NASA’S Perseverance Rover’s First 360 View of Mars (Official)

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


This video shows the first 360-degree view of the landing site of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars, as captured by the rover’s color Navigation Cameras, or Navcams. The Navcams are on the remote sensing mast (or “head”) of the rover. Perseverance possesses the most cameras of any Mars rover to date, with 19 on the rover. Perseverance landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021. These images were obtained on February 20, 2021.
A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.

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Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Shadow the hedgehog
Shadow the hedgehog 11 órája
Looks like Dune. NASA: We need the spice!
Aleeza Khan
Aleeza Khan 17 órája
Lamberto Barchiesi
Lamberto Barchiesi Napja
deserto del kalahari ?
Richard Villarin
Richard Villarin Napja
Is that a New York City pigeon just to the left of center?
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan Napja
Wow we can see Mars wow 😲by moving phone
Fiza Khan
Fiza Khan 2 napja
Omg its amazing , thank you for this ..
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 2 napja
And why do you keep putting solar panels on top put them underneath and have a reflective plate on ground
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 2 napja
So strategical theory , in a desert on earth you would find least amount of life forms to a point. They put this thing in middle of an empty lake , or farthest spot from any civilization
Jahlil Gore
Jahlil Gore 2 napja
Wow I actually got the Hot Wheels version of this Rover
psycleen 4 napja
terra plana
terra plana 4 napja
TheHookUP 5 napja
Why hide the mars sky?
mr buffwoop
mr buffwoop 6 napja
Uhhh Nasa, weird request but can you put a cam on the moon? (When you have the time to do so of course)
SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев
SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев 6 napja
On the road to Kabul 😲
I. Shiva
I. Shiva 6 napja
We are not alone ♥
kevin l
kevin l 6 napja
Hey Nasa how did Armstrong and them make it through the van Allen belts??
이동욱 7 napja
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Malory Rothschild Kardashian Poutine Smith 8
Malory Rothschild Kardashian Poutine Smith 8 7 napja
Db Berns
Db Berns 7 napja
Ask keshe for answers they eat humans on mars time for nasa to clean up all the tons of billions of dollars of space junk social security recipients lockdown unemployment payouts too small for living humans ...government sponsored terrorism my local crime spot crime citizen app ops negative depopulation virus scam agenda...where humans ought to be in space or inhabiting other peaceful planets by now. Nasty soros british empire Rockefeller roosevelt war criminals against innocent human populations where many galaxies and planets abound for peaceful humans. ...hildabeast ghouliani...antichrist end times...
Azim Alif
Azim Alif 9 napja
Was a 360 camera on a stick too heavy to send?
Mehdi Saadi
Mehdi Saadi 9 napja
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mark 2007
mark 2007 10 napja
And the truth is that you deliberately removed the USSR, because something was ahead and stronger than you. After all, then there were many spies from America. You wanted to find out the secret in Buran?
GARGI INFO 11 napja
Next time pls, send to Mars mouse, crocrose grass etc
Mesa Santikant
Mesa Santikant 11 napja
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Jew Man
Jew Man 11 napja
A dark room with one light and an object moving around it and that object gets light on all sides. Let’s double the light by spinning the object as it goes around the light. Goodnight NASA
Guilherme 11 napja
If you pause the video and look in detail at the second wheel on the right, you can see that it has a cut that looks like an image edit.
Bosnalı Gariban
Bosnalı Gariban 13 napja
Turkey/Bayburt ?
Kent Adams
Kent Adams 14 napja
Now that's bad ...🤦🏻‍♂️
666camel666 14 napja
how can it be so dusty with no air?
666camel666 13 napja
@Steve Adams ok thx
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 13 napja
Mars has an atmosphere. It’s less than 1% as dense as Earth, but more than substantial enough for wind and to suspend dust.
Roy Millane
Roy Millane 14 napja
How about a panorama shot while moving ?
Mujaga Fazlic
Mujaga Fazlic 15 napja
Genilson Feitosa
Genilson Feitosa 15 napja
"Na moral,parece o texas!" Nasa,corrida espacial,tudo isso é um tédio,a muito mais a ser feito em terra,que imagens montadas pra impressionar meninos,bilhões de dollares jogados no lixo,pra um belo filme de ficção espacial,o que mais tem pra nós,além do micro-ondas,e fotos da lua?
