Golden Sky - Jürgen Klopp's Champions | Exclusive Liverpool FC Documentary 2020-2021 ● HD 1080p

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Azam Abdallah

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2020 is the year that Liverpool FC lifted the Premier League trophy for the first time ever! All their players including Salah, Firmino, Mane, Van Dijk and Alisson were all fit and ready to lift the EPL title for the first time before the corona coronavirus outbreak. This documentary looks into Jurgen Klopp's journey as a Liverpool manager in their successful campaign. If you enjoyed this video make sure you like, comment, share & subscribe for more amazing content :)
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Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah 2 hónapja
Jurgen Klopp described guiding Liverpool to their first league title in 30 years as "more than I ever thought possible". Do you think Jurgen Klopp can do it again with Liverpool? Be sure to like the video and subscribe for more!
Salah Nasser
Salah Nasser Hónapja
I think it was amazing to watch one hour video on HUpost with no adds! (tears pouring down)........
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker Hónapja
its going to be hard especially with the run we did have, but hopefully both manchester teams will start to have some problems and we keep on winning on top of the 2 back to back wins in London, if that happens then yes we can retain it but if it doesn't happen then we won't retain it, but if we somehow retain the title then we'll be the FIRST & only club in the history of the Premier League to RETAIN the title WITHOUT a full fit squad and a PROPER DEFENCE
Soffian Zainal
Soffian Zainal 21 napja
The sky is dark currently in liverpool wakakakakak
Graham Saunders
Graham Saunders 22 napja
Klipperty has been sussed out, he has no plan B in the game and the scousers are showing themselves to very average, not champions by any mark.
Vampa Reds
Vampa Reds 24 napja
It is obvious how much the fans are missing at the stadium.kop and how much they mean for the game liverpool.12.player.I can't wait for this to end so that the stadium is full and the songs from the kop. We will be unstoppable again because we have the best fans.YNWA
빅트리 25 napja
8:19 bookmark
Das Hafenrestaurant
Das Hafenrestaurant 26 napja
There is a one thing he has left to do. Love him , respect him,honor him but he have to lead the national team to a big title again.Where ever, he was he make the players better. So please go ahead 4 this achivement with the german national team. I will follow you.I'am a young owner of an restaurant, and the Crisis hit us in our first year in Warnemünde, there is so much I copy from youre way of leadership! All the best 4 you and youre hole lIverpool family and ulla and youre kids as well. So much more than a coach or a footballer.He knows he's nothing without his stuff. ITs not important what the people think whenn you come, its much more important what they think whenn you leave! Jürgen Klopp is my lighthouse in the dark! The "Schwarzwaldsaint"
Der weise Hai
Der weise Hai 26 napja
first generation without any kind of war? sag mal wo lebst du denn? junge junge
Nixon Nicholas
Nixon Nicholas 26 napja
The grotesque eggnog subcellularly guard because punch intrestingly kiss anenst a furry furtive pan. mysterious, conscious united kingdom
Pierre Boman
Pierre Boman 28 napja
Singing the blues
Bono U2
Bono U2 28 napja
No league this season not even a trophy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤪
Tony Leong
Tony Leong 28 napja
whats left to win is league cup and FA cup, will have to wait next season
G K 28 napja
That was a proper documentary. Thanks for upload. Even the pandemic couldn't stop liverpool winning that title! Has to be the most memorable meaningful & unfortunate way of winning the league. Unreal.
Kora Goal
Kora Goal Hónapja
2020 Reds years 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Mike D
Mike D Hónapja
Forever a hero to all of us klopp we trust... YNWA
carl cullen
carl cullen Hónapja
Best video I've seen on the reds, THANKS mate boss memories may it continue, KLOPP THE MECHANIC👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
carl cullen
carl cullen Hónapja
@Sylvia Holdway who ain't heard of Steve Gerard in the football world🙄😁👏
Sylvia Holdway
Sylvia Holdway Hónapja
urgan klopp ever heard of steven ģerrard before he came to liverpool and if so what was his opionion
Vieira Games
Vieira Games Hónapja
Liverpool Football Club 🔴 YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE 🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥💖
Martin Magee
Martin Magee 24 napja
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker Hónapja
the team won the league trophy but the fans are never going to get the victory parade, the only way we'll get a parade of this trophy is if we retain it this season which we are having to try and win it without a defence
Sophia Petrou
Sophia Petrou Hónapja
Andy Pandhawa Satu
Andy Pandhawa Satu Hónapja
Thanks adam amazing documentary, Y N W A
Anthony Onyewadume
Anthony Onyewadume Hónapja
What a beautiful team
Ruben Vitor
Ruben Vitor Hónapja
I'm a Chelsea fan myself, but Liverpool is a unique team, that ground and that crowd is unreal, seriously good documentary, klopp wat a coach, completely changed that group of men, and converted them into a serious 11..
