Amanda Freitas Nunes
Amanda Freitas Nunes 9 órája
Como assim 10 anos atrás ?!
Hacen Hacen
Hacen Hacen 9 órája
18/01/2021 😂😂
Princess Amira
Princess Amira 9 órája
I miss his old self🥺
Travis Battles
Travis Battles 9 órája
They BOY is now a MAN
Enya Aceituno
Enya Aceituno 9 órája
y yo viendo el video recién en el 2021
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon 9 órája
Shereen and Ted Do Not get Anything!!!
Sara Ali
Sara Ali 10 órája
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams 10 órája
Like this song soooooo much♥️♥️♥️.
Stranger Things
Stranger Things 10 órája
julinha traficante
julinha traficante 10 órája
17 de janeiro domingo às 20:28 de 2021
Aleyna Cetinkaya
Aleyna Cetinkaya 10 órája
Joseada De la cruz
Joseada De la cruz 10 órája
k pt la musica
Navane Fiesta Mariel
Navane Fiesta Mariel 10 órája
Komputar Channel
Komputar Channel 10 órája
Why the dislikes tho?
Lucas Ziam
Lucas Ziam 10 órája
que hino justin♥
ااا ختنم
ااا ختنم 10 órája
وين العرب
CBG 30
CBG 30 10 órája
Why the dislikes are 11m? it is a very good song
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 10 órája
Lol I remember when people actually likes Justin Bieber oh wait a lot still do
julinha traficante
julinha traficante 10 órája
marcando presença aqui 17 de janeiro domingo às 20:23 de 2021 ouvindo essa música durante 10 anos ksksksk to velha
Kim MoHシ
Kim MoHシ 10 órája
Mariela Blanco Mandujano
Mariela Blanco Mandujano 10 órája
Vireakboth 10 órája
He is married now and i feel like this song came out just like 1 years ago only
Chiya Zebari
Chiya Zebari 10 órája
maya Silva
maya Silva 10 órája
what ???????
maya Silva
maya Silva 10 órája
Vireakboth 10 órája
8 years later im listening to this again and im so nostalgic 🤧
diamondroid 10 órája
Justin bieber = bad
Фрейкаст 10 órája
Nostalgia hits hard 😢
Arlett Medina
Arlett Medina 10 órája
Rock wow the wow
daniel Bustillo
daniel Bustillo 10 órája
Watching this on 2021
Valeria 10 órája
Very good song
avesh playz
avesh playz 10 órája
My sister watches this every morning
flow_malo_underground D leon
flow_malo_underground D leon 10 órája
Mi favorita ahora mismo😭😭😭😢
Albert Konga
Albert Konga 10 órája
Albert Konga
Albert Konga 10 órája
Albert Konga
Albert Konga 10 órája
Albert Konga
Albert Konga 10 órája
Anthony Battle
Anthony Battle 10 órája
This song sounds like someone's dieing
Albert Konga
Albert Konga 10 órája
Ellysa J !
Ellysa J ! 10 órája
if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the terrible things and bad stuff happening, you’re an actual legend <3 🙏🏽
W. K.
W. K. 10 órája
The second song sounds a lot like it's heavily inspired by the solo songs of that singer from DC Talk. What's his name, again? Tommy Mac? Toby Mac? Bieber sounds like him here
Gucci_Dawg_69 10 órája
This song may kinda suck but you gotta admit this was the shit back in early 2010s so much nostalgia
CS Rocky
CS Rocky 10 órája
When I saw the video anyone I was pissed because at the last part you kissed a girl.if you do that again I will not be your are only allowed to kiss hailly.or if it's not her please don't kiss anyone else mom loves the song anyone thow she's in her room partying to that song on our alexa.oh and by the way I really want you to be my borther but I no it want happen.
Crusage 10 órája
Sorry but this was 10 years ago...
