Watch the Shadowlands Launch Cinematic: “Beyond the Veil”

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World of Warcraft

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In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place-from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.
Enter the Shadowlands on November 23 at 3:00pm PST. Learn more at
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Christian Weinberger
Christian Weinberger 8 órája
The spend so much money on the videos then the actual game play. Looks like a mobile game app.
Iván Colín
Iván Colín 10 órája
Take my money Blizzard!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 11 órája
dead, to make them deader
Hubatorr 12 órája
Plz, help me need this theme music starts 0:58 - so epic
moopshock 14 órája
The Jailor is Ner'zhul.
unso 16 órája
All humanoids in afterlife 🤨 ?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 11 órája
One thing about Warcraft that I despise....everyone has glowing eyes.
Na Driniprćija
Na Driniprćija 17 órája
you’ve become desperate, I’ve been playing wow from the start, I’ve been looking forward to every thriller, and about the film not to mention how excited I was, the first day it was released in the bishop, I watched it. And what you are posting on your channel now is all just rubbish, you are a serious company and you should follow the modern age, you should constantly post some new real animated thriller, it would be best to make an animated series wow or movie, hello I hope that you will do something for old and new fans wow
El Capitan
El Capitan 18 órája
This is just more of the same. Giving us stuff we never asked for and constantly making the game WORSE. God, I miss old blizzard. *Tear*
Kana Bobo
Kana Bobo 21 órája
I really like this song, pls put it in steaming
SomethingLame Napja
Welcome to the Shadowlands. The realm of lazy writing. Remember that bad guy? He's good now. Remember that good guy? He's bad now. Kill them all again anyway!
Bách Bùi Xuân
Bách Bùi Xuân Napja
The Shadowlands... a place for the turtles that didn't make it to the water.
Archoridlol Archorid
Archoridlol Archorid Napja
wleeee blizz in 2020 just soulless.... once was a time when we watched these cinematics and omg wtf I'm dead... but now soulless meaningless wtf this
Wiederganger 003
Wiederganger 003 Napja
rEaR vIeW
rEaR vIeW Napja
They should just give us wings to fly with at this point. I want it
Andrew Brannen 5
Andrew Brannen 5 Napja
I don’t understand they animated the other leaders but not the Archon?
Conservative Gamer
Conservative Gamer Napja
I don't play WoW but very much enjoy watching their cinamatics. Is the prisoner who was revealed at the end a new character or a character revisited?
SteakPie Napja
New bad guy of the expansion
Emil Wiklund
Emil Wiklund Napja
Looks like something out of warhammer
Christophe Capeau
Christophe Capeau Napja
Looks like Diablo III's Act IV (the high heavens)
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Napja
Disgusting Oozeling
Disgusting Oozeling Napja
A movie please!
Josh Napja
One thing about Warcraft that I despise....everyone has glowing eyes.
gracefuldice Napja
only most of them. But your point stands.
TT53 Napja
This looks like a rip off of Warhammer fantasy and 40k
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Napja
Worst opening cinematic yet, and no interest in playing what is essentially a new setting.
Random Ronny
Random Ronny Napja
about as riveting as frozen meat
Frédéric Deloffre
Frédéric Deloffre Napja
0:42, could it be Grommash ?
Duncan Griffiths
Duncan Griffiths Napja
Larry Yang
Larry Yang 2 napja
Dang 5D New World World of WarCraft is so Exciting. Cant wait to gather my team of Ladies I turn onto Erza Mode
katarina djurovic
katarina djurovic 2 napja
World Of Recycle
Dhani Trianggara
Dhani Trianggara 2 napja
Keren anjim.
Regi 2 napja
Podiam lançar um filme de animação, ia ficar épico
Rafael Linares
Rafael Linares 2 napja
I live WoW trailer... but honestly when will this end? Don't you guys have a life?
Butthe4d 2 napja
Is Diablo now lore in WoW? Havent played in years and this doesnt insert confidence I want to come back. Loos really generic. Man at least the intros always used to be good.
Wouter de vries
Wouter de vries 2 napja
This reminds me of Vanilla WoW cinematic... without any context. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the team that made a great visual cinematic experience. But at the end of the day, it's just a bunch of scenes thrown together with no story/context. Especially if you compare it to Diablo IV cinematic which is far from being out.
Illuminati Agent #43
Illuminati Agent #43 2 napja
10/10 expansion but too many recycled voice actors, that's annoying, hire more.
Vlado Z
Vlado Z 2 napja
reminds me of WoW original cinematic and that burning crusade cinematic. Still, something is missing... no juice...
gracefuldice Napja
@Vlado Spinner At least races are the ones we know. My point still stands. It feels like they changed characters and even races.
