I Watched Deadpool 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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The Canadian Lad


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Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: Deadpool 2 (33 New Details).
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Cersion Gaming
Cersion Gaming 3 órája
Another Easter egg that I don’t know if it is intentional or not but when colossus try’s to punch The Juggernaut his fist is grabbed and bent the same way it was grabbed and bent by a sentinel in xmen days of futures past .
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins 5 órája
If you watched it 0.25x speed that had to be a long movie
NightsReign 6 órája
After reading through *far more comments* than I'd care to admit just to verify whether this had already been mentioned, and _most peculiar,_ it hasn't. The amount of effort expended obviously wasn't limited to simply watching these movies at 25%, that would only reveal visual references, cues, and gags. What's nagging at me though, *since the audio at 1/4 speed is basically unrecognizable,* I'm very curious how you tackle any audible Easter eggs. Do you have to separately listen to each scene, and also fully watch each scene at 0.25x, normal speed, and some combination? How many times does that mean, on average, that you've watched each movie to author these videos, *hundreds?!*
Mr. Movie Mafia
Mr. Movie Mafia 6 órája
MAJOR EASTER EGG (Mr. Sinister): The evil orphanage/hospital that Russell comes from is called the “Essex” Foundation. Essex refers to the famous X-Men villain: Mr. Sinister. Sinister was teased at the end of “Apocalypse” and foreshadows “Logan” by stealing Wolverine’s blood to experiment on children (eventually making X-23). Sinister was going to make his full-on appearance in a New Mutants sequel, as hinted at by the evil hospital, as well as a line in Logan saying “there are no new mutants.” Sadly, we aren’t ever going to reach that point in the story but it would’ve been interesting seeing how much hinting they had been doing.
MikeZombieGamin 8 órája
You shoulda mentioned when Deadpool says "Sweep the leg Johnny" a reference to Karate Kid 😎
Freli Ndayishimiye
Freli Ndayishimiye 8 órája
Umm... oh okay😂
Lucas Ripley
Lucas Ripley 8 órája
When Deadpool cuts the bullet in half did you forget in the movie X-men origins Ryan Reynolds character did the same thing when they walked in the building out of the elevator
Melissa Hoffman
Melissa Hoffman 8 órája
When he blows himself up he flips the camera off
Born To Innovate
Born To Innovate 9 órája
You missed a detail: At the final fight when Deadpool says I'm gonna fight them with a brick,he is actually quoting Rocket in Infinity War when he says "are we gonna fight thanos with a brick." at nidavellir
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 12 órája
This is what you call Fans..
It's Qwertyz Gaming
It's Qwertyz Gaming 17 órája
Why you slowing the slow motion scene bruhhh
Neo 17 órája
Well damn and goonies lol
Rayan 18 órája
What is the name of the comic in which the girl enters the comic world to meet her bf
Dream’s Clone
Dream’s Clone 19 órája
There was also a scene where Juggernaut came out of the fountain in the end where Deadpool and everyone were leaving
Gregory Wright
Gregory Wright 20 órája
Fun fact for folks that don’t know but I found out that when all his folks were dying after jumping out of the plane that was because of his chaos sense aka like Spider-Man’s but sense he is a mock to death chaos is brought up were ever Deadpool is like bad luck. Or a walking final destination shrine. That’s also why the one lady didn’t die because she actually counters his power she is the ying to his yang it’s also why no one died going to the end. Whiles if she wasn’t there it would of ended in a more nasty end.
david fowler
david fowler 21 órája
Deadpool 2 could of been great
poet99999 23 órája
Will it be ironic if I watch this video in 1.5 speed
Sup G
Sup G 23 órája
3:04 That was a good observation and you are right but there’s something else you could’ve added on the ninth through all the pictures also represent the first movie how he had a ball hanging up with a thumbtack any threw the knife had him every time each one died so yes his planning for domino was that she was going to stay alive and she did
Edward Villa
Edward Villa 23 órája
I never would have looked this up if not for quarantine.
Leevi_Is_Great For real
Leevi_Is_Great For real Napja
Nice that you spent around 7-9 hours watching same movie as you said on title.
