Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

Adi Meza
Adi Meza 5 órája
I cannot believe this queen has low views in 5 days.
Soboleva 5 órája
The One and Only!
razoraz 5 órája
Lana's anit-mask is the prettiest thing I've seen in months. We'd all be happy lying in that pool with her, staring at the sky. Yeah, she's a rich bitch, but responsible. She's our sister. Let's go over the rainbow coz we aren't in kansas anymore.
avdriela 5 órája
you have a mesmerizing voice.
Sheetal gautam
Sheetal gautam 5 órája
Sometimes I just live because I don't wanna miss on all the artistic music Lana gonna release in future.
Aham 5 órája
Disturbing let me go back to listen to some rammstein to wash this satanic shit down.
Grimm Tales
Grimm Tales 5 órája
End the chems🤬
Adam Galić
Adam Galić 5 órája
lana 'alex jones' del rey
sunshinew 5 órája
Abi bu kadar mükemmel bir şey olamaz Lanaşkım bitanesin
Zay Tali
Zay Tali 5 órája
Slay omg I love you so much fuck them haters!!!!!!!!!
Maria Zalesskay, 27 group
Maria Zalesskay, 27 group 5 órája
She touched my heart. 5 órája
Even if Lana were to sing a phone book, it would sound great.
Ayşe Nisa Balcı
Ayşe Nisa Balcı 5 órája
you are so beautiful
Ayşe Nisa Balcı
Ayşe Nisa Balcı 5 órája
your hairs omg #lanadelrey
Ayşe Nisa Balcı
Ayşe Nisa Balcı 5 órája
#lanadelrey #chemtrailsoverthecountryclub
Ayşe Nisa Balcı
Ayşe Nisa Balcı 5 órája
#lanadelrey i love you . you deserves better
Hương Hà
Hương Hà 5 órája
Love this song from the first listening. So chill!
Shiloh 5 órája
it was ok till the random satanic orgy like we dont have enough of that already
Shiloh 5 órája
@El if you say so
El 5 órája
She got inspired from one book and has nothing to do with satanism 😂 she’s a Christian
Shiloh 5 órája
@Rapper All alright I actually like this better
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
Leila Joubert
Leila Joubert 5 órája
Since when does Lana have this creep shit?
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
לידור שלום - מאמן סטריט וורקאאוט
לידור שלום - מאמן סטריט וורקאאוט 5 órája
Deep clues about Agenda 21.
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi 5 órája
Страннотень какаято
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
liv your local non-binary idiot
liv your local non-binary idiot 5 órája
1:35 hits different. :)
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
Bushra Shah
Bushra Shah 5 órája
It's the next episode after bartender.
Dzenana Dupljak
Dzenana Dupljak 5 órája
Favorite vocal singer🥰❤
Elise J
Elise J 5 órája
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
T 5 órája
shes gettin a bit tubby
a gay bean Greyjoy
a gay bean Greyjoy 5 órája
What if we kissed after devouring the guts of our enemies and we both had oblivious husbands and were 1960s housewives Hahahaha Unless
Rapper All
Rapper All 5 órája
coconut head
coconut head 5 órája
I didn’t know there can be video clip hitting my aesthetic THIS MUCH
Vivi 6 órája
This song feels like pain in your soul is healing.
Suheidy Soto
Suheidy Soto 6 órája
I invite you to listen to the album songs for my ex from K OS if you can give support to the song, what happens? thank you
Kerry Wallum
Kerry Wallum 6 órája
I can't see people liking this. Crazy!!
olivia rodrigues
olivia rodrigues 6 órája
are we not gonna talk about how beautiful this woman is wow
Alfredo Mendoza
Alfredo Mendoza 6 órája
Wow. NWO
Deus de Fogo 7
Deus de Fogo 7 6 órája
what a shit.
flyinside 7
flyinside 7 6 órája
All last summer we were sprayed with chemtrails, and we had a high incidence of pneumonia of unknown etiology. Almaty, Astana, Kazakhstan. Всё прошлое лето нас сыпали химтрейлами, и у нас была высокая заболеваемость пневмонией непонятной этиологии. Города Алматы, Астана, Казахстан. Все мы болели.
maring mg
maring mg 6 órája
The moment I heard her voice I knew I was gonna love it and I love it it's melancholy .. seriously I didn't even know what melancholy means it just came in my mind while listening this and I search on google and it's exactly what I'm feeling .. wow ✨💖🌠💫
Aisel Shukurova
Aisel Shukurova 6 órája
stop giving messages we are not morons.
anon591 98
anon591 98 6 órája
3:49 dude Chuck is so cute.
