Shinnu Órája
That's why the US said nothing and even supports Japan's decision of pouring radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean!
Relaxation Station
Relaxation Station Órája
🙄Where are all of The Strong, Totally Independent Women who don't need a man?!🙄
David Lim
David Lim Órája
White Police are racist.
G. Martinez • 14 years ago
G. Martinez • 14 years ago Órája
Sounds like another brainwashed qanon Trumper
Jon Jacobson
Jon Jacobson Órája
Let' s bring all our troops home...let countries fight their own wars that they many countries would come to our rescue if a war started in united states'.....0000
Lucky Frogs
Lucky Frogs Órája
Good News
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis Órája
bro are you serious he was in uniform and literally was just like whats wrong idk man this is whats wrong we are living in the end of times everyone find your place and be ready spirtual warfare is sooon
fight the power
fight the power Órája
It is easier for a elephant 🐘 to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. All you rich greedy men remember that. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
luzon rodante
luzon rodante Órája
Have they tried asking her..."give us the the full list and will give you your freedom".
Macca 1975
Macca 1975 Órája
Christ on a bike, this was a painful watch 😆 He was like the teachers voice in Charlie Brown ( no wonder the jury's eyes were glazed 🤣
Emmanuel Puente
Emmanuel Puente Órája
Look at my boy morfies
Robert Alvarado
Robert Alvarado Órája
Afro Latino wtf haha yall could racist and nobody blinks an eye
James FitzGerald
James FitzGerald Órája
what happened to the girl the Sgt. was defending from the hat Guy? Other news article mentioned that he was fighting with young neighborhood girl .
Vitra Vaah
Vitra Vaah Órája
Capital police ignored the intelligence warning because most of them especially those that are in charge are in on it. They allow it to happen because they are with the rioters. The capital police are in on it too. IT'S AN INSIDE JOB!!
Emmanuel Puente
Emmanuel Puente Órája
The girl the same she just more computer smart to cover her tracks up the old man not as tec savy so he got caught
Shawn Alexander
Shawn Alexander Órája
The younger officer clearly didnt like how that old fart treated the army man .. the older and fat police looks like he was training the younger on how to be a horrible person. Sending Love from Trinidad and Tobago to the army man.
what a shame and disgusting acts from the police . it is so disgusting mate. shame on all of you us police.
John Herr
John Herr Órája
What is the military arms industry going to do without another war to profit from?
Passey's Perspective
Passey's Perspective Órája
At this point every single person involved in this trial have come across disingenuous
David Anderson
David Anderson Órája
Doc Botah Boy an’t doing himself or that murder Chauvin any favors
Marta Órája
I really wish someone will show them how it feels. Just for a moment.... not 9.29min. Maybe they would stop to be so terrible and heartless
Emz Nand
Emz Nand Órája
The person recording this video and not actually trying to help out is MEAN! Cold! You know she needs help yet you sit in your car and just record while drinking your hot tea 😡😔
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos Órája
Aliens watching our news like “YALL NEED TO STOP WITH GETTING CAUGHT”
J C Órája
@38:30 I bet Ken Dilanian is getting $1000 dinners from arms manufacturers, he is selling fear, so that the Democrats would buy billion dollar weapons. American media and American reporters are corrupt!
skateboard935 Órája
4:33:12 he lost it 😂😂😂😂😂😩😩 Dr. Donut
rozzyfour Órája
Thank God for good citizens that help prevent crimes!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏼
atheist abortionist antifa supersoldier ally
atheist abortionist antifa supersoldier ally Órája
stood his ground, well done youngman
Fossil Draws
Fossil Draws Órája
Then resign.
