Antoni Garcia
Antoni Garcia 19 órája
2:31 LMAO
Medi ahoi!
Medi ahoi! 19 órája
Good ending
ᎫႮՏͲ Ꭺ ҒႮᎡᎡᎽ 19 órája
Me looking when I found 2 diamonds and 4 iron bars in a village when I created a world ._.
B R Prasad
B R Prasad 19 órája
Fun Fact : The saliva you produce is a year can fill 2 bath tubs , almost a pool
BFBFan 8
BFBFan 8 19 órája
Rare occurrences Minecraft comparison: Lightning striking in an 16x16 block square: 1 in 5,000 Player getting struck by Lightning: 1 in 81,000,000 Player spawning in Modified Jungle Edge: 1 in 370,000 biomes
Aidxn 19 órája
Some of these make me wanna cry
Yung Bitu
Yung Bitu 19 órája
this guy went from 383k to 555k in 4 days. this is what i call blowing up fast
Tan Gaming
Tan Gaming 19 órája
I was waiting till the end till he says girlfriend:D
Sylveon Master
Sylveon Master 19 órája
İs those are real
Typhon gamer
Typhon gamer 19 órája
9M views in 4 days Bro u r awesome
Jp Electronics
Jp Electronics 19 órája
Nel zhiel Arguelles
Nel zhiel Arguelles 19 órája
Hey sipover theres a settings called single biome u pick what biome and u only get the single biome u picked
Dwi Ramza
Dwi Ramza 19 órája
Now Minecraft has cheat in setting 😂
Dr Vaio
Dr Vaio 20 órája
1:11- Prelit stronghold end portal
Thannkee E
Thannkee E 20 órája
Your lines are very funny and easy to understand! Maybe I would share this video to my mom
Kumoru The Fox
Kumoru The Fox 20 órája
tbh this makes me wish soeone remade shadow of israphel after all this time, after all this time and they never finished it offically, that was my childhood.'
The Firelord
The Firelord 20 órája
2:20 BoP with Dynamic Trees is a next level of beautiful! Would recommend it for every new 1.12 modder to at least check out.
TheMeemer 20 órája
Underrated WHAT
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 20 órája
The undertale music with the lab and popularmmos is so calming I feel so at peace
Mikkel Petersen
Mikkel Petersen 20 órája
is the far lands still in Minecraft??
Gustavsspeleroblox 20 órája
Speaking about biomes, my cousin found a blue biome in nether that was only 1 BLOCKS big.
Among YOU
Among YOU 20 órája
You think that’s crazy listen to this I SPAWNED IN A NETHER FORTRESS
Gavin Tan
Gavin Tan 20 órája
Chris Heryla
Chris Heryla 20 órája
I’m bout to load up these seeds with my friend and not say anything and see how they react
david zakovsek
david zakovsek 20 órája
6:33 6:36 lmao me too i found it out on harder way
Sync 20 órája
Me who actually don't give a shit about these world because I never watched a series of any MC HUpostr..
P P Poo Poo
P P Poo Poo 20 órája
I wonder whether he shrunk the border or teleported himself to the actual border
TheMeemer 20 órája
me lol
Aj Animates
Aj Animates 20 órája
Yo can I watch anime in Minecraft
a n
a n 20 órája
whats the last seed? the one spawning you in front of a shlong?
Collin Watt the Minecrafter
Collin Watt the Minecrafter 20 órája
Villagers: Let's move next to this huge mansion nothing bad will happen. Illagers: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY MANSION!!! YOU WILL DIE VILLAGERS!!!
Tanui 20 órája
No, this is not crazy xD This is how beta looks like and I this is beautiful.
kiếm Hùng Sầu
kiếm Hùng Sầu 20 órája
Nimesh Bhatnagar
Nimesh Bhatnagar 20 órája
Wow, I see that 0.01% hut at all the time
claire trhytche
claire trhytche 20 órája
Meanwhile I'm still trying to learn how red stone repeater work
Trailer World
Trailer World 20 órája
I am gay and have a bf 😜😂
happyplayz 20 órája
At least he didn’t say the chance of us getting a gf this time😂😂
Sofia200447 20 órája
No one cares, but P.E had a different way of duplicating blocks back in the day: with a friend in the same world, you put the object you wanted to duplicate in a chest, and both of you took it at the same time. This could be done anytime with any object. I don’t know if it worked on pc, cause I never had the chance to use that version, but yeah.
Enver Kerem
Enver Kerem 20 órája
-14576 202 13280
UnEpicToxziccc 20 órája
0:06 Achievement get! How did we get here?
