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Second trailer for Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy

heavystarch100 Napja
Ole girl belly button on the thumbnail is gross!
Kobra 2killer
Kobra 2killer 8 napja
Gbouyaka cooll film
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 8 napja
Lol I just got done watching the first movie 😂😂amazing
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box 9 napja
The best part of the movie was Louie Anderson's comedic role...
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box 9 napja
I guess it keeps holding true to the stereotype that black men keep having illegitimate children that they don't even know about lol this movie SUCKED I feel like it constantly perpetuate stereotypes how you going to have something that's majestic about black people and then you attach negative stereotypes to it it was wrong and trash total trash....
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box 9 napja
it seemed weird that Wesley Snipes and teyana Taylor were in the movie it just does not flow right it doesn't feel right the plot is weird I don't like it at all and it did not stay true to the original and that's the problem it was very flaky and too many goddamn performances
Rumbidzai Vandurschuur
Rumbidzai Vandurschuur 9 napja
I honestly can't wait to watch this! 😁❤️
Browneyed God
Browneyed God 11 napja
I'm definitely watching this😹😹
Millie Quin
Millie Quin 14 napja
I'm I the only one who noticed that the prince was wearing Kenya's flag on the part where he achieved getting some of the lions whisker? 🤔... I'm saying this coz I'm from Kenya 😂
WALTER WANE 12 napja
Yah..I kinda noticed that too
Serwah Prempeh
Serwah Prempeh 14 napja
Oh my I love to see Wesley snipe swag the way he walked into the room i can't stop laughing
Nicholas Peterson
Nicholas Peterson 14 napja
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Janell Meads
Janell Meads 16 napja
White people laugh too loud and too long @ black people. Ex: cavior dinner scene black potatoes?
Aman muridu
Aman muridu 16 napja
❤❤❤❤❤Ethiop Ethiopa Ethiopa Ethiopa Ethiopa Ethiopa Ethiopa❤❤❤❤❤
Aman muridu
Aman muridu 16 napja
this movie. history .drassing language .All Ethiopan Ethiopa Ethiopa
Deundrez Baker
Deundrez Baker 17 napja
It’s almost like wakandq
Deundrez Baker
Deundrez Baker 17 napja
O my god iPhone don’t let me type
Deundrez Baker
Deundrez Baker 17 napja
I geel dumb
amena worku
amena worku 17 napja
Ethiopia 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🙏
rediat melese
rediat melese 17 napja
Cbradio Mizfit
Cbradio Mizfit 17 napja
"No child support for 30 yrs and you came back? Yous a dummy"
Comps 19 napja
This Was Shot At Rick Ross 102Bd House
MissRandom 19 napja
i was so happy to see Wole Soyinka and Davido in this movie. it's good they brought some African icons in the movie lots of love from Nigeria.
Wayne Kinney
Wayne Kinney 19 napja
Does anyone know how did Jaffe Joffer know akeem had a son?
Wayne Kinney
Wayne Kinney 9 napja
@Record Lock Box Right, not really explained in it!
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box 9 napja
Yeah really how is that and Akeem didn't even know he had a son that is some b*******
Gyoungily Comedy
Gyoungily Comedy 20 napja
Wow fantastic ❤️🔥
Ayu lideta
Ayu lideta 21 napja
Hey ho
Jerry Jazzbo
Jerry Jazzbo 21 napja
Wesley Snipes' taxes were already deducted.
Gunn 22 napja
Wow. What a terribly shit movie.
mikachizii 12 napja
Yasss just like you 😘😘😘 If you went all the way to whatch hate and writing bulshit just dont comment
Tevin Murimi
Tevin Murimi 22 napja
My fav part is when lavelle confronted the lion ...simply because he had a kenyan flag althrough 😂😂😂😂
John David
John David 22 napja
The animated vulture concomitantly remind because landmine literally cure notwithstanding a foregoing leg. condemned, descriptive wish
Braga 22 napja
eh! not as funny as the first one
Ayinaddis alemu
Ayinaddis alemu 22 napja
I am from Ethiopia ( the next kingdom of Africa and world ) long life for orthodox tewahedo & Ethiopia ✝️✝️✝️
Trocon The Hedgehog
Trocon The Hedgehog 22 napja
Nightcrawler 22 napja
It was awful movie. Just a bunch of black people dancing throughout the whole movie. Utter shite!
Nightcrawler 12 napja
@mikachizii whatever pikachu
mikachizii 12 napja
Wow a full depscription of yourself good work! If you are here only to tell shit the door is infront of you 😘
Debbie Parham
Debbie Parham 22 napja
I enjoyed this movie and got some laughs😆
Novica Blagojevic
Novica Blagojevic 23 napja
Turypit 23 napja
The fact that Davido sang 😅😅😅😅
l l
l l 23 napja
If I ever watch a "black" movie after 2004 , you can punch me. Bl@cks stopped being cool in 2003.