Passey's Perspective
Passey's Perspective Órája
This was absolutely embarrassing for both sides, poor officer Chauvin, he's guilty of negligence nothing more
Emmanuel Puente
Emmanuel Puente Órája
She's is smart covering her past up since there canceling people who were part of that movement she knew if she's didn't change they would go after her she's slick just as the man with the tie both of them are playing the same game they got more to lose if they support the group out right the young girl just more cunning and innocent looking but iam not buying it
Yolanda Forrest
Yolanda Forrest Órája
He still racist.
sri harsha
sri harsha Órája
Just another privileged trigglypuff unable to hold her calm and shaking just like when they do illegal arrests. Go ask the server why the delay and move on rather than making a dumb video and wasting my data. Dumb trigglypuff
Reverence Blade
Reverence Blade Órája
Impact statements are worthless as the convict is never bothered
Green Mountain
Green Mountain Órája
📷 saved him!
Angela Ward
Angela Ward Órája
Stop telling lies
Brett Pearce
Brett Pearce Órája
The best thing about committing a crime. Is getting away with it. But when the SEC should have known given their expertise, then they become culpable. The rich protecting the rich. Or, a lie so big, everyone believed it to be true.
bird istheword
bird istheword Órája
I don't know what led up to this but I think they could have charged him with more than what they did. He seemed to be threatening him to me as well.
Nick Gogakis
Nick Gogakis Órája
These lawyers will become qualified doctors after this trial
Matt X
Matt X Órája
These people should accuse her for assault. Letting people like this go without any punishment encourages them to attack others on the street when they have 'a bad day'.
Robinson Navarro
Robinson Navarro Órája
Wow these two crazy morons in blue give a bad reputation to the whole police departments. A US military in uniform does not deserves to be treaty like that. Both of them Cops wannabes should face a the judge and be accountable.
Grant Davis
Grant Davis Órája
Talking is not good enough. Always talk talk talk. Until it happens again. Proper training and regular drug tests on officers will help.
CIA Special Activities division
CIA Special Activities division Órája
The FBI needs to work with the cia to combat this homegrown terrorism
Wisdom Órája
These are police officers who must be dismissed with immediate effect and prosecuted in a court of law and never work with people or hold any public office. You don't draw a loaded weapon in any circumstances because of a mere traffic 'offence', pepper spray a human being (an army officer) and handcuffed him. America needs to address this institutional racism embedded in their work place. You don't treat people like this. This is a joke. The guy wasn't a threat whatsoever. Why were the officers so wildly intimidating, crazily furious, boiling in anger,, insanely mad and full of hatred, screaming their heads off "get off the car" with loaded guns pointed ready to shoot?sad 😭 Do they have any emotional intelligence is self control? Lord have mercy. Unless the system of recruiting rogue officers is drastically changed...hmmm we will continue to witness such despicable conduct and aggressive behavior. I never saw any form of threat from the armyofficer. Shooting, tazering, pepper-spraying, handcuffing and neck checking is the norm of policing in America. I guess this aggressiveness is far better than in Mexico.
Lion Entertainment
Lion Entertainment Órája
luzon rodante
luzon rodante Órája
GMax knew well JE. JE knew well Trump. Trump knew well Gmax. ..wish her well.
Rusty Neal
Rusty Neal Órája
Weak Sauce
ernstbtmn Órája
Guess what Pentland and his wife are thinking right now? "We did this before and nothing happened." So much for, "Blue Lives Matters?"
Tia Miles
Tia Miles Órája
Someone should hold Chauvin down the same way and see if he survives
merveilles100 Órája
It's like is a game for them. Black lives do not matter for those racist cops
RudeBoy T
RudeBoy T Órája
Dose this remind anyone of the beginning of covid
dissolve democracy... it doesnt seem to be working for us. 🐹
J C Órája
@37:10 Ken Dilanian rhetoric about China is totally absurd, inaccurate and frankly racist. When has Chinese ever killed Americans or even tried to killed Americans. Unlike, American who in recent history has killed Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Afghans, etc. And why are the Americans in South China Sea??? Whose spy plane has crash landed in Hainan Island, China? China returned the American pilots. What if was Chinese or Russian Spy plane has crash landed in Hawaii or Guam? I think US will immediately declare war or assassinate a general. Don't be a hypocrite!!!!
