Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn Vs a McLaren Senna Merlin // Hoonicorn Vs the World

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Welcome to Hoonicorn vs. the World: a show inspired by gameplay from Forza Horizon, brought to real life! Today’s matchup? Hoonicorn vs. hypercar. This 1 of 1 McLaren Senna Merlin edition is one of the fastest hypercars around right now, so we line it up with the Hoonicorn to see what happens in a straight line race against the two. Will light weight, a bunch of technology, and lightning fast shifts help this Senna eke out a victory over the monstrous Hoonicorn?
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UK 15 napja
Just got my Merch 3mins ago! Thanks Guys! Took the H'corn for a rip on forza 7 the other day...smashes everything! This is the Hoonigan content we love 🤘
Addison Dwyer
Addison Dwyer Napja
How forza 7 the latest one is 4
mike rizzo
mike rizzo 2 napja
@TheRedLazzer methanol runs cooler than gasoline. It wasn't a joke.
noah cano
noah cano 3 napja
@Hoonigan we wanna see Ken’s mustang vs SXSBlog’s 1100HP 2JZ RZR!!
en genuine
en genuine 4 napja
Do you believe that the angels really exist? This is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in my life - please have a good day. 🌞
The Mighty Wolf96
The Mighty Wolf96 4 napja
Would love to see Hoonicorn vs slambo
Not Me
Not Me Órája
When freedom factory ?
Jay • 13 years ago
Jay • 13 years ago 2 órája
This hit me so hard when I saw the forza 4 in the intro
anupam chattopadhyay
anupam chattopadhyay 2 órája
What's the 0-60 on the Hoonicorn?
MrWinston 2 órája
pretty sure cleetus has a couple cars thatll happily gap the corn
Ed Ropper
Ed Ropper 2 órája
I think I'll go touch myself now
z L
z L 3 órája
probably gonna need something with 1400 hp to beat it. had half the power, so makes sense.
Rocky Garcia
Rocky Garcia 3 órája
Take it to Compton
yokdriverchris 3 órája
@sxsblog guys need to race 2JP against this
perotti JJ
perotti JJ 5 órája
Hoonicorn vs regera
Apparatus 101
Apparatus 101 6 órája
Racerkid998 6 órája
I really want to see the hoonicorn on the Netflix show “fastest car”
karn sandhu
karn sandhu 6 órája
Try n match up with a koenigsig or Chiron
Ardit Topllari
Ardit Topllari 8 órája
Try that on a circuit lap it ll be interesting
Gerald Allen
Gerald Allen 8 órája
Of course its that cars element. Try racing the mclaren on a circuit track.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 8 órája
Hoonicorn vs. Cleetus and Leroy PLEASE. COMPLETE MY LIFE!!!!
mr angelo
mr angelo 8 órája
absolutely love the song that kicks in at 3:14
clubracer6 8 órája
So far the Donk race made me smile the most and the RS3 was the most impressive contender! Senna’s are ugly!
Yandy Martinez
Yandy Martinez 10 órája
You guys need to race frustrateeg , that would be a dope race
Erik Nelson
Erik Nelson 10 órája
hoonicorn vs big chief
Jim D.
Jim D. 10 órája
Prediction?!? 1,400HP AWD vs a 3 digits HP car w/ rear wheel contest!
Andy C
Andy C 10 órája
The way the Senna looks like its gettin sucked back between shifts as Ken slams the gears at 13:04! Fuck me that Hoonicorn pulls like fuck! 🤤
Maximus 11 órája
Yes indeed how does it feel to be beat by a Ford.
Maximus 11 órája
It’s a fuckin missile. Lol. Damn. Bugatti time now.
Maximus 11 órája
Jesus Christ I thought the Hoonican was fast but that’s insane.
