AWC BFA NA Finals | Full VOD
AWC BFA EU Finals | Full VOD
TheDinkyDreamer 2 órája
I’ve just recently returned to WoW for the new expansion. Haven’t played since Wotlk... And I just have to say that the levelling revamp, new starting area & the tutorials are absolutely FANTASTIC. A JOB WELL DONE BLIZZARD WOO! ❤️🔥
Johnathon Roberts
Johnathon Roberts 2 órája
Uther...dear Uther. What have you become? What have you done?
Pauls Erlands Tauriņš
Pauls Erlands Tauriņš 2 órája
This commercial is on crack.
alireza Ahmadi
alireza Ahmadi 2 órája
could you PLEASE solve lag and log in issues on draenor
Mokarokas -
Mokarokas - 2 órája
BiscuitHammer 2 órája
i want those warglaives
Gemini Dragonfire
Gemini Dragonfire 2 órája
She looks sad
Giovanni Filippi
Giovanni Filippi 2 órája
That will teach her. What a fool she was to Challenge Arthas!
Cruel 2 órája
i did not see any white human or elf in this video so i think thus island is only black people please is in the game option to be white ?? this is rasist again my race. peace
Karukanu 2 órája
Anduin is pretty !
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols 2 órája
My Introduction to Lo-Fi, can't wait to play Shadowlands after these deadlines :)
Drae 2 órája
Can we all agree that this is the actual Shadowlands cinematic trailer?
Chill rock
Chill rock 2 órája
...looks like a mobile game add...
Slav Petrovich
Slav Petrovich 2 órája
As a black person I'm strongly offended by "white-ish" corpse running realm
Pine 2 órája
Did they introduce highmaul as a dungeon?
Mokarokas -
Mokarokas - 2 órája
I don't remember undead dragons in Highmaul...
Slav Petrovich
Slav Petrovich 2 órája
Lol, humanlike chars are absolutely all black in this ad, and they say that media conspiracy is stupid far-right theory
Alex Krendor
Alex Krendor 2 órája
Day 3: Still can't log in. A whole new player adventure indeed.
CodyYoshida 2 órája
Anyone else back here after going through Ardenweld questline in Shadowlands?
A de LAclos
A de LAclos 2 órája
Only Black Blood elfs in this vidéo , shame
Mokarokas -
Mokarokas - 2 órája
Something wrong with being "black"..? :o
Adam Crawley
Adam Crawley 2 órája
God this ducking trailer is by far the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm couldn't be more serious. I have seen no movie, or show, or cinematic style game come even REMOTELY close to this godly and unparalleled creation. Why they didn't make the movie centered around this is beyond me. It would have made LoTR look like child's play. From the harmonic and hypnotizing music that keys in when he begins walking to the buried Frostwyrm.. To that legendary voice speaking to him.. Or even the more subtle yet beautiful sounds of him brushing away the snow to see if he's arrived at his destination and you hear the metal from his iron clad armor clinking followed by the sound of his glove wiping away the snow on the ice. It is literally bone chilling in the most epic fashion. I literally felt it when he pulled his sword out and that powerful flash as he raised it, pointing to his summoning actually gave me goosebumps. They need to make a movie of Arthas and show THIS story if they really want to blow the minds of all its audience and shatter the box offices.. with this captivating masterpiece I have no doubt about any of it.. as long as Activision hasn't fired the ones who envisioned and then gave life to this mythic creation. Oh and this is coming from an Illidan fan favorite!
Miguel Nogueira
Miguel Nogueira 2 órája
Ozzy is proud
Slykeren 2 órája
sounds like all government officials to me
Ultra 2 órája
Nice Horde introduction. You made them look like some random escort npcs
Ralif 2 órája
I repeat ... There cannot be such dark-skinned people in WoW in terms of lore. There may be people like Hispanics. (the descendants of the southern pirates or just people who settled somewhere in the very south of Azeroth) Asians (who were introduced into the game), I think, could also have formed in some part of the Arathi highlands, because there seems to be steppes
Ralif 2 órája
@none, the wiser Read at least the history of the world of this game, man.
Ralif 2 órája
@none, the wiser How are people related to gnomes and zombies??
none, the wiser
none, the wiser 2 órája
love how you think dark-skinned people are the contrived element in a game with gnomes and zombies. stop using fictional lore to justify your very real problem with dark-skinned people lol
Станислав НЕВАЖНО
Станислав НЕВАЖНО 3 órája
Пожалуйста добавьте это в ВКонтакте
Станислав НЕВАЖНО
Станислав НЕВАЖНО 2 órája
Ладно не надо, сори , я нашёл
Станислав НЕВАЖНО
Станислав НЕВАЖНО 3 órája
Блин ну круто ведь , лайк уххх
Василий Пупкин
Василий Пупкин 3 órája
asantea payne
asantea payne 3 órája
girl fight
Jamie Ellis
Jamie Ellis 3 órája
Are the classes more balanced, now? Really felt great to be playing the class i enjoy but kept getting kicked from any kind of high level content because other people wanted to clear 10% faster :/
Rumham23 3 órája
Winter Queen? More like Winter Giraffe, amirite guys? But forreal that neck long doe
Bull3Tpro0f121 3 órája
Who else is watching this while sitting in queue ? Zzzzz
Nick Wheeler
Nick Wheeler 3 órája
This looks like a mobile game ad.
