Trying to enter the world of #shorts

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Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts

The Shifty Beef
The Shifty Beef 4 perccel
What exactly is going on here?
Everyone talking about those people Me: WHAT ARE THOSE RED STICKS ACTUALLY?
vick Mon
vick Mon 33 perccel
Damn, so the guy seems like he just let her win. I understand trying to be a gentleman but cmon 😂. Not all women like to be babied like that. Especially if she's smart enough to know you did it on purpose.
Barath waj
Barath waj 33 perccel
He wins🔥
Jose YT
Jose YT 36 perccel
I fkn thought it was pomegranate
Name No
Name No 57 perccel
Is it Singapore's candy?
commentary with jimi
commentary with jimi Órája
What is this thing ? Is this a food ?
User 8829
User 8829 Órája
Bruh looks like looserfruit and Marcus’s HUpost Career didn’t work out 💀
不確定なサトックス Órája
ᄋᄋᄋ Órája
She is so cute and beautiful
Ananthakrishnan Órája
Can anybody tell me what is this 😂
Hmm feeling like i ma bite one of those
Riley Boughton
Riley Boughton 2 órája
Bros had years of wrist training ;)
Aaron Cherry
Aaron Cherry 2 órája
Whole life preparing for this moment.
DaNNaru 3 órája
Tangannya cepet , jadi pengen bawa pulang mbak mbak nya :v
جودي رشيد
جودي رشيد 3 órája
What is that guys???
vitalis 3 órája
When you know your priority is getting the girl, not the candy
_토깽이 3 órája
Omkar Khapre
Omkar Khapre 3 órája
She is pretty
Kory Sutton
Kory Sutton 3 órája
That type of candy is nasty
Iswar kaduskar
Iswar kaduskar 4 órája
Cute 😍😍❤️💕
ary 18
ary 18 4 órája
what is the name of this candy
Ion Meth
Ion Meth 4 órája
I love these sweets, they A are awesome
Ophion Nox
Ophion Nox 4 órája
This looks like a satisfying job
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 5 órája
I thought those were shotgun shells lmao
Acha Alexander
Acha Alexander 5 órája
Opo iku?
Henry 5 órája
What is it really though?
Mohamed Shuaau
Mohamed Shuaau 5 órája
The school nerds
Scum Life
Scum Life 5 órája
I see these all the time, but have never seen them in stores.
jam_northstar 69
jam_northstar 69 5 órája
Lol dude slows down
Yu MelAng
Yu MelAng 5 órája
Lachimondala •
Lachimondala • 5 órája
Ok but, what is that xd
Mcheez _y
Mcheez _y 5 órája
Xxsariyah_coconut Xx
Xxsariyah_coconut Xx 5 órája
My mom‘s bones at the gym be like:
Pink Girl
Pink Girl 6 órája
Have you ever just shipped two people you don't know 😂
T Marcus
T Marcus 7 órája
What kind of candy is this?
Biolit_Word Corli
Biolit_Word Corli 7 órája
Umair Saad
Umair Saad 8 órája
What is this? Red
Si3ber 9 órája
He was way faster and he was also cutting more candies than her.
Lee 9 órája
Bullshit she lost
Nevaeh_Archangel 9 órája
When your parent tells you to let your little sibling win against you
Charles Luikart
Charles Luikart 9 órája
Shotgun shells?
Wael Elattar
Wael Elattar 9 órája
Are those 12 guage shot gun bullets.
Yaboijeffr3y 10 órája
What is that stuff?
Prince Enoria
Prince Enoria 10 órája
What is that?
че там по настроениям
че там по настроениям 10 órája
Аа че это Такое??
ppaul 946
ppaul 946 10 órája
I like how he lost on purpose
Zer0 Hyp3
Zer0 Hyp3 10 órája
what is this
u know the rules AND SO DO I
u know the rules AND SO DO I 10 órája
Damn that's an interesting hand movement I wonder why she won🤔
No Bueno
No Bueno 11 órája
Why is this so fun to watch? The cut them to a sick beat! Haha! Also looks yummy 😋
GERO 60 11 órája
Freedomofspeech24 11 órája
That’s great and all but wtf is it?
