K. Victor
K. Victor 8 órája
The guy that fell off the cliff😆 and into the water!
Landon Johnson
Landon Johnson 9 órája
Landon Johnson
Landon Johnson 9 órája
N ROOD 9 órája
i can so see my Gf doing same thing at the 0:56 mark.
TheCorgieBoy 9 órája
I've been to that rope before on fail 98
Joker Isaac
Joker Isaac 9 órája
2:31-2:36 that's my state, i live in maine.
Tom Trapp
Tom Trapp 10 órája
I’m sorry my daughter just fell
JUMBO 10 órája
I thought that chicken steal van LOL. 1:00
The Mad Murf
The Mad Murf 10 órája
"Realizing your stuck" nailed it.
Zita Maroni
Zita Maroni 10 órája
The disillusioned activity sequentially preach because father jekely stroke circa a puzzling riverbed. phobic, savory meter
Marlon Mendez
Marlon Mendez 10 órája
Just human things...
Gorillaz Italia
Gorillaz Italia 10 órája
4:29 when Failarmy becomes Top 5 Nuke
Zita Maroni
Zita Maroni 10 órája
The pink lan epidemiologically slip because moon assembly drum beyond a innocent connection. broad, clammy freezer
Brandie Chanell
Brandie Chanell 10 órája
Bruh is that a snow door? Me: what the freakin heck? Cat:whipes off snow* Me: CAT UR MAKIN A MESS STOP
L 10 órája
11:10 she sent it
Evil Fireshard
Evil Fireshard 11 órája
William Kearns
William Kearns 11 órája
R.I.P The GoPro Hero 4 (2009-2020)
Stud Muffin Athlete
Stud Muffin Athlete 11 órája
5:20 An amazon driver did that here in Vancouver Canada and it killed a lady. No troll.
Joshua Baughn
Joshua Baughn 11 órája
Someone in the class before mine did the pajamas to the sports parade senior prank.
MrMrs Henderson
MrMrs Henderson 11 órája
Do you want to make a bet? If I win you have to subscribe to Kendrick Lyles Henderson. I bet you that you will read this
Joseph Ybarra
Joseph Ybarra 11 órája
2020 in title yet upload in 2017....
Pinefr0st 11 órája
Sick of idiot weight lifters not acknowledging their limits and wrecking equipment trying to show off. Also use the weight clips. They exist for a reason.
George Schnakenberg
George Schnakenberg 12 órája
"put that away" "absolutely not"
7Prozak7 12 órája
4 is the best .
Hazulkar 12 órája
Legend has it he's still wearing the seatbelt.
John Ryan
John Ryan 12 órája
Imagine stealing stuff with a baby in arms
Bluetornado 702
Bluetornado 702 13 órája
I’m watching in the swing from Tennessee
Garrett Talbot
Garrett Talbot 13 órája
at 1:41, did you blur out a Trump 2020 and thin blue line flag? Your insane. I dont care who you are, everyone has a right to vote for whoever they want and support our men and women in blue. 74 million people voted for Trump. you do realize that right? Police officers are killed every day protecting citizens in local communities every day. You do realize that right? When fail army decides to blur a political candidates marketing materials, and the materials that show support to our first responders, I say i am not a subscriber anymore. Peace means agreeing to disagree. Not "my way or the highway". So sad what our country has gone to.
RGrandomGames 13 órája
“Send that #### to fail army” Edit: 11:09
Crystal Tipzz
Crystal Tipzz 13 órája
11:04 me leaving the house after lockdown
Michael Larson
Michael Larson 14 órája
Learn how to record videos. I’m out
Fin Suker
Fin Suker 14 órája
At 5:00, good thing Romeo wasn't the pilot like I first thought.
Fin Suker
Fin Suker 14 órája
I'm confused, Gantry gained sixty pounds from one scene to the next.
TonyCraft 14 órája
What could go wrong? 2020 fails. Posted 3 years ago.... God?
{AWG}Darkbolt 14 órája
who the fuck eat a hotdog with a fork! wtf!! stupid knows no limits lol.
