A TFT Song by Nevercake
KEISHI 9 órája
the thing is Faker will attend his millitary for 2 years so they need a new icon
Gekido 9 órája
Just paying another visit to some of the best times of my life
Lem 9 órája
Kled gets this yet death itself gets a teaser, fair
nagaraj s
nagaraj s 10 órája
I love it ❤️❤️❤️
cutting Edge
cutting Edge 10 órája
Wait... Is this music have copyright rito?
FriedBread 10 órája
Did not know there was spanish thrown in the lyrics. i misheard it
Hirai Momo's Husband
Hirai Momo's Husband 10 órája
What tf is going on at Zaun. I can imagine jinx getting hella confused but still having the time of her life shooting those things
galois-fields 10 órája
Dislike for "hated mathematics".
Walter Dog
Walter Dog 10 órája
bruh Akali don't got a paint respirator she breathing in all that toxic spray paint chemicals
barfbangboom 10 órája
Evelynn = A Villain.... 🤯🤯🤯
AceroSkies 10 órája
I forgot her name can anyone remind me? 1:22
Kenkai Kenshi
Kenkai Kenshi 10 órája
1:16 the moment u guys realize when get charm by Evelyn
San Coca
San Coca 10 órája
Can't wait for a modern cinematic with Master Yi.
Gravity 10 órája
짜장 볼때마다 기분나쁘네 ㅎㄷㄷ...
Heather 10 órája
Playing a tournament never made me feel so good at the game
Nayeli Jimenez
Nayeli Jimenez 10 órája
I have a T R A U M A
MØB 666
MØB 666 10 órája
Super machista opressor
Oasis AFK
Oasis AFK 10 órája
[][][][][][][][] 10 órája
Naut and Darius carried that team
mhat wafu
mhat wafu 10 órája
we dont run from darkness morde user: really?
신짱구에요 • 1년전
신짱구에요 • 1년전 10 órája
와 롤이 6년전에 예상하고 있었어
Brenito 10 órája
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez 10 órája
Fun Fact: You replayed this more than once.
Lathyx 10 órája
Wolfstar Gacha {유튜브 떡 어머니}
Wolfstar Gacha {유튜브 떡 어머니} 10 órája
2:04 Everyone: TAKE OVER! One Radom Guy: PlUs UlTrA!
Tyler Mac
Tyler Mac 10 órája
Aayush Thapa
Aayush Thapa 10 órája
Le sin
Tinan Habib
Tinan Habib 11 órája
Buff akali
진심입니다 11 órája
사람이 친구를 위하여 자기 목숨을 버리면 이보다 더 한 사랑은 없나니 너희는 내가 명하는 대로 행하면 곧 주의 친구라. 요한복음 15:13~14
겜하시루 11 órája
와 돈나멋있다
league of leGAYends
Sony Sides
Sony Sides 11 órája
Lucian: "We dont run from darkness" *Literally 3min later* : "Nigerundayo Senna!!!"
Hi I'm Fade
Hi I'm Fade 11 órája
my champ since before he got rework, d*mn I miss playing league so much
xwingman 23
xwingman 23 11 órája
what about valorant characters in kda jk
Walter chen
Walter chen 11 órája
I love this but it’s kinda Ironic. Sion going in 1v5 Draven 1v1 against fed Riven Jhin accepting Death after Camille jumps on him
จริยา junkoenohima
จริยา junkoenohima 11 órája
จริยา junkoenohima
จริยา junkoenohima 11 órája
집중공격 11 órája
와 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 11년전 ㅋㅋ 이 때 나 3살 때인데 ㅋㅋ
Na Bana
Na Bana 11 órája
lol goodjop
Brian Fernando Garduño
Brian Fernando Garduño 11 órája
I like
Malphite 11 órája
Jinx x Ekko? Pls.
by q
by q 11 órája
Oh. Hi mark !
Solitarywolf 11
Solitarywolf 11 11 órája
Sad that gonna be other year without pve mode sems like wish they work on that again tired of urf and etc....
