Dana Bash on Biden Inauguration, Calling Trump “A Small Man” & Bernie Sanders’ Manila Envelope

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

2 hónapja

Dana talks about her long day covering Joe Biden’s Inauguration, calling Donald Trump a “small man” on air, the contents of the manila envelope that Bernie Sanders was carrying yesterday, and the time she broke into Bill Clinton’s inauguration.
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Desert Detroiter
Desert Detroiter Hónapja
She’s got that pretty girl next door look.
Winifred Hawkins
Winifred Hawkins Hónapja
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Chad Torgensen
Chad Torgensen 2 hónapja
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Dana Sleeper
Dana Sleeper 2 hónapja
Truth justice the American way with free speech for everyone is coming back whether they like it or not very bad day for censorship as it should be great job Donald J Trump and all Americans🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🇺🇸🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore 2 hónapja
Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!!
Odiesclips 2 hónapja
Dana, you have the nicest teeth.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson 2 hónapja
justin castillo
justin castillo 2 hónapja
Tapper and Cooper and Dana (Bash) and Blitzen? Don't forget Zakaria, Smerconish, Camerota, and Lemon. Maybe Cuomo should be Rudolph.
Johnny 925
Johnny 925 2 hónapja
Trump exposing everyone. And yall call him bad because they are a part of it. Nuff said.
mcworld999 2 hónapja
John King is her ex-husband. They appear on CNN together all the time. You would never suspect they were married and had a kid together.
Eco Savage
Eco Savage 2 hónapja
Wouldn’t Bernie make a good neighbor?
Maitri Nancy Peden
Maitri Nancy Peden 2 hónapja
Love Tapper and look forward to Dana.
Hiri David Feign
Hiri David Feign 2 hónapja
It looks like Dana has a new tone.
Claudia Coury
Claudia Coury 2 hónapja
She’s so boring and annoying 😆
H@ppyC@mper 2 hónapja
Dana Bash is a hack
Edgar K
Edgar K 2 hónapja
I can't stand her!! She's just as bad as Hannity
Tippy Smith
Tippy Smith 2 hónapja
Jimmy kümmel is fraud! Bash is a bad actor. Evil people
Gone Gone
Gone Gone 2 hónapja
The aquatic insurance terminally reject because michael biosynthetically cover apropos a happy atom. limping, prickly slope
Jaded Old Joe
Jaded Old Joe 2 hónapja
Dana Bash sounds like the name of a really aggressive stripper.
dawn stanley
dawn stanley 2 hónapja
Well of course jimmy! All of us should be saving a tree!! UPCYCLE SAVE OUR PLANET!!!
Azman Abbas
Azman Abbas 2 hónapja
Yes, just like the puffer fish “ Big, with just air inside”!
Rob Dillon
Rob Dillon 2 hónapja
Jimmy Kimmel is a joke, remember when be was saying BLM, BLM, BLM- he is so gullible
Rob Dillon
Rob Dillon 2 hónapja
@Jon Patrick BLM also destroyed some stores in my neighborhood
Rob Dillon
Rob Dillon 2 hónapja
@Jon Patrick not gullible, not going to let anybody make a fool of me like Hollywood does,they should have more guts.
Rob Dillon
Rob Dillon 2 hónapja
@Jon Patrick not to me, all lives matter,whites and blacks, liberals are still gullible.
Rob Dillon
Rob Dillon 2 hónapja
Here comes the freestuff,- biden
carol 1
carol 1 2 hónapja
So glad that President Biden had the intelligent to put Bernie in charge of money...
John Hoffman
John Hoffman 2 hónapja
Truth: Trump is a small man. In so many ways.
soapwonder 2 hónapja
I love her!
keltin2010 2 hónapja
The fantastic fireworks show would have made Trump extremely jealous.
Meera Naidu
Meera Naidu 2 hónapja
Whenever she interviewed Betsy DeVos I'd get really confused because they have quite a few similar features. If only Betsy was intelligent and humane and not ditzy, they'd look like cousins.
Wendy Sutton
Wendy Sutton 2 hónapja
Dana is the BEST!!!
Cindi Massey Bates
Cindi Massey Bates 2 hónapja
Three 🚪 🚪 🚪 Down 🎶... ❣️❣️❣️❣️
TheInditribe 2 hónapja
Is that a UFO over her shoulder by the Capitol lol?
love me Me
love me Me 2 hónapja
Biden put D.C. under military control. Kimmel puts race for media ratings!
Mr. Rideshare
Mr. Rideshare 2 hónapja
Trump is a very large and very small man at the same time.
