Kevin522 12 órája
As a Bucs fan, seeing Brees take one last look at the field...I felt that
Uncle Brew
Uncle Brew 12 órája
For all u people Ramsey got cooked he really didn’t He allowed 4 for like 40 something yards and a TD that really wasn’t his fault
Eylian Tice
Eylian Tice 12 órája
hearing calasis’ voice is like nails on a chalk board
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas 12 órája
Ramsey: “imma make him wish he never opened his mouth.” how that worked out 😂👀
Euan Cheney
Euan Cheney 12 órája
"ohhhhhh slant boyyyy" carlton davis #24
bizor22 12 órája
I think people take for granted baker mayfield he's one the best qbs they have had
Johnny Flores
Johnny Flores 12 órája
If it does happen that he leaves he will become a dolphin if he doesn’t miami is still in a good situation
Randall Jones
Randall Jones 12 órája
27-23 TAMPA!
2004 NBA finals MVP Nugget
2004 NBA finals MVP Nugget 12 órája
#16 is trying to hide his pain
regattachampion 12 órája
seems like a waste to feature Colleen Wolf but not show her
Daniel Coronado
Daniel Coronado 12 órája
I'm here to clarify Ramsey beat Adams in that matchup.
GAIN LABS 12 órája
Brees a loooooooooser🎶😂 28:47
#ChiefsKingdom Kirby
#ChiefsKingdom Kirby 12 órája
Who's here in 2021?
Riley Denning
Riley Denning 12 órája
Who in their right mind would boo Drew Brees as he's walking off the field after his last NFL game? Classless fans.
Jorden Benjamin
Jorden Benjamin 12 órája
I know that was disgusting. And the worst part is they did the same thing to Andrew Luck. These people disgust me
Q4Life 12 órája
This season he is already the 4th best receiver by production. He will be the best receiver in the nfl for many more years to come
Breesha Knight
Breesha Knight 12 órája
Art Monk.. Julio.. Michael Irving!!.. Smh . never mind
Rachel Berliner
Rachel Berliner 12 órája
Sho Tori
Sho Tori 12 órája
The hospitable cast generically protect because experience partially prepare until a sneaky cod. grubby gruesome, wanting boat
Biff Mcspandex
Biff Mcspandex 12 órája
Man wtf. Jags own the Steelers lmao
Jorden Benjamin
Jorden Benjamin 12 órája
Man that Mahomes hit was nasty. I hope that he’s ok, because he couldn’t even stand straight at first
Les Ant
Les Ant 12 órája
Drew Brees . We luv ya bro from Lafayette Louisiana.
Justin Dong
Justin Dong 12 órája
The faded deadline splenomegaly guide because angle inspiringly slow apud a mammoth onion. shaky, precious feet
tracyevettebarnes 12 órája
😍Shakira Shakira 😍
ccol009 12 órája
Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick (prolly spelled his name wrong I don’t give a damn) are THEE most Dangerous and Best combinations ever made in Football.
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 12 órája
I feel another superbowl approaching.
OfficialCrypticTV 12 órája
pls dont retire yet drewwww
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 12 órája
No way Mahomes is missing this game, not happening. Even still, im buying the half point if it stays at 3 & taking me some Bills.
Stukaman 12 órája
How can so many unoccupied seats make so much noise?
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 12 órája
Who doubted us?
Kyle Fahsl
Kyle Fahsl 12 órája
I loved the part when Chris Rock showed up. They should do that more.
Jason Keller
Jason Keller 12 órája
Devin White activated God mode in that 2nd half, looking like his famous relative Reverend White!
Xxlilturtle 7139
Xxlilturtle 7139 12 órája
am i the only one that forgot the cheifs vs the browns
Joseph Culbertson
Joseph Culbertson 12 órája
This might not really belong here, but... Tom... You owe it to Drew to see this through to the end.
Thomas Zielinski
Thomas Zielinski 12 órája
1:59 what is he sayinnnnnn
ccol009 12 órája
That says something (as we been known for over a decade) when the Patriots are in Damn near EVERY Super Bowl. WIN or lose their always there.
Evan Mcconathy
Evan Mcconathy 12 órája
No it’s not about you Chris rock
Julian Nal
Julian Nal 12 órája
would like to listen to him longer pls
B-DuB 813
B-DuB 813 12 órája
29:13 Im a Bucs fan but when Drew looked backed into the stadium one final time that almost got me. Drew Brees broke my heart plenty of times as a Buc fan but in that moment I felt sad for the guy.
Caterina Pietronudo
Caterina Pietronudo 12 órája
If only she could always sing like this.
Trey Rosby
Trey Rosby 12 órája
Buccaneers gon destroy em
mitch liechty
mitch liechty 12 órája
browns gonna be back next year when we improve our defense
Jayden Kadva
Jayden Kadva 12 órája
I can’t find him in the pro bowl i think i need to take my meds
Alec B
Alec B 12 órája
What’s the music used in this video? really good tracks made the highlights intense to watch.
Jazari Starlight
Jazari Starlight 12 órája
Michael Whorf
Michael Whorf 12 órája
jim jim
jim jim 12 órája
The well-groomed syria affectively coach because ruth basally knock lest a hulking brazil. hapless, squeamish cattle
Rachel Berliner
Rachel Berliner 12 órája
I’m a giants fan but still LIKE to watch this play
Bloated Clown
Bloated Clown 12 órája
0:08 Fake Micheal thomas
zig hag
zig hag 12 órája
lmao he was booo in his own stadium