Vlado Spinner
Vlado Spinner Napja
@gracefuldice Dunno, the original WoW cinematic didn't include any familiar character. Still that short talk intro, that dramatic music and chorus behind make it 1000 times better cinematic than this one. And burning crusade cinematic just included Ilidan, still 1000 time better cinematic vs this one. Not to mention WotlK. Ye, that cinematic with Sylvanas and Bolvar was good.
gracefuldice 2 napja
I'll tell you exactly what it misses. Iconic characters we all know and love. If this cinematic was made with Illidan, Arthas, Thrall and others, people would love it.
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK?? 2 napja
I like how almost all expansions, there will always be one race that is good at trading... Shadowlands - Cartel Ta BFA - Tortollans Legion - Wyrmtongues MoP - Grummles TBC - Ethereals
salmarwow 2 napja
While this cinematic looks nice I'm sorry to say that I don't connect myself with this anymore. It's Classic for me.
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 napja
Coming soon to mobile!
K G 2 napja
Worst opening cinematic yet, and no interest in playing what is essentially a new setting.
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 napja
indefinitely, while other mortal souls are apparently drawn into the Shadowlands...
Carolina Raymond
Carolina Raymond 3 napja
Having a lot of fun in this great expansion :D
Abdulwahab Alroumi
Abdulwahab Alroumi 3 napja
He looks like speck from baki hanma
Rudolfire 3 napja
So we conquered the Darkness now, we are going to test the might of the winged devils, I am not prepared for that...
XX 3 napja
That trailer brings the vanilla wow trailer memories back. kinda the same edit style etc. cool
Peter Tvedegaard
Peter Tvedegaard 3 napja
The cinematic does pay respect to the original wow trailer on some accounts. I thoroughly enjoyed those references!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 napja
blizard is really starting to fail this game the last good expansion was the wrath of the lich king
Sena Yazgan
Sena Yazgan 3 napja
Film yapsanıza artık bu cinematic leri birleştirip yetti!
Khorba Crit ERS
Khorba Crit ERS 3 napja
any one play wow in 2020?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 napja
Wow that was lame Blizzard. You used to be better at this.
David Ajetomobi
David Ajetomobi 3 napja
This is no ordinary fiction
Ras 3 napja
Wow is still alive? Why do you keep playing it...
Froggy Slice
Froggy Slice 3 napja
everybody sayin this is just diablo....its like, did you fools even play diablo? a bit of asthetic similarities between am coupla games made by the SAME company does make it diablo remade jesus. quit finding reasons to whine and play or don't play
Angus Yeung
Angus Yeung 4 napja
Man, and i though cod was bad with spawn kills
Emre Salkım
Emre Salkım 4 napja
Blizzard! Please! Make! Another! Movie!
Xiaonei Pan
Xiaonei Pan 4 napja
Arnold Teras
Arnold Teras 4 napja
Which is why the kaldorei, the night elves are fortunate. Because of Aessina's blessing, and possibly that of Elune, their wisp spirits can apparently linger in the physical world indefinitely, while other mortal souls are apparently drawn into the Shadowlands...
Nerd Slayer
Nerd Slayer 4 napja
Coming soon to mobile!
ItalyLostWW2 4 napja
What are the giant flying pyramids at 0:52
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 napja
Why not make world of warcraft 2 with superb grapics. And make it old style again.
goga bredo
goga bredo 4 napja
Blizzard should make WOW CGI series or movies. Their trailers are so good. Cant wait to see the undead part
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 napja
Is this a new ftp phone game from China? lol
Vasoka 4 napja
The classic clowns disliking en masse because their already dead game is literally non-existent after SL. RIP.
zotharr 4 napja
Why is everybody so dramatic in this? Lol They would act like this "irl"
leonardo logli
leonardo logli 4 napja
Anyone knows the title of the song that plays during the Venthyr part??
Łukasz Markowski
Łukasz Markowski 4 napja
I only recognized it's WoW because of the Ziggurats
Coolexiser 4 napja
Best expansion!
Zain Redding
Zain Redding 4 napja
Wow that was lame Blizzard. You used to be better at this.
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan 4 napja
So there vampires right?
rock_sheep 5 napja
We want Warcraft IV
Michael Thulin
Michael Thulin 5 napja
Every wow trailer. Start a sentence, show good guy, show bad guy, show the real villain, end sentence.
