Shadow of the Tomb Raider Developers React to 48 Minute Speedrun

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Every week, IGN invites the creators of the biggest and best video games to watch -- often in horror -- as the world's top players break their creations and finish their games at record speed. This is Devs React to Speedruns.
It takes most players between 12 and 35 hours to beat Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Watch as Eidos Montreal's Jason Dozois (Narrative Lead) and Matthew Thomas Labelle (Lead Dev QA) give their hilarious thoughts on what they think of speedrunner blancw's incredible run through their game.
Make sure to check out more from blancw here:
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Platinum Boiii
Platinum Boiii 11 órája
Now try on deadly obsession
CrixGaming? 4 napja
what in the sam hell of tarnation is those key bindings....
Kartikey Singh
Kartikey Singh 8 napja
Kid Dies Game; +XP
Gian Pacayra
Gian Pacayra 9 napja
Hilarious dev commentary!
Mike Muponda
Mike Muponda 11 napja
They didn’t just beat the game, they beat the game engine too 😂💀
Azazel 12 napja
Wow what a set of awesome dev´s !
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 14 napja
Lmk mom
UnseenGamer646 16 napja
This cave looks like it's partially out of bounds...
Shreyansh Yadav
Shreyansh Yadav 19 napja
Me who completed this game in 2 days in first time thinking what the hell he did.
ajit pawar
ajit pawar 20 napja
TVfridge 20 napja
The non QWERTY keyboard layout is messing with my mind
MindBrand Abbadon
MindBrand Abbadon 20 napja
seems like the devs knows all well about speedrun stuffs
ryan prescott
ryan prescott 21 napja
This was so fun to watch!!
Christopher Acosta
Christopher Acosta 24 napja
At 22:05 it sounds like one of the devs is hungry or getting acid reflex from the stress of this gameplay lol 😂
Rage 2000
Rage 2000 25 napja
Walk of the tomb tourist
CJ Zizzari
CJ Zizzari 26 napja
These devs clearly wish that they were on the Uncharted series
Plantxvibe Hónapja
the first 7 minutes took me 2 hours NO Cap
Thomas Liam
Thomas Liam Hónapja
The steep withdrawal realistically stare because shoemaker periodically tease athwart a enormous periodical. brief, temporary chard
Sus Boi
Sus Boi Hónapja
Who tf takes 35 hours to beat the game not 100% done
Jack Doe
Jack Doe Hónapja
Drinking game: Take a shot whenever they are both laughing. Hard mode: Take another when something is legit. Death mode: Take extra shot when you hear the word skip.
Toast 14 napja
Sling_Kazemiro Hónapja
"Al pacino's dead" 😂 these have by far been some of the most entertaining devs in the whole series! Kudos to these guys!
Luis Cordeiro
Luis Cordeiro Hónapja
Speed run with glitch xp please go back to the old speed runs
RedSkysAreOnFire Hónapja
took me longer to kill boss at end than the length of the speed run.
DavyDave1313 Hónapja
19:00 @TheRadBrad
JR - KPOP Hónapja
How do these speedrunners discover these?
GoochPanooch Hónapja
This is the worst game of the series
Ratnesh Sahu
Ratnesh Sahu Hónapja
watching speed run in speed run (2x).
Vanillasweety Hónapja
For reader in year 2021 onwards, please dont try the glitches, you may die in cutscenes based on my real experience when i tried to use glitches at 29:07.
Tsuki Ōkami-sama
Tsuki Ōkami-sama Hónapja
Stabbing and cutting is two entirly different things. Thats why she need to sharpen it.
thejason755 Hónapja
This speed-run is so depressing sometimes. You can actually hear the dev’s hearts break at different points “we spent so long tweaking this part...”
Joel Soiminthang
Joel Soiminthang Hónapja
UnjustifiedRecs Hónapja
The most amazing thing about all of these speedruns and testament to the devs I guess, is that the game still functions despite being broken at every opportunity by the speed runner.
Don Hónapja
beating the entire game without spoiling the plot is amazing
Jodaddy Hónapja
5:35 “hahahahahha” they say
Jan R
Jan R Hónapja
Never noticed the eclipse amazing attention to detail
Jason Frey
Jason Frey Hónapja
Why do people do this? Haha it’s not impressive, it’s glitching the game...idk I just think stuff like this is worthless
Stumpy Dan
Stumpy Dan 2 hónapja
These devs are awesome. Thanks for not being strict and uptight like the DMC devs, that immediately commented on fixing literally everything they saw that wasnt what they wanted to see.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 2 hónapja
wtf are those key layouts though????