Skully DF
Skully DF Napja
Hey guys i watched this video in 0.25 speed
Isaiah Reed
Isaiah Reed Napja
Uhh i just realized when juggernaut and russel were walking into the orphanage russel said y do u wrre that helmet he said my brother always read my mind but he is in a wheelchair now so even-steven so his brother was Xavior
Meliodas Playz
Meliodas Playz Napja
You missed at 29, when he was cutting bullets with his sword and last one in slow motion..it was a reference to deadpool from x men origins (2009)
Nacho Nuñes
Nacho Nuñes Napja
the tokens are from him and vanessa’s date from the first movie. not john wick.
Shu ϟ
Shu ϟ Napja
So it took you 4x longer to watch?
Bridget Sedgwick
Bridget Sedgwick Napja
This was great! I'm going to rewatch Deadpool today and look for all the little eggs!😉😁
zayden west
zayden west Napja
Or maybe he realized because blood flew past his head LMAO
JuanTwoThree Jr.
JuanTwoThree Jr. Napja
When Deadpool is being shot by cable at around 7:37 you can see he is bleeding from the back but when they show the front side there are no bullet holes
Lilliam Pumpernickel
Lilliam Pumpernickel Napja
Deadpool and bricc
Hobby Bugs
Hobby Bugs Napja
Ive never watched this at normal speed-- then again time is relative
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Napja
You should do a video over the matrix
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Napja
This is actually really interesting
Matthew Ortiz
Matthew Ortiz Napja
I love to Goonies thank you man and I love the vids
Miguel Andrew Mabanta
Miguel Andrew Mabanta Napja
You missed something Canadian lad after Deadpool says give me your best shot one eyed willie he try’s to do his signature move to deflect bullets like what he did in X men origins wolverine wade in the movie x men origins wolverine never misses a single bullet but in this Deadpool 2 movie he gets shot a couple of times due to the lack of agility and aging
Nenethe Expert
Nenethe Expert Napja
Isn’t that 116 guy penny wise ?
In 2:58 there is dc comic or joker refrence where there is a flag with bang on it
Ryan Burgess
Ryan Burgess Napja
Hydra YT
Hydra YT Napja
Copy Cat
Copy Cat 2 napja
I wish one day you watch full movie at 0.25x speed and find nothing 🙂
Edward Riley
Edward Riley 2 napja
6:40 notice the tokens in the background thsts another nod to John wick" No you idiot those are the ski ball tokens from wade and Vanessa's first date.
Drew Dwyer
Drew Dwyer 2 napja
I watched this HUpost vid in 0.25x and I found that this is too slow to watch a HUpost vid
ENgaming 2 napja
The brick one got me 😂😂😂
Kai Araki
Kai Araki 2 napja
C a n a d a
Kwispy 2 napja
Lad: this video is PG Shows deadpool getting ripped in half
Nathan Ahmed
Nathan Ahmed 2 napja
Domino's effectively the most powerful character in the marvel universe. Literally anything she wants to do she can just do.
Sneaky Snakerz
Sneaky Snakerz 2 napja
I just came from watching poopy di scoop
Jose Daniel Chavez
Jose Daniel Chavez 2 napja
But Jerry you can't hell that fast
Lewis Fuller
Lewis Fuller 2 napja
A lot more scenes then usal wtf
Rocket Propelled Gaming
Rocket Propelled Gaming 2 napja
"Musical score". I do not think that means what you think that means
Patrick Chong
Patrick Chong 2 napja
Isn't that map of BC canada also the map to where Old Logan was taking X23?
ken bellang
ken bellang 2 napja
Bradbanett Bradbarnett
Bradbanett Bradbarnett 2 napja
How do you know this stuff
cybroxis 2 napja
How much Adderall did these guys take?
Arthur Anderson
Arthur Anderson 3 napja
You should get a medal for making this movie 4 times as long.
Braun Solomon
Braun Solomon 3 napja
CB L 3 napja
All at one sitting? Or did you divvy it up?
TheGrandTour08 BMW08
TheGrandTour08 BMW08 3 napja
Beast 3 napja
6:59 I laughed so hard 🤣
Super waffle
Super waffle 3 napja
GT 43
GT 43 3 napja
So you got all of this by watching the whole movie at 1/4 speed? I call BS
Gamer Ryan
Gamer Ryan 3 napja
I get the book a cure for blindness how can they read it if there blind
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 3 napja
Your making shit up
Dream _er
Dream _er 3 napja
I swear I missed a couple of these scenes.