Kimberly Owens
Kimberly Owens 2 hónapja
I just watched her first show 30 minutes ago and she put UNCLE BERNIE to the test. My first thought was CNN does not BURN THE UNDER DOG SO WHAT IS SHE DOING? Well I figured it out Dana gave UNCLE BERNIE THE PLATFORM TO ADDRESS THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE ARE IN SERIOUS CRISIS THIS IS NOT POLITICS AND YET, POLITICS IS STANDING IN THE WAY. DANA YOU DID GOOD ( if i missed named you or spelled your name wrong I'M SORRY
Taylor Ross
Taylor Ross 2 hónapja
lock them up
kristen mary
kristen mary 2 hónapja
You need to get a life babe, this is all you live for
Stunt Panda
Stunt Panda 2 hónapja
Bernie wasn't the only one with the envelope, you can see someone else with that same kind of envelope as he's walking down the stairs.
brian papelian
brian papelian 2 hónapja
Jimmy looks like he’s asleep.
ShadowRider 2 hónapja
Dana, WOW!
Jeff Good
Jeff Good 2 hónapja
Jimmy needs some new material
dan stokes
dan stokes 2 hónapja
What a loser!
Karen D.
Karen D. 2 hónapja
“How many hours did you work yesterday?” Real answer, All of them.....
Sunny Life
Sunny Life 2 hónapja
16 hrs
Keelia Radwanski
Keelia Radwanski 2 hónapja
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Dolly Madison
Dolly Madison 2 hónapja
💓Dana Bash💓
Judith Osorio
Judith Osorio 2 hónapja
Trump is a petty, small man with a spirit of vengeance and he will never be anything more.
Thunder'sDad 2 hónapja
Inauguration Day had one thing in common with Trump: No balls
Alan Agbayani
Alan Agbayani 2 hónapja
Love this woman! Regards to Abby Philips and Jake Tapper, her regular co-hosts❤️❤️❤️
RudyP FlipGame
RudyP FlipGame 2 hónapja
Jimmy loves TRUMPS 🥜
Onisiro B.
Onisiro B. 2 hónapja
I’m watching this interview and smiling, anybody else?
The Jocelyns
The Jocelyns 2 hónapja
Nope! He was not the only one with an "envelope"
Tdywelive 2 hónapja
"Jimmy Kimmel is just an activist masquerading as a comedian"- Ben Shapiro
Dexter Eng
Dexter Eng 2 hónapja
To stay awake, you need to three lines up the nose....and there you are....back to work:)
M. J. Golden
M. J. Golden 2 hónapja
Jimmy, don't be snarky when it comes to Bernie's envelope. If everyone saved envelopes, think of all the trees that would still be standing and think of your intelligence that would still be intact.
Michael Lynn
Michael Lynn 2 hónapja
Almost exactly the same age and first election!
Akhila Nandgopal
Akhila Nandgopal 2 hónapja
I LOVE that Bernie is leading the budget committee!!!
Barbara Schlessinger
Barbara Schlessinger 2 hónapja
Hey you guys should keep Jimmy at that desk instead of in that dark paneled room he's usually in. Much better!
Minda Chan
Minda Chan 2 hónapja
I really admired sen.snder. very.humble man , continue your good works!!!
Tara Burke
Tara Burke 2 hónapja
Small people
Dr. Skulhamr
Dr. Skulhamr 2 hónapja
This lady is cool
Leo Hao
Leo Hao 2 hónapja
Jimmy: How many hours did you work yesterday? Dana: *yes*
Ruslan pressf
Ruslan pressf 2 hónapja
Lets hope Joe Biden wont forget that he is a president...
Mr. Rene Moreno
Mr. Rene Moreno 2 hónapja
Cool to see now! The Reporter now!! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!
Mr. Rene Moreno
Mr. Rene Moreno 2 hónapja
Cool to see now! The Reporter now!! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!
Shantel Kane
Shantel Kane 2 hónapja
Hahahahahaha!!!! Oh Bernie!!! You slay me!!
Mike Gerbrandt
Mike Gerbrandt 2 hónapja
Is this that 50 year old lady that uses the word ‘vibe’ ? 😁
Tony Stepuszek
Tony Stepuszek 2 hónapja
Maybe Jimmy can tell some jokes to cheer up the layoff XL Pipeline workers?
Luke Hanson
Luke Hanson 2 hónapja
Dana Bash is awesome. CNN is lucky to have her.
Brennan Robertson
Brennan Robertson 2 hónapja
Love Dana and absolutely adore Bernie! Great interview!
