’s Mansion?
AjaxianMega123 9 órája
i want to see him get his hand pinched in that metal mouse trap
Yukari ist Meine waifu
Yukari ist Meine waifu 9 órája
Should've just use 20mm of cast rolled homongeus armour
Green Destroyer
Green Destroyer 9 órája
Hey I’m actually taking election technology for my tech class
Yukari ist Meine waifu
Yukari ist Meine waifu 9 órája
Bolt will fly around like bullets
Kevin Li
Kevin Li 9 órája
I think the light cycle in TRON legacy is also cool to build!
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile 9 órája
You guys could use a high magnetic field to direct the plasma
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile 9 órája
Nice plasma cutter
Yukari ist Meine waifu
Yukari ist Meine waifu 9 órája
8:13 I didn't know you have reactive armour to your pan XD
Noe Loya
Noe Loya 9 órája
Well we know where to go to if a zombie apocalypse happens
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile 9 órája
Styropyro Pyro could do better 4000°F ha