رشيد حسن
رشيد حسن Órája
In my country when cops threat military like this cops get ready into big trouble
David Jaggli
David Jaggli Órája
It's a good thing that the government completely spies on everyone
Luisito Órája
Wait, so..... Why was a police woman easier to be charged rather than a police man?????
TheChonaman Órája
People make mistakes. *This was a ginormous one* - Ms. Potter has stepped up for this failure and has resigned. This is not going to change the facts, but it is noteworthy because *it was the honorable thing to do* and former Officer Potter did it. Holy cow - America - do you remember the concept of honor? Accountability? Responsibility? These used to be foundational concepts. Now these concepts are newsworthy?
Akash Sinha
Akash Sinha Órája
Silent majority in USA supports shooting of black people. That's the most scary thing.
martin34ist Órája
It was a hate crime, charge him.
archivalangel Órája
What a loser. Sorry. Kid in the car, and he resists arrest putting them all in danger. WTF is wrong with people. I thought POC have “the talk” with their children about cops!?
KLM Motivation
KLM Motivation Órája
Yes she made a mistake but this wouldn't have happened if he did follow orders. WHY DO PEOPLE STILL RESIST ARRESTS ? This is very sad.
老虎 Micah
老虎 Micah Órája
The officer messed up. There's no doubting that fact; however, everyone is like how did she not notice, etc? Truth is you'd be surprised what is sometimes missed out on in high stress situations. Most of you talking nonsense would bumble up an arrest and make tons of errors. LEOs are not perfect. She will have to pay for her serious error but let's not act like it could never happen, and like the offender did not have an active part in his demise.
He got pulled over for tribal violence?
Sixth Haven
Sixth Haven Órája
My mans said Kim Yo Jung
Gerry Hidalgo
Gerry Hidalgo Órája
Why did he pull away?
Sanskriti Singh
Sanskriti Singh Órája
Even if i am not trained i will still know the difference between A taser and a gun. This is disturbing.
Karma Cat
Karma Cat Órája
"It was not deadly force." ???? The dude died. Its deadly force
Sekena Mcmurren
Sekena Mcmurren Órája
Good riddance! 🗣
蒋福 Órája
四川省攀枝花市72岁老太去单位信访惨被打虐(2016年5月10日),警方居然判定"摔伤"且处罚两替死鬼共200元;家人依法维权又被打、非拘、软禁、全家威胁!公正律法尚存? 向各部门实名检举却被踢皮球,请您关注帮助,诚请媒体做事实报道,我在北京,谢谢您!寻公平正义~ 部分图片影音
maureen coyle
maureen coyle Órája
We will be holding you to that promise! America is watching!!!! Black Lives Matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ramadhanben abdulhaq
ramadhanben abdulhaq Órája
Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun for Prince Phillips
蒋福 Órája
四川省攀枝花市72岁老太去单位信访惨被打虐(2016年5月10日),警方居然判定"摔伤"且处罚两替死鬼共200元;家人依法维权又被打、非拘、软禁、全家威胁!公正律法尚存? 向各部门实名检举却被踢皮球,请您关注帮助,诚请媒体做事实报道,我在北京,谢谢您!寻公平正义~ 部分图片影音
Burt Bowers
Burt Bowers Órája
Ah shut up clown piece of garbage....
geddoe316 Órája
Yep and in the last day looting and rioting by protesters on the other side . Hate . That's all it is
Tom Preiss
Tom Preiss Órája
Thay were not only willing to commit terrorist acts thay did, no and if or but.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
steve rollins
steve rollins Órája
It's April, 2021 how was joe so SHARP????
MIZBrenda RICH Órája
My thing (& probably a lot of other people's) is she yelled "Taser, Taser,Taser" that's 3xs to take a breath in between...she never looked at the ^totally black^ revolver?? Tasers have bright yellow handles and no trigger. #RipDante
Scot & Sam
Scot & Sam Órája
Why does Kavanaugh remind me of (Steve Martin's) Ruprecht from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" during the dinner table scene?
Guri Deol
Guri Deol Órája
Bloody us police... They are always thirsty for black's blood
Can you see me?