Crazy rope trick!!! #shorts

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Dan Rhodes

27 napja

Crazy rope trick

ScotchAlien 5 órája
Go from youtube 🤮
ScotchAlien 5 órája
P creation
P creation 6 órája
Your every tricks Osam🙂
Kripal Singh
Kripal Singh 8 órája
Inside cycle chain.
АкQа 9 órája
13399 comments 🗿 13400 🗿👌🏻
Cosmic Chameleons
Cosmic Chameleons 12 órája
I have one of those from a magic show
Druvrajsinh Sarvaiya
Druvrajsinh Sarvaiya 15 órája
Sachin Rathore
Sachin Rathore 16 órája
Abe chutiye ek side se hang hota jusy turn or moving down so beta hm indian ko mt sikhao lodu
Deusa Kaguya
Deusa Kaguya 18 órája
Eu no começo:q? Eu no final:Q?
xo meryem
xo meryem 19 órája
Omg. Omg. Omg. Omg 😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
American dog tags
American dog tags 19 órája
What happened with your teeth explain
JG 21 órája
It's um idk it's crazy idk how and why I only see 'he's that kida guy' comments ONLY IN EVERY VDO OF HIS?!! can someone explain??!!
Stutika & Sayli
Stutika & Sayli 22 órája
Some times it seems that you are justin bieber
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 Napja
He seems like the type of guy to hit his mom then ask her who hit you
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 Napja
Btw i think he act different irl it’s a “joke”
Jay Vasquez
Jay Vasquez Napja
Grace Cobardo
Grace Cobardo Napja
He's the type of guy who will write in the floor instead of the table
Rizka Illyyana
Rizka Illyyana Napja
Swargam Hazarika
Swargam Hazarika Napja
He the type of guy who post shit content in HUpost
kucing LC135ZR
kucing LC135ZR Napja
Emzei Vicente
Emzei Vicente Napja
Uzi Saaqi
Uzi Saaqi Napja
Ayden Warfield
Ayden Warfield Napja
He's the type of guy to save a glizzy from a bun
Samurai Gameing
Samurai Gameing Napja
Welcome to the internet
Pete Zielinski
Pete Zielinski Napja
Hes the type of guy that gets lost with a GPS.
Xixi chan_.
Xixi chan_. Napja
Welkam anak gilo
Alex T
Alex T Napja
He’s the type of guy who gets a haircut from his grandma at home.
Jamie Pape
Jamie Pape Napja
What happened with the coins
HowsTheJosh01 Napja
The vids r good but good does he fucking annoy me for some reason
kirby is our saviour
kirby is our saviour Napja
hes the type of guy to play call of duty then ask why he cant build
evit Napja
He looks like the kind of guy that won't leave the youtube shorts thing
Jabiraca Napja
Só eu q pensei em besteira?😭✋
Surgeøñ Gaming
Surgeøñ Gaming Napja
He's the type of guy to write what type of guy he is.
ابرچيكك Napja
النيه شباب هيي ترا مايقصد
Tom Towse
Tom Towse Napja
His face just annoys me for some reason.
IGameStudios Napja
Would you guys honestly shut up it’s a cool magic trick at least he doesn’t say OH MY GoD GuYs HerE WE gO and y’all are just mad y’all can’t do this
Alexandre Napja
Acesser Napja
It's just me or he look like karl jacobs?
Kim Gaby
Kim Gaby Napja
Hmm... então é assim que os mágicos que Íam lá pra escola faziam !! Descobri!!!Kskskskskskskskskks
Talh Otbi
Talh Otbi Napja
Dr Makoto
Dr Makoto Napja
Probably the rob gets *orny by blowing at it
Yorick De Lange
Yorick De Lange Napja
I hate how he acts in the end
Neox Napja
He’s the type of guy that applauses after a school project
Chelsea Lariba
Chelsea Lariba Napja
Abhilash Nimbal
Abhilash Nimbal Napja
Good logic
ashish panwar
ashish panwar Napja
Viona Agnesia
Viona Agnesia 2 napja
Mulutnya terlalu lebay
Console Funky
Console Funky 2 napja
Tavanes Yoges
Tavanes Yoges 2 napja
Desmend Miller
Desmend Miller 2 napja
Nice trick but what was the point of spraying the quarters
Imon Sanyal
Imon Sanyal 2 napja
Me reading all the mean comments: So I guess he's a dumb jerk🤔
Bunga dwiapriani
Bunga dwiapriani 2 napja
akmlsm 2 napja
ronn bruner
ronn bruner 2 napja
What a dork.must be huffing the dust cleaner.
Farhan Gaming
Farhan Gaming 2 napja
All the comments "he is a type of guy who....... "😂
Karina Sprakle JessaMae
Karina Sprakle JessaMae 2 napja
BAAM!! I don't believe it😱😱 ugh
MFS 2020
MFS 2020 2 napja
If we are all being honest he looks like a cute guy
GHATK 2 napja
The comments are all he is the kind of guy....
Sxdlsm 2 napja
I counted and this guy made 39 facial expressions total
Kevin Greenall
Kevin Greenall 2 napja
Kevin Greenall
Kevin Greenall 2 napja
Nicolly Silva
