Nosipho Mbuyane
Nosipho Mbuyane 23 órája
Is it me or Doja seemed a bit quiet in this episode
NayDoesDoodles 23 órája
The energy in this 👁👄👁 💅🏼👁👅👁💅🏼
Teddy Willams
Teddy Willams 23 órája
It’s 2:51 for me 🤣🤣
Young K.o. Bambino
Young K.o. Bambino 23 órája
Go girl
Ade Ba
Ade Ba 23 órája
It also metter how big hahahahaha
Ryan Cockerill
Ryan Cockerill 23 órája
They be whistling down to that water!
Miami Bajan
Miami Bajan 23 órája
They both weird but its a good thing
Dev Prakash Ramgolam
Dev Prakash Ramgolam 23 órája
0 9th to
Pretty Savege
Pretty Savege 23 órája
I found here a maiden girl 🖐️😝🔥
dzenciol vm
dzenciol vm 23 órája
Ебать нохти
PLEYLEEST 23 órája
Nice porn
Mehmet Cosar
Mehmet Cosar 23 órája
just now realised they have each others names tattoed on their faces
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana 23 órája
Are they really best friends since their childhood?
Vivid 23 órája
Trash. They trash, the song trash, the video trash.
MT tsaka
MT tsaka 23 órája
0:41 The way Doja said bye
Stacey Clarke
Stacey Clarke 23 órája
Tell him merry Christmas 🔥
Stacey Clarke
Stacey Clarke Napja
just know that I know where you live 🔥
Stacey Clarke
Stacey Clarke Napja
And that's how a hot girl do it Keep her head up, even when she goin' through it 🔥
Stacey Clarke
Stacey Clarke Napja
Got a little lion in me, I ain't ever tamin' shit 🔥
Stacey Clarke
Stacey Clarke Napja
I should write a book on how I mothafuckin' did that 🔥
Boltovich 2003
Boltovich 2003 Napja
Реальный разъеб
Roman Sipos
Roman Sipos Napja
FIFA 21 🔥🔥🔥
Jihane Aboulamine
Jihane Aboulamine Napja
this videoclip gives me pretty much say so vibes
maybethia Napja
They got each others names Tattoed for the video!!! DAMN!!
Adrian Davison
Adrian Davison Napja
Str8te jammin
Gary Bariniano
Gary Bariniano Napja
AliZaybakII Napja
Are low-cut jeans back????? ...those are the LOWEST-CUT jeans 1:15
Sussane Ramin
Sussane Ramin Napja
Slaaaaaaay 🔥
jaime chen
jaime chen Napja
Omg! That's monsieur garcon!
(•~.~•) Whee
(•~.~•) Whee Napja
they’re both so gorgeous 🥺❤️
thunthun thunthun
thunthun thunthun Napja
This icy baby make me want to eat
Jhoanna Maldonado
Jhoanna Maldonado Napja
Took me back 😭❤️
Lore Steph
Lore Steph Napja
I’m confused as to why they made sweetly look like that I couldn’t recognize her
Ebony Queen
Ebony Queen Napja
Did anyone else notice how they had each other's name tatted on their face🔥
scndls1 Napja
kehria Mckeagg
kehria Mckeagg Napja
I love how they change hair styles throughout the video😁🤩
Shawn Tha Prince
Shawn Tha Prince Napja
Man say, look how tha bs fake body stack up next to a natural ting, ladies, do yaself a favor...save ya money, tha fake shit don't look like tha natural, its ugly af and sadly enough MOST of tha females I've seen who got work done was fine af b4 it, love yaself ma, tha surgery ain't gon help wit that
Sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ
Sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ Napja
Kofi Asante
Kofi Asante Napja
Zabdi chavez
Zabdi chavez Napja
im her friend
Alena N
Alena N Napja
This song is fire
Tristan Ross
Tristan Ross Napja
anyone know where i can get the ending uncensored for research purposes thank you
Nikki Norm
Nikki Norm Napja
Saweetie looks like a cute doll and matches the car, that's dopee
XJustice XcrimezX
XJustice XcrimezX Napja
They ain't no feminists like they be out her beefing with other female rap artists.
Neva Napja
Me and my best friend be like:
Byee Unknown
Byee Unknown Napja
Chase that bag, don’t chase that nigga period.
Jean Dias
Jean Dias Napja
tem como não amar ela??? ela é muito engraçada e perfeita 😂😂😍
Encanta Música
Encanta Música Napja
They did her dirty with her edges and the people in the crowd 😭
Lil Spooky child!
Lil Spooky child! Napja
The ending is _LITERALLY_ the saying "If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you do it too??" And girl- They did it.
Tema Tania Haira
Tema Tania Haira Napja
Apple on a stick 🎶🎶
Joy Cap
Joy Cap Napja
1:03 favorite part
Gilbert Napja
0:25 “you don’t want us we freaks” 🤪
Briana Goodwin
Briana Goodwin Napja
Omg the microwave 💀💀💀😩🤣
Kersha Marie chin Paharsingh
Kersha Marie chin Paharsingh Napja
You're mom so beautiful.
Dumb Bitch
Dumb Bitch Napja
Guys where does he belong ?
StefanFire Napja
Whatt??? Doja and Saweetie? YO this is legendary!!!
FIND P3AC3 Napja
I only rewatched this video to see sweetie feet 🦶🏾🦶🏾 😤
Virtue Ekhuemelo
Virtue Ekhuemelo Napja
this girl be eating so damn much but be maintainingggg that body. damn.
Joey Martinez
Joey Martinez Napja
And they say there ain't no such things as two pretty friends
Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V
Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V Napja