Marty Zuno
Marty Zuno 11 órája
I think hurt knows the real hp number of the hoonicorn that’s why he’s so confident
Aaron Pack
Aaron Pack 11 órája
Run leroy or Rob dahm 4 rotor
Arthur T N S
Arthur T N S 11 órája
We need a chiron
Сергей Стрела
Сергей Стрела 13 órája
Hello from grinya
real eyes realize real lies
real eyes realize real lies 13 órája
Hoon car must do 0 to 60 in like 1 sec.
khalifi Silva
khalifi Silva 13 órája
Damn...... That is a nice fish
JustDigIt 13 órája
It all has to do with gear ratio...but damn... It's fast.
LIOYD3 13 órája
They need to start including times
nicholas burns
nicholas burns 14 órája
aGoodSheperd 14 órája
McLaren price $1.15 mil, Hoonicorn: priceless
Jason Spangler
Jason Spangler 15 órája
4:10 is the fishing legend, @realisticfishing
Eyes onFire
Eyes onFire 16 órája
That's just a beautiful piece of Hooniclass badassery.Damn thats quick
Mark Zam 94
Mark Zam 94 16 órája
Line up next bugati chiron
Daniel Valadez
Daniel Valadez 16 órája
but what does the button do?
De Gü
De Gü 17 órája
F O R D + P O W E R
Jutixful 17 órája
Senna owner be like : crash that shit in the tree over there and get me an hoonicorn
derek haydon
derek haydon 17 órája
As I can't afford to buy Audi, I thought I would have a look. What a load of crap ! I presume that was an add when some idiot started yelling, trying to blow my speakers. I then fast forward to when the race started, but still no better off. Just a load blokes slapping each other on their backs and making a lot of noise. No point whatsoever in the American car, just noise. And I still don't know which car crossed the line first. Wont bother again. Like I said. CRAP.
Touchofgrey53 18 órája
Yeah, but the McLaren did it without smokin"!
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster 18 órája
DonkMaster would have drugged that Supercar!! GUARANTEED 💯🏁
Wabefuhon 18 órája
When you realize that the Hoonicorn is cheaper than the Merlin.
Hector Ochoa
Hector Ochoa 19 órája
VS Lamborghini Huracan Twin Turbo of Sheepey Race
Paul Mailliard
Paul Mailliard 19 órája
At least give @realisticfishing a shout out for using his content. Damn...
Realistic Fishing
Realistic Fishing 19 órája
keeping it real with Bartman
keeping it real with Bartman 19 órája
just watched it for the fish
Realistic Fishing
Realistic Fishing 19 órája
BoneYard Biker
BoneYard Biker 19 órája
Hoonicorn needs to race the devel 16
Melvin 19 órája
I want to see suppys beautiful Face
Lumir Pilcik
Lumir Pilcik 20 órája
A plácají se po ramenou, že vyhráli, hrdinové. Ať proti tou postaví něco srovnatelného, třeba top fuel, ale to by asi řvali, že to není fér.
Debowymoc 20 órája
1400hp vs 800hp, hahaha
Lumir Pilcik
Lumir Pilcik 20 órája
OK, and now the fairy tale about Red Riding Hood. You compare incomparable things. McLaren dont need new engine after 50 miles. And The McLaren is street legal, Hoonicorn is not!
Mr. Reanu Keeves
Mr. Reanu Keeves 21 órája
Literally made one of my dreams come true 😭🙌🏻
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 22 órája
Try it against a 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S
Sebastian L
Sebastian L 23 órája
What is the meaning of all this?
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Napja
Only people who didn't come from TikTok are worthy of liking this
I Wanna See The Jeep Grand Cherokee TRACK HAWK VS The HOONICORN!! Daaaaaaaaang...Priceless!
Eoin Markey
Eoin Markey Napja
shanarah76 Napja
vs Porsche 9ff, get it done!
Jason Berg
Jason Berg Napja
He changers those gears better then any computer will 👍👏
mike chavez
mike chavez Napja
Ken has to be getting to 60 in under 2 seconds, so fast.
