"It's Got A Helicopter!" - Neil deGrasse Tyson's Favorite Parts Of The Mars Rover

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Neil deGrasse Tyson is a huge fan of NASA's new Mars rover, in particular the helicopter and the many cameras and microphones that allow everyone to participate as space explorers. Learn what else America's favorite astrophysicist is thinking about in his new book, "Cosmic Queries: StarTalk's Guide to Who We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We're Going." #Colbert #CosmicQueries #NeildeGrasseTyson
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Mike B
Mike B 12 órája
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Roadrunner KZSK
Roadrunner KZSK 11 napja
Man I love Neil and all, he's a great educator and brings all the exciting things in the universe in well understandable and comic manner for everyday people, me included. Thanks to him I've learned tons of stuff without spending any effort....BUT can he please stop repeating his overused phrases in every video?? Surely I'm not the only long time viewer who cringes when I hear the stories like "5 minute meeting" and "dark energy Fred" for the thousandth time =D
Prabhanshu Rajpoot
Prabhanshu Rajpoot 14 napja
Neil has a bod...
David Davies
David Davies 19 napja
Funny but not. Knot
Prathamesh Bandekar
Prathamesh Bandekar 21 napja
India has an orbiter mission on the Mars. It’s also worth mentioning here that the orbiter was inserted in the Mars orbit in the first attempt and it was a very economical mission compared to other Mars missions. www.isro.gov.in/pslv-c25-mars-orbiter-mission solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/mars-orbiter-mission/in-depth/
Damn Travis
Damn Travis 22 napja
This guy needs to learn to stop talking over EVERY interviewer.
Damn Travis
Damn Travis 22 napja
This guy needs to learn to stop talking over EVERY interviewer.
Cosmo Genesis
Cosmo Genesis 23 napja
Nothing funnier than watching two New Yorkers trying to talk over each other. 😂
Thomas G. Steffens
Thomas G. Steffens 24 napja
Life might be in the form of single cell life.
Thomas G. Steffens
Thomas G. Steffens 24 napja
I’m a scientist so I am a hero!
Thomas G. Steffens
Thomas G. Steffens 24 napja
Teacher! Not educator! Get off that word.
Noah Abraham
Noah Abraham 24 napja
Actual business plan for SpaceX. Sell StarLink internet, establish city to city space travel 45 minutes to anywhere near water. Then send humans to Mars out of own pocket. The reason SpaceX is not a public company is because they want zero influence from investors.
Noah Abraham
Noah Abraham 24 napja
Elon Musk is scheduled for 2023 to bring humans further then ever before. The Dear Moon mission. NASA contracted 3 companies to get back to the moon. Scheduled 2024, SpaceX is not only outpacing NASA right now they are funding it fr their own pockets. Out of the 3 companies SpaceX got the least amount of money for the most ambitious project. If it wasn't for the private donor from Japan humanity would never be able to get back to the Moon even in scale. Government is wasting money with those other two companies, billions down the drain for nothing.
Careless Whispers
Careless Whispers 25 napja
I was not at all impressed with this video! A manned trip to Mars (forget 2 way trips, not even possible on paper, as of yet), is say 4-7 months give or take. So manned missions to Mars should be talked about with some skepticism/rationality. All this BS hype from Musk and team, is just plain stupid!!! Not in the next 100 years... Wish there were some Musk type people, who would lead efforts to terraform the Sahara, or the Australian Outback, or all the mountains and valleys. C'mon guys, only a frikkin' ~40% of "total land surface area of Earth" is habitable, and recall that, the "total land surface area of Earth" is only 30% of the earth's surface. Hate tall claims!!! Indeed, finding extinct/extant life on Mars is going to be truly a breakthrough, would provide such an abundance of insight into "ORIGIN" of life. THAT, and a slap on the face of all the creationists who talk about jesus, his father, and allah and those 1000's of other gods scattered over the planet earth!!!
Leah L
Leah L 25 napja
He got dat space swagger!
phishfearme2 26 napja
Big Electron
Big Electron 26 napja
If I want to intimidate someone I gotta think of some shit man.. All Tyson has to do is say ‘iam not authorised to reveal that info’. Advantage of being really smart in academics. Don’t neglect your education kids.
Christopher Papp
Christopher Papp 27 napja
I can't hear Neil deGrasse Tyson's voice anymore without Logic's AfricAryaN popping into my head
Bird Man Unlimited Love
Bird Man Unlimited Love 27 napja
We all know you like the Devils Lettuce Neil!!!! Don’t blame it on the shot!
Phil Rabe
Phil Rabe 27 napja
2:25 I know Neil knows this and I'm just disrupting, BUT--- The Perseverance's Rover has a special plaque bolted on at the last moment- honoring the entire global medical community including the folks who developed, delivered, and injected the vaccine. Rolling around On Mars. Where it could easily outlive Humankind. I wish I could attach a jpg.
jas bhanga;
jas bhanga; 28 napja
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Canales Eason
Canales Eason 28 napja
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M A 28 napja
His eyes look stoned... he's a brilliant mind...
J O 28 napja
There seasonal oxygen only explainable by CYANOBACTERIA. There is life there.
