AJR - Way Less Sad
于同学 19 órája
Sad for north Koreas,they can’t see this,even for them,after look at this,they will thank the god 😂
Lucy Harrison
Lucy Harrison 19 órája
they have genuine talent wow
Lore Lorena
Lore Lorena 19 órája
He is so beautiful oh my god 😳
Ickstopher Q
Ickstopher Q 19 órája
Please tell me these people were all part of some skit created by a producer to show people looking stupid.
George Ramos
George Ramos 19 órája
Only Hollywood hasn't closed. As in lockdown. Movies are still being made.
D D 19 órája
I was pleasantly surprised with Nessa'a voice, so smoothing
Billy leBullyhunter
Billy leBullyhunter 19 órája
Hunter Biden is a corrupt degenerate haha funny stuff Jimmy
Marc D.
Marc D. 20 órája
It'll be good bye soon for dementia joe
bob peters
bob peters 20 órája
Kimmel is part of the seep state.
Rich Chavez
Rich Chavez 20 órája
What she is trying to say is that they had sex on multiple occasions while filming the X-Files.
FR33 Craig
FR33 Craig 20 órája
This is so fake.
Crochet 101
Crochet 101 20 órája
I love the Paul Bettany one 🤣
SpideyVids 20 órája
God, they are totally thick.
Toby Renfro
Toby Renfro 20 órája
Idiots! Jimmy, you are so out of touch, it's sad!
Didi B
Didi B 20 órája
Read through some comments and people are so full of hate and hopelessness. Give the guy a break. He is turning his life around and doing everything to remain clean. Go get a life people. He is living his.
Starlight! 20 órája
saw this so many years later but damn these kids do know how to answer questions, mostly the ones from NYC.
Sherri Novak
Sherri Novak 20 órája
Jimmy Kimmel is such a disappointment, so fake, can't believe I used to watch his show!
ImZeus 20 órája
is jimmy kimmel demonatized
Mary Courtney
Mary Courtney 20 órája
Loved this😂😂
Lauren Meyer
Lauren Meyer 20 órája
omg hi britney spears
Hillary Roos
Hillary Roos 20 órája
i hate bananas
i hate bananas 20 órája
hes handsome but devlish looking at the same time
Hillary Roos
Hillary Roos 20 órája
I PRAY THAT THOSE ARE PAID ACTORS!!! 🤣 this depresses me!!!
Bonny 20 órája
Imagine Jimmy was not acting or joking but was serious as hell🤣🤣
Wesley Snyder
Wesley Snyder 20 órája
How, just how.
suzawilo 20 órája
I watched this and the "music video" of this *too* many times back in the day 🤭
clown collecteur
clown collecteur 20 órája
úti einhverf
úti einhverf 20 órája
Who is n-man?
Didi B
Didi B 20 órája
He looks good and I pray he continues on the healing proces.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 20 órája
you can see ness is nervous in the beginning but once jaden is there she calms down like that’s good duet and partner bond
Sparky8127 20 órája
2016 PewDiePie?
Jaiden elizabeth
Jaiden elizabeth 20 órája
it’s giving ‘camp rock this is me’ vibes
Yanuri Roschev
Yanuri Roschev 20 órája
One of the coolest dudes around, Huey Lewis, and so many hits. What a cool story he told too. He should write a book.
Airon Wallace
Airon Wallace 20 órája
everyone missed the part when he says " they have strict control over us "
Lucas Schroeder
Lucas Schroeder 20 órája
Holy crap they got old lol
Blaze2Go 20 órája
Nobody going to mention kimmel being a soy 🐓 and hunter smoking parmesan 🧀? You guys keep getting your news from FB and twitter. GG
于同学 20 órája
as a Chinese ,I’m shocked by them,and I know this is the level of American,well done,no one can stop the raise of our great Africa
Megan Baranello
Megan Baranello 20 órája
Hiding the seriousness in the crimes he’s involved in by shrouding the interview in poorly scripted jokes and throwing softball questions. Thank goodness we have Jimmy “put your hands down my pants” Kimmel to keep the standards of American stupidity at an all time high.
Rose Ford
Rose Ford 20 órája
Yup, but gloves kept us from getting the flu.
Hannie Garo
Hannie Garo 20 órája
1:04 it’s so true 🤣
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 20 órája
I should of got in to show business. Apparently drugs are accepted. That chick knew who the miz was. She seems like the type of chick that watched Real World
Jim Birch
Jim Birch 20 órája
He had a hard life Jimmy?????.....really, please tell me how his life was so hard?