Ric White
Ric White 3 órája
Can I play this on mobile?
Karel Hemala
Karel Hemala 3 órája
Why is everybody bitching about not connecting and lags? I play on Drak'thul EU and I started playing shadowlands 8 hours after release, I have level 60 now and didnt have any problems with dissconects nor lags... Runs perfectly fine...
Cipher8721 3 órája
no murlocs?
Mundane Moon
Mundane Moon 3 órája
Wow :3
Celdrith 3 órája
Shame he is a veangeful one
LinkLich 3 órája
"Look america, you can play black female now... look... look can you SEE!?"
mSa 3 órája
Oh common man xd
CDKE 3 órája
Absolutely love this!! I just made a reaction video to this video! It would be awesome if you could check it out!😊
Akabans lusians
Akabans lusians 3 órája
ahh diablo reskin look good though story gona be mediocre again
Erin Mortimer
Erin Mortimer 3 órája
cool cinematic but sorry I'm still not coming back
David Kaspar
David Kaspar 3 órája
Ok so we got soron first then golem “ so much power”
Dan Killen
Dan Killen 3 órája
I mean I guess it makes sense, ozzy was in the old WoW commercials, no way he ever actually played, likely jack did.
Steven Reyes
Steven Reyes 3 órája
Imagine hitting that dislike button.
Well Hello
Well Hello 3 órája
I feel like this video was suppose to be released when the new levelling experience went live but the person in charge of it legit couldn’t be arsed
LeoFranz 4 órája
Still looks like an early 10s game. Lol
Mokarokas -
Mokarokas - 2 órája
Pretty impressive for being an early 00's game!
John 4 órája
World of Warcraft: Crazy Train
Schwifter 4 órája
0:06 me: died friend: hey, are you okay? me: I'm well
Nate Green
Nate Green 4 órája
23:09 and the gate keeper has spoken!
Durahl 4 órája
Still waiting for the second Warcraft Movie... Just not with real actors like the last one...
SkyshadowLV 4 órája
TFW you realize this is an OFFICAL Blizzard joint.
LilIA Lee
LilIA Lee 4 órája
You Are Not a Clown. You Are the Entire Circus
Ronald FlobJobbin
Ronald FlobJobbin 4 órája
For those including myself who weren't inspired enough to resubscribe, our memories for the game will last forever.
Cemil Iskender
Cemil Iskender 4 órája
Twitch: s4nnyii
Eonian 4 órája
The first two sentences build up his anger but the last one made him explode. You can say what you want but you don't mess with Illidan's destiny.
Patricio Delgado
Patricio Delgado 4 órája
iiii iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Fete Gevinn
Fete Gevinn 4 órája
...Век стоит, не шатается И века простоит Не шилох.... Не шолох...
Jaroslav Záruba
Jaroslav Záruba 4 órája
lmao u srs with that music? :D
SirTommyT 4 órája
is there a tutorial on how to get on the servers? I keep getting this weird glitch that says server ques 4567 waiting approx 175 minute wait?
justanotherguyful 4 órája
Just terrible clusterfuck of a game nowadays... should have stopped after cataclysm.
Astral Unity
Astral Unity 4 órája
B B 4 órája
Come to Draenor EU, sever crash 2 min after shadowlands launch, i can not even log in to play the game for what i pay subscription
Dogma 4 órája
Perfect Keep it up!
xjones 4 órája
This is amazing
_Bruno_ Aeysr
_Bruno_ Aeysr 4 órája
This is ad material. Looking good!
FreelancerTex 4 órája
If only i could log in right now... would be great
Phil M.
Phil M. 4 órája
Mert Aral
Mert Aral 4 órája
Dennis T
Dennis T 4 órája
Just gotta love how we leave an island and become the champions of Azeroth
Dylan 4 órája
First solo dungeon you mean
Hyfryd !
Hyfryd ! 4 órája
I still cannot comprehend that new players where forced to play through buggy and ugly 2008/10 zones for years, being a new player felt like such a slog because the zones were so outdated, very glad this is a thing now and you can skip the anicent zones as a new person.
BillaZ -
BillaZ - 4 órája
its a trap. the game doesnt work. fix eu servers
Armi890 4 órája
I wish I could log into the game
Fatpally Twitch
Fatpally Twitch 4 órája
What do we need to do to be able to post content with this music just curious 3 of my videos were claimed by a artists music