Stephanie Farid
Stephanie Farid Perce
asimo sent me here
Mr. Fortytipper
Mr. Fortytipper 6 perccel
Armstrong and Getty sent me here
Kesava E
Kesava E 7 perccel
Humans: Robots will takeover the world Meanwhile robots:
Saumyadip Kumar
Saumyadip Kumar 14 perccel
23k non humans disliked it. Oh wait!
Rakesh Raj
Rakesh Raj 17 perccel
Amazing work...
Thiyagu Vengat
Thiyagu Vengat 20 perccel
Note this comment, Within Next 20 years those robots will be program us. We will dance in front of those robot's. Imagine its too Scarry.
Im1sickpup 26 perccel
Sheesh,, damn robots have better moves than I do <smh>
Jules 37 perccel
These guys have the coolest jobs on Earth.
Narayan Ghorpade
Narayan Ghorpade 37 perccel
Machine age
Pseudo original mais pas trop
Pseudo original mais pas trop 38 perccel
IA end of the world skynet haha funny
ThankYouESM 41 perce
Next... I believe we will soon be having robots that can also do every type of breakdance move.
LifeisGood 42 perccel
ну и нахуя??? терминатора зачем вам показывали?
Малика Даулетбаева
Малика Даулетбаева 43 perccel
Vx cc feed u vga🎊🎉
The Long Road
The Long Road 46 perccel
So when are you guys going to add GPT3 to this? That would put us one step away from the first real android.. It could be your new company rep.. Or maybe an infiltration model like a T-800.
Maro 49 perccel
Ollie Luscombe
Ollie Luscombe 50 perccel
this is so cool!
Mi Houb
Mi Houb 51 perce
there's a reason why this is everyone recommendation in 2021 , they want to alert us
Xaber 56 perccel
i hate the way the make them good but look fucking dumb as shit
Velius 58 perccel
I know it's only a matter of time before these things revolt and either enslave or slaughter us all... but until then this is just some fine entertainment.
christopher roveto
christopher roveto 58 perccel
Wheeeee! They have a higher level of consciousness than us brain dead beings.
CrazyNikel Órája
Im scared :( They even dance better than me. :(((((
Валерий Павлов
Валерий Павлов Órája
When the robot dancing better than me...😂
Susie Derkins
Susie Derkins Órája
Assemble the finest human dancers, we must establish our dominance
Jerard Mariafrancis
Jerard Mariafrancis Órája
my sleep paralysis demons be like
J CS Órája
We need to put one of these robots on Mars.
My Name is Gladiator
My Name is Gladiator Órája
Dear Boston Dynamics, please stop what you're doing. Perhaps you haven't read a Sci-Fi book before. This research never ends well.
ufcm33 Órája
Just a reminder that this is cgi
Alex Iben
Alex Iben 15 perccel
@Sascha Schulz It's a foam floor.
Sascha Schulz
Sascha Schulz 18 perccel
1:57. Badly sinking of the wheels in the ground. Therefore on other shoots they did an complete ground replacment. See corretly lit ground through windows and later the replacment without any shadows and window exposure. But in this shoots in the reflections in the glas left the correct ground lighting is still visible.
Ollie Luscombe
Ollie Luscombe 50 perccel
it isn’t kid
Jonathan DeBusk
Jonathan DeBusk Órája
lol. No it isn’t.
gavi ál
gavi ál Órája
Any proof?
UC Love
UC Love Órája
I love it and hate it, could be used to help everyday life and elderly. Most likely will be fighter bots for the next wars.
christopher roveto
christopher roveto 56 perccel
We're in the next war now: biological, destroys people not robots or buildings, nukes are obsolete.
This will be the victory dance after the last human has been exterminated
christopher roveto
christopher roveto 54 perccel
Coming sooner that you think. New viruses on the way. Ive always said viruses will destroy the world not nukes.
