Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

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Alan Becker


Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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Alan Becker
Alan Becker Hónapja
Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:
حسين ماهر
حسين ماهر 6 napja
Ganiyat Ayodele
Ganiyat Ayodele 6 napja
RM PLAYZ 19 napja
Do roblox
A Jawed
A Jawed 26 napja
aaronnrp 28 napja
Well why didn’t you say in the first half?
Jairus Jay Bracero (jb1844)
Jairus Jay Bracero (jb1844) 9 perccel
i hate alan becker
Ridwaan Lawal
Ridwaan Lawal 37 perccel
we need he next episode
Kill Shot
Kill Shot 50 perccel
Green vs purple is like spider man homecoming fight
Frits Bolhuis
Frits Bolhuis Órája
It's my birthday. 🎉
Joseph Maller
Joseph Maller Órája
This part still gets me 15:34
maro ureta
maro ureta Órája
This is the sadness story
Wahyu Hidayat
Wahyu Hidayat 2 órája
Its Funy Animation, I So Like It Your Video
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 2 órája
Help with Glendale he could have died and what happened that's the commandments
merrill carvalho
merrill carvalho 2 órája
what is episode 23 like?
Bayu 4 órája
Avudufu kidss
Avudufu kidss 4 órája
Where is AVM shorts episode 23 Alan I thought you said you upload a video each month
tabletboy2 5 órája
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ..
박은혜 5 órája
Are they stick man? they are funny! lt's best Thank you Alan Becker!
Ben Zabelski
Ben Zabelski 5 órája
Pls pls plsssss tell me that the pack from ep 20 are going tI team up with the guards and fight the other Orange that would be so cool
Keanu Athallah Akira
Keanu Athallah Akira 5 órája
Action animation i like it
LT 6 órája
Bagration 1812
Bagration 1812 6 órája
alan start making another type of animation vs another game other than mine craft cause you'll get a bit more popular if you do
Sain gilverto Rojas Bonilla
Sain gilverto Rojas Bonilla 6 órája
Me encanta mucho este video
Erfan Kh
Erfan Kh 6 órája
Pls ep 23
HYPER Productions
HYPER Productions 7 órája
Boi dis should be a tv show, its that good
Fachry Adam
Fachry Adam 7 órája
Next pls eps 23
Avery Boddie
Avery Boddie 8 órája
We need pt two
5iveSharp 8 órája
Amazing video, keep it up!
BigBrain B.G.
BigBrain B.G. 9 órája
So sad:o
Syed Mohammed Salih
Syed Mohammed Salih 9 órája
Are there 2 PURPLES???????????????????!!!!!!!!
Deathstyc Gaming
Deathstyc Gaming 8 órája
no same one
Syed Mohammed Salih
Syed Mohammed Salih 9 órája
Can't WAIT for the next episode!!! Dude, Alan, can you please at least tell me the estimated time of the upcoming episode? (Or the name of it!!!)
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson 10 órája
What a legend
emirhan han
emirhan han 10 órája
Eesa Water Fire Air!
Eesa Water Fire Air! 11 órája
Can you make a stick and of me looking like a fire dude pls 🔥🔥🔥🔥
jahel castro
jahel castro 12 órája
what app do you use alan
R Korkmaz
R Korkmaz 12 órája
Hey, you! Yes you! Stop reading me while watching the video. I warn you, there is a lotta spoiler.
Chirpy Girl
Chirpy Girl 12 órája
the ending is so much sad full i started to cry 😭
samuel rene arias burbano
samuel rene arias burbano 12 órája
0:56 I want to commit suicide xd
ionut gradinaru
ionut gradinaru 12 órája
pls ep 23
ionut gradinaru
ionut gradinaru 12 órája
pls pt 2
Arif Sadik
Arif Sadik 13 órája
The soundtrack was awesome. Watched a month later but watched twice just for it. Please release the soundtrack
Deivis Guaman
Deivis Guaman 13 órája
Ep 23 plis
Gaming LOL
Gaming LOL 13 órája
mafia 13 órája
Puedes hacer animaciones de dragon ball
Luis Ivan Sánchez Carias
Luis Ivan Sánchez Carias 7 órája
El no hace eso pero fabiano cruz si hace
Yahya Abdulqader Elaraik
Yahya Abdulqader Elaraik 14 órája
Alan Beker
hamza krunker gamer
hamza krunker gamer 14 órája
make the new vedio fast it is vree nice chanle
Duc Dinh
Duc Dinh 15 órája
hay, chất lượng từng video
thlarau lam thil
thlarau lam thil 15 órája
when will the next video be upload i really wanted to see
MouldyGamer _4090
MouldyGamer _4090 15 órája
7:07 perfect music timing
Taha Ali
Taha Ali 15 órája
Please make new video
Crisanta Apollonio
Crisanta Apollonio 15 órája
Alan you i want this video
Crisanta Apollonio
Crisanta Apollonio 15 órája
I love it alan yes good
Crisanta Apollonio
Crisanta Apollonio 15 órája
But becker i like watching parkours
Crisanta Apollonio
Crisanta Apollonio 15 órája
Parkour the best video
Vijayan Nair
Vijayan Nair 15 órája
Fishing rod oo
Vijayan Nair
Vijayan Nair 15 órája
Fishing rod op
Donarmine Pro
Donarmine Pro 16 órája
Hey Alan Becker 23 ep Plus New video
Kalmár Hunor
Kalmár Hunor 16 órája
Go more!!!!