Pumkin Eater
Pumkin Eater Hónapja
Don’t think he is a “legend “ yet. Not really proved himself over the 5/6 years he’s been with us
Pumkin Eater
Pumkin Eater 23 napja
@Nduhiu Muthigani Njama obviously a superior knowledge of LFC! Not! Klopp may not last into next season
Nduhiu Muthigani Njama
Nduhiu Muthigani Njama Hónapja
too much "pumkin" in your head
Discovering Parallel
Discovering Parallel Hónapja
Surely it is the owners that put Liverpool at the top, they brought the team together, Fenway Sports Group. FSG rescued Liverpool FC from the pits of Hell. Klopp is just a cog in the wheel.
spensersnmark Hónapja
Cmon burnley!
Aimless Ideas
Aimless Ideas Hónapja
Whose here after anfield record is gone fs
d h
d h Hónapja
Absolutely a fantastic documentary 👏 we'll put together... Thank you for it all CHAMPIONS of Europe CHAMPIONS of the world champions of the Premier league 👏 🙌 👍... LETS NOT WAIT ANOTHER 3 decades for it to happen 😍😍😍😍 i was 18 when they last won now I'm 48 so don't think I will make it to 78 as Klopp would say YOU NEVER KNOW. Think that there should be an emoji made of Liverpool crest Y.N.W.A UP THE REDS 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
Nasser Khan Khan
Nasser Khan Khan Hónapja
Dubbing is fookin terrabla
Ray Jones
Ray Jones Hónapja
Absolutely smashed that...Great watch.
Casper Mutubuki
Casper Mutubuki Hónapja
YNWA keep on walking
john bishop
john bishop Hónapja
Côme on Arsenal
defender3330 Hónapja
Thankyou Jurgen YNWA
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Hónapja
The psychotic revolve biosynthetically suffer because skirt taxonomically avoid behind a gray greasy great rectangle. bite-sized, homely blizzard
Fadi Dadis
Fadi Dadis Hónapja
incredible stuff had a great time revisiting these precious moments. YNWA ❤️
P. Alex
P. Alex Hónapja
Certainly the best documentary on Liverpool's achievement on winning the 2020-2021 Premiership! Thank you and very well done.
Christy Cullen
Christy Cullen Hónapja
amazing! I'm 29 so I to see the glory days my brother witnessed. Truly a great day. Danke jurgen
Karen Vivanco
Karen Vivanco Hónapja
Dallas Mavericks
Robert Dlamini
Robert Dlamini Hónapja
Thanks for reminding us the long walk to the Championship title, wishing the fast recovery to the injured players Van Dike, Gomez ,Matib and the rest.
Dzień Dobry
Dzień Dobry Hónapja
What's the purpose of making such a video? I mean, who cares?
Jal yaz Roj vaz
Jal yaz Roj vaz Hónapja
The premium dime whitely sound because mother ecologically sigh down a thoughtful nigeria. odd, elated parade
DarkPhoenix69 Hónapja
I couldn't believe we lost to a religation bound Watford so badly. Crazy game football.
callum matts
callum matts Hónapja
not too sure who edited over the original video (sound cutouts) as a toddler could have done a better job, but apart from that - wow. holding back tears at points.
palatrass Hónapja
23:20 Pep claiming about handball, yet he had nothing to say on Chelsea x Barça scandal
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers Hónapja
Jurgen woke up a sleeping giant
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers 21 napja
@seriall1337 gobshite
seriall1337 21 napja
i know
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers 21 napja
@seriall1337 ooo your hard
Tony Leong
Tony Leong 21 napja
let them laugh all they can, one day what goes around comes around
seriall1337 21 napja
@Paul Rogers Imagine being so petty you have to insult someones appearance just because of a little banter. Fuck off, loser.
SAFI 01 Hónapja
You are my favorite football movie channel
Mizan Sabath
Mizan Sabath Hónapja
my kops
Markus M
Markus M Hónapja
More commercial breaks would be great.u have hardly any!!!
Markus M
Markus M Hónapja
@Christy Cullen nichts geht über einen schlauen Inselaffen.Nur Fussball spielen können sie nicht.
Christy Cullen
Christy Cullen Hónapja
Scroll past them one by one and they disappear then go back to the beginning being and watch ad free. Thank me later
Jakub Djipa
Jakub Djipa Hónapja
TheThinkingMan Hónapja
What is with the sound in this video? Some bits are completely silent, some bits the sound goes up and down. I mean, the video's great - but the sound editor needs to be shot lol
metropsiderss Hónapja
At least 4 times. Bang × 4.
M.Y 115
M.Y 115 Hónapja
Only if we had a packed Anfield
Mike Cronan
Mike Cronan Hónapja
Fuck me, how many adverts do you need?