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee Hónapja
@Asher Dunton damn someone got bullied in high school
Asher Dunton
Asher Dunton Hónapja
listen to the video, dumbass it's the french/belgian keybord
Vojta Novohradský
Vojta Novohradský 2 hónapja
Can I get a tutorial pls? XD
Amey Kulkarni
Amey Kulkarni 2 hónapja
i'm so used to seeing linus tech tips cranking this game up to test HDR monitors or new computer hardware that this game looks wildly different on low settings which i presume what the speedrunner is playing on
Angelic Vega
Angelic Vega 2 hónapja
This is more like the Devs react to every exploit being used in one speed run LOL
Xavi 2 hónapja
Hey I beat ur game “Yea ik the first level is long but that’s not the whole game u have a few hours left” No I beat the whole thing “😳”
Xavi 2 hónapja
The devs seem so cool
Juan Patricio Lara
Juan Patricio Lara 2 hónapja
I just started playing this game this week and is so beautiful
ShOtGuNOfRivia 2 hónapja
I'm so glad someone's done this, I played the 2013 Tomb Raider game as my first intro into the series, 13 hours I will never get back.
MagSun 2 hónapja
It's so funny how the devs mock their own game, like Lara recognizing the plane from like 10 feet away. It's like the hidden stuff on items where you have to look at them at a very weird angle, where you cannot see what's going on.... Lara seems very.... "gifted"
In The Shadow of a Thousand Beans
In The Shadow of a Thousand Beans 2 hónapja
Yeah it's ridiculous 😂 I mean you gotta have a sense of humour. Like the perfectly timed things happening at this exact moment when your character shows up, it's absurd, but it still creates the "effect". And also all the absurd stuff on a technical level, it's brilliant. Altough with all their comments, I wish they took this little more serious and made the next game less "Woah I see this object right in front of me and I have to name it so the players knows what it is" lol
tobietera 2 hónapja
I bloody loved this game 😊👌🏻♥️
Lemmy Mann
Lemmy Mann 2 hónapja
I can't belive Lara stabbed that innocent man that we've never seen before. You're supposed to be a role model Lara! Shame!
Footsoljier 2 hónapja
I love how they call it a walkthrough
flexbrothers 2 hónapja
The checkpoint knows!
Art by Atlas
Art by Atlas 2 hónapja
So the only way to speed run through this game is to break it?
Asher Dunton
Asher Dunton Hónapja
no, it's just the most efficient way
slick one
slick one 2 hónapja
1. 05:36 2. 08:51 3. 09:47 4. 11:14 5. 11:56 6. 13:15 7. 14:24 8. 16:26 9. 19:51 10. 22:54 11. 26:14 12. 28:55 13. 31:37 watch a little further here 14. 44:27 15. 46:54 Watching the whole thing gives you some context and a few more interesting moments 😃
truba dorn
truba dorn 2 hónapja
this must be embarasing
Fannie Bell-Hill
Fannie Bell-Hill 2 hónapja
Glitche af
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli 2 hónapja
DOOM Eternal Devs: "do you think they want us to patch that?" Halo CE Devs: "MARTY HE'S KILLING THE MARINES" These guys: [laughing at how many game breaking bugs there are]
Redacted 2 hónapja
why is no one pointing out that painful key board layout
Asher Dunton
Asher Dunton Hónapja
listen to the video, dumbass it's the french/belgian keybord
iAm Wolfie
iAm Wolfie 2 hónapja
18:11 I call cheat. Completely skipped from the Town of Kuwaq Yaku to the temple entrance.
Asher Dunton
Asher Dunton Hónapja
it's an exploit that utilizes checkpoint loading
Stefan Leo
Stefan Leo 2 hónapja
Did I play the same game? That's the third of that trilogy yes?
Isaiah Glasgow
Isaiah Glasgow 2 hónapja
Creators should be a ashamed of themselves imagine dropping a game this broken smh
Isaiah Glasgow
Isaiah Glasgow Hónapja
@Asher Dunton didn’t mean to hurt your feelings 😂
Asher Dunton
Asher Dunton Hónapja
ok then, mr. high and mighty, why don't you try developing a AAA game? you'll notice that even the best games have plenty of exploits
Andrey Andreev
Andrey Andreev 2 hónapja
How is she even have this heavy breath squising through tight spaces - SUBMERGED!?
Da Tenshi
Da Tenshi 2 hónapja
Love how they call it the ‘Sephiroth moment’ despite this game being older than the Final Fantasy remake. Really shows they respect iconic titles such as those
BushPiG0 2 hónapja
At what point in history did speed-runs get abused and turned into glitch-runs, this is NOT by any standard of the term a speed-run. All it is, is a glitch finding test run Plain and simple. Go back to Quake and witness the purity of the term "speed-run". Can you So called Devs stop blurring the lines between the 2 and rename this garbage.