Enver Kerem
Enver Kerem 20 órája
Mod Master
Mod Master 20 órája
its shown on MCBE 9:06
karrot 20 órája
2:59 Sipover: take that bed war players your god bridging is USELESS *angry insulted bedwar kid’s noises*
Skinny Mii
Skinny Mii 20 órája
It was really pewdiepie. Dream just milked pewdiepie's seed for like 5 videos in a row. And did the same concept of manhunts 20 times over. He just broke the algorithm
Thiago Carvalho
Thiago Carvalho 20 órája
i got a seed like the beat minecraft in spawn
Enver Kerem
Enver Kerem 20 órája
Wajira dishani
Wajira dishani 20 órája
Marcellofp 20 órája
the question is: How does he know this?
Alexander Divino
Alexander Divino 20 órája
My favorite seed back then would be Glacier.
jani pekka miikkulainen
jani pekka miikkulainen 20 órája
The music makes it so creepy..
Virginian 20 órája
what about "It's better together"
Sam OIOOIOOO 20 órája
The huge village at the start, seed ???
Julian de Zeeuw
Julian de Zeeuw 20 órája
Where is the Clay Soldiers mod?
Xander Fishburn
Xander Fishburn 20 órája
The Caves and Cliffs panorama would be the most difficult to find the seed of
Vincent L.N
Vincent L.N 20 órája
2:20 *Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated*
Canny Vase
Canny Vase 20 órája
That last one I bet someone manually made that one
Hasan Al Masud
Hasan Al Masud 20 órája
my calculator dosent even handle it then i goed to google calculator and it said it's infinity
Manosnap YT
Manosnap YT 20 órája
don't cry bc it is over, be happy that it happened-Sipover
ChristianPL4Yz Gaming
ChristianPL4Yz Gaming 20 órája
nanatsu no taizai domeon king
nanatsu no taizai domeon king 20 órája
The ending make me kissi
Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson 20 órája
To the Stampy Fans, His content didn't age. We just got older. To PopularMMO Fans, Good thrilling times eh? To DanTDM Fans, I'm sure you must've downloaded some of Dan's mods at some point, am I right? Some changed content, some is still going strong, and some has left. But we have thier videos to look back to, a trip down memory lane
Hero H10
Hero H10 20 órája
Hey Sipover I found a very unlucky seed the seed is: -5386105510462299212 U spawn super deep underground.
Suezie Rae
Suezie Rae 20 órája
The tobuscus world should have been included 🥲🥲
Gaming with kary
Gaming with kary 20 órája
The last one is true
khris 20 órája
"tax fraud, that's what"
Ahoka Shine
Ahoka Shine 20 órája
Try this seed 203614
Russel Geslani
Russel Geslani 20 órája
Not everything stays the same I wish i could go back to the good old days, Where minecraft was my favorite game. HUpostrs like DanTDM, SkyDoesMinecraft Who always made me laugh. Thank you Edit: I don't actually remember who SkyDoesMinecraft is, I only remeber the map where they played cops and robbers. I think i also miss spelled his name i dunno
_•summerdoesgacha• _
_•summerdoesgacha• _ 20 órája
Ok I have to ask, on my world theres a mesa biome and on one of the mountains there's a random swamp biome its very small but its still the biome, how rare is that?
Tree Man
Tree Man 20 órája
Imagine in the future in history class they would teach about minecraft and covid
Kiranuke:130 20 órája
Always George is the problem 🤨🤨🤨
Gabriel Howe
Gabriel Howe 20 órája
A seed that I found has repeating diamonds
Deus Exus
Deus Exus 20 órája
So we’re not gonna talk about how he pronounced deadmau5’s name as *”Dead-Mow-5?”*
Rowan Davis
Rowan Davis 20 órája
Sipover is my favourite HUpostr
YT_Marco 08
YT_Marco 08 20 órája
The most rarest item/building in minecraft IS MY HOUSE
Bryan Yap
Bryan Yap 20 órája
‘They’re gonna bone me to death’ 😏
justin olszewski
justin olszewski 20 órája
I got one of those repeating seeds on bedrock edition that went on diagonally and had a broken nether portal in one of repeats
xXBaconHair10Xx 20 órája
Nostalgia hit me hard
MrFin PC
MrFin PC 20 órája
The best crasher is infinite red stone repeater, glow stone, piston
KaiserCzechCheese 20 órája
i once loaded up a super flat world, AND I SAW every structure in Minecraft infinitely copying its self
Μαίρη Κουτεντάκη
Μαίρη Κουτεντάκη 20 órája
how did you know all these things btw i love you we dont need school we need sipover