CarSceneKorea Napja
What did I just watch
hector mendez
hector mendez Napja
one guy said ken is sand
KomanKing Napja
Hoonicorn it' a f*cking Jet
rx7dude2006 Napja
Wait a 1400 hp car beats a 780 hp car?How can this be?Ill take the Senna any day.
airsofter171 Napja
How do you make a McLaren look that slow 😳😳😳
edward harris
edward harris Napja
It was pretty obvious that the Hoonicorn was going to win it’s got 1,400bhp!
Hugo Sagredo
Hugo Sagredo Napja
Vs a koenigsegg would be bad ass
John Smith
John Smith Napja
You should know better than race a Hoonicorn.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones Napja
I just want to drive kens car on street. But aren’t there any 2000 hp lambs out there?
sage sandoval
sage sandoval Napja
Straight to business 10:57
shooter257x Napja
That's the closest I've seen any car get to the mustang.
Don Phillips
Don Phillips 20 órája
Check out when the Hoonicorn races the blue Audi RS3 which actually beat the mustang twice
Jaybruhh Napja
*_These are the type of build VS bought races we love to see!_*
Jaybruhh Napja
*Hoonicorn* VS *_FrustrateEG_* !?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Napja
Good job.. keep up the good work.?
Tristan Brink
Tristan Brink Napja
I love watching ken shift through each gear and how he just goes so fast... CUS HE NEEDS TO
Ninten dont But do
Ninten dont But do Napja
What if you could put a clutch in kens car like top fuel? Is something like that possible and how fast would it be with it?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Napja
The McLaren driver acting as if he’s racing 1976 FORD PINTO; Conclusion that McLaren needs a DRIVER that car is faster than what he’s driving it.
Custom Auto Builds
Custom Auto Builds Napja
We need more!!!
Andrew Issarapaiboon
Andrew Issarapaiboon Napja
wow they didnt invite gintani for this race cmon' ! his 720s stage 2 is WILD
ranks 1975
ranks 1975 Napja
Mclaren owners don't watch this. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Christian Clark
Christian Clark Napja
The Hoonicorn is unnecessarily fast.
Car Stereo
Car Stereo Napja
Just imagine how fast that RS3 was that beat it twice
JakeC Gaming
JakeC Gaming Napja
@Darren Armwood bawlls
Goodguy19 Napja
That’s not even funny that’s just cruel! How’s it that fast!! Ken’s a legend
Rafe Vadnais
Rafe Vadnais Napja
Custom cars are better
Xander du Plessis
Xander du Plessis Napja
Anyone else just always hear gear shifts
Xander du Plessis
Xander du Plessis Napja
Put a veyron 16l engine in a hoonicorn and give it all the soup necessary,
Joel alejandro Carrera arreola
Joel alejandro Carrera arreola Napja
Or maybe hoonicorn vs srt dino
Joel alejandro Carrera arreola
Joel alejandro Carrera arreola Napja
What about hoonicorn vs the red demon dsm
kevin leblanc
kevin leblanc Napja
3 wide unicorn - 4 rotor - leeroy
BlasterAzores Napja
would love to see Hoonicorn vs Leroy and Ruby from Cleetus crew
Tommy Kelley
Tommy Kelley Napja
The McLaren driver acting as if he’s racing 1976 FORD PINTO; Conclusion that McLaren needs a DRIVER that car is faster than what he’s driving it.
o o
o o Napja
what a group of A holes
Lewis Hayward
Lewis Hayward Napja
imagine spending £1,000,000 on a car that you think is fast..... then comes the Hoonicorn
Cordell 123
Cordell 123 Napja
I’d pretty much sell that Mclaren
JoceyVDV Napja
The launch of the mclaren is pretty disappointing
Cordell 123
Cordell 123 Napja
The Audi was a better race!
jdubbfam37 Napja
Dude did I just see a three car length leed and beat him in about 50 yards ? Hahahaahhahahaha oh dam lol . Hoonacorn is amazing dude I'ma go okay forza now
Cordell 123
Cordell 123 Napja
10:58 is when the race starts! Skip all the stupid talking
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