Raihannah Taylor
Raihannah Taylor 6 órája
This video is the definition of, "you just killed my vibe" Hahahaha Lana had me in heaven until she took me to hell
Erik Mendoza
Erik Mendoza 6 órája
Una loba en el armario tiene ganas de salir Aauuuuuuuuu
anon591 98
anon591 98 6 órája
This is like fast forward of National Anthem where Lana lost her lover and now is a single mom raising her kids and living a normal/happy-ish life while still contemplating some deeper things in life from time to time.
Papik 007
Papik 007 6 órája
Chemtrials... This killing us slowly.
Ski Dragunov29
Ski Dragunov29 6 órája
lana del rey apparently got this idea of chemtrails over the country club from alex jones, hidden in plain sight fan celebrity and side peeking into the truth
Ruken Sönmez
Ruken Sönmez 6 órája
Bence yıllın şarkısı olur
Tegan Sharp
Tegan Sharp 7 órája
This is art.
Sofiia Look
Sofiia Look 7 órája
Почему это так красиво?
Sofiia Look
Sofiia Look 7 órája
Почему это так красиво?
A*a* *a*a*
A*a* *a*a* 7 órája
fortis nuntius
Mariana Juarez
Mariana Juarez 7 órája
Te ámo lanita:(
GOD help me
GOD help me 7 órája
GOD help me
GOD help me 7 órája
Anousheh Ezdi
Anousheh Ezdi 7 órája
I love Lana more than I should.
Amy Pilos
Amy Pilos 7 órája
LSS ako sobra 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bunny Chauhan
Bunny Chauhan 7 órája
Only thing that comes in mind is the great gatsby
Cihan Güclü
Cihan Güclü 7 órája
Dovyeon 7 órája
5:23 This I like
Israel Sanchez
Israel Sanchez 7 órája
A old soul baby
bts_ot7inmyblood 7 órája
I m listening this non-stop☺. This song is taking me to another world
Salika Wani
Salika Wani 7 órája
what does the like "my cancer is sun my leo is moon" mean?
pesto pasta
pesto pasta 7 órája
This song is so beautiful ❤️ :")
wani oh
wani oh 7 órája
Ily kween🥀❤
Califu 7 órája
1:12 SMOOTHEST TRANSITION Sad seeing LDR normalize Chemtrails for the masses though.
Jeremiah Zorola
Jeremiah Zorola 7 órája
I'll love Lana
Samed Akhmedzade
Samed Akhmedzade 7 órája
Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
New Alternative 40 Chart
New Alternative 40 Chart 7 órája
"Chemtrails Over the Country Club" debuted at #3 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!
Bree M Gee
Bree M Gee 7 órája
The Devil is out to play... this is MKUltra shit. Glamorizing poisonous skies and demonic activity?? wtf? wake up and rebuke this evil world.
Tsetsi 7 órája
Even the mask is super 60’s glam!
Tsetsi 7 órája
Lana has gone conspiracy gangsta on us! What exactly is the wolverine symbology meaning?
jackie jackie
jackie jackie 5 órája
@Robles its about her favourite book women who run with the wolves 🙄
Long Nards
Long Nards 5 órája
@Robles specifically what lyrics tho?
Robles 5 órája
satanism, pay close attention to the lyrics
Defne 5 órája
@Long Nards lmao what-
Long Nards
Long Nards 5 órája
The wolves symbolize unbridled feral menstruation.
Cueio Snow
Cueio Snow 7 órája
Muito bom
Deathsoulx25x 8 órája
Tanya Afonskaya
Tanya Afonskaya 8 órája
Ankita 8 órája
Can we all appreciate Jack Antonoff for always writing masterpieces with queens👏🏻👏🏻
Gibran ruiz
Gibran ruiz 8 órája
Gracias lana!
김가희 8 órája
Joy 8 órája
My pisces is sun and my leo is moon 🦁🌚asc scorpion
Cierra A.
Cierra A. 8 órája
Thank you, Lana.
Devavrat Bishwa
Devavrat Bishwa 8 órája
This deserves better
JAX B 8 órája
I’m so glad that you’ve acknowledged the chem trails
@siouxperb5570 it’s not a hoax, you can even see planes sometimes turn the chemtrails off and on, you can see videos of it and I’ve seen it with my own eyes multiple times, you can also sometimes see 2 planes flying next to each other and one is spraying out chemtrails and the other isn’t, you just can’t deny it anymore. if it was really just condensation, it wouldn’t stay in the sky for hours
siouxperb5570 8 órája
"Acknowledged" a known hoax? Funny.
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 8 órája
Chemtrails by Lana Del. Rey
Евгения 8 órája
Thank you for another masterpiece! From Russia with love!
