This looks scary but I like it
Gian Aljons Yala
Gian Aljons Yala 6 órája
Pov:People in tiktok said that this is the song of Mafias
For the greater good
For the greater good 7 órája
I admit I discovered it accidentally!!
airbaaag 7 órája
a good song when you enjoy it but a good story when you understand it
KARTIKA- FF 7 órája
Primitif♥ ♥
Worst Feeling_ever
Worst Feeling_ever 7 órája
Zydie Playz
Zydie Playz 7 órája
i feel like this is a story its scary
Matheus Henrique Pereira
Matheus Henrique Pereira 7 órája
GemerChannel :0
GemerChannel :0 8 órája
you are god i like your music i love your music
Sawer So
Sawer So 8 órája
Я же не одна заметила что сел использует гитару как барабан🗿
Mahwish Kamran
Mahwish Kamran 8 órája
It is actually good not going to lie
Isobel Margaret Fernandez
Isobel Margaret Fernandez 8 órája
Me and my friend loves this song
Pele K
Pele K 8 órája
3 out of the top 5 comments are about his accent and I completely agree
Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams 8 órája
I literally can't get this song out of my head
Korkmaz Tan
Korkmaz Tan 8 órája
is this only me or does this video makes me wanna watch that jack sparrow movie. like bruh
AvaKawaiiCookie 8 órája
Am I the only one things this is way too 70s and 80s
Noa D
Noa D 8 órája
Why do so many poeple dislike videos liek this one. Poeple put efert into these kind of videos.😔
Manusia•ganz•02 8 órája
Ayo warga +62 temani saya nonton video ituh ._. Bagi yg warga indo aja yak ✌
B- reptiles
B- reptiles 8 órája
Took me 2xs listing to this shanti that its about moby dick
Luffy luffy99
Luffy luffy99 8 órája
One piece ❤✌
Sebastien minecraft
Sebastien minecraft 9 órája
the pirates right now their skeletons are just moving and dancing xd
Pedro Higinio
Pedro Higinio 9 órája
Bread 9 órája
Can i buy your accent?
salvi aranda
salvi aranda 9 órája
it is great
Grace Connolly
Grace Connolly 10 órája
He sounds like a real pirate
Grace Connolly
Grace Connolly 10 órája
stani BESTE
stani BESTE 10 órája
Wellerman is cool
RileyOHTX 10 órája
5 replays of this song and I'm ready to put my hair in dreadlocks and buy a pet raven. Let's go
Brayden Pelletier
Brayden Pelletier 10 órája
I heard that song in music class
Brayden Pelletier
Brayden Pelletier 10 órája
gsg gsg
gsg gsg 10 órája
wv1 123
wv1 123 11 órája
Looks a lot like Drunken sailors - irish rovers
David Timercan
David Timercan 11 órája
Finn Bar
Finn Bar 10 órája
David Timercan
David Timercan 11 órája
David Timercan
David Timercan 11 órája
David Timercan
David Timercan 11 órája
touts ma classe aime norahlou leoni matis
David Timercan
David Timercan 11 órája
iMensurr Commentary
iMensurr Commentary 11 órája
Random Indian editor : finally a worth opponent Our battle will be legendary
Eliot Leffray
Eliot Leffray 11 órája
That's not how you should use a guitar 😂. The song is 🔥🔥🔥
Pollyanna Cardoso
Pollyanna Cardoso 11 órája
Alguém do 🇧🇷?
Iannalfo261290 11 órája
Your voice is incredible
Michael Jelgava
Michael Jelgava 12 órája
Sorry aber dieses Lied sollte aich dementsprechend auch passen und nicht so ein drogendumm scheis zeigen 🤣
Алексей Чуриков
Алексей Чуриков 12 órája
Русская народная песня - "Как хотела меня мать" ! Какие китобои ?
