adDicT 11 órája
wait, this isn't the pamela i was looking for
Десислава Димитрова
Десислава Димитрова 11 órája
Omg I am sweating just by watching it lying in bed... Definitely gonna try doing it tomorrow
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 11 órája
When the relax part was over I didn't want to get up 😂
Alejandro nogueerol
Alejandro nogueerol 11 órája
She is so strong- literaly strong asf how can she workout like that
AVATAR and ARMY 11 órája
Done,ai like that their no rest (it feels like im part of a race 😅 since you don't rest during running so this is awsome,) apart from the plank variations, and since I added this on as a finisher to my upper body day I just did but kicks.
Amanda 11 órája
How does this video not have more likes?? It is one of the most effective lower body work outs I have ever done. And in such a short period of time!
Lauren Grant
Lauren Grant 11 órája
Pam love this workout motivates me so much ly and thanks for making such an amazing dance xxxx
Karen Nicolas
Karen Nicolas 11 órája
when lying on the floor isn’t relaxing bcuz you’re on your period and you’re scared your underwear is gonna stain
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 11 órája
Finally! A workout where I don't cry 😂😂
Tu Cuadro
Tu Cuadro 11 órája
Pam could you talk in instagram about Cravings? Like you dont wanna try a bit of dennis pizza ? Haha
b 11 órája
I didn't feel this in my butt at all only in my legs until I got to the glute bridges then it felt like I was just warming up :(
Melissa Simic
Melissa Simic 11 órája
Great workout Pamela! I loved it. It was intense but I was also able to finish it. Watching your videos has definitely strengthened my core to the say the least 💪😉💖
Michelle Mainguy
Michelle Mainguy 12 órája
Me: reading comments to wait the moment of huge pain🥲
Jessa Beñan
Jessa Beñan 12 órája
Can u just put some rest in your workout pamela reif
Michelle Mainguy
Michelle Mainguy 12 órája
Instead of ab workout can we call it neck workout?😅
Ugly Truth
Ugly Truth 12 órája
Me waiting for a break lying on the floor questioning my existance xoxo
Katie Shavadze
Katie Shavadze 12 órája
Thanks for the vid Pam! Can you please do an anti-cellulite workout video too?
Mía Illodo
Mía Illodo 12 órája
Every time I listen to these songs I start doing this JAKAKSSJSKSNSMS
Haylie Richardson
Haylie Richardson 12 órája
This was so fun😃 I actually enjoyed working out for the first time😂❤️
Haylie Richardson
Haylie Richardson 12 órája
I may or may not have only done half of the workout but it was still very helpful and fun
Emily Klouda
Emily Klouda 12 órája
First time I ever let the ads play all the way through
Eendje 1990
Eendje 1990 12 órája
The thumbnail 🤣 lol. Thats funny🤣
Lindsay Donner
Lindsay Donner 13 órája
Who else loves the Lips Don’t Lie song?
m0dern. coffe
m0dern. coffe 13 órája
thi is one of my faaaaavvvs from you
m0dern. coffe
m0dern. coffe 13 órája
I think my ams just broke-
The Multi Variety Channel
The Multi Variety Channel 13 órája
6:34 no beginner could do this
Hanna Hahn
Hanna Hahn 13 órája
Thank you so much. Dieses Stretching hat sooooooooo gut getan. Bist einfach toll🥰😘😘😘😘😍🥳
Shaun S
Shaun S 13 órája
Is it just me or does this girl seem like she floats😣
Hanna Hahn
Hanna Hahn 13 órája
Ich hatte danach voll den Krampf wegen der Tauber aber das lag eindeutig an mir😂😂😂
Carolina Guerra
Carolina Guerra 13 órája
Doing it After every Single workout 😍 i love it🥰🔥
Bülent Dogan
Bülent Dogan 13 órája
Tee Raye
Tee Raye 13 órája
This was so gooooood
Xuan 13 órája
fk me, soooooo dammmmmmn hard
Elena Sic
Elena Sic 13 órája
Tmoney16trillion 13 órája
is it just me but the neck circles looked like she was doing it in slow motion LOL
Mara Auriemma
Mara Auriemma 13 órája
This workout makes me so HAPPY! I absolutely love it!!! I keep smiling all the time!
Vanessa C
Vanessa C 13 órája
hey please help me someone i hit my plateau. I’ve lost 22 kg and i stopped losing weight since july. What should i do ?
Vanessa C
Vanessa C 13 órája
hey please help me someone i hit my plateau. I’ve lost 22 kg and i stopped losing weight since july. What should i do ?
Ji 13 órája
I couldn’t repeat the side planks wtf
Lourdes Kazimirczyk
Lourdes Kazimirczyk 13 órája
knee friendly hahaha
rijada djogic
rijada djogic 13 órája
maybe the first song is afterglow because we're all so sweaty after workouts to the point where we're literally glowing and she thought that we'd use this as a cooldown >>>>> after the glow LMAO
Ilhem Meriem
Ilhem Meriem 13 órája
coming from week 3, 30 min !! wow all what I can say is that my neighbors are MAAAD !! it's 10:30 PM
prerana adhikari
prerana adhikari 13 órája
I have been wanting to do splits for the past 8 years now. I start with high energy, but slowly trail off. This time let me I am determined to do this. I will keep doing this almost every day, and comment to update. Let's see how long I can last this time.
prerana adhikari
prerana adhikari 13 órája
Day 1: Did the splits x2, my calves hurt a little. Nowhere near a split. But, I am more flexible on the left leg than my right leg. Also, realized that I have a terrible balance.