Aspyde 11 órája
Worst season ever
Vivian Dalask
Vivian Dalask 11 órája
I love this song so much but yes ashe beautiful
Niklas Grischaev
Niklas Grischaev 11 órája
What in the void have singed did to you?
jose jaquez
jose jaquez 11 órája
soy el único que habla español
yiyi marquina leandro
yiyi marquina leandro 11 órája
Jon Lester Lumactud
Jon Lester Lumactud 11 órája
Sounds like it belongs to 2K Tracks
Shynux 11 órája
One of those videos you just have to click everytime you get them recommended again
Raihan alfaridzi
Raihan alfaridzi 11 órája
이우욷 11 órája
사람이 친구를.... 까먹음
Vivian Dalask
Vivian Dalask 11 órája
League is such a great game honestly and the music made is beautiful ❤️
Allira 11 órája
почему в 2021 мне выбило ЭТО в реках
Stefan Jensen
Stefan Jensen 11 órája
R.I.P Karthus
Derecho 11 órája
Legends who died: *Am I a joke to you*
Rock girl
Rock girl 11 órája
How many Lucian in cinematics you want? Rito: Y E S
shockwave 11 órája
3:16 LUX: DMASIA !!!!
DrHarizBlox -Gamer
DrHarizBlox -Gamer 11 órája
Bro it just lioe black pink ngl
jake chorok
jake chorok 11 órája
Fun fact: It's first time to here
Nicolas VidioJuegosXD
Nicolas VidioJuegosXD 11 órája
Fortnite es kk
Nicolas VidioJuegosXD
Nicolas VidioJuegosXD 11 órája
Fortnite es basura
Ipethan Inthirakumar
Ipethan Inthirakumar 11 órája
*VOTE* (I'm just trying to see the differences please don't hate) True damage - *LIKE* K/DA - *COMMENT* I posted this on the K/DA vid as well ^_^
Ipethan Inthirakumar
Ipethan Inthirakumar 11 órája
*VOTE* (I'm just trying to see the differences please don't hate) True damage - *LIKE* K/DA - *COMMENT*
Ipethan Inthirakumar
Ipethan Inthirakumar 11 órája
I like true damge more hehe
nazi Peronista
nazi Peronista 11 órája
Me pregunto si sera buen champ
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee 12 órája
The Real Villain 😈
LOL-Wild Rift Epic & Wtf Moments
LOL-Wild Rift Epic & Wtf Moments 12 órája
0:32 gives me goosebumps
Team UniX
Team UniX 12 órája
성민 12 órája
이 노래 나왔을때 블츠로 거인의허리띠를 8개를 가곤 했지
Naya Nika
Naya Nika 12 órája
Is this MMD or frame by frame?!?!?
Felipe Sani Figueroa
Felipe Sani Figueroa 10 órája
Tomorrow Never Dies
Tomorrow Never Dies 12 órája
When you lose the RL man you didn’t even have to a CGI baddie -
Gabren Jil Arquilos
Gabren Jil Arquilos 12 órája
나이언 12 órája
Sweet home
Supernaturall Allexgg
Supernaturall Allexgg 12 órája
Any one
Any one 12 órája
I have the feeling that this gargola is gonna be really big....
little noone
little noone 12 órája
If it was a movie I would def buy tickets.This could be the trailer.
きなこ 12 órája
Eric Felix
Eric Felix 12 órája
ESPCEX 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!
macro 12 órája
kind of just realizing that DJ Sona was rito's blue print in implementing music into the game, gg
Manny Tamboboy
Manny Tamboboy 12 órája
pllsssssss we neeeedddddd music video plssss riot 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 the theme song syncing meeeee inside mAAAAAAAAA BRAINNNNN🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
_. 12 órája
Let's send kids I just met into an unending death fight also make them fight their friends and do a stream showing it so people can watch it -Faker
Lucifer Hesperus
Lucifer Hesperus 12 órája