Captain Picard
Captain Picard 6 órája
HaASS hacked Williams.
Captain Picard
Captain Picard 6 órája
Lawrence is a walking filter. Love this man.
shredderkrang 6 órája
@Formula 1 The F1 TV Archive hasn’t uploaded the full race, I’ve been waiting for years for that. Yes, congratulations for uploading the crucial last three laps, but aside from digitalising it & making it 1080p & 50fps, it is butchered by the fact that the picture has been zoomed in to make it 16:9, which clearly cuts off captions at the top & bottom of the picture. You don’t do that with the Archive races on the website (or the F1 TV app) thankfully, yet just because this is HUpost, you somehow feel the need to ‘force’ it into being 16:9 when it was filmed in native 4:3. Why?! On the one hand you’ve given us a gift with the clip, but then spoiled it, but on the other hand, you’ve spoiled it! 🤦‍♂️
Ayub 6 órája
And now Rossi in Petronas team
Vicente Walter mertens
Vicente Walter mertens 6 órája
1:21 Hamilton cutted the corner and came back dangerously, and didn't get a penalty
samsonlovesyou 6 órája
I wish Verstappen had come along 10 years earlier. He and Hamilton in competitive cars would be like the Messi and Ronaldo of F1. Imagine both in that Merc!
isshyfux 7 órája
Latifi is seriously under rated
Jordon Foyle
Jordon Foyle 7 órája
Why is no one talking about Hamilton win this is literally why he's the greatest. He manages his tires better than everyone as well. People always talk about that he only wins so much races and wins all these Championships because he drives the fastest car, that day he proved that he's a world class talent and he's levels above the rest of the drivers on the grid. Yes Lewis has the fastest car and has the best engine and power unit but he doesn't always drive the fastest car and this race proved that he doesn't always drive the fastest car. In this race Red Bull had the fastest car not Mercedes Max Verstapen put in the fastest lap of the race with a lap time of 1:38:431 and McLaren was the 2nd fastest car in the race Carlos Saints put in the 2nd fastest lap in the race 1:38:754. Lewis won the race by 30 seconds by driving the 3rd fastest car in the race, so by this performance from Lewis Hamilton he has proved that he doesn't win all these races and these Championships because he drives the fastest car, wether you like him or hate him he's truly the greatest....
Zeusy Moosey
Zeusy Moosey 7 órája
I can't wait
Mathieu Legendre
Mathieu Legendre 7 órája
Seb is a funny guy !
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin 7 órája
"Get in there, Lewis"
fabook1 7 órája
Imola is soooo boring with modern f1 cars
bagas wismoko
bagas wismoko 7 órája
Wow amazing, super pit crew...
KidCudi1923 7 órája
How proud he was to use an illness to get out of a PR appearance is the epitome of Kimi
Jusuff 7 órája
1:50 "Winkelhock leads or does he" as a Spyker flies off the road
dspid2404 7 órája
Question - When a team like Williams uses a rear end from Mercedes, how does that work in regards to how Williams pays Mercedes for it? And, can a team use a different manufacture's parts such as a Mercedes rear end and a Ferrari front end? I know that is an extreme example, but can it happen?
Hamlet Derohanian
Hamlet Derohanian 7 órája
No Pastor Maldonado was injured in the making of this video.
Halcyon XII
Halcyon XII 7 órája
bmw williams not sauber
Terry Ford
Terry Ford 7 órája
from a british fan all the best to seb
Hannah Barrera
Hannah Barrera 7 órája
woah max verstapen
Carlos Μillán
Carlos Μillán 8 órája
3:34 I really enjoyed this one
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 8 órája
They understand Culture, they joked about Hammy's tires Also, props to the editing team who made this
ZM Gamerz
ZM Gamerz 8 órája
Stop ham win
Steven Mora
Steven Mora 8 órája
Title: Valtteri Bottas win Me: Wait, that's illegal
Reza MM
Reza MM 8 órája
Had Vettel not move to Ferrari, I would never be a fan of his. So I wish him the best, the car and team looks very promising, and it would be great to see him win again.
rtrrt5ttgffgb 8 órája
Yeah, about that
Guykl87 8 órája
George russel episode be like
JMnitro 8 órája
Sigh Williams, how you’ve changed over these years...