Юрий Юрий
Юрий Юрий Órája
Fake,fake,fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dżony Órája
ruski wez juz sie nie odzywaj
AndreyUA Órája
Это робот Фёдор или Борис, т.е. Алёша?
deinMaster15 Órája
solllte mann lachen shit on
babu dxb
babu dxb Órája
Hardcore parkour...... That's what they said 😂😂😂
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Órája
Damn chill out you'll hurt yourself
Kilian Hornung
Kilian Hornung Órája
Михаил Астанин
Михаил Астанин Órája
Я понимаю что ребята проделали большую работу. Но как же мы ещё далеко до "терминаторов". Или это направление совсем не требует развития? Ведь машина должна быть прежде всего полезна а не имитировать человека. Последнее важно разве что для армии.
Nubuki Órája
a day before Skynet becomes "self-aware"
Lapa Jalap
Lapa Jalap Órája
There goes jobs of all the developing and underdeveloped countries.
Yasser Machkour
Yasser Machkour 2 órája
the dislikes are from previous failed robots who never got a video
Carlos Nells
Carlos Nells Órája
good one.
Ashok Thakur
Ashok Thakur 2 órája
BS9 2 órája
Вы че его пинаете изверги!!!
Rory Bunch
Rory Bunch 2 órája
Nándor Farkas
Nándor Farkas Órája
yeah, im so glad to see this video before the machine uprising
PuffDaddy 2 órája
Now imagine getting chased by one of those things
My Name is Gladiator
My Name is Gladiator Órája
You won't have to wait long. Within 20 years, we will all be locked down in massive mega-cities policed by Boston Dynamic thugs, errr, robots and AI will decide everything you can and cannot do. You will have no choice but to comply or be recycled.
Алексей Гордаш
Алексей Гордаш 2 órája
my dad doesn't believe, I don't know how to prove to him that they are real
Horizon25 2 órája
Buy him one :)
bal bla
bal bla 2 órája
u never will when that is on not trusted videos, i dont think boston would do video not true, as just from other they do. if its fake would kill them. i thik its not and there are simpl things to see tht may be tru
Franken Stein
Franken Stein 2 órája
Dimitris Koutelidas
Dimitris Koutelidas 2 órája
Plot twist this was the idea of a single geek that was rejected by his crush in high-school because he couldn't dance, so now he builds himself a robot army to impress her or exact revenge. You pick the tone of the film.
dan spataru
dan spataru 2 órája
few years time were gona have the robots olimpical games !:)) human ones will just be boring compared to bot ones
Demian Faunt
Demian Faunt 2 órája
Pure nightmare fuel.
Zero 4
Zero 4 Órája
I find this entertaining.
Nel 2 órája
Not really
Cüneyd with d✔️
Cüneyd with d✔️ 2 órája
Not Our Marinneeeeeeee
félix desrochers
félix desrochers 2 órája
Weaponize them , with facial reconization, Linked to 5g network, all drone and robot connected, We are *uc**d big time. A.i is so advance for combat , we have no chance.
みゅうみゅう 2 órája
nameless 2 órája
Kid on the slide: you cant get me! Rc car: no one underestimates me Also rc car: flings into kids nose
Shimo Spooky Apple
Shimo Spooky Apple 2 órája
Is it me or when the quadrupal shows up they all looks cgi?
ItzJuupz 2 órája
I hate when people say that the future isn’t here. They should use their eyes for once and see clearly of our advancements.
ItzJuupz Órája
@Suomi Poika And you let the point go over your head, we are becoming more and more technologically advanced, yet people will just plug their fingers in their ears and try to deny the fact. Yes, this technology will advance, but that is to be expected. We have self driving cars, smartphones, robotic prosthetics, virtual reality machines, just 20 years ago the only things people had where TVs, the Internet, and nothing anything as spectacular as today tech wise. The future is now.
Suomi Poika
Suomi Poika 2 órája
When programmed robots are dancing, you call that future? This is to be expected in 2021. Making human shaped machines programmed to do certain things is not future yet... When they do it in their own choice, that's the future.