Guilherme 11 napja
Coloca em 2160s e pausa o video, você vai ver na segunda roda na direita que tem um corte, aparentemente uma falha de edição de imagem.
Cosme Araújo
Cosme Araújo 15 napja
Elizabeth Hudson
Elizabeth Hudson 16 napja
CGI BS...NeverAStraigtAnswer. NazisAreStillAround. wake up deep state money laundering.only space travel ever done was by the Secret Space Force, now called The Space Force, Nasa never left LEO.
John Hazenhousen
John Hazenhousen 15 napja
Narmin Muradova
Narmin Muradova 16 napja
Rizalardina Hamid
Rizalardina Hamid 17 napja
Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Maha suci Allah yang mencipta sekian alam
Milli Milli
Milli Milli 17 napja
Thanks for the great view LIARS!
Ron Erickson
Ron Erickson 18 napja
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Булa Маикудук
Булa Маикудук 18 napja
Классная работа , Good job !!! 🇰🇿🇺🇲
reno jk
reno jk 18 napja
Now where to put Biden
山根保行 18 napja
Auntie M
Auntie M 19 napja
I hope it’s looking for a Stargate. ❤️
Muspedia indonesia
Muspedia indonesia 19 napja
Alex Supremo
Alex Supremo 19 napja
Which button controls the rover movement?! I want to explore the mountains
Alvin Sluis
Alvin Sluis 19 napja
where are the draco reptilians?
حكاية وطن
حكاية وطن 19 napja
يعني شو مطلوب نصدق؟ اذا الصورة مكونة من 4 أقسام كل وحدة على حدى وملصوقة عن طريق فوتوشوب بصيغة ٣٦٠° درجة ثابته الدليل دقة كل ربع صورة اي ٩٠ درجة لونها بيختلف والكمرة ٣٦٠° درجة بتكشف كل شي بنفس الدقة ونقطة عمياء فقط مكان تثبيت التريبوت وليس السقف
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw 19 napja
This isn't the same one I saw on facebook.
nick mine
nick mine 20 napja
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Kuruba gowda
Kuruba gowda 20 napja
Wow!!! I didn't expect this
Jessica Winslet
Jessica Winslet 20 napja
Guilherme 11 napja
If you pause the video and look in detail at the second wheel on the right, you can see that it has a cut that looks like an image edit
Maddie Adler
Maddie Adler 17 napja
@Milli Milli Yes this is awesome!
Milli Milli
Milli Milli 17 napja
Better to deceive you with my dear!
Ool Skool
Ool Skool 20 napja
How about you visit the Capital city of Mars? cmon rover
Lord Hekko
Lord Hekko 21 napja ....
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar 22 napja
Whole world knows you people are awesome..somebody deny this please 🙏🙏
Melon man
Melon man 22 napja
Why I Can't See Stars?
Gabor Kollo
Gabor Kollo 22 napja
It would be 360 is the sky was actually shown. It is a secret apparently though.
Mikhail Kurassov
Mikhail Kurassov 22 napja
Пустыня Гоби перед дождем-один в один. Плохая подделка.
Mavi 23 napja
Computer Shutoff
Computer Shutoff 23 napja
Looks like a plain old desert
Lilan Morales-Carbajal
Lilan Morales-Carbajal 23 napja
I hate this a lot
Tom Reagan
Tom Reagan 23 napja
the whole planet is an entire desert
Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More
Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More 23 napja
Wonder what the temperature is outside the Perseverance rover. I cannot fined it anywhere on HUpost or the regular internet.
Gan 24 napja
Nyimak ! ...
Eduard Engel
Eduard Engel 24 napja
New Mexico
random world
random world 24 napja
Quran is true
Peniros Mind
Peniros Mind 24 napja
WideAwake 24 napja
Hi def fakery
WideAwake 24 napja
NASA. Because stealing tax dollars is what we do..
WideAwake 24 napja
So... Kubrick is shooting the Mars footage too?
WideAwake 24 napja
Аvto Pilot
Аvto Pilot 24 napja
А ведь горизонт очень близко...Планетка то, маловата будет!!!Маловата!!! Маловата будет!!!
Jaime B. Gonzalez
Jaime B. Gonzalez 24 napja
Not even a single "footprint" of the rovers wheels or something? hmm haha
Rauf i Faik_Love Fan
Rauf i Faik_Love Fan 25 napja
Афигеть это лучшее что я могла видеть на ютубе🤯🤯😍😍
Rauf i Faik_Love Fan
Rauf i Faik_Love Fan 23 napja
@Улданай Абдиева всм?
