Hollywood Undead - Enemy
_Baki Baki_
_Baki Baki_ 10 órája
Is it bad I wanna do an anamatic of oikawa with this song 😔✌️
Iowa&theother49 11 órája
dove and grenade part 2?
Chris Strand
Chris Strand 11 órája
It makes me.want to mosh and hurt people.....good way to let out rage #moshpit=battlefield
RANDOM TAROT 420 11 órája
sooooooo goooooood
Brandon 12 órája
this is an interesting pair up
Just Tsubasa
Just Tsubasa 13 órája
As someone from Berlin I can confirm what J3T said. Charlie is our national hero. Every member of Hollywood Undead is a national hero. That's a fact.
Yordi Sandoval
Yordi Sandoval 13 órája
incredible song and I really liked the idea of putting all the masks together in one man, excellent band as always
Diane Hamilton
Diane Hamilton 13 órája
This is amazing. Want to hear it live...they are incredible live!
Dilophosaurus 14 órája
I'm so fucking happy. This is an actual dream come true
Nismo Jdm
Nismo Jdm 14 órája
This band was cringe as fuck in 2000 imagine now.....
Shroomy 216
Shroomy 216 14 órája
Greetz from germany.. thats fckng awesome.. we call it "utopisch krass" Thanks
Shroomy 216
Shroomy 216 14 órája
Manche Endreime hätte man ruhig nachsingen können. Aber man endgeil alter.. dope af
Calvin Kee
Calvin Kee 14 órája
Allex 14 órája
Mask Off, that s 2 bad...
logann franco
logann franco 15 órája
I-i found this on my apple music playlist from when i was 10.... that wasnt even my worst year and honestly im jammin Bout five seconds after i commented this IS THAT A FUCKING CHILD SINGINg
October _Shadow
October _Shadow 15 órája
*When your girlfriend loves insects but a tarantula is on her skirt* : 0:31
Hannah M
Hannah M 16 órája
I wanna play play that game! Anyone else think the same? ❤️
Not Rxvertz
Not Rxvertz 17 órája
This song gave me the chills
IM_UP_LZZ 18 órája
They should sing with Zillakami or sosmula, it’s will be sick!!!
Mr TWACO 19 órája
Im so hyped they wore masks I also thought they just painted the dead bite mask bronze
Ohhhiya Rea
Ohhhiya Rea 19 órája
Perfect blend of 80s rock with 90s Rap but 2000s alt
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis 19 órája
2:53 went hard
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis 19 órája
Amazing song! They always got a good vibe. You just wanna blast it in the car
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis 19 órája
The kellin part made this song way better
the real_ isotope
the real_ isotope 20 órája
Вот это я узнаю Андэдов 👍👍👍
Camila '-'
Camila '-' 20 órája
My legs are dangling off the edge (Keep going)
Piper Mclean
Piper Mclean 20 órája
This would be a really good song for Hunger Games But Fr, this is probably my favorite song from them
Hammarkids 20 órája
ok yup this is going in my hype playlist cause holy fuck this is a definition of a headbanger
ella beanman
ella beanman 22 órája
9 years and I still cut to this
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 22 órája
Only just discovered this on Spotify and it's been added onto my running playlist, glad to have come across this video too, as I love the retro video games esq throwback to it. I think I've found my new anthem for 2020. The masks are sick af!
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 23 órája
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 23 órája
I love this song
Candy Dog Gacha
Candy Dog Gacha 23 órája
Is it disrespectful if im not suicidal and i listen to this song?
Random person 123
Random person 123 15 órája
I don't think so, as long as you don't gatekeep
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 23 órája
Ive literally never been diagnosed with anything cuz my mum thinks I'm too young to be depressed or have anxiety, and she keeps telling me that I self harmed for attention, even tho she doesnt know I wanna die every day of my life lol I'm only 14 too, but ya know I'm too young and looking for attention so who gives a shit 🙃
Fxck_hawk970 Napja
this gives me Popular Monster vibes...... that I like :))))
Kaleb Lampkin
Kaleb Lampkin Napja
One question, Who is Dead Bite?
I love how Charlie, Danny and funny man brought back their old masks styles. I f’n love all of you guys
xtrm333 Napja
This is for kids, right?
nichole griffin
nichole griffin Napja
That dead bite mask is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
nichole griffin
nichole griffin Napja
Papa Roach's part sucks
nichole griffin
nichole griffin Napja
To yalls music
nichole griffin
nichole griffin Napja
I'm addicted to talks music
nichole griffin
nichole griffin Napja
Neither did I now no Charlie scenes face
nichole griffin
nichole griffin Napja
I dint no that is j3ts face
Black Veil Brides fan Ash
Black Veil Brides fan Ash Napja
This gives me Marble Hornets/Creepypasta vibes.