MrRotaryrockets 2 hónapja
Jimmy sounds like your naming Santa's Reindeer
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 2 hónapja
Interview is about Dana Bash and President Biden Inauguration. All comments are about Bernie Sanders. That's how much we love him.
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 2 hónapja
She is so beautiful, specially now that the Small Man is done and gone. Huge crush on her.
Qasim Noorani
Qasim Noorani 2 hónapja
bernie sanders is a legend to begin with, however the inauguration tickets in a manila envelope has elevated him into the "masters of the universe" group status.
Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens 2 hónapja
Bernie is a funny/grumpy old man ... love him
user_user user_user
user_user user_user 2 hónapja
Bernie wasn't the only one with an envelope😜. You can easily see a few others when you rewatch some clips😛
WISE LOLLY 2 hónapja
Hahahahahahaha!! Bernie said the envelope contents was "Classified Secret"!! Hahahahahah!!!
Sam Hartford
Sam Hartford 2 hónapja
By the ears, we can tell that she is of English origin.
Bernard Johnson
Bernard Johnson 2 hónapja
Jimmy, you should keep your opening, after the virus has been defeated, Love you kid
S Lee
S Lee 2 hónapja
Congratulations to Dana on her new Sunday show. She's great.
davetseng99 2 hónapja
They should do a real inauguration next year and people can complain about how much money is wasted.
William Apolinar
William Apolinar 2 hónapja
My name's bo jiven and running for president of " oh you know the name". Thank you Joe for being the imbecile that you are. Your the gift that keeps on giving 🤣. God bless america 🙏.
steve conn
steve conn 2 hónapja
You might enjoy my inaugural poem, 'Twas The Night Before Biden on my channel. America returns to sanity!
Uouttooo 2 hónapja
Would they have refused to let Bernie in if he did not bring the ticket?
ChrisyCar 2 hónapja
I Love Bernie Sanders he is a Great individual. He so prepared and had really Great ideas a smart man. He would have also been a better choice than Donald Trump. Sad people didn't see it, and choose in error. May God Bless Him he has always been a Good attribute and nance in our Senate.
resistance is futile
resistance is futile 2 hónapja
Donald who??
Teresa Rogers
Teresa Rogers 2 hónapja
I love Bernie Sanders!♡
Bill Brinker
Bill Brinker 2 hónapja
What ya gonna do now jimmy boy. Might have to go make to putting that cucumber back in your pants
Victoria JU
Victoria JU 2 hónapja
Talk more about Biden and leave Trump alone,he left the white house for you and you can't get over him,it means he is very interesting more than your sleepy and cheat president,showcase Bidens wife Jill and kids because they are not interesting as your president.
angela bluebird60
angela bluebird60 2 hónapja
When someone lives where it is cold, they dress accordingly. When he was asked about his mittens, he thanked the lady who made them. I understand she sold out of her mittens. Humanity and class, as ever. Thank you, Bernie Sanders :)
Terry Stokes
Terry Stokes 2 hónapja
Dana 🔥
Gregorius T
Gregorius T 2 hónapja
A bunch of idiots are going to prison, in support of a "small man", who doesn't give a two farts about them. Ha Ha. Enjoy your time in a cell! Suckas!!!
Didi B
Didi B 2 hónapja
Trump is a small man in so many ways...Dana said the truth.
Peggie Gendall
Peggie Gendall 2 hónapja
Can you show the firework and 400k lights vedio of inauguration day everyday intill the end of this month, and play it every January of every year for Biden's administration. Senstamental reason of the spirit of the Universe. Love your show, Thanks
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick 2 hónapja
That is such a quintessential Bern move...
aj K
aj K 2 hónapja
So, you are bragging about doing sneaking in and doing something wrong, congrats
Drug Dealer
Drug Dealer 2 hónapja
The heartbreaking commission fortunately smash because closet natively mess up notwithstanding a succinct engineer. ritzy, next grass
david eisenbud
david eisenbud 2 hónapja
Bernie Sanders brings me joy 😂
Sa Sa
Sa Sa 2 hónapja
In Chinese, a “small man” means a despicable “con man”!
Joe Corbett
Joe Corbett 2 hónapja
It's universal.
A-Droid 2 hónapja
The sleepy tornado latterly punish because march unexpectedly snow before a symptomatic puffin. fragile, filthy afternoon
A 2 hónapja
Why are you still talking about Trump?? Why are libtards so OBSESSED with Trump 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Kourosh Rm7
Kourosh Rm7 2 hónapja
This clown's ratings would plummet if he stopped obsessing over Trump.
John Santo
John Santo 2 hónapja
When is Jimmy gonna be funny again?
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