Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction by MrLlamaSC in 2:24:27 - AGDQ2019

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Games Done Quick

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Runner introduction starts at 0:21.
Run starts at 0:53.
Darkman interviews KZ_FREW at 2:37:10.
Couch commentary is provided by MissKyliee and Funkmastermp.
Musical_Daredevil is the host.
This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2019, find us at: gamesdonequick.com
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Games Done Quick
Games Done Quick 2 évvel
Runner introduction starts at 0:21. Run starts at 0:53. Darkman interviews KZ_FREW at 2:37:10. Couch commentary is provided by MissKyliee and Funkmastermp. Musical_Daredevil is the host.
TYT 2 évvel
Chicken Tendies
Chicken Tendies Hónapja
could he have left the tower and come back in act 2-3? By that point he could one shot everything and run through it faster
Lars 3 hónapja
There is funny bad luck and then you just want the runner to get what they need bad luck. Great job on the buffer in the estimate however!
Phyrnna De Angelo
Phyrnna De Angelo 4 hónapja
His understanding of experience shrine statistics bothers me immensely.
Luke Palladino
Luke Palladino 7 hónapja
I miss D2 Classic. IMO Runewords make the game so stagnant. Having Rares be the best items in the game make it way spicier.
Andrew Hennagir
Andrew Hennagir 8 hónapja
you should call this run "it is what it is"
nfc14g 8 hónapja
Goddam this was a good game. Is it just me or do newer games not capture the atmosphere that D2 oozed effortlessly? Also, bless speed runners, love you all and being able to watch my fav games of old from start to finish at highlight reel speed
Eric Cajigas
Eric Cajigas 9 hónapja
I learn somtging new Everytime I've been playing since d2 came out an I didn't know that the guy he avoided doing the rune runs was enchanted and if hit by him the shrine goes away
D.C. Gold
D.C. Gold 11 hónapja
50:35 ofc he gets the fcr necro wand on the Amazon run 😂😂
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen Évvel
man the nostalgia from this is killing me.. does anyone even play Multiplayer for d2exp?
mikew1990hello Évvel
ye i placed it as recently as a year ago myself
David Brousseau
David Brousseau Évvel
The nostalgia is very real watching these speedruns. I played a whoooleeee lot , how is the community / trading / pvp?
Lion Sin of Pride Escanor
Lion Sin of Pride Escanor Évvel
Diablo 2.. the best mouse destroyer game ever.. the clicking got intense when theres a lot of demon spawning around your hero lol
ValleyKeys Évvel
If i ever start speedrunning a game it would be this one.
Tran Anh
Tran Anh Évvel
Where he know exactly location on map without hack map ? @@
Equinox Évvel
There are only so many maps for each location. If you play long enough you recognize where to go. You can also study them.
JanJanNik Évvel
casually drops insane low lvl javs for a GDQ run
CrippledMerc Évvel
Never did play this as a kid because I was more of a console gamer back then. In my late teens a couple friends of mine who used to play got me and my cousin to make a full group to do a play through. We got to act 2 and me and my cousin quit playing because the other 2 were taking all the loot and just giving us the leftover stuff instead of trying to spread stuff around to best suit the group. It was incredibly annoying so me and my cousin ended up just restarting and playing by ourselves. I can’t remember why exactly but we never did finish, though we made it partially through act 3. I never really got too into it but it was alright. I’m sure it would’ve been different had I played it as a kid and not 10+ years after it released.
adragonro Évvel
Really nice community and lot of fun! Thu mrlama
Rokath Évvel
Right around 1 hour and 20 minutes when you were talking about Duriel's Holy Freeze aura being unblockable - a higher level Holy Freeze skill will block it.
Thespectre82 Évvel
Diablo 2 still looking awesome
Gr33dl0ck Nein
Gr33dl0ck Nein Évvel
noticed he's getting a lot of rare loot early on in the game. Is he running a mod for that?
Javve Évvel
LoD is the mod. Old diablo 2 had worse drops.