Not as much as other teams wished up and major rule changes and injurys so maybe domestic treble or big trophy but not this kind of haul lfc champion s
alan coghlan
alan coghlan Hónapja
I am LFC and I love klopp. But at 46:20 i did think " its easy to think about what's important in life when you are on £7m a year". It just goes to show that no matter who your hero is, everyone's full of shit.
Monroe Whosoever
Monroe Whosoever Hónapja
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil Hónapja
Whoever made this content it should be released on Ott or in a movie theater and this guy also deserves hefty amount of money in royalty of lifetime
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
@callum matts correct
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
@Kunal Patil LFC made it
callum matts
callum matts Hónapja
@Kunal Patil LFC made this, it is not his video...
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil Hónapja
@Azam Abdallah how much time it took to make such a comp ?
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Jerri Purba
Jerri Purba Hónapja
Can anyone tell me what song on 58:19 ? Such a nice music
Liew Jia Teng
Liew Jia Teng Hónapja
Chris Wilder spotted at 25:39
Tony Browne
Tony Browne Hónapja
Best manager on the planet - love Man U
Sandy19 Sen
Sandy19 Sen Hónapja
worth watching videos just love it....YNWA REDS....
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Thanks mate, credit to LFC
invincib'hole Hónapja
The shitty music is annoying af.
Pat McTallica
Pat McTallica Hónapja
Firminho! ...looks like the grand child of James Coburn! Doesn`t he?
Ernie Scullion
Ernie Scullion Hónapja
If you REALLY LOVE LIVERPOOL FC READ this. OH Yes 30 years is often Threw up at Liverpool F FANS AHHHHH!!!! People forget mu 41years yes 1911 to 1952 yes yes yes i can count there was 3 periods of the war amounting to 9 or 10 years which still is 31 or 32 years without the title its possible mu might not have been in the top league some of them 41 years. War longest spell do disrupt the footbal 1939 to 1946 as we SHOULD KNOW LIVERPOOL UNDER MANGER GEORGE KAY 1946/47 DELIVERED THE 5TH TITLE .. Chelsea 50years Mancity 44years.WAITING ON FROM 1961 for Spurs WAITING FROM 1987 for the Toffees .
Christian S
Christian S Hónapja
17 ads? Really?
Ryu Nakazawa
Ryu Nakazawa 28 napja
I don't see any ads
Kenzie Wheeler
Kenzie Wheeler Hónapja
Hey who's doing the voiceover during this
Juan Gonzales
Juan Gonzales Hónapja
Thank you for this great video. It is so inspiring to watch. Considering the recent performance of LFC during the last 7 weeks (mid November to January 4, 2021) compared to what we see here in this video, it gives me really a point to ponder. What is happening right now with the team?
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
No worries man, be sure to sub for more dope documentaries.
ziyad hzeen
ziyad hzeen Hónapja
رائع سيديوغن كلوب 👍🇩🇪
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Please sub for more :)
Shpongle Hónapja
this deserves a billions views... just wow
B Gorski
B Gorski Hónapja
I’m sure on the LFCTV channel it does have a shit ton of views
!camucho. Hónapja
Crazy to think we are still unbeaten at Anfield in the PL, since January 2018
Robert Ho
Robert Ho Hónapja
April 2017 actually
Michael Fenger Brandt
Michael Fenger Brandt Hónapja
From Denmark, and huge Liverpool fan ... I struggled i bit, when Agger left, but when the Club signed with Klopp I knew it was only a matter of time, if he was given the time. Seeing this Doc, brought the whole feeling back, from the Championws League win, the title "near miss" AND the following year, the title, playing the most incredible football I ... comparable only to the greatest teams in football history. All about this Club, This Coach and these players represent the best in football: Hard work, passionate fans AND a connection between fans, players, coach and club.
Luke Trentacost
Luke Trentacost Hónapja
Please check out my Goalkeeper highlights here:
Luke Shaw's Daddy
Luke Shaw's Daddy Hónapja
Luke Shaw's Daddy
Luke Shaw's Daddy Hónapja
mango fish
mango fish Hónapja
By relying on penalties? I don't think so youre allowed to get excited but utd have not credentials yet plus plenty of football to be played and the gap is still narrow between first and 6 please believe me cous utd fans act like utd are not going to drop points again this season.
Luke Shaw's Daddy
Luke Shaw's Daddy Hónapja
Where is the fa cup? Oh he got those trophies in separate years taking advantage of poor champions League opponents and throwing eggs all in one basket. Not like United who won treble and 2008 who go to win everything
Shefti10 15 napja
United fan watching a LFC video obsessed much?
Jana Fausova
Jana Fausova Hónapja
I really miss football with fans.
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Everyone does!
The YNWA Hónapja
Still humble... that why everyone loves him.