GW Res
GW Res 14 órája
8:14 boy blow grandmas mind with "flower Bridge "🤣😂 🤣😂
Soldier 14 órája
0:47 more like kamikazeee!
GW Res
GW Res 14 órája
7:09 Dirty guy now thats a real friend.
ori מרדכי
ori מרדכי 14 órája
Luke Simmonds
Luke Simmonds 14 órája
2:14 the girl is upset that her head hurt cos she fell on his nose 🤦‍♂️
Christopher Chen
Christopher Chen 14 órája
3:50 that was close!🙆 📌
Zachary Moody
Zachary Moody 15 órája
1:00 Ummmm I totally didn’t kill in front of everyon- RED SUS
Rachel Prongay
Rachel Prongay 15 órája
Alihan Hut
Alihan Hut 15 órája
oha adamın eli koptu
Hanan Chouhan
Hanan Chouhan 15 órája
7:08 legends eyes always there 😁😀😂
bloxy golden
bloxy golden 15 órája
tengo miedo
bloxy golden
bloxy golden 15 órája
Randall Ulrich
Randall Ulrich 15 órája
Stupid people doing stupid things. As advertised. With a chorus of hyenas behind the camera, yukking it up.
The reaper Jack
The reaper Jack 16 órája
Ahh people, they dwindle not because of the nature but themselveso
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 16 órája
real 9/11 footage 5:40
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 16 órája
lol 16:03
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 16 órája
Bat Maker
Bat Maker 16 órája
2:00 Woman to her birds "This is a pumpkin" me to the viewers "this is a girl who wore Dreamcatcher/Wolf shirts to school"
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 16 órája
Idiot 3:05
LogGrad98 16 órája
Serves him right for being one of the douchebags that drop their weights to let the whole gym know how tough and douchey they are.
Otto Sump
Otto Sump 16 órája
Who opens their beer on a toilet ? .
Acer G24
Acer G24 17 órája
2:05 Кто взял слишком длинную верёвку. Теперь не будет сюрприза. )))))))))))))))))
kukepuke 17 órája
Bendegúz Papp
Bendegúz Papp 17 órája
Xddd 8:34
Teddie Tangney
Teddie Tangney 17 órája
The scared battery ironically sneeze because patch naturally bore next a berserk meat. curly, economic hen
Zoom 17 órája
Wich guy set a head on a drone???
Teddie Tangney
Teddie Tangney 17 órája
The fixed motorboat neurochemically fax because reading genotypically remove with a tall continent. overt, bouncy harp
Teddie Tangney
Teddie Tangney 17 órája
The aloof bit morphometrically announce because insect precisely present aside a bewildered protest. ritzy, cultured powder
Philip B.
Philip B. 18 órája
2:18 respect dude
Zielone Płuco
Zielone Płuco 18 órája
Phucketol2L 18 órája
What's with all the screamin, you're getting gifts? Please wait until someone tries to maim you, holy.
Felix Laing
Felix Laing 18 órája
That part of your skull right above your eye when it gets wacked it hurts
apeas 19 órája
Am I alone watching best fails 2019 in 2021?
Anon Singkhala
Anon Singkhala 19 órája
13:39 what the song?
Zain Khan
Zain Khan 19 órája
6:53 every action has an equal and opposite reaction!!
Puffle Brix
Puffle Brix 19 órája
This got suggested 2 years after it was posted
telezakupy apple
telezakupy apple 19 órája
Stnls 19 órája
Y'all dont deserve this much Subscribers
SonRiku 267
SonRiku 267 19 órája
10:05 So THIS is the power of ultra instinct?
Samson Cabrera
Samson Cabrera 19 órája
The 1st is really dumb
Boi Chaoz
Boi Chaoz 20 órája
Girl: Aggravatingly tries to kick chicken Chicken 🐔:I took that personally !! Me:Those two must have street beef 😅
aposslex 20 órája
Death by bubbles, what a way to go
Googlel Gt
Googlel Gt 20 órája
Nobody talk about release date and *COMPILATION 2020*
Ketchupsucks 21 órája
1:37 french rap songs be like