President Obama - Inspiring Future Leaders & “A Promised Land” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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President Barack Obama unpacks his hopes for inspiring a new generation of changemakers through his book “A Promised Land” and the Obama Foundation, the ways America’s position on the world stage has evolved, and why the fight for justice calls for a variety of voices. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BarackObama
0:00 Intro
2:45 Why Young People Should Be Optimistic and Impatient
5:40 Keeping in Touch with World Leaders
7:47 Importance of Cultivating Leaders Around the Globe
10:39 Why Americans Shouldn't Fear a Multipolar World
13:12 Inheriting Legacies as an American President
18:08 On Police Reform and Persuading the Public
25:41 The Republican Party's Built-In Advantage
28:14 Why Pres. Obama Should Be Careful Who He Roasts
29:17 Life as a Former U.S. President
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Nasipi Kapela
Nasipi Kapela 22 órája
What a minty interview❤️
Jessenia Morales
Jessenia Morales Napja
I wanna share that I borrowed the audiobook (25+ hrs) and I did change the speed to 1.25x 😬🤭😆
Vinal Talwar
Vinal Talwar 3 napja
What does he mean when he calls Obama “Obizal” ? - 1:20 second in video
DLC Selhorn
DLC Selhorn 4 napja
Brilliant + brilliant = Brilliant!
Lorenzo Hsu
Lorenzo Hsu 4 napja
I was waiting for President Obama's comment on the "You look cute story"...
Beatrice Bok
Beatrice Bok 4 napja
People like him destroyed new generation.
Optimus Phoenix Prime
Optimus Phoenix Prime 5 napja
So it is a race war Irony How about a species war?
I love how Obama remains cool even as he gets older. He’s the coolest and most reasonable president I’ve heard and listened to. Bro, I have to read all of his material😅. Trevor, I’m not drawn by shows easily because i think they’re somewhat lacking pull and spark, but, your smarts and intelligence keep me clicking. I had to subscribe.
Benedict Ndeke Snr.
Benedict Ndeke Snr. 7 napja
I admire the part 29:34 where Trevor challenges Pr. Obama being like him😂😂....then Barrack, the king of comebacks goes like, i am nothing like you😆😆.........this just shows how articulate Obama is, like he responds to all the parts of the long question. Viva our man, straight from motherland Kenya, #OneLove
Yolo Molo
Yolo Molo 8 napja
Obama has a very powerful voice and words
Da Krutman
Da Krutman 8 napja
No ring on his finger is Obama married or what? I wouldn't mind that kind of marriage if he was though... no rings attached
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen 9 napja
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God's Beloved
God's Beloved 10 napja
Whats the reason for disliking this video?
Many US American white supremacists
God's Beloved
God's Beloved 10 napja
Africa Arise.
Kagiso Motlhamme
Kagiso Motlhamme 10 napja
I feel so smart after watching this interview 😌 😆 😆
Test Login
Test Login 10 napja
Trevor must have a chat with 45...I need to laugh. Obama has me thinking deep here.. I need simple replies & have a laugh at 45 giving answers. Simple short funny answers for a minute then talks abouy himself. 😂😂😂
Yesenia Del Pilar Cartes Schenke
Yesenia Del Pilar Cartes Schenke 10 napja
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Witty Victor
Witty Victor 11 napja
The pandemic changed Tevor’s hair
Hlengiwe Mbata
Hlengiwe Mbata 11 napja
Trevor Bro I'm so proud of you to think I use to watch you live at Cool Runnings when you were building your stand up comedy career in Melville South Africa when I was a student. Whenever I see you, you give me hope that Africa will be better. Love you brother...
Donald Ford
Donald Ford 11 napja
Karen hunter
Morten Nørgaard
Morten Nørgaard 12 napja
As a European it is unfathomable that the same country elected this guy and then went on to elect Trump... i sincerely hope you will get another one with this level of integrity
Mario Rojas
Mario Rojas 12 napja
A great man, a great human being
Joey Bryant
Joey Bryant 12 napja
Trevor, thank you for bringing such substance to your show - Mr. President, you are a guiding light in this world of ours. My kids and I love listening to your wisdom. We are encouraged by you and will continue the fight!
Othandiwe Tekana
Othandiwe Tekana 12 napja
Why am I only seeing this now❤️ mind blowing
Luiz Oliveira
Luiz Oliveira 12 napja
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Kathy Stewart
Kathy Stewart 12 napja
Kathy Stewart
Kathy Stewart 12 napja
CONAS FACTS 13 napja
Pov: you came from the savage reply meme
Eric Waldron
Eric Waldron 13 napja
Can we get more Female leadership in Africa, Please?
Eric Waldron
Eric Waldron 13 napja
"A thief reformed."
Eric Waldron
Eric Waldron 13 napja
And also, Create fresh water treatment plants.
Eric Waldron
Eric Waldron 13 napja
Let's Nestle some fresh water to Africa.