Bob Dobbolina
Bob Dobbolina 28 napja
There absolutely, positively shouldn't be ANY space tourism until we've reached carbon neutrality. Enough of the rich stealing the future of the planet to appease their own egos & hedonism.
Epslon 28 napja
India is there on Mars too..
SpocksLesserKnown2ndCousinBruce 28 napja
This Tyson guy really makes it clear why so many people so dearly miss the high quality professionalism and gravitas of Carl Sagan; a man who truly was at the forefront of respectful, adult science education. Tyson is a carnival barking, self promoter who explains science like a 3rd grade teacher or simply every other cheap pop science wannabe. Why he gets airtime baffles me.
B R 29 napja
I would never sleep in orbit... Kessler syndrome is too near to happening already
이정현 29 napja
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Alpha MECH
Alpha MECH 29 napja
Neil Grasse Tyson is in a different league lol.
sweiland75 29 napja
I hate it when people talk about politicizing Space.
Abdulaziz Gurra
Abdulaziz Gurra 29 napja
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Julia Set
Julia Set Hónapja
The helicopter probably uses Inertial navigation.
Har Aziz Singh
Har Aziz Singh Hónapja
love both the guys
Jeremy Truesdell
Jeremy Truesdell Hónapja
Folks like Tyson and Nye make science interesting to the layman, and inspire youth to become involved in STEM
Jason Davis
Jason Davis Hónapja
2:45 . How big of Neil, to tip his hat to, um, himself and friends...
44 4
44 4 Hónapja
70 years later there's a planets worth of plastic floating between here and there..
crs mntmr
crs mntmr Hónapja
I just want to see mars rover and china's lander on fight on mars
Luc Eurlings
Luc Eurlings Hónapja
Here's youre next president
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hónapja
This man has been accused of one rape and three sexual assaults! Why would you want him as your guest?!👎
Green Nights
Green Nights Hónapja
LOL if your immune system can't handle it, (and your mind can't block out all this BS) then you deserve a better body in a better world (without the lemming inability to think for yourself.)
Simon Dan
Simon Dan Hónapja
05:34 I love Colbert, but come on dude... "parachutes?" There's one parachute- left one is a slow-motion version of the same event 🤣🤣🤣
Paul Anthony Donahue
Paul Anthony Donahue Hónapja
Another giant leap for mankind!
Elaine Daprano
Elaine Daprano Hónapja
UAE up there looking for oil🙄
Literally Hónapja
It's fun to hear Stephen Colbert suck. No wait, it's not...
Fernanda Barbosa
Fernanda Barbosa Hónapja
There's two of my favourite people!!! Together, they're heaven!! 😀
strato stratorunner
strato stratorunner Hónapja
Thankiuu M seGrasse . Mars the only planet we know who's ,only populated by robots !
ash G.
ash G. Hónapja
He named this new book after the segment on StarTalk lol
nattyphysicist Hónapja
Still think Musk is a business man....face palm
Jan Cloosterman
Jan Cloosterman Hónapja
I think Neil is a bit out of date with his opinion on private space corporations. SpaceX has been providing with 90% reusability launch service. Also, they've been building Starlink. There is money to be made because of their reusability tech, and it will only get better with Starship. Seeing SN11 was absolutely amazing!
4Channel Hónapja
Anyone else feels that Neil looks kinda jealous from private sector in space 😆😆.
4Channel Hónapja
Thank you Colbert. Perfect timing to interview Neil, so many science news. And perfect timing for Cosmic Queries to get promoted too.
4Channel Hónapja
7:54 😂😂😂😂😂 I am dead. Mr. Colbert is at work. Gosh this guy has a special sense of humor.
4Channel Hónapja
Never thought of the idea, lack of air is compensated by less gravity 😂😂 thanx Dr. Neil.
da sakdj
da sakdj Hónapja
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patrick dunn
patrick dunn Hónapja
I got my 2nd shot yesterday, no side effects, but I have a young colleague that told me he was fucked up (fever, chills, aches) for two days. It’s different for lots of people. Bodies process things differently, my young friend is much healthier than me. I bet he doesn’t take the vitamin supplements that I do.
M T Hónapja
Neil Degrasse Tyson high on the after effects of the vaccine! 😂😂😂
Swampbutt Stinson
Swampbutt Stinson Hónapja
It's annoying how the yt episode ends before the entirety of the interview is finished- fuckin ad revenue.
Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah
Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah Hónapja
Why? Because space is the next El Dorado. Its the next trove of gold to loot, and theres nothing that motivates just like gold. They say theres asteroids out there made of gold ore, more than the gold reserves of the entire world. And Mars is just a hop from the Asteroid Belt, a perfect basecamp. Of course, a whole new world to populate. Any country ruling Mars will rule the solar system.
Jason Berezny
Jason Berezny Hónapja
Jason Berezny
Jason Berezny Hónapja
Neil is awesome when he’s baked! I can actually understand what he’s talking about 🙃🤘👁👽❤️🇨🇦
Charlotte allan
Charlotte allan Hónapja
I really hope he gets to go to space in his lifetime ...it would mean more to him then anything im sure
Xerxes Coyco
Xerxes Coyco Hónapja
Luv the vest!