Dean McGee
Dean McGee 8 órája
7 Minutes With LP
7 Minutes With LP 8 órája
Beautiful 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
FIANS0 thee Barrio Pixie
FIANS0 thee Barrio Pixie 8 órája
Lana doesn’t want to sing abt drugs anymore
Ayyur Elh
Ayyur Elh 8 órája
[Chorus] I'm on the run with you, my sweet love There's nothing wrong contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearin' our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playin' it cool Under the chemtrails over the country club [Verse 1] Take out your turquoise and all of your jewels Go to the market, the kids' swimming pools Baby, what's your sign? My moon's in Leo, my Cancer is sun You won't play, you're no fun Well, I don't care what they think Drag racing my little red sports car I'm not unhinged or unhappy, I'm just wild [Chorus] I'm on the run with you, my sweet love There's nothing wrong contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearin' our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playin' it cool Under the chemtrails over the country club [Verse 2] Meet you for coffee at the elementary schools We laugh about nothing as the summer gets cool It's beautiful how this deep normality settles down over me I'm not bored or unhappy, I'm still so strange and wild [Chorus] You're in the wind, I'm in the water Nobody's son, nobody's daughter Watching the chemtrails over the country club Suburbia, The Brentwood Market What to do next? Maybe we'll love it White picket chemtrails over the country club [Bridge] My love, my love [Chorus] Washing my hair, doing the laundry Late night TV, I want you on me Like when we were kids under chemtrails and country clubs It's never too late, baby, so don't give up It's never too late, baby, so don't give up Under the chemtrails over the country club, yeah (You're born in December and I'm born in June) Under the chemtrails, over the country club, yeah (You're born in December and I'm born in June) [Outro] My Cancer is sun and my Leo is moon My Cancer is sun and my Leo is moon
ଘAngel 8 órája
esto es hermoso amo el video la cancion todo todo muero
PAULA ELLA 8 órája
Great great work Lana!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Angel Saíd Ferreira
Angel Saíd Ferreira 8 órája
Illuminati 👁 style 🧐
El 5 órája
No 😂 she just got inspired by a book ‘women who run with the wolves’
Her mask represents how masks don’t do anything and are pointless, it’s all about the psychological subconscious fear of not seeing human faces and lack of human contact to get people ready for marshal law and to accept the mandatory non/religious inhibitor vaccine and the coming “Mark of the Beast from Revelation 13: 16-18” vaccine which is Bill Gates Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccine, they openly admit it contains a microchip, it’s injected in your right hand, it has the name of the beast because the Active Ingredient is the Luciferase Enzyme and looking at Bill Gates 666 Microsoft patent, soon you won’t be able to buy or sell without it
jokes on Mary
jokes on Mary 8 órája
Blonde suits her 10 times better than any other hair color. Plus it perfectly suits the music video's transition from cute to creepy.
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 8 órája
Back for the 10th time
Peter Andersson
Peter Andersson 9 órája
Try the Infowars augmented version
wasis waskito
wasis waskito 9 órája
Great quality for iPhone 6 lense.
C 9 órája
this is a miss for Lana
Fran Kiuz
Fran Kiuz 9 órája
Exijo que esta mujer tenga mas reconocimiento 😍
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea 9 órája
Chemtrails are real and so is Satanism in Hellywood
@siouxperb5570 if you actually looked into it you would know, instead of just believing whatever the government or John Green or Bill Nye tells you
H.A.R.R.P weather modification
siouxperb5570 8 órája
@JORDAN Did you perhaps mean to say, "weather MODIFICATION", and if so, what does that subject have to do with the mathematically impossible 'chemtrail' hoax?
JORDAN 9 órája
@siouxperb5570 weather manipulation
siouxperb5570 9 órája
Can't speak to Satanism, but I can prove beyond question that 'chemtrails' are not even possible.
Giovanna Casimiro
Giovanna Casimiro 9 órája
q mulher senhor
No No
No No 9 órája
Chemtrails, spread morgellons disease...which is what Cov i d 19 really is. They always have to expose what they are doing to the public indirectly way .....its up to you to wake up or stay naive.
Morgellons is your body reflecting the nano tech and micro plastics that are in chemtrails and food and stuff, that same stuff is what they are putting in the Covid tests
JORDAN 9 órája
They've been spraying for many decades
Bobby Allen Roach
Bobby Allen Roach 9 órája
The first 15 seconds of audio are impossibly sad. 😢
WEBER 9 órája
Im here
Regino Ramos
Regino Ramos 9 órája
I’m born inDecember and she’s born in June 🤪🤪lol
Swikwlay 9 órája
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