Eric Waldron
Eric Waldron 13 napja
It is great being a Genius!
Sabhuku Kangai
Sabhuku Kangai 14 napja
Two great minds🙌🏾
Art iko
Art iko 14 napja
You can't get tired of listening to Obama & just to add the ice on the cake Trevor is spicing it up.
Jahson Ntare
Jahson Ntare 14 napja
I am Barack Obama
Leyad Zavriyev
Leyad Zavriyev 14 napja
29:04 brilliant
Lawrance Nkoane
Lawrance Nkoane 14 napja
29:45 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Memewalker B
Memewalker B 14 napja
I am a Black woman and senior citizen in a small former mill town. On Valentine's Day, I was walking in the woods in sort of deep snow (BTW, I'm far more cold tolerant than heat tolerant. LOL) with my dog and fell. My leg was broken and I required an ambulance to get to the emergency room. Police arrived and began controlling traffic before the ambulance arrived. I am thankful that police, fire and rescue did not regard my color while delivering service to me. Similar to Mrs. Robinson, I found the "Defund the police" slogan misguided. I've wanted to give police 5 stars on Google reviews to accentuate the positive. And yes, family members have had encounters where -5 stars were warranted.
World Records
World Records 14 napja
the SAVAGE moment start at 29:00. THANK ME LATER
Obama speaking in code📌
UpNextOfficial24 15 napja
Awwww mehhnnnnnnn i love the intro
purpleXpotion 15 napja
You can’t fix societal issues by having activists complain about them. BLM for example.. Who, specifically, are they talking to? Which individuals are they asking to make a change? If an individual cannot be identified.. then they are simply pointing and screaming into the wind. Or, if the individual has been arrested and is already being processed through the justice system.. then why try to destroy the system responsible for their persecution? Even if they feel ‘the system’ produced an unjust punishment.. What process does BLM suggest the offending individual’s punishment be replaced with? Vigilante justice? Sticks, Stones, Fire, & Destruction? Doesn’t sound much like ‘progress’ to me.. more like ‘Neanderthal Thinking.’ Society is fixed by teaching children ‘SELF-Responsibility.’ ..Not ‘SOCIETAL Condemnation.’
Tech for Dummies
Tech for Dummies 15 napja
29:50 I guess we know whos running for president
Luyanda Cele
Luyanda Cele 15 napja
The part you’re looking for 29:40
Sam Withoutlimits
Sam Withoutlimits 15 napja
i wish you had asked him why he would not support Bernie when it was obvious that he would follow through on his campaign promises which in fact are what polls indicate the majority of Americans want
Shane2Phresh Gh
Shane2Phresh Gh 15 napja
The fact that Americans voted Trump after Prez Obizle makes me wanna question the intelligence of most Americans
Roberta Martinez
Roberta Martinez 15 napja
LOLOLO!!!! He says 'I'll roast you' Lo loloLOLLOLOLOLO!
Dayna Jamgochian
Dayna Jamgochian 15 napja
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Ibingo Shuaibu Bok
Ibingo Shuaibu Bok 16 napja
I am in love with your hair Trevor.....I think I will adopt to growing my hair bro
Patrick David
Patrick David 16 napja
One question to Obama, why Gaddafi and not anyother corrupt exploitative African leader.
Holly Green
Holly Green 16 napja
I enjoy Trevor’s wit and thoughtfulness. He is engaging and I thoroughly enjoy his interviews and interactions
Love You
Love You 16 napja
Dennis Ireri
Dennis Ireri 16 napja
If you are here after seeing the WhatsApp status, jump to 29:13 it has the tea🍵 ......then..... Leave me some likes😉😀
RYan Thomas
RYan Thomas 16 napja
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Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez 16 napja
This was an amazing interview I could of watched hours and hours of you interviewing him!!👏👏
Carrie Zilla
Carrie Zilla 16 napja
Both of these men of course esp Obama make a huge difference in my life anyway. I just LOVE these men.
No Lies Phone Call
No Lies Phone Call 16 napja
Inkunzi u Obama
lilmil 16 napja
lilmil 16 napja
Lissy Sexsmith
Lissy Sexsmith 16 napja
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Enrrique Martinez
Enrrique Martinez 16 napja
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Roberta Jacobo
Roberta Jacobo 16 napja
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Diana Young
Diana Young 16 napja
+ 4 4 7 4 5 1 2 2 3 8 4 8
Diana Young
Diana Young 16 napja
So you are also trading with david west venture? its a go Roberta
Roberta Jacobo
Roberta Jacobo 16 napja
Trevor you are the Man!! Obama always have that simple life I love you Obama
taylor taege
taylor taege 17 napja
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Ntokozo 17 napja
Pres Obama has such a presidential voice! I loved this interview, he's so direct in his answering - it's refreshing .
Mark Walter
Mark Walter 17 napja
The indoctrination of America is complete.
