Kayleigh Mukulu
Kayleigh Mukulu 12 órája
Ddddaaammnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Renaldo Reid
Renaldo Reid 12 órája
Tahri White
Tahri White 12 órája
A killer
Midnight_ Wølfie
Midnight_ Wølfie 12 órája
one word *goosebumps*
Pretend I put a Really Funny name here
Pretend I put a Really Funny name here 12 órája
The tittle is wrong it should've been "Whole Lotta Choppas ft.Sada baby"
Kaykay The cute one
Kaykay The cute one 12 órája
This hit different😤🥺🥳💜
Stay Blunted
Stay Blunted 12 órája
8 months prego gang!!!!!
Abel Renew
Abel Renew 13 órája
Music starter pack
Markial Gardner
Markial Gardner 13 órája
This is the type of song you play at the skating rink.... only the real know
Clippa Marshall
Clippa Marshall 13 órája
Song Kool But Sada U Should a Wrk Wit Cardi B Instead U Blood Rite!?!?!?! Nicki Hang Wit Rats&Rapist Smh
MoneyBagCrow 13 órája
Hiphop songs are just getting worse and worse and worse 🙄
Caitlynd Alexander
Caitlynd Alexander 13 órája
@ sada baby check [email protected] cuny queenz like the fact you posted nicki on your page remixing your song nice song btw
Presley’s VEVO
Presley’s VEVO 13 órája
The person who is reading this will be successful in life.
Nicki QUEEN 13 órája
We going number 1 or naw
Desmond McPherson
Desmond McPherson 13 órája
Bout Time Nicki Supports some real shit...
toca peachy
toca peachy 13 órája
She said blm i luv u nicki ahhhhh
Gökhan Sürücü
Gökhan Sürücü 13 órája
nstagram videolarında şarkıyı duyup gelen Türk kardeşlerim buradamı :D
Staci James
Staci James 13 órája
Up up Up and away Jesus is lord 🤷‍♀️👌🏾
Caitlynd Alexander
Caitlynd Alexander 13 órája
this was playing on the lakers championship last sunday
Stiff C
Stiff C 13 órája
Mariela Yoza
Mariela Yoza 13 órája
OTL Kuband
OTL Kuband 13 órája
This shit cold
ashton priestley
ashton priestley 13 órája this Minaj ft. is waaaaay better
Dylan Monzter
Dylan Monzter 13 órája
Can she just stop ruining songs man
Gerson J
Gerson J 12 órája
The original was straight butt
Cristian Cartier
Cristian Cartier 13 órája
Yet your here listening gtfo
TAN RENE'E 14 órája
Alex moreno 1
Alex moreno 1 14 órája
Nicki Minaj es una copia de lady gaga
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 14 órája
1, 489, 320
I LOVEEE IT!!!! ❤️
Pratikshya Shrestha
Pratikshya Shrestha 14 órája
The original is trash. Nicki made hit itt🔥❤
Pratikshya Shrestha
Pratikshya Shrestha 14 órája
Pratikshya Shrestha
Pratikshya Shrestha 14 órája
Hisoka Cards
Hisoka Cards 14 órája
jus make sure the queen’s baby is okay
Ny Ny
Ny Ny 14 órája
Didn't think it was gonna be this🤷‍♀️
Winkie's Diner
Winkie's Diner 14 órája
Introduction to Sada. 20 times better than expected.
Moved Channels
Moved Channels 14 órája
Let’s be real nicki carried this whole remix
samantha queen
samantha queen 14 órája
Queen popped tf off
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams 14 órája
lmfao everyone here for nicki, the real mastermind is at 0:06 😂
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 14 órája
A future millionaire will like this comment
Just Smith
Just Smith 14 órája
Nicky's verse better than the whole WAP song
Chico Stacks
Chico Stacks 14 órája
Homeboy a genius..2 much booty in her pants voice on whoop there it is
s m
s m 14 órája
this the nigga that get the squad hype to alicia keys
Chico Stacks
Chico Stacks 15 órája
Im here cause I know who sada baby is
trixie mahmod
trixie mahmod 15 órája
blm ? thsts why she always changing her skin color !