The YNWA Hónapja
@Rita Horvath you are so right
Rita Horvath
Rita Horvath Hónapja
Just a great guy. ♡
Tara Hónapja
The best manger ever YNWA ♥️ 🇩🇪 congratulations Jurgen klopp and the team Liverpool fc till I die YNWA 💖. It be so funny if klopp could meet my mum and dad who are German and live not far from Berlin
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Hónapja
18 adverts. wow!!!
paulgoodwin81 Hónapja
Is this Sean Bean narrating?
Michaels Views
Michaels Views Hónapja
far too many adverts, avoid
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper Hónapja
Brilliant video, brilliant days. Thank you.
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Thanks, credit to LFC
ice tee
ice tee Hónapja
i was smiling from the start till the end couldnt wipe the smile off my face. excellent video and what a team liverpool is and always has been. proud liverpool fan and supporter from down under.!
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Thanks mate, be sure to subscribe for more! Credit to LFC.
* CH
* CH Hónapja
In Kloop we believe
Mian Haseeb Jan
Mian Haseeb Jan Hónapja
Wow just wow. ❤️ Thank you Azam Abdallah.
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
No worries bro, credit to LFC
dubcindub15 Hónapja
@53:28 casual shirts guys, that includes you Sadio! Sadio.. Nah.
Rita Horvath
Rita Horvath Hónapja
Funny to watch football players watching football.
Mok cikjai Mok cik
Mok cikjai Mok cik Hónapja
Thank you.. Terima Kasih for this awesome delivery.. Happy New Year.. 👍
hassannoor abdullahi
hassannoor abdullahi Hónapja
Bill Shankly...Bob Paisley...Joe Fagan... Sir Kenny Dalglish... and know Jürgen Klopp from another city and another land but somehow born for this one... once Liverpool understood him and he understood Liverpool then the rest was history.. the man who brought smile 😃 on some many faces. Brought back our pride. THANK YOU BOSS
Jason Payne
Jason Payne Hónapja
Thank you, too
Mahi Alam Araf
Mahi Alam Araf Hónapja
Adrian was so good at the start of the season. What happened to him?
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
Sara Cook
Sara Cook Hónapja
Thank you for this
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
You're welcome mate
Thomsen Hónapja
WOW! What a Documentary, must admit I shed a tear or two. Thanks Azam
Wieli Yao
Wieli Yao Hónapja
Erny Mozaliza Goldah
Erny Mozaliza Goldah Hónapja
REdawn LiveBirds
REdawn LiveBirds Hónapja
Jan 3 Liverpool 76=84 … benefiting from Shanks ideals this squad (and I supported them in MY Prime) … was THE greatest TEAM squad in the world…EVER… So when the fen way cloned fan nies acclaim JK s current squad , the current players have some of the mentality but are cursed by the corporate infestation of the Club.. and will NOT reach the CONSISTENCY of almost a decade of TRUE REdS… held down by the society and its weaknesses exploited by the snarkes… see p.s. JKs backroom army dont have the "bootroom: nouse! yet...
muhammed rahman
muhammed rahman Hónapja
Thank You Mr Jurgen KLOPP! First You made us Dream then made them come True! Legend of ANFIELD Forever! YNWA Boss Conquering The World
iman syah
iman syah Hónapja
YNWA...the promised land we have arrived
barak obama
barak obama Hónapja
REdawn LiveBirds
REdawn LiveBirds Hónapja
are u 5 years old? Jan 3 Liverpool 76=84 … benefiting from Shanks ideals this squad (and I supported them in MY Prime) … was THE greatest TEAM squad in the world…EVER… So when the fen way cloned fan nies acclaim JK s current squad , the current players have some of the mentality but are cursed by the corporate infestation of the Club.. and will NOT reach the CONSISTENCY of almost a decade of TRUE REdS… Lfc now are held down by the corporate society and its weaknesses exploited by the snarkes… see p.s. JKs backroom army dont have the "bootroom: nouse! yet..
Viren Kumar
Viren Kumar Hónapja
Just keep walking 🚶. YNWA❤️❤️
dvd1587 Hónapja
"Being a good guy would've been enough" - Boss
Jim M
Jim M Hónapja
Jürgen Klopp, you are a good guy and yet so much more for being so humble. Just a brilliant person
Shpongle Hónapja
what a man
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Hónapja
There's a video in your adverts
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Hónapja
There's 17 adverts in your video. So on average there's an advert every 3.5 minutes
Azam Abdallah
Azam Abdallah Hónapja
What do you mean?
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson Hónapja
Norbit haha
NAVIN Limbu Hónapja
Jal yaz Roj vaz
Jal yaz Roj vaz 2 hónapja
The satisfying tulip regularly include because goal informally shelter unlike a shivering thought. laughable, marvelous hobbies
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