Trantor The Troll
Trantor The Troll 18 órája
BLM is a cancer
XiloTheOdd 18 órája
megozzful 18 órája
Jayda Potter
Jayda Potter 18 órája
Put up a statue of kanye west everytime you walk past him he will yell at you abt he's a God
dodge neon
dodge neon 18 órája
Pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexity 18 órája
we do a little trolling
Wood Axes
Wood Axes 19 órája
All live matters, stop being stupid.
P J 19 órája
Left wing or Right wing, people on mass acting violently will always get their way.
Bill Rodriguez
Bill Rodriguez 19 órája
BLM=Obama racial hatred savage guerrillas
Badger 1
Badger 1 19 órája
this comment section is gold
Subie Nate
Subie Nate 19 órája
Good 👍🏿 remove it
Ubiquitous 19 órája
Your fake news lol
Tracy Jackson
Tracy Jackson 20 órája
put a statute of satan, everybody loves satan
Rob Dixson
Rob Dixson 20 órája
Should put the BLM statue in front of a Starbucks so she can guard the plate glass windows. Or maybe in the alley behind the Starbucks so she can guard the dumpster from being dragged off and set alight.
John Grepo
John Grepo 20 órája
I find this statue offensive, please put up a dinosaur skeleton
Sam Doe
Sam Doe 20 órája
Lol can't think of a more fitting symbol for such a wasted movement. It might have had some good points, but it all gets lost in the useless rioting, the looting, the screaming, the 'all cops are bastards' chants and the 'defund police' mantra. Poor messaging. Poor attitudes. Poor activism. MLK is rolling in his grave
Reseviladik Productions
Reseviladik Productions 21 órája
can we put statue of barney please huhuhuhuhhuhhuhhuhuh
Andrew Black
Andrew Black 21 órája
He was and is my my president
Catacus 21 órája
I understand the BLM statute but you cant tear down okd statues, its defacing history
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn 21 órája
BLM cofounder just bought herself a 1.4 million dollar house in the LA hills. BLM doesn't sound like a nonprofit.
TheColosiss 21 órája
Self defense. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Rada Radosteva
Rada Radosteva 21 órája
50 Lord
50 Lord 21 órája
Topp Catt
Topp Catt 21 órája
Put the original statue back. teach them a lesson.
caliber556 454
caliber556 454 21 órája
is it just me or can you hear allah akbar at 0:14
Peter V
Peter V 21 órája
There was a lady who shared with me the following information on another post. “… In 1965 the Korean government of Park Chung-hee signed a treaty with Japan, normalizing the relations between the two countries. Under the treaty South Korea received very large amounts of economic aid, grants, loans and, significantly, compensation for victims of Japanese rule. (The Japanese government paid 2.5 times national budget as a compensation but kept it in secret 40 years in Korea to incite hatred towards Japan and the Korea government keeps trying to hide the truth. Although all individual claims were settled in the 1965 Japan-South Korea Treaty, the Japanese government still offered compensation several times to the Korean women as a good gesture. However, when Japan offered compensation through Asian Women's Fund in 1995(Compensation came with a personal letter of apology from Prime Minister of Japan), South Korean NGO threatened former comfort women not to accept Japan's apology and the compensation. 61 of those who defied the NGO’s order were verified as traitors, their names and addresses were published in newspapers as pros**tutes, and they had to live the rest of their lives in disgrace.)” "The Japanese government at that time offered to compensate individual victims, but the South Korean government refused the offer and insisted that it should receive all the money and itself compensate its citizens. Very little of this money was paid to individuals and instead was used for economic development of South Korea. The Japanese government has apologized for its comfort women system (which actually was an extension of the licensed pros**tution system that existed both in Korea and Japan before the war and which involved a large number of Japanese pros**tutes as well as those from other countries), Germany has never apologized or paid any compensation to any former pros***utes. In fact, nobody has ever demanded any such things, since these women, which rightly or wrongly were viewed as collaborators in the occupied countries, never found any supporters or defenders” -Professor Andrzej Kozlowski, University of Warsaw --- There are so many inconsistencies in what you/they might believe as true "history". ​Have you read a book by Isabella Bird, “Korea and Her Neighbors”? It covers the author’s account of her journeys in Korea in 1898. You will find numerous discrepancies between what you read in it and what you probably learned in Korean history textbooks/classes. Other references) - Japan-Forward articles on: “role-of-pimps-can-set-the-record-straight-on-recruitment-of-korean-comfort-women” “his-work-refuted-korean-novelist-jo-jung-rae-suggests-witch-hunt-for-japan-sympathizers” “recovering-the-truth-about-the-comfort-women” - Article, “i-am-91-years-old-and-i-want-to-tell”
matthew rice
matthew rice 22 órája
Allah ahkbar? Lol
jeff jones
jeff jones 22 órája
Here’s a simple policy. No mask no admittance. Problem solved. Thats what they do at Disney World Orlando. No pussyfooting around
Roger Roach
Roger Roach 22 órája
Pax Aurora
Pax Aurora 21 órája
Sheena 22 órája
Put up a statue of a penis, then change your name to Bhutan
Holed Plot
Holed Plot 22 órája
The phrase that preceeds explosions...