Thato Andy Seth
Thato Andy Seth 17 napja
Don't think many interviewers engage this guy like this, kudos Trevor!
Garvin The Martian
Garvin The Martian 17 napja
I could run an entire town. Easily.
Crystal Knott
Crystal Knott 17 napja
War criminal
ejay Official
ejay Official 17 napja
This 32 minutes video felt like 2 hours
Yaseen Baker
Yaseen Baker 17 napja
Trevor breaking down African stereotypes! As a South African, I am proud.
Tobiloba Akinwande
Tobiloba Akinwande 17 napja
Obama says “Yo” a lot 😆
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird 17 napja
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Kris 17 napja
When my 6yr old daughter saw me watching this, she said "who's that mommy, he looks familiar" I went on to explain "that's President Obama etc..." she interrupted and said "you mean Michelle Obama's husband" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 she's knows Michelle 😍🤣🙌🏾
Fean Marie
Fean Marie 17 napja
Can President Obama run for president again ?
Musa khumza
Musa khumza 17 napja
Those coming here because of that savage reply video, it's at 29:54
Nkosi Sandile
Nkosi Sandile 15 napja
boy simarmata
boy simarmata 17 napja
Other countries don't care about America anymore, the only thing people care about USA now is just it's film industry 🤣
Lwazoluhle Mlambo
Lwazoluhle Mlambo 17 napja
As for “I’m nothing like you”😂😂❤️ #Refuses to be anything like Trevor. Love these two!!
Tumi 18 napja
I love how Trevors interviews are so well thought out and detailed. It's not copy n paste like what others are doing.
Nsavyimana Herve Cedric
Nsavyimana Herve Cedric 18 napja
It's the "firsr, I am nothing like you" 😂😂😂 for me
Liz P
Liz P 18 napja
Excellent interview. Trevor's questions were right on the mark as were Pres. Obama's answers. Two articulate and entertaining men.
musiclovingheart merciDIEU
musiclovingheart merciDIEU 18 napja
The mere possession of intelligent minds isn't enough; the dispensation of intelligent acts is...I know Obama has expressed regrets about his mastermind of the overthrow of Kadafi, it was stupidity at its worst 🙄
Young Harp
Young Harp 18 napja
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ebso 18 napja
Trevor tackled the president . President stayed politically correct. Smart Trevor.
JacK Bud.
JacK Bud. 18 napja
First of all you are nothing like president obama so make sure you get that fact right.
JacK Bud.
JacK Bud. 18 napja
Jamarl Baker
Jamarl Baker 18 napja
I sooooooo badly miss this wonderful man in the oval office why can't we pass a bill to give him one more term at least one more Obama best president ever your still and will always be MY PRESIDENT! LOVE YOU PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA . Thank you for being you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯JB THA DRUM KILLA!🥁🥁🥁🥁🎵🎶🎵🎶🥁🥁🥁🥁 🤙
Kristina Emilie
Kristina Emilie 18 napja
Barack Obama is amazing
kemalasari dina
kemalasari dina 18 napja
He's probably the only guy in the world who interviewed a former president wearing a hoodie 😂
Claretta Purcella
Claretta Purcella 18 napja
The scary need elderly cause because married provisionally remind notwithstanding a parched fountain. plausible, one dish
Malwandla Hlungwani
Malwandla Hlungwani 18 napja
I'm here for this one 29:50
Edwin Nambo
Edwin Nambo 18 napja
I am greatly inspired by Barack Obama’s leadership and Michelle’s credibility of holding down a man to a state of pushing him to be better everyday! I know I can’t change the world entirely but I can definitely make one or two people smile and be happy, being mentored by Barack without his concert but through his literature and podcasts, highlights what I can do for my country, my continent Africa and the world at large. Leadership is not only about having a following but also, vision and impact, how do we impact the people we choose to represent even in a democratic setup they choose us to lead them but what’s more important is impacting their lives. I hope by the time I walk into state house, I will definitely invite you for a chat.
Edwin Nambo
Edwin Nambo 18 napja
Obama Kindly roast me, my country needs me as President in 10-15 years
T blk
T blk 18 napja
Love you bomma!
Daphne Henry
Daphne Henry 18 napja
This is one of the best conversation's with O.B. A real exchange of 2 people, sooooo great.👍💕👊 (fighting)!!!!
T blk
T blk 18 napja
Annie Andre
Annie Andre 18 napja
I came looking for this video because i saw a 5s clip of Obama telling Trevor " I'm not like you", it was Savage and funny, yes... But deep down i knew there was more i could learn when these two intellects are on a conversation
Neat Gifts
Neat Gifts 18 napja
Notice though, that the major news media does not go to him. They go to the White late-night TV talk show hosts for their reactions to trendy news events. Trevor is not the first. Arsenio Hall was more real and not afraid to include "others"/none, White entertainers, and experts. He asked questions the mainstream talking head would ask.
HUMBLE 18 napja
Hey , what is TheWeekend doing on the daily show .
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