عباس ناصر عبدالجليل
عباس ناصر عبدالجليل 10 órája
KingTravis Searles
KingTravis Searles 10 órája
If Justin did it don't mean anybody could do it bro! Take your damn credit lil bro! It's all about your genetics and background or upbringing! If anybody could do it there would be a Justin Bieber playing every club! When the facts are numbers don't lie and 120 million Twitter followers gotta be one of the highest im presuming! It's some dope shit you follow me! With the exception is people trying to hack my account all the time now just to get you or the other person with 60 million plus followers whos intelligent enough to follow me! You the real deal Bieber! I don't think peeps realize I saved Iggy Azaleas career or got Taylor Swift to sign Camilla as her opening act for the Rep Tour! Lastly that the connections I've got business wise that takes a good song with 30 million views in a year to a great song with 100 million in that same time frame! Whivh never again gets shared with some curious or jealous fools on social media! You want to know how i do it this point forward cost clowns or even legit artists $10,000,000 just to sit down and talk! Otherwise I don't need no publicity, attention or shit from nobody! Don't want it! Don't need it! 52 retired to never work or answer to nobody and I'm taking nobody isn't to bad! I got Bill motherfuckin Gates going to voice-mail so haters or jealousy can't blow me! Except even that shit costing someone 9 digits minimum!lol
Iky Taki
Iky Taki 10 órája
Maret 2021
Kalyne na Espanha
Kalyne na Espanha 10 órája
I just loved this performance. So honest. I never realized how good singer he is, his vocals are so stable throughout the whole thing. And the choreography part is just relaxed like it was made up right on the spot. 👏
Marisol Flores
Marisol Flores 10 órája
Match made in Music Heaven
broke pal
broke pal 10 órája
Hailey watching this be like: 👀 👀 👄
Brianna 10 órája
TinyyFX 10 órája
Hailey watching this : 👁 👄 👁 Inspired by : Top11Speed
ThatCringeCalledIggleboz 10 órája
CS Rocky
CS Rocky 10 órája
Omg Justin you are so cute and halaryis love you so so much and I am 5and a half years old
Roberto Vega
Roberto Vega 10 órája
Thank God 🙏 you exist . The best ever JB
kabbyo chawdhury
kabbyo chawdhury 10 órája
This song gives me Hillsong vibes
Yazzy _Tube
Yazzy _Tube 10 órája
Just realized that drake was in this video
ANDRESSA Desia 10 órája
Im love you Justin Bieber
בר איס
בר איס 10 órája
I need that song in the corona 2021...
frandoe:33 10 órája
Jicky 2.0
Jicky 2.0 10 órája
Isn't He much better that way without those monstrous tattoos?
Ebony 10 órája
Is that that beautiful girl RYAN DESTINY😍😍😍
Stephen Tawil
Stephen Tawil 10 órája
He took the old man glasses bro come on
Israel Jarrin
Israel Jarrin 10 órája
يوميات انستقرام
يوميات انستقرام 10 órája
اول عربي
sakhile dlamini
sakhile dlamini 10 órája
who heard Jadens voice crack
انا انا
انا انا 10 órája
عندي دباب
zoe sherwin
zoe sherwin 10 órája
I’m not devon terell wife
ღ〆ڪُــہوردِيہ واًَْفٍَُــتٌٍّخِْرٍُ〆ღ
ღ〆ڪُــہوردِيہ واًَْفٍَُــتٌٍّخِْرٍُ〆ღ 10 órája
Hi I'm from KURDISTAN 🇹🇯 and i love you , Yes you , Sooooo can we be friends? 😀💔
Nezar L
Nezar L 10 órája
I was born in 94 2010 was the best year in my life Literally every thing went to shit in 2011 and we still suffer Untill now I can only feel the nostalgia and cry now Sheesh What a decade
zoe sherwin
zoe sherwin 10 órája
I’m not a drug addict I’m not zoe turei
Sophia-sama ;
Sophia-sama ; 10 órája
Cade os br,vendo essa merda :>
shu 10 órája
Aerolynd Ban
Aerolynd Ban 10 órája
O love that song and I knew you made that song a long time ago
DESPACITO 10 órája
Curtem meu canal
MUM YOUR 10 órája
is juan mendez
Lorenz Hoga
Lorenz Hoga 10 órája
Just Tell the Truth Bieber!! And there will be forgiveness.. 😂 ✌️
Halimi Mohamed
Halimi Mohamed 10 órája
I love this song 💖
savi 10 órája
if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the terrible things and bad stuff happening, you’re an actual legend <3 🙏🏽
Msl Msl
Msl Msl 10 órája
Nezar L
Nezar L 10 órája
I feel really sorry for him I almost regret disliking his song from 2010 baby
Katie Hulse
Katie Hulse 10 órája
This is the sort of man every mum wants her daughter to bring home 👌