Улданай Абдиева
Улданай Абдиева 23 napja
Что это
Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый
Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый 25 napja
what fuel did the spacecraft use to fly to Mars?
Milli Milli
Milli Milli 17 napja
@Steve Adams Fuel based propulsion? You seem like a smart person.... Space is a vacuum- food for thought.
Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый
Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый 24 napja
@Steve Adams thanks!
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 24 napja
@Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый - It took about 204 days from launch until landing.
Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый
Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый 24 napja
@Steve Adams Thanks! how long had "Perseverance" been going to Mars?
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 25 napja
Perseverance was launched on an Atlas V rocket. Its first stage is powered by RP-1, a highly refined form of kerosene, and Liquid Oxygen (LOX). The second stage is powered by liquid hydrogen (LH2) and LOX. There were also 4 solid rocket boosters fueled by Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB). The rocket provided all the velocity needed for the spacecraft to leave Earth and head to Mars. During the coast phase between Earth and Mars, the spacecraft’s cruise stage did a few scheduled Trajectory Correction Maneuvers (TCM) to refine its path. The cruise stage had thrusters fueled by hydrazine. During Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL), velocity was bled off using a heat shield, a parachute, and finally with the sky crane. The sky crane was also fueled with hydrazine.
M S 25 napja
Is it a steady image or a live ?
TUANHO XD 25 napja
download edit video monter :D
Denny Klatt
Denny Klatt 25 napja
Is this Fake?
Milli Milli
Milli Milli 17 napja
Fox Glaucia
Fox Glaucia 25 napja
I love Mars
Fox Glaucia
Fox Glaucia 25 napja
Perfect. Congratulations 🙀👏 I am Brazilian
Angus Files Snr
Angus Files Snr 26 napja
so it is made of cheese
NC Dave
NC Dave 26 napja
Wow, almost started crying.
Mark Lilley
Mark Lilley 26 napja
What’s the camera attached too? It seems to be in m9d air with no form of attachment
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 25 napja
These images were taken by the Navigation Cameras (NavCams) mounted on the mast.
Hell N Degenerates
Hell N Degenerates 26 napja
Wow earth looks great.
Chad Mower
Chad Mower 26 napja
I think I see a Starbucks!
Randal Dunlap RN
Randal Dunlap RN 26 napja
WoW. ! Amazing to think that now Mars is a planet inhabited entirely by robots.
GHOST PLAY 26 napja
Belive me ! These are Balochistan places😂 E:g caghi kharan, turbut
WideAwake 26 napja
WideAwake 26 napja
Devon island
Nathan Mendes
Nathan Mendes 24 napja
@WideAwake Good luck photopshopping an entire planet's sky
WideAwake 24 napja
@Nathan Mendes lol and Photoshop doesn't exist either... 😆 😉
Nathan Mendes
Nathan Mendes 24 napja
@WideAwake Yes because Devon Island doesn't have a hot dog red sky
WideAwake 24 napja
@Nathan Mendes sure it isn't.. 😉
Nathan Mendes
Nathan Mendes 24 napja
@WideAwake Although it's rarely used for rover simulations
Lem Mel
Lem Mel 26 napja
Why don't they take a picture of the night sky above the rover, something would probably be seen (stars, etc.) Some of the many cameras could try it.
Nathan Mendes
Nathan Mendes 24 napja
They're shut down at night so they don't freeze to death
Sandra Matinez lopez
Sandra Matinez lopez 26 napja
Henry Rivera
Henry Rivera 26 napja
It really lloks like Acatama desert in Chile...
Gabriel Marcio
Gabriel Marcio 26 napja
Cadê os Br Loko da like
Yorick Jenkins
Yorick Jenkins 27 napja
If we as a species dont pull ourselves together, this is what our planet is going to look like in a hundred years
David Woods
David Woods 27 napja
How beautiful is the earth compared to this
Юрий Петров
Юрий Петров 27 napja
слава россии
Rd Rd
Rd Rd 27 napja
sandman 27 napja
looks like somewhere on earth..they not faking it right ?
Steve Jefferson
Steve Jefferson 27 napja
A. G.
A. G. 27 napja
Nobody‘s at home
Thomas William
Thomas William 27 napja
Troy Tyler
Troy Tyler 27 napja
Not seeing any track's are you ?
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