Mother Mary
Mother Mary 20 órája
The birds in the cage in theMy Pillow guy skit are real. 😍
R1GAMBLER 20 órája
Jimmy celebrating a in-cestial pe-do crack addict... degeneracy is virtue in our upside down KLOWNWORLD.
juancarloscafe1 20 órája
I wonder how many people Hunter has straight up killed
Blaze2Go 20 órája
This soy 🐓 can't make a show without orange man bad. Rent free in all your heads. You're a comedian make fun of biden falling down on stairs or ⭕ 🔙 ginger
J Bart
J Bart 20 órája
What a smart,talented woman
Sheikh Humayun Kabir
Sheikh Humayun Kabir 20 órája
Anyone has clue that both kimmel and Silverman dated 7 years...😱😱😱OMG..
irokatcod4 20 órája
This is gonna be me and my wife when I'm older. I only have 1 so far so it's pretty easy
Pablo Trevor
Pablo Trevor 20 órája
Kelly Maureen Desmore
Kelly Maureen Desmore 20 órája
admtech69 20 órája
The thing about Hunter's interview is the arrogance he displayed, as if he knows that he is guilty and that there is nothing anyone can do about it. Add to Kimmel's sycophantic questioning and it just reinforces the image that no one can touch Hunter now and he is taking his victory lap by throwing all of his deeds in people's faces.
Annie Esther
Annie Esther 20 órája
À rehash of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 20 órája
Greetings from Uganda, one of the 37 States of the proud country of Europe. Which is the biggest country in Asia, right next to North Korea.
Roseller Simbulan
Roseller Simbulan 20 órája
Americans: Let's bomb Georgia (the country) *Bombs Georgia (the state)*
Petter Tran
Petter Tran 20 órája
The narrow suede assembly need because jellyfish evocatively fry below a defective rainstorm. earsplitting, tiny clave
꧁ Joy ꧂
꧁ Joy ꧂ 20 órája
On second thought, I do believe Mr. Kimmel is conducting this interview like his life depends on it.
La Vie En Rose
La Vie En Rose 20 órája
Any mention of Biden or hunter Biden? Bueller? Bueller?
Mz Modesty
Mz Modesty 20 órája
Every time she sings this song she gives it NEW LIFE!! Come on JAZZ!!! The 85 people that gave it a thumbs down, y'all need to seek help because Mz. Sullivan is teaching a class on how to SANG A DAMN SONG!!! Thank you LAWD!
eleanor shellstrop
eleanor shellstrop 20 órája
I miss her so much. So talented, funny and gorgeous
Rosanna Wong
Rosanna Wong 20 órája
She looks better here than any other time
Sophie AC
Sophie AC 20 órája
I have no words to describe how much I loved thisssss, I could repeat this over and over again and don't get tired of it *at all* *true legends!*
Gameplay Lucifer
Gameplay Lucifer 20 órája
Dutch guy here and can i just say that this is just pathetic...
Chris Crapo
Chris Crapo 20 órája
The thirsty eyebrow yearly zip because snowman usually rock to a magical belt. feeble feigned, meaty mine
Random Joe
Random Joe 20 órája
I absolutely hate that I am just now seeing this in 2021. Hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣
Fuq u Plz
Fuq u Plz 20 órája
Anna Koerber
Anna Koerber 20 órája
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 20 órája
I relly like the song
Javier Angulo
Javier Angulo 20 órája
Where is Conan's to kick your basels off
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber 20 órája
Two morons trying to get each other off.
Valerie 20 órája
Real people talk
Mossy horn Hunter
Mossy horn Hunter 20 órája
This is a joke right? I mean this isn't the president's son for real is it ?
Sam 20 órája
this is so cute
Sergio Serran'Ochoa04
Sergio Serran'Ochoa04 20 órája
3:13 Greenland is not a country, it's a province of Deadmark.
•Gålåxy Wårriør Døt•
•Gålåxy Wårriør Døt• 20 órája
I'm sorry, did you just disrespect One Direction? Better re-think that
Look Over There
Look Over There 20 órája
Wrote a little song about it...Wanna hear it? Here goes!
Anouar DZ
Anouar DZ 20 órája
li chaf ouyaya idir jaime son smir hhhhhh
Glenn Sprague
Glenn Sprague 20 órája
2 months later: Biden has pretty much screwed America!
Roberta B
Roberta B 20 órája
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris 20 órája
No there not lips singing
Dita Ch
Dita Ch 20 órája
I want to cry after watching this
Near !!!N!!!
Near !!!N!!! 20 órája
The ghost was just telling him about the future.