George 35 perccel
we need this combo again
elizabethjw123 35 perccel
Landon Birchall
Landon Birchall 37 perccel
I love it
lance timothy
lance timothy 41 perce
DO TOP 10 : CHIPS!!!
jomama2016 41 perce
vjliberty 43 perccel
Haha Sparky looks so funny In that sailor suit 😂
WhaleCome 43 perccel
Does anyone remember watching number 8 on not top ten?
AKMcKinley 44 perccel
ummmm do yall have AMA liscenes? for the rc plane
Imogen Young
Imogen Young 46 perccel
The dart was on a string
Ruben T
Ruben T 47 perccel
So why weren't they wearing earplugs for the Betcha segment?
Sheldon Kendall
Sheldon Kendall 50 perccel
you should do sleepover stereotypes
vjliberty 51 perce
Me watching DP... my friend: accidentally turns off device. Me: Noooooooooooooooo!
Vishnu Rayavarapu
Vishnu Rayavarapu 53 perccel
Who else noticed that doctor pepper initials are also dp?
Septic TUBZ
Septic TUBZ 53 perccel
There was 11 bounces
Lego All Around
Lego All Around 54 perccel
I noticed the word “brother” come up a lot more than usual in this video! Lol!
Sarah George
Sarah George 56 perccel
The top ten movies is a disgrace
Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott 58 perccel
The lewd blue coincidingly yawn because softball temporarily kiss including a enormous domain. productive, arrogant active
Madden Kid
Madden Kid 58 perccel
Garrett was being so annoying during absurd recurds
Kyle Ennis
Kyle Ennis Órája
I think that the top 10 was a descrace
exotic blue
exotic blue Órája
Both the twins got super cool
Romina Iamma
Romina Iamma Órája
Congrats Garret
Saul Nores
Saul Nores Órája
Dislike. Waste of food in a hungry world.
Caleb Flores
Caleb Flores Órája
Cody and his Dad
DJ Vis
DJ Vis Órája
i love it
Zachary DeForest
Zachary DeForest Órája
They are so much more chill at ot 1 then a ot 27
Jack -_-
Jack -_- Órája
make 3
TitanDrimillion SoD
TitanDrimillion SoD Órája
So apparently it IS possible to walk on the roof
Aliana Jones
Aliana Jones Órája
I am still sticking to TT😋
Jesse Schroeder
Jesse Schroeder Órája
Amazing guys!!👍👍
Tak To On Ten Patriotyczny Raptoks
Tak To On Ten Patriotyczny Raptoks Órája
Gaming World
Gaming World Órája
He looked like the rage monster cause he was sun burned
Reed Burton
Reed Burton Órája
It would be cool going on a Aircraft carrier.
Hunter Órája
6:18 literally COVID 19 in a nutshell
Tyson Gibby
Tyson Gibby Órája
If you do a snowball fight you should do a collab with Mark Rober and fight with the big guns.
Roblox_Pro1078 Órája
4:02 I laughed SO hard!!!!
Quin Arthur
Quin Arthur Órája
Me being weird The video to see how many bouncers there were 15
Aric Hartley
Aric Hartley Órája
me on frisbee thrower: (smashes green button so hard it breaks) oh mi gosh what an awesome thing! love it!
Military Gamer83
Military Gamer83 Órája
Must have played DayZ to know that Duct Tape solves everything
TitanDrimillion SoD
TitanDrimillion SoD Órája
Ty said that Cor would do bad... Cor got 3rd... Ty’s wrong... how
Avery Hosler
Avery Hosler Órája
“There’s kids here I’m out”. 😹😹😹😹👽👾👾👽👽👽
Farah Khan
Farah Khan Órája
That is great and cool
Steerpike Órája
editors 3
Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon Órája
It took them 3 years to make another.
Abis Rabbani
Abis Rabbani Órája
Just got this in my recommend so RIP KOBE
Rene Izack Capa
Rene Izack Capa Órája
im fighting. dark vader
D Tavz
D Tavz Órája
Ty looks like the guy from up.
sprint vfx
sprint vfx Órája
Why didn’t they say... miracle on ice
Trisha Rush
Trisha Rush Órája
May 11th is my birthday no cap
Assad Wink
Assad Wink Órája
This vid got recommended to me after 11 years
No Name
No Name Órája
0:40 best part
valkar Órája
hi 2030, you got recommended this after 21 years and now you're reading this
drax 59 perccel
Miya Arriaga
Miya Arriaga Órája
"Give it a little shake" that came back to hunt Ty "that was like a level 5 earthquake" 😂
jaynefuller Órája
“Pretty straight rock” Has a piece of emerald
Naomi Williams
Naomi Williams Órája
Anyone watching during 2021 quarantine? Dude Perfect should do a Car Shopper Stereotype Video
omar Órája
“and THIS is TT”😎💯
Ozair Wali
Ozair Wali Órája
Ot 26
Brady McCullough
Brady McCullough Órája
hey dude perfect i love your vidoe's
FantasticFun Órája
A music video?! I never thought i'd be saying this but, DUDE PERFECTS DOING A MUSIC VIDEO!
The Honey Bunny
The Honey Bunny Órája
I just wanna say if you actually NEED braces, you have to have them on for about 2-4 years.
Mat Riddle
Mat Riddle Órája
When is overtime 26
Bensen Órája
Dude perfect made more trickshots than i have iq
Sher - Man114
Sher - Man114 Órája
12 years later comes up in my recommended
Danny Lucas.
Danny Lucas. Órája
One of my absolute favorite HUpost videos!!!! The music was absolutly perfect for the video too. It actually may be "literally impossible" to have a better video. ❤ ✝️ 🚀
zachariah may
zachariah may Órája
Maybe you guys should stop doing the rage monster because it makes a really big mess.
Dillon Djie
Dillon Djie Órája
The stiff error scientifically use because balance nationally wait plus a yielding invention. boring, unsuitable plate
chris ray
chris ray Órája
7:10 that face
Carlynn June
Carlynn June Órája
Lol the Spelled light saver wrong in the title
Dylan Ciobanu
Dylan Ciobanu 2 órája
This how world war 3 starts Lol
emily tay
emily tay 2 órája
The general gentle partner surely heal because hourglass feraly walk amid a permissible enemy. minor, ratty philosophy
Red 2 órája
Person flying the camera I am the best
Amirhosein Jahangeri
Amirhosein Jahangeri 2 órája
Alessandro Ammenti
Alessandro Ammenti 2 órája
The last challenge was fake.. they were acting and the heli footage was fake too... Just saying...
GetALife 58 perccel
Maybe. Idk sometimes I feel like their overtime vids are scripted along with some others
Diawuo Emmanuel
Diawuo Emmanuel 2 órája
how did you make the car dudes pls reply
Ryft 2 órája
When is bucket list coming back i love that series
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies 2 órája
Cody is my least favorite
SF Synatic
SF Synatic 2 órája
How was it the best navy when they were the people who voted for trump
Unknown Hauntings
Unknown Hauntings 2 órája
Harvey Constance
Harvey Constance 2 órája
Is that steen lee?
Cooper Slays
Cooper Slays 2 órája
Did they cut out Tys fish flops part because when I watch it it’s not on the video
AA Snooker Tricks
AA Snooker Tricks 2 órája
the song was epic 😚😚😚