Chris Lambert
Chris Lambert Hónapja
I don't know, seems to me there were a whole lot of super heroes landing on the beaches of Normandy but what do I know.
Ngozi Nnunukwe
Ngozi Nnunukwe Hónapja
He looks like scorpion from Mortal Kombat in that mask. I want a KN95 or N95 mask like that.
Marion Newman
Marion Newman Hónapja
Yikes! I live in Nevada, born and raised. Who told them they can do that? The governor? I think the people in our state should get to vote on it. This is scary. Don’t people follow Distopian sci fi movies? The ones that corporations runs the cities?
Slaves Forging
Slaves Forging Hónapja
Fun interview! I totally agree that Scientists can be super heroes, and those scientists absolutely are. I'd say that not all science is used for good though. some scientists are super villains, such as weapon designers like oppenheimer. there's a reason Einstein spent the rest of his life trying to convince the world to stop making nuclear weapons he helped invent. But yeah, when super heroes exist, they're scientists and social scientists. (especially if we consider people like Gandhi and Martin king jr. social scientists, which i do).
Ryan S
Ryan S Hónapja
i thought this was about Perseverance, not some bait and switch to talk about vaccines.
EnderZ13 Hónapja
"There is no ROI on 'doing it first.'" Best line.
Mntdewmania Hónapja
You Sir are Bad Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Shaw
Sara Shaw Hónapja
Thank you for acknowledging lab workers. It is much appreciated.
Polanco Leta
Polanco Leta Hónapja
The graceful encyclopedia endosonographically supply because string revealingly bang athwart a rapid aftermath. medical, sedate snowflake
Project Paranormal
Project Paranormal Hónapja
NDT is the greatest nerd Earth has seen in decades!! Love that dude, hope he lives forever!
Fourth Hónapja
“its” not “it’s” video naming guy!
Leo Tan
Leo Tan Hónapja
The makeshift government centrally signal because tenor intialy land between a unused comma. obese, venomous basin
p.m. p.
p.m. p. Hónapja
Neil looks..... different. I hope he's healthy and well.
Ivan van Niekerk
Ivan van Niekerk Hónapja
Can you please look back to prove that the earth is flat?
kazu Williams
kazu Williams Hónapja
Star gazer lilly. The subtle humor is hilarious. What type of capital is there? I am guessing Tuscan.
X Hónapja
A huge super hero: Louis Pasteur. Don't like vaccines? Go live on an island full of rabid dogs and see how that pans out.
marquis international
marquis international Hónapja
Bruh looks whiter than........
Mo A
Mo A Hónapja
Stephen you are close into knowing with what is on Mars!
Treefarm Hónapja
Yes, not famous like Louis Pasteur.
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Hónapja
I miss Carl Sagan, George Carlin and Christopher Hitchens. This guy sux in his own voice and exhales his reflection.
d walker
d walker Hónapja
I agree.
ghost Hónapja
I love Neil deGrasse Tyson. One of my all time favorite and admired people on this planet. Thank you for being Neil 😊
marlonDM Hónapja
Where is Elon?
saultube44 Hónapja
You should calm down a little Stephen and lower the alcohol intake, you're being a little of a butthole there
Chais DiMaggio
Chais DiMaggio Hónapja
how about putting robots up there the public can control. :) it would be pretty cool if people could log in for 5 minutes and send directions to the robot. :)
Dutch Lockett
Dutch Lockett Hónapja
I can't believe they didn't talk about the decorations on the parachute are a encoded message, "Dare mighty things".
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Hónapja
The disastrous fine seasonally arrange because male topically drain regarding a tawdry thermometer. female fertile, disgusting destruction
Junksaint Hónapja
Neil Degrasse Tyson's ideas on math made me realize he's smarter than most "science guys" on tv
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız Hónapja
There are so many big prizes in-between
Dirk Kirchberg
Dirk Kirchberg Hónapja
Remember these two names: Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin - they are the scientists of BioNTech who developed the first Covid19 vaccine.
Meester_James Hónapja
I really like Neil's flowers. Very nice!
Navigator Mother
Navigator Mother Hónapja
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a major Hottie....
Laurel Robbins
Laurel Robbins Hónapja
Neil deGrasse Tyson is delightful!
John Klaus
John Klaus Hónapja
Humans ain’t goin’ anywhere but 6 feet under... except the last.... just lying dead on the ground. Another species with no redeeming value.
Artificial Hónapja
im just curious, if there is life elsewhere then what happens to the bible and religion? Not that anything will "happen" to that but the messages in the big book and the religious stories etc must be fake then? Or does religion say anything about alien life?
Cameron Nelson
Cameron Nelson Hónapja
Neil is high asf right now mind blown
no way
no way Hónapja
Life on mars is a double edged sword. We couldn't ethically terraform if there is, but caplitalists WILL & probably destroy said life just to make a buck. SAD
silkroadcaravan Hónapja
What's up with that very weird room that NdGT is calling from? It's like the inside of an RV, with Greco-Roman columns...
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