Trump is Almost Gone
Fauci on a Couchi
recon forsales
recon forsales 14 órája
Trump: Yes we do have aliens- that's why i am making the wall!
Lily Jobson
Lily Jobson 14 órája
Imagine what that pretty girl is saying now😂
CosmicCraze333 14 órája
I almost pissed my pants from laughing so hard lol 😂
Jan DeLancey
Jan DeLancey 14 órája
And we all know what Lady G’s secret is!
Magus Crowley
Magus Crowley 14 órája
What about Biden's 2000 dollar lie? He promised 2000 dollars and now it is 1400! We got 1,800 from Trump and now Biden's first act is to LIE about the 2000 dollar checks. 1400 is NOT 2000. It should not take Biden long to catch up at this rate.
Mahi Gamer
Mahi Gamer 14 órája
Iron man please come back
James Hopkins
James Hopkins 14 órája
Good bye to bad rubbish. I still can't wrap my head around Americans voting for a reality tv celebrity to be president. It has given me real fear for our laughing stock of a country.
Aaron Webb
Aaron Webb 14 órája
the house made history today. for the second time in a presidents term, they are impeaching the president without any proof or evidence. hell, there was more evidence with the voter fraud. hey jimmy. good luck with your life. you're gonna need it playing stupid and speaking out against 1/2 the nation. good luck with that.....
the public thinks they know beyonce & jayz, they know zippo
Susanne Grabowski
Susanne Grabowski 14 órája
Oh, schools, airports & courthouses, Yea put metal detectors there, but in the House & it's against THEIR RIGHTS? Republican shame = HYPOCRITES!-
Always Aishy
Always Aishy 14 órája
Someone who can't accept defeat is NOT A GOOD LEADER! Trump disgusts me. I feel sorry for people who follow him. They're being used and manipulated for his own interests. I hope they can see that!
Joshua Plays
Joshua Plays 14 órája
I would rather be a zero than support trump
Vince Black
Vince Black 14 órája
What trash.
Daybot 14 órája
You've gotten just a bit too funny, you can't make a joke of everything.
jacob anus
jacob anus 14 órája
Tupac Shakur was convicted of two rapes
i wonder if it were a black women making small talk brief conversation with Jayz in the same situation, if the public would have the same negative reaction against them that they had with this white lady
i wanna watch a movie
i wanna watch a movie 14 órája
2021 anyone?
dead 14 órája
His hands tho
IM BACK BITCH 14 órája
Latinx? Really George selling out like that
ELITE RACER45 14 órája
Wtf was that last bit?? 😂😂
Phoenix Billion
Phoenix Billion 14 órája
Now Putin and Mitch McConnell are authoritative sources to you? Does this dude even believe his own BS?
Nietzsches Muse
Nietzsches Muse 14 órája
Freedy is so cool Jimmy Kimmel's open mindedness is so sexy wow!
Dan Ag
Dan Ag 14 órája
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson 14 órája
Lol, bet BLM supports don't realise that Susan, who owns part of BLM actually broke into the capitol in 1980.
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson 14 órája
Goddam haha. BLM loot and burn and it's ok. Yet trump supporters attack a single building and apparently it's the worst thing ever.
Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez 14 órája
Mitch McConnell had to crawl into his protective shell😂😂😂😂
Michael Monroe
Michael Monroe 14 órája
Poor Maddie lol
ana ketlin Ribas
ana ketlin Ribas 14 órája
Pq eu amo uma banda 😍❤️
OGRE !!!!
OGRE !!!! 14 órája
was this filmed at a water buffalo lodge meeting?
Maria Obrien
Maria Obrien 14 órája
This is one of my favorites clips from Jimmy Kimmel.
Bojokowski 14 órája
Yet you still vote for gubment...smh
Jake Montalban
Jake Montalban 14 órája
Perfect princess Diana
Tennessee wiskey
Tennessee wiskey 14 órája
Thank you jesus ,,, oh happy day.......
Fanatic Antitheist
Fanatic Antitheist 14 órája
TOO BAD Snoop ! BIBLE SAYS HEAVEN IS 24/7 *"ETERNAL PRAISE"* - so not even papers...
Coyote 14 órája
The most impressive thing I’ve done is successfully flirt with a girl.
mjs1231 14 órája
Trump will never be gone. Biden plan. More tax, outsourcing, amnesty layoffs. Exact same as obama.
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness 14 órája
Jimmy laid out the trump strategy play by play.
samuel campos
samuel campos 14 órája
I don't like her sisters, on the other hand, she is different, prettier
Gayle Coleman
Gayle Coleman 15 órája
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ace trueax
ace trueax 15 órája
imagine thats the first thing someone says to you after they invite you to their show...