Édwin Camilo
Édwin Camilo 8 órája
0:40 (verstappen) scary after "slower"
Billie Nachname
Billie Nachname 8 órája
Holy Halo
Paul Boyer
Paul Boyer 8 órája
Oh boy, another season of, "He does not foksmash my door!". Im excited
TheFikri136 8 órája
One of the best races in hybrid era. No need for safety car or bad weather, just pure strategy and great on-track battle. Kimi drove perfectly, and finally Ferrari made a very great strategy here.
CV_ Productions
CV_ Productions 8 órája
Of course kimi and max have their own rules
Marwan Adi Saputra
Marwan Adi Saputra 8 órája
He mostly clash with Ferarri
Lewis Evans
Lewis Evans 8 órája
The fia nick name : Ferrari international assistance
Lewis Evans
Lewis Evans 8 órája
The fia when any other team cheats ;🙈 when any other team cheats :banned
deedas 8 órája
How is his hair that long already?! He just shaved his head like 2.5 months ago
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 8 órája
Alternate title: 6 minutes and 49 seconds of why Brazil should be the Finale.
ACR 8 órája
Alex Hol
Alex Hol 9 órája
Cristopher Ortega
Cristopher Ortega 9 órája
Mijail Ochoa Sandoval
Mijail Ochoa Sandoval 9 órája
Giacomo Botte
Giacomo Botte 9 órája
after being unnecessarily disqualified for 3 Grands Prix due to an alleged irregularity, he deserved the title in full.
Asemafilmi 9 órája
Mika was robbed.
Robert Stuart
Robert Stuart 9 órája
*JB smiles „They don‘t say they need it“ *smile turns into sadnes noises
Sethuna 9 órája
Even after seeing the trailer I still don't get what this show is all about.
Nicolas Ariza Ballen
Nicolas Ariza Ballen 9 órája
En el top 3 debió estar el podio de Gasly y Oliver Panis.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 9 órája
I open a ZIP. I am a hacker. Journalism at its finest on display.
Smartie Cooper
Smartie Cooper 9 órája
Self delusion is a wonderful thing.
DarthJF 9 órája
Kimi's post F1 career. Driving F1 for fun.
trucking hell 165
trucking hell 165 9 órája
Literally just watched the previous two seasons and because of guenther alone im a haas fan for life
Gero Meller
Gero Meller 9 órája
Heck fckn yeah.
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais 9 órája
Halo saved Leclerc from being crushed by Alonso´s car.
Sukhwinder Singh
Sukhwinder Singh 9 órája
12:47 I believe even McLaren mechanics on the pitwall cheering Rubens
Intelligenzbestie 9 órája
Russel did the Grosjean
enzo Dib
enzo Dib 9 órája
Imola 94?
I guess i'll come here everyday until the serie is released
Tee Jee
Tee Jee 9 órája
First time I’m seeing the different layout of chicanes before the pit straight, interesting I actually prefer it
Jeffrey ten thije
Jeffrey ten thije 9 órája
"A season of drama" Me: 2020
Afonso Vieira
Afonso Vieira 9 órája
And i used to think that all these 90's born F1 driver's, knew Norsdschleiffe, because of racing games!! Giovinazzi proved me wrong!! :D
Alex Hol
Alex Hol 9 órája
Vettel cheater.
dnbmania 9 órája
Shouldn't you relax when you crash not tense up
David Ste
David Ste 9 órája
as an aussie I find ricciardo repulsive.. probably because he's from WA
Geko Jazz
Geko Jazz 9 órája
Mark my words, we are going to see Aston Martin era
Mikael Þorsteinsson
Mikael Þorsteinsson 9 órája