Alisha Lorincz
Alisha Lorincz 13 órája
giulia gesualdi
giulia gesualdi 13 órája
tu si mat propr, ma io ti amo
AylinGOAT25 Perez
AylinGOAT25 Perez 13 órája
Oh my gosh my abs are BURNING 😂
Ilhem Meriem
Ilhem Meriem 14 órája
she is crazyy OMG !! i just finished and it's 10:17 PM my neighbors arree MAAAAAD
F 14 órája
The title is misleading its actually 10:40 minutes long
CiCi M
CiCi M 14 órája
U feel very good after, thx u!! 💟💟
Jovannah Briones
Jovannah Briones 14 órája
i did this in 2 sets. why did first set feel SOOO LONG, And second set was a breeze (as in felt quick, it was still hard and had to take a couple breaks tho)😭😭
Yokie 14 órája
She’s no joke
nikson xxx
nikson xxx 14 órája
Okay I nearly did it, I couldn't do plank because of my back pain but I'm proud of myself anyway 😊
Lisa 14 órája
Youre motivating me everyday again
monique ayala
monique ayala 14 órája
Omg I can’t find the song at 2:45 !! Other versions pop up ! I’m going crazy!!
aileen kmz
aileen kmz 14 órája
that smile on her face when she started the one leg bridge, because she knows exactly everybody hoped for anything else
Lance Steytler
Lance Steytler 14 órája
That was really cool! And it came at the perfect time. Thank you! I will be back for more 😘
Leni Ruff
Leni Ruff 14 órája
i love this workout. :) i'm gonna do this everyday from now :)
Loubna El
Loubna El 14 órája
You know youve done this workout enough when you hear from the music that the exercise is about to end
riana the rainwing
riana the rainwing 14 órája
This made me regret wanting abs 😂
Cotto Han
Cotto Han 14 órája
I'm looking for the easier one but still so hard... I'm hopeless for my dream abs muscle
Iwe Kena
Iwe Kena 14 órája
I can*t wrap my head around why there aren*t 4 mio likes for this video! It*s perfect, the choreography fits perfectly to the music and it*s just so well done! Much better than older videos where the music stops and you*re still going.
Katy Morgan
Katy Morgan 14 órája
Can someone tell me if this actually helped them loose weight?
Boi Coi
Boi Coi 14 órája
F in the chat for all the kids who got this assigned by their teachers Including me
KaleidoscopeEye 14 órája
the heat is real. the sweat is real. the fun IS REEEEAL.
Marysia 14 órája
omg i would never belive, that cardio would be so enjoyable!
Fjolla Berisha
Fjolla Berisha 14 órája
Richtig geil gemacht mit der note : „keep our hands to the floor“ :) hat mich etwas an Yoga erinnert war super !
Serien Girl
Serien Girl 15 órája
Well done Pamela! This workout makes so much fun, I do not even feel exausted at the end. And the last song brings bach so much energie... I LOVE IT
Nasimiyu Susan
Nasimiyu Susan 15 órája
N. Ekeih
N. Ekeih 15 órája
Hi! Every Day Workout or every two days 😅
beyaz güvercin
beyaz güvercin 15 órája
Kız Pamela Allah seni kahretmeye hareketleri yapiyim derken yere yapıştım
KaleidoscopeEye 15 órája
OMG I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! all of a sudden i LOVE cardio :) will definitely be joining team dance more often
Katja Wayne
Katja Wayne 15 órája
Super dance Workout, hat Spaß gemacht und ist machbar.
Lea R
Lea R 15 órája
Its "mapleman" jump for me
Bülent Dogan
Bülent Dogan 15 órája
Hör zu kleine,lass dir dat net zu Kopf steigen... Seelen heil kann man sich nicht erkaufen,nur erbeten... Verlieb dich nicht etwas,was dir früher oder später dass Herz bricht 🌎 Schlaf gut
Asmaa Ai
Asmaa Ai 15 órája
Love the fact that she always puts KSI songs!! Thanks Pam
Butterfly Roblox
Butterfly Roblox 15 órája
Her: DONT STOP IF ITS BURNING IT MEANS ITS WORKING!! Me: *pausing after first part* Eh I’ll do half another tommorow
Daniela Caballero
Daniela Caballero 15 órája
yoooo... 4 min in and I can't feel my legs anymore 😭
Ayla Eker
Ayla Eker 15 órája
Das macht spaß und ich habe das gefül ich bin stink dünn obwohl ich es garnicht bin. 100000000000 von 10 punkten.
Felicia Schuett
Felicia Schuett 15 órája
what you expect: slow workout for a good start into the day what you get: jump squats, push ups and plank
Aznboy 15 órája
Hi ich mache auch Fitness Motivations Videos wär cool wenn ihr vorbeischauen würdet :)
Nekomamushi Chandramukhi
Nekomamushi Chandramukhi 15 órája
Cooles Video, das hätte ich echt nicht erwartet! :D
Alice Tapalagă
Alice Tapalagă 15 órája
My scoliosis said thank you
Jemma P
Jemma P 15 órája
your background is so mysterious i still can’t get is it a wallpaper or a real space behind you
The Doggo Life
The Doggo Life 11 órája
It’s wallpaper :)
Artur Makrushin
Artur Makrushin 15 órája
Am I the own one who can’t do the squats with the punch