pixiedustgirl13 11 órája
Is there one of these trailers for Nick???
pixiedustgirl13 12 órája
I love Rita!
pixiedustgirl13 12 órája
I’m SO WORRIED that since Serena is pregnant that they will say that Nicole/Holly is FRED’S baby! That they’ll fight to have her DNA tested, and they’ll find out that N/H is Fred’s baby! And then June/Nick won’t have the baby as a connection anymore! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
pixiedustgirl13 12 órája
pixiedustgirl13 12 órája
T D 12 órája
Why do I have the biggest crush on Commander Lawrence? 🥵
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 12 órája
They're not real Companies. They're 21st Century 'storefronts' for the purposes of laundering trafficking money.
Adriana Lagerstedt
Adriana Lagerstedt 12 órája
This 12 cops deserve a gold medal, and the recognition of the comuinite, we need to stamd for the justice,
Bernadette Healey
Bernadette Healey 12 órája
More woman blame. June is strangling Lydia and shooting Sarina. Never the men in charge. Always woman blame for men's doing
Alexis Tolay
Alexis Tolay 12 órája
Algun link para descargar la pelicula?
MrKnoxguy101 13 órája
I’ve never seen this show before. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything about it and nothing I’ve watched has cracked me up this much in a long time. This is beyond hilarious.
NataschaO 13 órája
I'm glad Nick is still in it.
NataschaO 13 órája
Nerve racking!
Mother of Kittens
Mother of Kittens 13 órája
Who’s the last none male human person to claims to be god ? I’ll wait...
zerodisturbed 14 órája
Puta la wea a pasado tanto tiempo de la temporada 3 , que ya no me acuerdo una mierda xD
Alina Moza
Alina Moza 15 órája
This better be on Hulu on 28th of April or I’ll go mad 😠
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 15 órája
Ya got bent coppers and bent judges sending folk to their buddies new prison facility because they need prisoners so they can milk the system,fkn DISGUSTING SCUMBAGS
K G 15 órája
Some parallels with what's happening today...
John Doe
John Doe 15 órája
I thought this was going to be a mockumentory told from the Sasquatch s point of few. Now That would have been worth watching.
Owethu Mhlongo
Owethu Mhlongo 16 órája
Sorry Ms Ross but Andra is a perfect fit on portraying Ms Holiday and I hope Oscar Academy are ready to give her an Award. 😊
Emil C
Emil C 16 órája
Frank: Hey fans Fans: Rumlow
Jared Wells
Jared Wells 17 órája
Was that Jack Osborne At 17:00 or was I seeing things
Khan F
Khan F 17 órája
Nice 👌 👋 👌
Chips Handon
Chips Handon 17 órája
Score go hard
Jay Jordan
Jay Jordan 18 órája
If you like Sasquatch chronicles, try eyewitness Bigfoot podcast.
JC 18 órája
Luke is so selfish and SO annoying.
Hedaia Neiroukh
Hedaia Neiroukh 18 órája
Oh poor Luke she is not the same June that you loved..
Harvey dent Two face
Harvey dent Two face 19 órája
Do you know how this song talks about how worst planet earth is going to get? Well that’s what happened is what’s happening right now. The outbreak is still going. Trump’s not a President anymore. And worst of all nobody is staying home.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 19 órája
Oh his pain breaks my heart. I already know I'm gonna cry at this part
beansquaggle 19 órája
Phantom_ RainYT
Phantom_ RainYT 19 órája
If only I had coffee and a pizza But I do got Hulu😎
sorry can'thelpit
sorry can'thelpit 20 órája
need more of nick!!!
Hisham bin Ahmad
Hisham bin Ahmad 20 órája
breathe and squeeze
breathe and squeeze 20 órája
the ol' "there's a monster up in those woods killin' people" tale, to keep people away from your grow-op.
Amy Moquin
Amy Moquin 20 órája
Geez. Each trailer is getting me more and more excited. It looks like the people most instrumental in Gilead's downfall are starting to come together. I believe we'll see June, Myra, Emily Rita, Janine, Alma, Luke, Nick and 🤞Serena be major factors. I don't think I've been this excited for a new season of a show since Lost.
Dominic RedBorrelli
Dominic RedBorrelli 20 órája
God this series is so good I can't wait!
Mim 20 órája
QI is gone in Colorado, Connecticut and New York 👍
You Tube
You Tube 21 órája
These people ate cheeseballs!
You Tube
You Tube 21 órája
Hulu has good movies and shows but the ads have a 10 times higher volume than what your watching! Its dumb. I end up muting the ads and will never buy into them because of this
Christopher Cobb
Christopher Cobb 21 órája
I so admire her. She's just a remarkable person.
Super Argo
Super Argo 21 órája
How much cola was this guy using daily. I know you guys know what I mean. How could no one see this? Wow as long as your wite and male. This is our society.
Super Argo
Super Argo 21 órája
OK I just watched this documentary and from the start when he first opened his mouth I knew this guy was a car salesman. There is nothing in his tone, mannerisms, or personality that I would trust this guy with 4 billion dollars. This documentary however is fact in face how skin content and gender is why individuals like Adam was able to accrue mass amounts of cash. I mean really did anyone look at the books to realize the amount of frivolous spending.? I mean really how could you not have seen a bad investment? The guy was a runaway train wreck. And how this conman was able to have a hold on people speaks miles about the trust that people have with certain skin content. Look folks people know this they know you will believe anything they say as long as they are of a skin content and have some form of status. Well it's the Rich and those with certain skin content who know this and even today are taking advantage of your ignorance. This is how most of these start ups behave. They waste more money and time and are selective who shares in the profits which is so blatantly obvious I am shocked quote unquote these so called smart billionaires write them a check? I mean honestly the guy came across as a con man from the start. Stop investing in males with no melanin they have proven time and time again that they are wasteful and cannot be trusted. Invest in woman and people with melanin content. They are smarter, work harder, have more to prove which means your investments are safe. But like I have said before having money has nothing to do with genius.
Kresna Wijaya
Kresna Wijaya 21 órája
Good videos.. now clean your room
Kathryn Riesenman
Kathryn Riesenman 22 órája
GGR Makes
GGR Makes 22 órája
This looks like a satirical kind of horror. Why do I feel like I’d be willing to watch that-
amimi92 23 órája
She UNDERSTOOD this assignment you hear me!?
Ken Nicholson
Ken Nicholson 23 órája
What about Fred's journey?
Kelly 16 órája
Yawn fest, one character I'm not interested in!
GT Godbear
GT Godbear 23 órája
I can't wait till the episodes are on HUpost
Neuronaut Alpha-1
Neuronaut Alpha-1 Napja
I don't need someone to tell me they are out there. I know it well.
barefootwench Napja
Goosebumps! I cannot wait!