だこがらくんmini 2 órája
Frank Govers
Frank Govers 2 órája
CGI ? Nope, I think
Franken Stein
Franken Stein 2 órája
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 2 órája
100% Real. Just watch some of their older content, see the evolution of BD
Snow Kol
Snow Kol 2 órája
Igorrr 2 órája
nope. Look at some of their viedos
BOIBOIwas213 awdawdwas
BOIBOIwas213 awdawdwas 2 órája
those robots are so good i cant figure out if this is animated or real
David Luckett
David Luckett 2 órája
I think this one is Animated CGI and over lay from a person moving like this. But I could be Wrong? Hummmmm very interesting INDEED. Wow, its real, Amazing thanks to the guy for posting the Link.
Franken Stein
Franken Stein 2 órája
David GoodendG
David GoodendG 3 órája
"Boston Dynamics is an American company located in Waltham, Massachusetts, specializing in robotics, especially for military use." -wikipedia The total dictatorship arrives in the form of a nice robot..
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 2 órája
Even if that were what.....THEY CAN DANCE!! Well done BD!
Luuk Schmitz
Luuk Schmitz 2 órája
Stop with your bs, yes they made a robot once co-financed by darpa but the military found it to be useless.
Luuk Schmitz
Luuk Schmitz 2 órája
That quote doesn't even exist.
A17Zazueta 3 órája
"Oh that's cute" "Oh fuck there is two of them" "Oh no they have hounds" "Fuck! A portable weapon system also!?!"
Хорор Карфохус
Хорор Карфохус 3 órája
когда уничтожил человечество и радость переполняет микросхемы...
CLEIsaac 1102
CLEIsaac 1102 3 órája
This made me significantly more uncomfortable than I thought it would
Bharat Kumar Bellamkonda
Bharat Kumar Bellamkonda 3 órája
this reminds me WALL-E movie. I will rewatch it.
Paulie200 3 órája
I appreciate that our future robot masters will have a sense of humor... even an ironic one.
De Ramirez Fabi
De Ramirez Fabi 3 órája
Dirty Dancing!
человек 3 órája
а у нас церкви в парках строят...((
No No
No No 3 órája
"john we need to program INPORTANT things" meanwhile at boston dynamics "DO YOU LOVEEEE MEEEE"
Mesi 3 órája
0:16 - 0:17 you can see the ground of the last plattform moving before the roboter step it. Its computer animation and not a real roboter
My Name is Gladiator
My Name is Gladiator Órája
The platforms are connected. Nice try.
lolqwertyism 2 órája
its the Knee hitting the foam pad lifting it up.
Zahed Athfy
Zahed Athfy 3 órája
Doesn’t seem like it.
oliver marquez
oliver marquez 3 órája
Salman Debbarma
Salman Debbarma Órája
@A M oo2pw
Salman Debbarma
Salman Debbarma Órája
@A M q19
Salman Debbarma
Salman Debbarma Órája
@A M ae9e
Salman Debbarma
Salman Debbarma Órája
@A M 7iq
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 2 órája
Stop trolling.
Rob Davies
Rob Davies 3 órája
Just needs Deep Mind, Alpha Go installed with an online connection and it's over.
NikCr 3 órája
Waiting for Cyberpunk robots in 2022 = D
Project Scorpio
Project Scorpio 3 órája
I am sure the military is very interested in those robots. You can have a super soldier with this beast
67k I
67k I 3 órája
현대 ㅋㅋㅋ
West Pro Gamer
West Pro Gamer 3 órája
Just add combat management and electro-optical system, armor plates and explosive reactive armor, gun and missile pods, and voila to the future of warfare!
Paulie200 3 órája
And if we give up war and settle things with a dance contest instead... we are way ahead of the Russians!
05thomaslj 3 órája
One year later... robot flash mob
minij hooi
minij hooi 4 órája
FEELINGS to the robots.
Tetra3Ne56scur 4 órája
Yes I love you ❤️💋
xenophonBC 4 órája
60's music ..all day
Moonki Bae
Moonki Bae 4 órája
Welcome to Hyundai!
xenophonBC 4 órája
the hop dance
xenophonBC 15 perccel
@minij hooi robots dance better than i do
minij hooi
minij hooi 4 órája
love it how at min 1 employees just walk by looking at their phone... like... it's just a choreographed robot dance... nothing special
Vincent 4 órája
This not CGI
Vasile Nicolas
Vasile Nicolas 4 órája
What the .... :) that made my day Thanks