Indigenous Carib
Indigenous Carib 12 órája
What about color? Thought I heard something 🤔!
Gerson J
Gerson J 12 órája
Not a white person talking about anybody colored
Elizabeth Lo
Elizabeth Lo 15 órája
Jst imagine nicki preggz asF in the booth like... Bbby momma dance
mahasin abdullah
mahasin abdullah 15 órája
I'm here because of Queen Nicki
Giulia Pareti
Giulia Pareti 15 órája
I’m calling 911. This is murder.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 14 órája
Nicki: does a song with 6ix9ine Also nicki: niggas violating the gang gon end up dead
UnfunnyMani 15 órája
Nicki Minaj is the definition of flipping that hate into positivity.
Marie Forbes
Marie Forbes 15 órája
Nicki doesn’t miss
looks to the side An I oopp
looks to the side An I oopp 15 órája
Man nicki has done it again
محمد ابن قرووب
محمد ابن قرووب 16 órája
العرب لايك snap:ant31859
Nisha Lbj4life
Nisha Lbj4life 16 órája
❤️ 💕 Love 😘
geethanath duggirallla
geethanath duggirallla 16 órája
whos here before Nicki remix the song. #respect
kawsar mohamud
kawsar mohamud 16 órája
every song that has nicki featured in it is a bop
G Money
G Money 17 órája
Mikey X
Mikey X 17 órája
heey i said heeey
heey i said heeey 17 órája
Smells musty
Black Devil
Black Devil 17 órája
Love nicki
Billy Ocean
Billy Ocean 17 órája
Slim nicki went off 🔥🔥
Amir._.playsroblox X
Amir._.playsroblox X 17 órája
TheZmeister 17 órája
Fuck, Tik Tok found this song
Tiffany Raymond
Tiffany Raymond 17 órája
sada baby
shevv __
shevv __ 17 órája
Nicky ate that uppp🔥🔥 purrrrr queen❤
Fully Loaded
Fully Loaded 18 órája
Nicki: does a song with 6ix9ine Also nicki: niggas violating the gang gon end up dead
LiyahB 18 órája
I’m disappointed, this song is 🔥🔥 it should have WAYYYYYY MORE VIEWS!!! What’s going on like frfr. The Queen KILLED THIS!!! 🦄🦄👸🏽
barbie 18 órája
lets go barbz 1# to baby minaj and to nicki pls
Tryfe life
Tryfe life 18 órája
Her features are always better than her album 💯
Tryfe life
Tryfe life 18 órája
She is the Payola. They paid her to make this song PoP🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yes I said it. facts. you all heard for ya self's,😘💯
Movie World
Movie World 18 órája
Chief keef dropping status 🤟🌞🚦
Travon Brown
Travon Brown 18 órája
Bob Show
Bob Show 18 órája
Sebastian Wingate
Sebastian Wingate 18 órája
🚨🚨🚨💥💥💥 GO NICKI !!!!!!
Thomas 18 órája
lifes too short to keep quoting lil nas x and adding periods for dramatic effect thinking you did something
malcolm King
malcolm King 18 órája
Keep Streaming
Treavor Odum
Treavor Odum 18 órája
Do any adults actually enjoy this?
ASHIRA 18 órája
He so hard! 🔥
Lele Ackerman
Lele Ackerman 18 órája
Early omg this better but I love this
AJ RX 19 órája
I came to hear Minaj rap and she didn’t disappoint.
Twist3dKidz 19 órája
So y'all gonna act like nicki minaj didn't just try to mimic megan the stallion flow... But i guess if drake can do it every now and again why cant nicki right?...Lol...Make sense
Just Orlando
Just Orlando 19 órája
Nicki let them kno you the queen