Wisseme Bendiaf
Wisseme Bendiaf 12 órája
Mercedes Williams
Mercedes Williams 12 órája
I Love it to
Carl Jones
Carl Jones 13 órája
ღWillow Wolfy T.S.Pღ
ღWillow Wolfy T.S.Pღ 13 órája
Let's see, it only happens to me that this is the only song with which I feel a feeling of happiness and joy when I sing it and I feel like I'm on a boat singing, There are no words to describe this song so, perfect and a work of art. And the accent is just wow.. Who agrees?..
MrPoggerPig 13 órája
POV: It's December. There once was man who had a sleigh, the name of the man was Saint Nicholas. The elves built him up his great big toys and ooo the nice kids gottem. Soon may the Santa man come to bring us presents and joy and fun. One day when the giving is done he'll take his cookies and go.
Omega Roblox Gaming
Omega Roblox Gaming 13 órája
Laaremsiama 13 órája
What if this song is one piece theme song🔥
Silvio Schröter
Silvio Schröter 13 órája
the huah gets to an other man who was joints his singing on tictoc and the bariton also so whats original on this ? its not original but its well performed.
linda atherton
linda atherton 13 órája
I play this song for 2222200000000 Times
Choupmask28 13 órája
ThePandoricaOfFandoms 14 órája
Randomized Games
Randomized Games 14 órája
Now this is classic 1900s music (:
I love cats meow
I love cats meow 14 órája
LOVE IT it's amazing!! new favorite!
toleen Al-Qasrawi
toleen Al-Qasrawi 14 órája
احطولي لايكات عشان الاجانب يفكروني عم بحكي اشي مهم 😱😨😱😨هاد الاموجي عشان يفكرو اشي مهم
McKenna Galvin
McKenna Galvin 14 órája
Dis is awesome and all the boys who be like 🤨 when girls like this song just shutup were girls why you care
daniel spriet
daniel spriet 14 órája
omg this is asome
fortnite switch
fortnite switch 14 órája
So quick but like it
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 14 órája
I can’t stop listening. Amazing!
Andzejs Stasko
Andzejs Stasko 14 órája
This guy is awesome! Usually Im not happy for someone I dont know but his story is like a fairy tale. Best wishes buddy! Cheers from Latvia
Klaudia Kieliszek
Klaudia Kieliszek 14 órája
great song to listen to in the evening with friends <3
MateusTDz 15 órája
Does he know, that he should playes guitar on the other side ??
Vivzie224 15 órája
Ben Lusher
Ben Lusher 15 órája
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 it's so good
Franek Kimono
Franek Kimono 15 órája
It's still better with no music.
ELO_MORDO 15 órája
oh bro that's amazing
BennyMarty 15 órája
Yyyyyeeah... It's a no for me, I'll stick to the original thx.
Natividad Lezcano
Natividad Lezcano 15 órája
Natividad Lezcano
Natividad Lezcano 15 órája
Tobias Krudewig
Tobias Krudewig 15 órája
Da bekommt man direkt Bock ein Schiff zu kappern, und einen auf Pirat zu machen😅
XxwolfygamerxX YT
XxwolfygamerxX YT 16 órája
this song gives me goosebumps, thats how much I love it
Sapphire Puppy
Sapphire Puppy 16 órája
Nassar 16 órája
Hey, I uploaded a Wellerman 8D and Bass Boosted version to my channel, be sure to check it out:
`Paige ` v ` Jones`
`Paige ` v ` Jones` 16 órája
Mha Fandom:only villains know this
Avoir les 1 000 abonnés avec 1 video
Avoir les 1 000 abonnés avec 1 video 16 órája
Ilham Omar
Ilham Omar 16 órája
This song drive me crazy I just wanna listen it forever.
Flavianm 17 órája
Vim pela rádio do Avakin Life
Розбїйнік Український
Розбїйнік Український 17 órája
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨Amazing ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Tanushree Verma
Tanushree Verma 17 órája
Okay, but why does this remind me of The Tempest EVERY time I listen to it 😅
AlisonOdell 17 órája
Legend 😁 best
Manuela A.
Manuela A. 17 órája
I Love this Song 🎶🥰