John Smith
John Smith 23 napja
A lot of very fine black women in this movie
Bengi boy
Bengi boy 23 napja
Jamie Turner
Jamie Turner 23 napja
This movie was terrible
Wild TVGaming
Wild TVGaming 23 napja
This movie 😆 is so funny I just watched earlier today and I’m bout to get ready to watch it again now 💯
Abegirl 24 napja
Eyyo guys can i get the link
Adrian Valdez
Adrian Valdez 24 napja
Wow. Didn’t know a movie could make me laugh these days. Thank you Eddie Murphy. Loved it!!! 🤣😂🤣😂
Roberto 24 napja
I missed this 😍
DMV Bay 25 napja
Wesley stole the show.
Sameer Fredrick
Sameer Fredrick 25 napja
I'm in love with Bopoto's character, are there truly any women like that in the whole wide world....who would be hot and submissive to their husband so blindly?! would be heaven on earth 😄
SARIGO 24 napja
Go to africa
Hey ho!
R Lee
R Lee 25 napja
I honestly loved the movie. Wesley was funny to me! That walk!! 😆 My only disappointment was that some of actors didn't have bigger lines! ❤
Team Sheila Globally
Team Sheila Globally 25 napja
I can't wait to watch it 😉....
Ali Al-Lateef
Ali Al-Lateef 25 napja
IDK why is everyone criticizing this movie I think it's because it wasn't as circulated around Eddie Murray as the first one. but for me, I enjoyed watching it, it's easier to understand if you watched the first part but it is really good not as good as the first but still a good and funny movie and brings back good old memories, and don't forget they are trying to sell more tickets and make more money by making it a PG-13 movie that's why the jokes and the movie content is more PG than the first one and wouldn't suit the people that watched the first movie because the majority of them are the older audience.
musicbySADBOY 25 napja
So the 1st 3 minutes of the movie is just an advert😂. Classic🔥🔥
lo lo
lo lo 25 napja
These comments r just DUMB DAM
louis Isthename
louis Isthename 26 napja
This was possibly the worst sequel I’ve ever seen
louis Isthename
louis Isthename 26 napja
I really wanted it to be good as Eddie is I just felt like the cgi was woeful and some of the jokes were ott
Michelle Schu-blacka
Michelle Schu-blacka 26 napja
Definitely a great wander down memory lane...I only wish they'd featured the preacher a bit more. Also, _She's Your Queen_ has to become the new Wedding March. Also, also, how did they get away with Eddie Murphy doing the Jewish equivalent of blackface again? I would have thought that might be considered a bit inappropriate at best, especially when they did a scene about 'diversify'.
Slap Box
Slap Box 26 napja
mikachizii 12 napja
Finally someone that gets it
Ken Men
Ken Men 26 napja
This is funny but when I saw the Princess I laugh harder 😂
rinocerota 27 napja
Very good movie... Great to see an exemplary Afro family on the screen ... polite well mannered... instead of the constant hoodlums and culture deteriorated characters... 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Iyeisha Spence
Iyeisha Spence 27 napja
K C 27 napja
Don't pay attention to those commenters completely trashing this movie. THE REASON MANY ARE DOING THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA VENUES is because it's a loosely organized effort to bring down Eddie Murphy a peg or two for his choice of mostly light female leads in the past. Some also want payback for those women he chooses to date and marry in his real life. After some accused him of fake "Colorism" they are now attempting to boycott his efforts in this movie--by trashing it. Then you have the other side who are "fake reviewing" negatively because the movie is 99.9% Black. People can unite for some of the most astoundingly, ignorant causes.
Shakil S
Shakil S 27 napja
Omg all the original cast. So perfect.
Mute 27 napja
Our captivity is ending AHAYAH has redeemed Jacob
Phebz The Great
Phebz The Great 27 napja
I almost cried. I remembered COMING TO AMERICA I cause my late Mom bought its VHS tape. Reminds me of the good old days 😭
Dumisani Sibanda
Dumisani Sibanda 27 napja
Jamie bishop
Jamie bishop 27 napja
One of my favourite films is CTA, cant wait for the sequel
Ammar Tuma
Ammar Tuma 27 napja
As much as I love Eddie , this movie is good but not great could be better it’s like a parody of the first movie , the first movie was and will always will be a classic that can never be imitated I feel like they did kind of same elements here but still prefer first one
Thomas Haokip Kuki
Thomas Haokip Kuki 27 napja
If this is part 2 of the movie, then I got alot of catch-up to do. Can't wait to watch the movie soon✌🏻😁😁
Awal Ilkin
Awal Ilkin 27 napja
An African Motown Kingdom
Kyeya Mbewe
Kyeya Mbewe 27 napja
James earl Jones is a Legend of Legends.