Fern Snyder
Fern Snyder 22 órája
I wonder if she checks these comments.
Stitchchin107 22 órája
lmao imagine being dead tho 🤨🤨‼️‼️
Pieter van ESS
Pieter van ESS 22 órája
Next time they should use C 4
Lolstalgic 23 órája
Put up a statue of Twilight Sparkle. She has done more than BLM has ever dreamed of.
someoneelse 23 órája
LOL that is some funny sh*t
Wayne Brady
Wayne Brady 23 órája
Bet he won't do that again
GlaZeFace 23 órája
Completely based.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 23 órája
BLMrs are dumb. They may as well tear down the East Coast since it was originally built by slaves too.
TheRealPDizzle 23 órája
Ironic how she so clearly picked out the perfect outfit and meticulously crafted her appearance for this. Gotta look good for the cameras so she can become Twitter/Snapchat famous. Fucking narcissism at its peak. Let me go be a "revolutionary" and protest slavery while I wear my designer clothes made in horrendous Chinese slave labor factories. Peak degeneracy and hypocrisy. The West is lost.
Rex Foster
Rex Foster 23 órája
When BLM is accepted and "all lives matter" is deemed "Racist"..... There is something very wrong in our society. Candice Owens (black lady) said that blacks are the only group that make heros out of the worse element in their group. And so true. Perhaps the truth I've posted doesn't fit HUpost's COMMUNIST "COMMUNITY GUIDELINES"
Don Patron
Don Patron 23 órája
good riddance
max williams
max williams 23 órája
Remove that statue of that nigga
YouTubesucks bellic
YouTubesucks bellic 23 órája
Franklyn Maldonado
Franklyn Maldonado Napja
Black Lesbians Matters!!!
RobotBits Napja
It would have been so satisfying to see all those people getting run over they acting like they zombies lol
Mark Morris
Mark Morris Napja
Assholes.They should have left it there.
Pax Aurora
Pax Aurora 21 órája
They should’ve left the original one there, our society doesn’t and shouldn’t condone vandalism or destruction of property so we shouldn’t allow the vandals and criminals to put up statues of their own without permission. Quite simple really.
GN GD Napja
Put a statue of Kim Jong Un, everyone would run away and never dare to touch him.
MarioLoco03 Napja
BLM is full of shit.
Ricko Shea
Ricko Shea Napja
Disgusting,,, these people are really sad,,England used to be a beautiful country,,the left are destroying it
Trevor Blaikie
Trevor Blaikie Napja
Allahu akkbar
A92 Napja
The west is drunk on social justice.
B61 Napja
George Floyd died of a self inflicted overdose. Watch the trial.
Victor Crittenden
Victor Crittenden Napja
I know what I will say BLM! ..!.. ..!..
Victor Crittenden
Victor Crittenden Napja
HJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA tyhat stupid BLM statue got taken down! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What do you say BL<? hahahahahahahahaqha
Jacqueline Powter
Jacqueline Powter Napja
What a load of BS ... Bunch of liars
Corey Warrington
Corey Warrington Napja
I would be unsurprised if Republicans tried to deface it.
Pax Aurora
Pax Aurora 21 órája
you mean like the BLM vandals did to the original statue?
Sidicas Napja
Yes, don't let a handful of people make the decisions for everybody else!
twizblikky jersey
twizblikky jersey Napja
Stupid ass statues...this has nothing to do with black lives....a bunch of lost black women what a joke....
L.V Napja
Is it a guy or a woman i dont see whahha
Milani Macc
Milani Macc Napja
A fucking disgrace
This worlds turned to shit.
x26 Napja
[BosS] HITMAN 20
[BosS] HITMAN 20 Napja
People are so stupid
E Napja
They should put up a statue of drax, you can’t destroy what you can’t see!
Hudson Napja
I mean BLM is a marxist and proven to be violent group, who would want to idolize that 😹
stonedcommander Napja
Erect a life sized Godzilla.
Mikey Menser
Mikey Menser Napja
No named Bastrd
No named Bastrd Napja
Get rid of that crap black lives don’t matter to Black people so for that matter white lives don’t matter to white people either and as far as I can see Asians and Hispanics don’t give a crap about each other either
Ronald Ritchie
Ronald Ritchie Napja
should never bin put up we can not have Southern statue up and there part of the US history
maria gomez
maria gomez Napja
They have the right container the recycling bin
maria gomez
maria gomez Napja
flint lock
flint lock Napja
of course blacks were the only ones enslaved throughout history
Iron Giant FTW
Iron Giant FTW Napja
Notice how someone made a joke of it at the end? They've put the statue in a "Recycle" container.
Richard Hill
Richard Hill Napja
I say, YEET that statue into the ocean
David Beaulieu
David Beaulieu Napja
Why would you restore that piece of crap?
Derck McCoy
Derck McCoy Napja
Blm sucks
Norman Del borrello
Norman Del borrello Napja
but why do they have to shout allah akbar every time there is an explosion ??
Mom 22 órája
it's a prayer for them I think