JP Reid
JP Reid Évvel
Nope. he just kills so quickly it appears that way
Unbiased Observer
Unbiased Observer Évvel
Anyone else never get as many rare drops as he does in this run?
Steven Cleere
Steven Cleere Évvel
"Ball" It's BAYL you phillistine.
Daniel Codd
Daniel Codd Évvel
The probability of understanding a statistic/probability joke in a HUpost video is 23.65455% apparently in this comment section. MrLlama just has a very dry delivery is all.
C´Mons Évvel
MrLlamaSC is the best, so entertaining! :D
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Évvel
Oh dang. Finally not a sorcerer run =D
Todd Ripon
Todd Ripon Évvel
This guys a legend, if i could have been in that empty ass audience i would have been
Jesper Lindstrom
Jesper Lindstrom Évvel
i have real problem sleeping but seen this run 3 times now and sleep like a baby. not because it's boring, just feel safe in a strange way. Spent too much time with this game ! GG mr Llama
Rêmulo Pereira Santos Júnior
Rêmulo Pereira Santos Júnior Évvel
Are you kidding? this rare javs and experience shrine...
JanJanNik Évvel
those javs were insane
felix bermudez
felix bermudez Évvel
I was so happy to learn stamina potions stacked and then Llama fired shots 🤣
Gabro Bueno
Gabro Bueno Évvel
Loved when he confesses that he saves decard Cain for morality! XD 15:01
TriggerfingerTeddy Évvel
"Well, I figured you'd have a left glove and a right glove..." Too much Morrowind, Kylie!
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 2 évvel
Bad rng, MrLlama entertaining as always tho! edit: 1:30:51 hype!
Albert Stewart
Albert Stewart 2 évvel
Mr.Llama needs to get a shirt or sweater that just has the picture of Tal and Eth runes on it
FANOFWAR34 2 évvel
54:13 dayum
Lightstep9 2 évvel
Awesome run thank you all : )
Gemma Dass
Gemma Dass 2 évvel
20:43 enter tower 44:12 unsuccessfully exit tower I feel for you...
adragonro Évvel
1:30:45 Revenge of the ETH-Rune +
Sarcose 2 évvel
Mrllama always makes me want to learn Diablo 2, then I remember I'm bad at games
Sygomissen 2 évvel
i still remember my enigma hammerdin with great fondness
Erwoul 2 évvel
It's called a period. He just doesn't stop talking even for a second, Like a fucking lecture hall or something
Алексей Стах
Алексей Стах 2 évvel
21:40 I couldn't let it slip by. It's 15%, not 80% Edit: which was subsequently proven by the amount of runs that was needed :) math, btches
austin garrett
austin garrett 2 évvel
Does the Baal throne rush not work anymore? Or do people just not remember it?
Marc Testarossa
Marc Testarossa 2 évvel
Xray 2 évvel
Got that Ed rune 31:15. World's first.
Garrett K
Garrett K 2 évvel
Ossi_Petter1 2 évvel
2:06:45 that statistical analysis!
Quality Backing Tracks
Quality Backing Tracks 2 évvel
Awesome vid! For the non D2 players, can someone please let me know what the ETH rune did once socketed?
firestarter fiftyone
firestarter fiftyone Évvel
It's (with tal) a rune word called stealth that has a lot of useful stats like faster run walk and hit recovery.
DBA 2 évvel
hell yeah
G L 2 évvel
Why do yo shoot riders car?
Rodrigo Cardoso
Rodrigo Cardoso 2 évvel
mr Llama ROCKS!!!!!
Thanos Averroes
Thanos Averroes 2 évvel
1:30:00 for ETH rune
Glenn-Dale Obrero
Glenn-Dale Obrero 2 évvel
Blizz need to remaster D2
DBA 2 évvel
definitely no. they would ruin it
Ryan N
Ryan N 2 évvel
Math classes were about half of all the courses I took in college, so those probability trolls really me hit hard.
mikew1990hello Évvel
Twenty After Four
Twenty After Four 2 évvel
Llama's the man. A shame the crowd wasn't bigger for him though. Thankfully he's more accustom to an online view count anyways.