ALStudio 3 napja
Why Brazillian dubbed version didn't have the bleach drinking nor the store robbery scene?
Canadian Lad,Can you tell me how much Squarespace pays you tu advertise their content?
Wuzi Mu
Wuzi Mu 3 napja
feet and hands can be hard to draw right
Franco II Masicampo
Franco II Masicampo 4 napja
Yow why does this video kinda have a glitchy look? Youll experiencing the same?
Just A Regular Otaku
Just A Regular Otaku 4 napja
Camera man is marvel character confirmed
The Raging Gamer on PS4
The Raging Gamer on PS4 4 napja
You spent 9 hrs watching deadpool 2h 14 run time for Dp2. in minutes that's 134 minutes. Then divide 134 by 0.25 to get 536 minutes then convert in to hrs
t w
t w 4 napja
And this is how you started a career with the CIA.
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson 4 napja
90% of these can be caught at regular speed
Details like that is the reason marvel character movies work and dc's doesn't
Millo Mufin
Millo Mufin 4 napja
The guy who made the video: this is PG 5 secs later: someone literally gets ripped in half
Timmah ST
Timmah ST 18 órája
He "blurred" it 😂
Mr. O
Mr. O 4 napja
lol just noticed the guy with the 116 number on his shoulder is bill skarsksard (“it”)
I watch this vid using 0,25x speed too.
Devesh Lodwal
Devesh Lodwal 4 napja
You: watching movies in o.25x speed Me: playing games in 0.25x speed
Lance Franco Gruy
Lance Franco Gruy 4 napja
8:04 is that the actor of pennywise
Too Fancy Jr
Too Fancy Jr 4 napja
I know about luck...lol
kermit 4 napja
The funny thing is that I'm watching dedictive pikachu while watching this video.
Cody Heath
Cody Heath 4 napja
Quite a few of these I already knew, but it was definitely worth watching for the ones I didn’t
Brandon Guerra -Technician Bear
Brandon Guerra -Technician Bear 5 napja
Ricky Baker
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 5 napja
He sounds nice
scostat 5 napja
Wow, so many useless information.
Flippin Flipolis
Flippin Flipolis 5 napja
I dropped tilted towers 100 times and this is what happens. Anyone remember these?
Matyas Fn
Matyas Fn 5 napja
I furt that Deadpool can't DIE
František Fuka
František Fuka 5 napja
6:30 - "Tokens" are not a reference to John Wick. Those are skeeball tokens and they are a reference to Wade + Vanessa's first meeting.
Mitchell Beckman
Mitchell Beckman 5 napja
You missed something in the beginning of the movie When he flicks the cigarette up it goes into a barrel next to him but the explosion starts by his head
Do Julie and the PHANTOMS
Chase Schaefer
Chase Schaefer 5 napja
Imagine house of m spiderman in the mcu
Sachin K
Sachin K 5 napja
I noticed deadpool stabbing using a brick but as this movie has a whole lot of stupidity I ignored it. Thanks for the info man
MartialArts.Stunts321 6 napja
Could u do transformers 2007
Luis Bermudez cruz
Luis Bermudez cruz 6 napja
this video is boring
Brady Glenz
Brady Glenz 6 napja
No love for Alan Tudyk
Dominic Antoni
Dominic Antoni 6 napja
So the comment about M Day leaving 91% of mutants is incorrect. There was 198 mutants left but that’s not 91% of the mutants. Fact check my guy
FreedomisntFree America
FreedomisntFree America 6 napja
If you have to turn it to PG, then it's not worth watching! Seems like your in bad shape lad! Losing your balls, & spine at the same time has to be rough!
gizo omadze
gizo omadze 6 napja
I watched this video 1.75 speed to compensate and i didn't found anything :/
euan snook
euan snook 6 napja
Just watched this the other day so found this really interesting
ツ L I M E ツ
ツ L I M E ツ 6 napja
Was that old spice commercial real.
Nixasor 6 napja
This video is sponsored by *squarespace
Danger Edition
Danger Edition 7 napja
....wait, wait, wait.....what's a CANADA?
I Watched Deadpool in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found
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