Famiglia Mahmood
Famiglia Mahmood 17 órája
*Alan Becker did Animations alone tho*
Биндэргирэг Нямдаваа
Биндэргирэг Нямдаваа 17 órája
Sultan İşbilir
Sultan İşbilir 17 órája
Ilmer Zerr
Ilmer Zerr 17 órája
Xm animation vs among us?
Mugen 18 órája
Stickmans vs Amoung us
Cyt3l Gaming
Cyt3l Gaming 18 órája
Make a video where Red spawns a rabbit and names it “Toast” then he gets confused before his Friends came. When his friends come to him, then SC will realise this was a pet of a Minecraft player.
Demet ANTEPÜZÜMÜ 18 órája
merabaalan becker neden vidyo atmıyor bilen varmı hello alan becker does anyone know why he doesn't shoot video
Demet ANTEPÜZÜMÜ 18 órája
Игры с mr. пикачу
Игры с mr. пикачу 19 órája
What? In survaivel u can't use Command Block
kabir maharjan
kabir maharjan 19 órája
ep 23 ?
hejter trzeciego brata cyborga
hejter trzeciego brata cyborga 19 órája
khevin SMP
khevin SMP 20 órája
Im youre big fan pls take a picture
naila humaira
naila humaira 20 órája
Nex Vidio please Alan becker
Abraham Meléndez Coronado
Abraham Meléndez Coronado 20 órája
Please episode 23 😿😿😿
Abraham Meléndez Coronado
Abraham Meléndez Coronado 20 órája
Epic batle piglin bruto vs Gren ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️👍👍
Khai Rul
Khai Rul 21 órája
Please episode 23
Ricky Japitan
Ricky Japitan 22 órája
New episode PLEASE
Юлякондитер кондитер
Юлякондитер кондитер 22 órája
А будет ещё сделано анимация по игре Friday Night fankin'
Yin May Lin
Yin May Lin 22 órája
Yin May Lin
Yin May Lin 22 órája
jawa gamer
jawa gamer 22 órája
I hope alan becker makes 1hour animation
naila humaira
naila humaira 23 órája
Pupel Jahat
Sasongko Bambang ツ
Sasongko Bambang ツ 20 órája
Xixixixi,pupel :v
Fatkur Riski
Fatkur Riski 23 órája
Om kapan episode selanjutnya ya
Вероника Миллер
Вероника Миллер 23 órája
diana veloria
diana veloria 23 órája
the Black Friend I think We Help him
W1nTeR so2
W1nTeR so2 Napja
It's very interesting
Hanto Widaryanto
Hanto Widaryanto Napja
Higo Rodrigues
Higo Rodrigues Napja
Continua a seri alan berker porfavor
medievaljedi Napja
This is technically your longest stick animation (AVA 5 was a combination of shorter parts) to date. And it really feels like a 2 part episode, unlike the other ones that felt like individual episodes. This is amazing. I really don't understand how you can have so much quality, humor, action, and just a perfect balance of everything, and STILLL keep improving. Just phenomenal. Huge fan, followed since AVA 1 back in the early days of HUpost
Natalicio Alves
Natalicio Alves Napja
Justin and Jazper
Justin and Jazper Napja
Mavkun Productions
Mavkun Productions Napja
Anyone didn't notice this time that purple and dark orange reference AVG. Lol,i see what Alan did right thers
Albeiro Duran
Albeiro Duran Napja
Yo ya quoero ver la segunda parte
Jairo Lopez
Jairo Lopez Napja
And I’m so so so thankful that you waste some of your time just for videos
Jairo Lopez
Jairo Lopez Napja
love the videos in the Merch
الاستاذ محمد سمير جاد
الاستاذ محمد سمير جاد Napja
this is so much work you make this single you are a good big cretor
Camren’s Corner
Camren’s Corner Napja
I love your videos so much!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!
mahdi Alshamri
mahdi Alshamri Napja
Meryem Kaya
Meryem Kaya Napja
Pls 2
Bilmemizgerekan Napja
Fernanda Tavares
Fernanda Tavares Napja
this is a epic animation
Fernanda Tavares
Fernanda Tavares Napja
oooh mg
stick Figure Blue To Alan Becker
stick Figure Blue To Alan Becker Napja
I Can Beat King Orange!!
stick Figure Blue To Alan Becker
stick Figure Blue To Alan Becker Napja
8:00 It's King Orange?
Анатолий Гузеев
Анатолий Гузеев Napja
Как же это круто
stick Figure Blue To Alan Becker
stick Figure Blue To Alan Becker Napja
Where am I
Rami Ballouz
Rami Ballouz Napja
v Hello
이승제 Napja
You are a genius
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