Equinox 2 évvel
If youre going for speed why not pick assassin which gets to open locked chests without keys for free gold and gets a skill that boosts her run speed very high?
Hirungolwe 2 évvel
He speedruns different characters each year, it's stated in the video, he has already done a speedrun with assassin on AGDQ I think.
Sudo Beerme
Sudo Beerme 2 évvel
Good to see Mr. Llama back again, he's a big supporter of Doctors without Brothers. Greetings from the PoE community.
Frank S
Frank S 2 évvel
This guy clearly never took statistics.
pyroblade1999 2 évvel
Speed Run Candy Crush next
Sentz Kal
Sentz Kal 2 évvel
couch plz
The White Waffle
The White Waffle 2 évvel
Wish we could hear the moo's... each year/event they talk over it.
Patrick Gueriguian
Patrick Gueriguian 2 évvel
I liked that they played kripparrian's theme at the beginning
Astra 2 évvel
25FPS and still better than most new games
V 2 évvel
Love the commentary
Zeck 2 évvel
who else is playing d2 amazon and watching this?
11219tt 2 évvel
supernova743 2 évvel
Things I would have like to have seen mention: You can't stack poison damage so there's no need to reapply until it ends. All undead monsters have resistance to poison. Lightning enchanted monsters and bugs don't launch bolts when they're poisoned unless you damage them with another damage type. If they run through the poison trail they won't trigger bolts. Poison nova and poison explosion won't trigger the effect either. Poison stops monsters from regenerating HP.
Irmarinen 2 évvel
>Cow "KING" >drops buncha' stamina potions >Cuz milk.... > What.
J11mz 2 évvel
daam i was happy about dat eth drop :D
A Q 2 évvel
At around 16:00 the explanation on "how statistics work" is exactly wrong. If you throw a coin 10 times and you get 10 times head - the chance of getting tail in the 11th throw is still 50%. Not more. Your coin doesn't have a memory. Just to find no experience shrines for a whole act doesn't increase the chance of finding one in the future. THATs how (independent) probabilities work.
pblackdog 2 évvel
He's just joking. That's how he jokes, he says really dumb stuff in a very sincere, believable way.
Sveto92 2 évvel
I'm pretty sure Llama knows that, he's IT working with statistics and data analysis, but that's his usual "statistic joke" that he toses around now and then.
Thomas Hilton
Thomas Hilton 2 évvel
Is Llama using his map and drop editor in this run?
Brandon Crider
Brandon Crider 2 évvel
what time was it why is no one there , i would of came and watched you
Erwin Müller
Erwin Müller 2 évvel
Don't listen to MrLlama on those probabilities. That is not how chance works.
Len 2 évvel
3rd D2 Run in AGDQ~ So good~
Dragos Udrea
Dragos Udrea 2 évvel
Come on, how come Chris Wilson didn't win?
miniNinja027 2 évvel
2 rares in the den of evil ? Really? I was lucky if I even got magical weapon in there RNG curse
Ross Millington
Ross Millington 2 évvel
I love mr llama
Sukimin Yakumo
Sukimin Yakumo 2 évvel
Why exactly did he want to avoid levelling up at the end? Does being higher level make the enemies harder for some reason?
firestarter fiftyone
firestarter fiftyone Évvel
Enemies don't scale but you get severely diminished experience (5%) if the mobs are much higher level then you are so it's just wasted time. It's just not worth the time it takes.
bbbuster Évvel
I presume enemy's scale to your level
Metalhammer1993 2 évvel
Funkmasters cowpuns in the end^^ holy fuck i nearly died^^
GUNnibal Smith
GUNnibal Smith 2 évvel
2:00:00 Many fall in the face of Chaos. But not this one. Not today.
e sedler
e sedler 2 évvel
Around 16:50 - Miss Kyliee's face as Llama starts the trolling on law of averages...
Damien Davenport
Damien Davenport 2 évvel
21:45 She has to hide her head in his statistical what not.