Laggy2000 5 napja
I wish I could play the WoW cinematics. Cause the actual game itself kinda sucks IMO
Riki Iskandar
Riki Iskandar 5 napja
Yes warcraft 4
Amr abdel fattah
Amr abdel fattah 5 napja
This will be like Azvengeroth vs Thylvanos , what a hype !
hefty magic
hefty magic 5 napja
Generic and boring
R Obrien
R Obrien 5 napja
blizard is really starting to fail this game the last good expansion was the wrath of the lich king
Zack Osborn
Zack Osborn 5 napja
Blizzard has really been failing with the last several games* - small edit.
Art Val
Art Val 5 napja
Is this a new ftp phone game from China? lol
Krogzax Ants
Krogzax Ants 5 napja
Why not make world of warcraft 2 with superb grapics. And make it old style again.
Skeptical Chris
Skeptical Chris 5 napja
Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS
Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS 5 napja
Kieran Mclernon
Kieran Mclernon 5 napja
Endgame vibes anyone?
GrosserAndrew5000 5 napja
They meant to say "Beyond the veil, lie* the Shadowlands" - "to lie" in it's plural form. The people behind these cinematics don't even speak proper English...
Martynas Budzeika
Martynas Budzeika 5 napja
Create Warcraft 4!!! stop with this wow updates...
Cooperman626 5 napja
buckethatboy431 5 napja
This doesn't even look like WarCraft anymore.
Becoming Godsize
Becoming Godsize 3 napja
It hasn’t since WoD every expansion gets farther and farther away from the Warcraft feel.
Dr. Matthew Hertert
Dr. Matthew Hertert 5 napja
Ryan Cogar
Ryan Cogar 5 napja
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 napja
i seriously feel blizzard has lost its touch.
sage51423 5 napja
Seriously guys. Just... stop making this game and start making Warcraft movies with your animation team. Not the people that made that one atrocity. The people who make these trailers.
sage51423 5 napja
@sehhi vooty I am not sure if you are saying I am boring or the trailer looks boring but I know I would absolutely watch a Warcraft movie made by this animation team.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 napja
Boooooooooorrrrinnnng. Looks like you're running out of ideas.
Christian Eggers
Christian Eggers 5 napja
I don't get it
Fabrício Antonio Santana
Fabrício Antonio Santana 5 napja
hmmm nah...
Oskar Ryberg
Oskar Ryberg 5 napja
I don't play retail, I'm a sucker for WoW lore and its world though. As always it looks visually pleasing, but it felt kinda empty and half-assed. Loved the Maldraxxus scene, flying necropolis is scary. Music was good too.
Hunter Wheeler
Hunter Wheeler 5 napja
oh hey it's rising voice-acting star and internet punching bag Edward Bosco
Наз 5 napja
WoW: the chilling crusade?
Ben Kipgen
Ben Kipgen 5 napja
aww yeee sigmarines
Jack Mana
Jack Mana 6 napja
No soul in the afterlife then. No memorable voice lines. Shutty CGI and nothing to tell a story of what we are about to venture into. Nothing. Soulless. Like the husk of a blizzard it is.
Aaron Omary
Aaron Omary 6 napja
0:00 & 1:30
Bolek Lolek
Bolek Lolek 6 napja
Uh, this was pretty bad (for Blizzard standards anyway)
Scarler 6 napja
I Dont know much about War Of Warcraft, only the playable races and stuff but may I ask a dumb question.... is 0:34 a type of race that might be playable? bECAUSE THEYRE SO PRETTY. And if not, is there any available info on this person/race? I'm really curious
Tone Abet
Tone Abet 6 napja
This is the first cinematic that didn't get me pumped to play
kgdfizz 6 napja
The jailer is the bird guy himself ed Bosco I'm so proud of him for getting such a big role
Hardware Software
Hardware Software 6 napja
Great cinematic quality, worst in game graphic.
crazybongo5 6 napja
Boooooooooorrrrinnnng. Looks like you're running out of ideas.
saiz chek
saiz chek 6 napja
i seriously feel blizzard has lost its touch.
New Chaotic Order
New Chaotic Order 5 napja
its full of sjw liberals that voted biden
haunss 6 napja
Overwatch 2 looks nice
calin andrei
calin andrei 6 napja
This franchise has only the cinemativs worth viewing. The rest is bulshit.....
Drae 6 napja
Can we all agree that this is the actual Shadowlands cinematic trailer?
Lbird1993 5 napja
Yeah odd that a display of the areas its people and their covenants isn't.
Collin Brown
Collin Brown 5 napja
Depends wym
Rumham23 6 napja
Winter Queen? More like Winter Giraffe, amirite guys? But forreal that neck long doe
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