Nicolly Silva 2 napja
JESUS Cristo Te Amaaaaa Aleluiaa ele e a melhor ESCOLHA Ele E A Vida Alfa é ômega início e FIM
Rei Uchiha
Rei Uchiha 2 napja
POV: the comment is full of “he looks like the guy”
prospero garduño montoya
prospero garduño montoya 2 napja
Death Mix
Death Mix 2 napja
the face : 👁 O 👁
German Garcia P
German Garcia P 2 napja
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 2 napja
Ckdn Nsiah
Ckdn Nsiah 2 napja
Why are people insulting him
boi 2 napja
He looks like someone at my school
Krizzia Tacuban
Krizzia Tacuban 2 napja
Matthew 3:2 (and saying, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near) Namatay si Jesus pra sa kasalanan na dapat ikaw ang nagbbayad pero ikaw ayaw mo pa din iwan ang mga kasalanan mo na magdadala sayo sa walang hanggang kaparusahan 🥺 Repent kapatid iwan mo na yan , the end is near ⏰
Brady Bullock
Brady Bullock 2 napja
Manager of 5 minute crafts
Mónica Burgos
Mónica Burgos 2 napja
William Seifarth
William Seifarth 2 napja
Can y’all please shut up, this is an actually good one
Kyah Marie
Kyah Marie 2 napja
He’s the type of guy everyone comments about in his weird behind the scenes videos
lokilover725 2 napja
Nope.That rope already gets stiff when you hold it straight for long.DeBuNkEd
Popsicle 2 napja
What was the coins for?
He’s the kind of guy who would sit next to you on a empty bus
Pete Zielinski
Pete Zielinski Napja
Ive done that before... Stepped on the blue line in chicago about 2am and saw only one person on the train so i went and sat literally on his seat. I didnt acknowledge him whatsoever, just sat and stared forward... I could see in my peripheral that he was looking all nuts at me... And then right when we entered the tunnel i began to make a low growel noise .. Kinda like a dog... Then very suddenly i turned my head quickly and acted like i was trying to bite my ear by chopping at it a few times.. (Kinda like a dog with its tail).. Anyways, ive never seen anyone jump so high from a seated position in my life!! It looked like he was running on air as fast as he could towards the cabin door to switch cars! Omfg... It was great!
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 2 napja
Me: waiting for him to say “I’m ready, okay here we go”
Claudenilson Trindade de Lima
Claudenilson Trindade de Lima 2 napja
Marcio Natalino
Marcio Natalino 2 napja
Legal 👌
Adnonnymous 2 napja
he's the type of guy who doesn't care what people think of him and keeps doing what he likes to do.
MilesR 2 napja
He’s that type of guy that wears a shorts 🩳 in de winter ❄️ and wears a winter coat in the summer
Lakshya 2 napja
This magic trick can cure ED😂😂😂😂
NANCY PAEZ 2 napja
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas 2 napja
His biggest trick was making his chin disappear
Harshit Raj
Harshit Raj 2 napja
1 minutes silently for those Who think its real They just insert a steel strip inside the rope Just like those strip used in measuring tapes used by carpenter's
Megat Azwan
Megat Azwan 2 napja
Guv Chc
Guv Chc 2 napja
هههه جذاب
vibha katoch
vibha katoch 2 napja
just a game of twisting the rope ... who just can't do this
usha yadav
usha yadav 2 napja
O Bhai tumhen kaise kar lete ho😱😱😱😱
I shat on the carpet. Hope my mom doesn't notice.
I shat on the carpet. Hope my mom doesn't notice. 2 napja
This dude seems like a nice guy. Why is everyone hatin?
diamond machine gun devil
diamond machine gun devil 2 napja
Cool bro 😎😎😎
ItzShinePlayz 2 napja
The rope when it become frozen straight it look like A Cane and if my mother sees this she will love it
Dino Vlogs
Dino Vlogs 2 napja
This guy just pissed me off for no reason
legendary roar
legendary roar 2 napja
He is a kind of guy that ... Wait , I'm not a spammer
Jonáš Balcar
Jonáš Balcar 2 napja
look in that goddamned camera at least, when beeing 100% ok with making whole civilisation look like garbage
Suleman Asghar
Suleman Asghar 3 napja
Wats the name of song playing at the back of the video ?
Go skz and haikyuu
Go skz and haikyuu 3 napja
I find him annoying but still satisfying 🤔
Death Drxams
Death Drxams 3 napja
he looks like your typical untrusted friend
Tema 3 napja
ThatKid 3 napja
He’s the type of guy to say early bird gets the worm
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