Sevensliders 2 évvel
HalfEatenBurrito 2 évvel
Can't wait to see Diablo Immortal speedruns
Scott Harper
Scott Harper 2 évvel
16:33 -- That's not at all how statistics works. You specifically should NOT take your history into account when looking at what's likely in the future. Random doesn't work towards the preservation of averages.
movax20h 2 évvel
He knows that. It was a joke. But yeah, many people could read it wrong, it is known as "gambler's fallacy".
Jaggi 2 évvel
Good day to you, partner! I'm MrLlama, and I can already tell that I'll be your best friend in this forsaken run!
Z0mByZ 2 évvel
Great to see you again at GDQ Llama! very easy to follow what you are doing, crystal clear commentary. Also, love the troll RNG calculations ;)
Josiah Thornton
Josiah Thornton 2 évvel
Small case of Gambler's Fallacy at 16:30. :) But maybe D2 is actually coded that way. I'd be surprised, but it's possible.
007bistromath 2 évvel
Mr. Llama Teaches Probability, Episode 1: The Gambler's Fallacy
Phyrnna De Angelo
Phyrnna De Angelo 4 hónapja
l think he's referring to the experience shrine probability. If he was joking about that one it definitely went over my head :P
Mikhail 7 hónapja
@Daniel Holley he's trolling, it's blatantly obvious. Also, he works as a data scientist.
Winterhe4rt 9 hónapja
@Daniel Holley I had to laugh pretty hard on that one. the lady on the couch also couldnt hold it. xD Of course he knows thats not the correct way of calculating probabilty. the fact he delivers tht so dry is just amazing! =D
Daniel Holley
Daniel Holley 10 hónapja
Also a very bad explanation of cumulative probability circa 21:30, where he notes that Rune A has a 50% chance of dropping and Rune B has a 30% chance, so there's an 80% chance that both runes will drop. (It's actually a 15% chance.)
Alexander Hyll
Alexander Hyll Évvel
Haha instantly looked for this comment. xD
TheOdMan 2 évvel
I feel like so many people doesn't understand that he's joking about the % chance of things dropping. MrLlama is the constant memer.
Gargaduk Évvel
I was gonna write an angry comment
Az Timoth
Az Timoth Évvel
doctors without brothers
The Oiulkj
The Oiulkj 2 évvel
That's exactly what makes it so great.
Wei Wang
Wei Wang 2 évvel
50% * 30% = 15%?
J Crawl Ox
J Crawl Ox 2 évvel
Mox Bor
Mox Bor 2 évvel
awesome runner! awesome run with all the bad luck
fr10wi 2 évvel
Dragonhart 2 évvel
50% chance for one required Rune + 30% chance for second required Rune = 80% chance boss drops both Runes...out of 32 total possible Runes *insert flying Maths meme here*
RoxyLuffer 2 évvel
Chaos Lightning is the WORST XP
Dogbox 2 évvel
No thanks.
Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde
Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde 2 évvel
"Do You Guys Not Have Phones" hahaha... this video deserves an instant like from me! 👍👍👍
dustball 2 évvel
The coin-analogy is completely wrong. Maybe intuitive, but wrong. You could throw heads 100 times in a row and it's still just as likely as any other combination.
Teagan Pool
Teagan Pool 2 évvel
It's a joke. He makes false probability remarks all the time as a way of poking fun at the other Diablo 2 runners and probability experts
Paul Servary
Paul Servary 2 évvel
Emmanuel Almeida de Jesus Dias
Emmanuel Almeida de Jesus Dias 2 évvel
Love, love, love this game
Benedikt Sveinsson
Benedikt Sveinsson 2 évvel
is he wearing chainmail?
Abeltensor 2 évvel
Wonder if gdq would accept a path of exile speed run submition. With the new custom leagues you can always make sure to setup an empty character with a new game seed. I know I can get to maps in about 4 hours depending on the character and I know of other people who are much faster
leobovine 2 évvel
1:10:04 "and my character would kinda become, you know, slightly more IMMORTAL, cuz she'd be really MOBILE". Kek
SØNNYx™ Évvel
@Iracing TF diablo immortal
Iracing TF
Iracing TF Évvel
I dont get it T.T
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