M3h3ndr3 2 hónapja
These are the funniest devs from the series so far :D
WYIT0 2 hónapja
I love how they acknowledge how dumb all her talking to herself exposition is and yet still put it in the game. They did so well with the ability to turn off all the hand-holding painted visual cue stuff and yet they still kept that voice stuff in.
Irrational 2 hónapja
I was playing this and I saw that survival hook toss, and I just knew there has to be a glitch with it. And I was right.
Irrational 2 hónapja
I played this with my mom, who loved the Tomb Raider games. She got so mad at me because I died so much on the flood scene
AlansMustache 2 hónapja
I bought this game 2019 Black Friday, haven't even open the plastic wrapping
Dr. Who
Dr. Who 3 hónapja
The way you just know the guy playing has spent his whole life on the game
Lance Villarosa
Lance Villarosa 3 hónapja
The one guy sounds like Kevin Owens
PNAM 3 hónapja
Should be titled Glitch Speed Run. =/
crazymonkey 3 hónapja
5:13 "have to be quick" *proceeds to speedrun her life"
Tom Knight
Tom Knight 3 hónapja
These devs were a genuine delight
Myron Pikims
Myron Pikims 3 hónapja
Whos surprised, the games a buggy mess
Ardi 3 hónapja
Love how they are making fun of their own game
Harikrnwn 3 hónapja
That keyboard make me confused
Aramis Martin
Aramis Martin 3 hónapja
There’s just feels like a job review
Grzegorz Ciombor
Grzegorz Ciombor 3 hónapja
Just finished the game...62h gameplay time (all extras included).... really enjoyed it :) ... amazing speedrun... prefer my game thought :D
Divergent Droid
Divergent Droid 3 hónapja
I won't play this game because there is no first person option. I'm not 14. I don't need to look at my characters backside the whole game or need the handicap the 3rd person view forces. I wanna play her character through her eyes as it should be. Some guys can do a 48 minute speed run but no one can make a proper first person view that would have 1) gotten the game tons more sales and 2) created tons more fans of the game devs. Not a smart business model. This is why games like the Elder Scrolls series excels. Why don't more devs get that?
Bearly Gamer
Bearly Gamer 3 hónapja
Hate speed runs
Sir Beerus
Sir Beerus 3 hónapja
14:07 great physics. 🤣
Deadly Delight88
Deadly Delight88 3 hónapja
I get speed running for the best time by any means necessary but it should be without mesh glitches and based on skill ie Mario brothers doom etc
Jay 3 hónapja
When devs laugh about their unfinished unpolished garbage games! Can't wait for the 2077 edition!
eh 3 hónapja
Jesus Christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him
Tim Olsson
Tim Olsson 3 hónapja
I love how much they critique their own game, so genuine devs
bigchunk1 3 hónapja
Can't save em all.
Vertubenflugen 3 hónapja
Dad: Son you can't graduate MIT in 3 months. You need to attend classes, do coursework and take exams. Son: If I were to do that, it would trigger cinematics and it wastes time.
Vídeos Legais Legendados em Pt-br
Vídeos Legais Legendados em Pt-br 3 hónapja
Devs reacting at how broke is their game.
Omar AlBadri
Omar AlBadri 3 hónapja
Mind Fresh
Mind Fresh 3 hónapja
Wtf is that
Shuozhe Nan
Shuozhe Nan 3 hónapja
I wonder how many tester are going to lose their jobs..
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard 3 hónapja
I used to be a speedrunner like him, then I took an arrow to the knee.
Safe Space Bear
Safe Space Bear 3 hónapja
The person who did this run was hella dedicated to find all of these hacks and time savers. If I were one of those devs it would make me feel honored and break my heart to see this savage take their creation apart
godsmurthy 3 hónapja
my dad worked on the art for this game
Caia Schultz
Caia Schultz 3 hónapja
So, the whole stealth section in the oil fields....... Can be done in Mere seconds?!??! I always struggle a bit there xD
eh 3 hónapja
Jesus christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him it’ll be the best decision you ever make trust me he died for you and he loves you all please repent and accept him and don’t take that vaccine btw
Temp 3 hónapja
These guys were super cool. It was an awesome ideia to have the narrative director in such a story driven game, I hope they keep doing this.
Temp 3 hónapja
This series is awesome
Annon ymous
Annon ymous 3 hónapja
This was more like a Sonic game playthrough. Complete with trademark clipping glitches
Zenith 3 hónapja
I hope the speedrunners are getting revenue from this as well
Annon ymous
Annon ymous 3 hónapja
tHeYG eT ExP0SuR3! ¡¿®\€|
Daniel R.
Daniel R. 3 hónapja
@5:34 had to replay this moment a few times. Both of them laughing at this gateway glitch is priceless !
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