Victor 11 órája
Naterade 11 órája
What are they cutting
just act casual
just act casual 11 órája
Those look so good where is this
PadorUmin 11 órája
those type of candies are delicious
Christopher Navarro
Christopher Navarro 11 órája
Aquí los que buscan el comentario en español 😂
All animes
All animes 12 órája
Tiktok : cancerrr
Aronn Almeida
Aronn Almeida 12 órája
Your trying to enter the world of shorts?
Jaymin B
Jaymin B 12 órája
I’m glad he’s not the type of guy who’s like “ActUaLLy I LeT yOU wIn” in the end
Promptify 300CAPO
Promptify 300CAPO 12 órája
Why is she so annoying
Dre Fnu
Dre Fnu 12 órája
Wtf is this Im so confused
THE Fourth Willie
THE Fourth Willie 12 órája
I thought that was candy at first...
REVO 13 órája
Dudes not even trying...
AQproductions 13 órája
He let her win so she could feel good about herself
Morris Hodges
Morris Hodges 13 órája
He wins! Work smarter not harder
The Shut-in
The Shut-in 13 órája
Did he have 4 because he was a senior employee?
The Shut-in
The Shut-in 13 órája
Yeah i can see it in that, his hands so fast i couldnt even see them move, just candies falling.
Thomas spatucci
Thomas spatucci 13 órája
Are you making shotgun shells wtf?
Kristy herd
Kristy herd 13 órája
I love eating them do you know where you can find them
Bryan G
Bryan G 13 órája
I can hear Abba music in the background
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey 13 órája
he didn't want to embarass her I would've got full rpms tho
Tsk_lilyeeterx And the boys
Tsk_lilyeeterx And the boys 13 órája
Why does he have more
chrichu 13 órája
I’ve seen a asian man do it 30z faster
Tess Tickle
Tess Tickle 13 órája
“It’s all in the wrist action” she said. “I know.” He responded.
Hella Widiani
Hella Widiani 14 órája
both are good at it
Doctor Meep
Doctor Meep 14 órája
Loser fruit?
Shanice Shirley
Shanice Shirley 14 órája
Wow she's fast
Honu B
Honu B 14 órája
He is cute
Frank Westphal
Frank Westphal 14 órája
Kombin dünyası !!!
Kombin dünyası !!! 14 órája
ne ki bu
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez 15 órája
My man was going easy
gewoondion1234 15 órája
What Is that!
Miudas a
Miudas a 15 órája
I want sugar rn
Christopher Briscoe
Christopher Briscoe 16 órája
Feminists: And can you believe she's getting paid 30 cents less an hour for doing the same amount of work?
Joe Mascolino
Joe Mascolino 16 órája
Is that clove rock
Jhostin Coyachamin
Jhostin Coyachamin 16 órája
El otro we con 4 de esas tiras y la tipa con 2 xD
Amezz 16 órája
Guy be like "aw... So cute..." Continues to show a glimpse of his superhuman level skills But then remembers what his great master thought him that "it is not always about winning that wins the war... Sometimes losing is what it takes to make the team stronger to win every battle"
Hoghs 16 órája
He either likes her or just likes her. Either way it was good cause he could have dusted her. He went fast briefly and you could tell. I say class act. Everyone won there
Ezio and me
Ezio and me 16 órája
What are those?
Egg Bread
Egg Bread 17 órája
I wonder what kind of willpower it takes to just not grab one
Talha Bin khalid
Talha Bin khalid 17 órája
He likes her 😂
Lenin Clavijo Giler Clavijo
Lenin Clavijo Giler Clavijo 17 órája
Para que sirve eso q cortan
Najji Khalyl Sofio
Najji Khalyl Sofio 17 órája
But can employees eat some?
bahahotgamer 17 órája
He entered beast mode
D Hayar
D Hayar 17 órája
That was sweet of him. He didn’t even try.
Suzanne StJohn
Suzanne StJohn 17 órája
Nobody asking what they r using all that for. I mean i may just be dumb but still-
Bastos 17 órája
My Dumbass thought these were Shotgun Shells
Jack Loaf
Jack Loaf 17 órája
This is the most oddly satisfying video I’ve ever seen
Diyah AlifahAF
Diyah AlifahAF 17 órája
What is that? Anyone, please
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