Mimi 78
Mimi 78 15 órája
Freddy and jim bruer need to hang out
Bertrand Zerpersande
Bertrand Zerpersande 15 órája
Me? It was funny, but that doesn’t mean it was cool.
San Ono
San Ono 15 órája
Who's watching in 2021??
Joshua Moon
Joshua Moon 15 órája
If he does not get any donations, he will kick Trump out for it's massed up...
Joshua Moon
Joshua Moon 15 órája
Lindsey Graham - kidding me...he supporting trump again....please cut off all donations for Lindsey Graham
Selma Trice
Selma Trice 15 órája
The wiggly gas unquestionably admire because anteater relatively compare sans a caring range. plausible, tranquil self
Fernanda Prandi
Fernanda Prandi 15 órája
This is not funny at all. It's just really sad.
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness 15 órája
Well it's after January 6th 2021 and the transition period was not peaceful!
Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith 15 órája
Poutus ! I love that lol
R Y 15 órája
Stir the pot why don't ya? That's all you talk show hosts do. Shut up and it would probably go away.
T T 15 órája
It’s terrifying that people are actually this stupid!
Selma Trice
Selma Trice 15 órája
The seemly dill exemplarily poke because numeric briefly correct in a clever collision. workable, dangerous rain
M Copeland
M Copeland 15 órája
Are the female back up singers really necessary for a song like this?
Gianna Gonzalez
Gianna Gonzalez 15 órája
The sour hate synthetically decide because apology radiographically repair including a tiny married. plant, ill-fated ball
Just a Globe
Just a Globe 15 órája
Pretty much just poison the water supply and start again......
Henrik Demir
Henrik Demir 15 órája
Trump supporters summarized in one video
jennifer coleman
jennifer coleman 15 órája
Man I miss him. He's so real. When Donald has been so fake. The days of when the president didn't tweet at 3 am
S Lee
S Lee 15 órája
c h i l l
c h i l l 15 órája
8:39 well noice jimmy
Patrick Roza
Patrick Roza 15 órája
This is not the right way to do this
maysaa amineldeen
maysaa amineldeen 15 órája
would you bery ze bonez😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
maysaa amineldeen
maysaa amineldeen 15 órája
Majed Marji
Majed Marji 15 órája
The healthy geese currently plant because drop neurochemically rinse across a hissing stocking. delightful, few fierce territory
POLY PAPA 15 órája
I have many serious health problems, I need bone marrow biopsies and mammograms, but I don't do either. I'd never have a colonoscopy!!!!
Boyfreind Da rapper
Boyfreind Da rapper 15 órája
Funfact: the people on the ground couldn't hear venom playing they just saw the EMpire state building going insane, and some helicopter
Darth Mocap
Darth Mocap 15 órája
Hey Jimmy, watching from the toilet!! 4 More Days!!!!
maysaa amineldeen
maysaa amineldeen 15 órája
1:16 the way he said it بحبه جدااااا
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 15 órája
I thought it said Borat gives Jimmy Kimmel a colonoscopy
Australian Patriot
Australian Patriot 15 órája
USA.. B.. CCP. Democracy is alive and well and watching you get what you “voted” for.
Australian Patriot
Australian Patriot 15 órája
USA.. B.. CCP. Democracy is alive and well and watching you get what you “voted” for.
Australian Patriot
Australian Patriot 15 órája
USA.. B.. CCP. Democracy is alive and well and watching you get what you “voted” for.
Anthony Flahive
Anthony Flahive 15 órája
What would also be funny is if it was a whoopie cushion instead of a air horn ;)😎😀👍👌
Kevin H
Kevin H 15 órája
So Marjorie is a level up from Karen? Who's the boss?
Luisa Mota
Luisa Mota 15 órája
I loooove Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. They're smart and handsome to boot! 😄😘
Justice Jakober
Justice Jakober 15 órája
George Walker Bush The 43rd President of the United States.
Gianna Gonzalez
Gianna Gonzalez 15 órája
The resolute teeth expectably glow because case microbiologically puncture up a spiffy commission. upset, melodic crop
T7 Kickers
T7 Kickers 15 órája
Goals always score themselves in zlatan’s debuts
PanosGRR 15 órája
''Its time for grandpa to peacefully hand over the keys'' to a... younger one like Biden
Jim Cho
Jim Cho 15 órája
Don't worry America I'm very old asian man and just found out Iceland is greener than Greenland...
Star Light
Star Light 15 órája
Not focus on your petty interest and vengeance, causing more sorrow and fear to the people that you should serve. Start anew, by forgiveness and loving care. To win hearts is far, far better than to win an election. In God we trust.