Kurt O'brien
Kurt O'brien Napja
Need more music like this
Björn Jürgensen
Björn Jürgensen Napja
tbh, the last Song i heard by Hollywood Undead was "Everywhere I go" and now this. I LOVE it
George Chillz
George Chillz Napja
Shit like this keeps me from going on a rampage and blowing my brains out over this year. For real though, what an epic collab!
CrypticUtopia Napja
Awesome!! Good old Papa Roach collaborating with Hollywood Undead!! Two of my favourite bands of all time
Cheyanne Colon
Cheyanne Colon Napja
Me at 13 listening to this: 😢😭🔪🩸🙂🔫 Me listening to this at 18: 🤪🤣💃🕺🙂🔫
Brandon & Cheyenne
Brandon & Cheyenne Napja
I didn't know I needed this but apparently I did.
sam lheureux
sam lheureux Napja
The voices in my head when I'm ready to snap and that
Ferocious Chandelure
Ferocious Chandelure Napja
The fact that this satisfied me more than chocolates is scary 🤭❤️
TheJKraze Napja
Spencer fit in great and Jacoby was that extra hype that this song needed to be absolutely perfect. Well done boys 👍
Andrew Votava
Andrew Votava Napja
Dope ass track but would like to see more midwest underground get more notice. #openminded
Colin Bostwick
Colin Bostwick Napja
This is a good song, don’t get me wrong, I love it but please call the suicide prevention hotline if you are having lots of bad thoughts. www.google.com/search?q=suicide+hotline&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#
Rapid Napja
Marvel: Avengers Endgame is the biggest crossover film in movie history HU: Hold my bullet
Huawei Mate
Huawei Mate Napja
Papa Roach крутые! Ахрененные ребята.
Catherine Hill
Catherine Hill Napja
They definitely had fun with this one
Jacob Reis
Jacob Reis Napja
This sing has so much fire!!! Spencer looks awesome and the boys of HU r looking fire too.
mega man
mega man Napja
This was good until papa roach wrecked it
Shrrade Napja
this video editor did not get paid enough because DAMN
Key Hey
Key Hey Napja
I fell in love with this song when I heard : Are you my anime?! 😂
Saber- Edits
Saber- Edits Napja
I played this song in the car with my family. They legit said nothing. Now I’m scared that they’re signing me back up for therapy
corah711 Napja
I have the heart of a champion! I love like a champion & u took it & left without a word, a goodbye- just silence, which could mean anything. Make it right. I wanna b me again
Mayda Painting
Mayda Painting Napja
DraxUmbrae Napja
They went back to their old masks!
Cubertral Napja
damn 2 weeks totally not the 100th comment to mention that
luke benjamin1995Mar
luke benjamin1995Mar Napja
i just attemped suicide this morning and failed im a loser i cant even kill myself right i wanna die
Virtue Napja
if at first you dont succeed try and try again
hanna howle
hanna howle Napja
Best collaboration in history
Lexan Gurov
Lexan Gurov Napja
Заебись тема.
Noah w
Noah w Napja
I'm so happy that some of my favourite bands got together I know HU kinda well and I think the music is fan-fuckingtastic Papa Roach is awesome as well saw them live at a Shinedown concert holy shit were they all amazing. (I want to see HU live too but I'm not sure if they will go local). Ice Nine Kills is a band I've heard of but damn do they sound good with the other two. I really love the work, keep doing great guys.
Антон Чепилюк
Антон Чепилюк Napja
Я тренуюсь під цю пісню вона дає стимул для кращих результатів
Kacper M.
Kacper M. Napja
When I listen to the chorus it reminds me of songs from anime openings.
Lou Stevens
Lou Stevens Napja
My face when I hear my daughters name (Mazikeen) on a Hollywood undead song. 👁👄👁
Thomas Burton
Thomas Burton Napja
The fact that in the dead bite mask their interpretated da kurlzz
TheBuggiest Napja
I’m here from creepypasta vines back when it was alive-
Rocker The Guitar
Rocker The Guitar Napja
3 million views before 1 Year Aniversary! Let's go!
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson Napja
This song is great beside the fact of sucide but that is what makes it better
tatarin198 Napja
Dangeon Masters
Dangeon Masters Napja
Эх, старички. Привет из России. С вами уже 10 лет.