Magdalena Wójtowiczowa
Magdalena Wójtowiczowa 27 napja
This is racist. Where is ehtnic equality, the diversity? Where are the asian people and white people?
Clyde Cromey
Clyde Cromey 27 napja
Glad I saw the movie before this trailer because it would have completely ruined the fun. Why do people watch trailers anyway? I like to be surprised when I watch movies
simone clearwate
simone clearwate 27 napja
At fIrSrRrTt i was a bit hesitant to wanna watch this but once I saw that lion and Teyana i was hooked lol
Sanaa Imvuuu
Sanaa Imvuuu 27 napja
Island Girl Ruby
Island Girl Ruby 28 napja
Wesley Snipes stole the show, IEE
Haha really?
Haha really? 28 napja
If you haven't watched this yet, don't.
Philip Blebo
Philip Blebo 28 napja
Reine Bimi
Reine Bimi 28 napja
I was a kid when I watched the first movie and now I'm a grown woman with all sorts of problems. I wish I could go back in time.
Artishealing65 27 napja
❤️ Life is not easy is it. I Have my own share too. I hope things can get better for you. Look for solutions, change things if there's anything you can change, do the best you can. Take care.
bruno gabric
bruno gabric 28 napja
Wakanda forever
mikachizii 12 napja
Kei Eagle
Kei Eagle 28 napja
Honestly, horrible. Totally for degrading. Storyline is very idiotic and low class. So stupid and boring.
mikachizii 12 napja
I liked the idiotic and low class part
mikachizii 12 napja
Wow you gave me such an accurate depscription of yourself 😉
vhs.trinity1 28 napja
Wesley was good in this movie I give his character 10/ 10 he killed his role
Gideon Sanders
Gideon Sanders 28 napja
What a heap if shit
mikachizii 12 napja
Such a good depsription of yourself huh
starlight122012 28 napja
Coming to America 2 where only 10 mins of the film is actually in America.
Mercator Jubio
Mercator Jubio 25 napja
sounds catchier than "Being in Zamunda" I suppose
Aly Al-Majuid
Aly Al-Majuid 28 napja
Snipes looks like A genuine moddle African warlord
Typing Typing
Typing Typing 28 napja
I can see Ethiopia 🇪🇹 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 in this movie. They use traditional Ethiopian dress, cross, alphabetical (Amharic), and many things; I just could not believe my eyes; I wish they told us why they prefer to show about Ethiopia 🇪🇹 in this movie.
Phini Tsatse
Phini Tsatse 29 napja
were is Kevin Hart l hope his name will come out at the end of th muvy names
Kaylee 29 napja
When is this movie coming out
Kaylee 29 napja
I can't wait
ZoeHotDog HD
ZoeHotDog HD 29 napja
When I was downloading this movie I checked the comments and they all said "This sucks" "I hate it" "Not funny anymore" "You just changed the story man" "I like Coming to America 1 instead of this one, this one sucks" "Lame" . My dad doesn't like the movie, but I think I'm the only one who still loves this movie
Nelson Chinyanta
Nelson Chinyanta 29 napja
why is Eddie sounding like Zlatan
gorgeous alissa
gorgeous alissa 29 napja
Damn i eant to see Wesley snipes in more movies
loveth berry
loveth berry 29 napja
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Emie San Diego
Emie San Diego 29 napja
I like Wesley Snipes" in action movie
erica ameh
erica ameh 29 napja
Legendary West
Legendary West 29 napja
They cut alot out of the movie, alot of stuff in the trailers aren't even in the final cut so I hope they release an unrated or directors cut version
Henkka Henrik
Henkka Henrik 29 napja
I got the trailer for this trailer as an ad before this trailer. XD
CheeseCake Cartel
CheeseCake Cartel 29 napja
Americans suck at other accents, the African accent, English accent, when will these people quit with that shit.
able76 Hónapja
I just finished watching it on Amazon and it was great! Eddie should be well pleased with the outcome. There was a lot of funny moments in the movie, Wesley and Leslie had me cracking up laughing throughout. I enjoyed the cameo appearances and the many characters Eddie and Arsenio played. I personally thought it was equally entertaining as the first.
D_I_O_N Jr
D_I_O_N Jr Hónapja
መ Unity & Pride ሞ 🇪🇹
Andrew Chasvinura
Andrew Chasvinura Hónapja
Mr bones 1 kinda mixed with black panther kkkk
Timmy_Senpai Hónapja
Who has seen it already? I heard it's over-hyped How true is that?
TV Youtube
TV Youtube Hónapja
Clifford Mukeyeli
Clifford Mukeyeli Hónapja
Best trailer I have ever watched, imma put this movie on my watch list😂😂😂😂
Favour Nwalozie
Favour Nwalozie Hónapja
Who noticed how the guy in the thumbnail looked like wan bisakka
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