My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

Ben0104 9 perccel
0:40 is that the Confederate flag ?
Cryonize Pyroniac
Cryonize Pyroniac 38 perccel
Give james a ted talk
Kavi Abdllah
Kavi Abdllah 48 perccel
Happy birthday to u happy birthday to you happy to james in 8 days
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek Órája
4:57 I'm sorry but thanos can turn to the dust only 50% of the one universe not all
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek Órája
Sorry I'm not know the English sl good
Fender Saint Romero
Fender Saint Romero Órája
Back off Bakugo he's mine
Specialuset Órája
I’m pretty skeptical about reality shifting, but how is believing in reality shifting a dangerous belief? Comparing it to racists and antivaxxers is pretty extreme. Religion and spirituality are both beliefs, but we still respect them. The same should apply to reality shifting. If they aren’t hurting anyone like racists then just respect their beliefs and move on.
xax is zay no csp
xax is zay no csp 2 órája
James can you make more videos
Godslayer Luigi
Godslayer Luigi 2 órája
Niranjan S
Niranjan S 2 órája
Your the weirdest and that makes you cool and very interesting as an adult
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 2 órája
The last part was really good
Lolli Da gamer
Lolli Da gamer 2 órája
The gravity falls reference is amazing
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Órája
my body when I'm in shifting: hay may I borrow ur body "sure man"
Elveera Syafina
Elveera Syafina 2 órája
I was watching your video and then a tik tok ad came out
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Órája
when u tell the truth and tell the truth: OML MY LIFE IS NO LONGER THE SAM IM SHOCKED
blurby 3 órája
O̸Cat 。KidO̸
O̸Cat 。KidO̸ 3 órája
BacK OFf BAKUgOU HEs MInE Nu uh he’s mine 👁👄👁
Reagan Miller
Reagan Miller 3 órája
Love this take on the shifting trend. I studied the multiverse theory in Physics class recently, and there's a lot of evidence pointing to it being true. However, physics likely still applies to those worlds as you said. Alternate universes only consist of PLAUSIBLE outcomes. This means Hogwarts, if it did exist in an alternate reality, would not be a magic school, and 2D cartoon universes can't exist for obvious reasons. The alternate reality doesn't have to make sense, like there could be a reality where I woke up and decided to wear a clown suit to school, but that happening is physically possible so it works. Another agreed-upon rule of the multiverse is that alternate realities can never interact, which kind of debunks the whole thing. Another universe can't change our reality, and we can't change theirs. Shifters claim it's your subconscious travelling between worlds, but I'm not really sure what that means. By the way, there aren't really infinite universes, because that would disprove the law of conservation (there's a set amount of energy in the universe), so there are just *close* to infinity. This is a relatively unexplored field of science, and I'm not a quantum physics major or anything, just a high schooler who thinks this trend is probs an unhealthy coping mechanism. No hate to anyone who believes in shifting, and feel free to add other info about it if you think I missed something :)
The Multi Grand Studio
The Multi Grand Studio 4 órája
Wellll since I am in India tik tok is basically banned so don't worry I ain't going to use an app by china
Orc Savage
Orc Savage 4 órája
What if you reality shift into a reality where you dont exist... That Would make every reality implode.
Not_Rklayd 4 órája
That bakugo drawing tho...
Coltson Redrun
Coltson Redrun 4 órája
in simpler words: Lucid dreaming
WhoIsAtari 4 órája
it is very different from that
AeDan_chaRles 4 órája
I’ve read all ur books lol
Luke Garcia
Luke Garcia 4 órája
What if reality is not the reality we think reality is?
BasicallyAnything. 4 órája
James, so well known and loved, yet can’t say 10 simple words in the English language. Edit: I just tried it, and ummm I was wrong 😑 it’s very hard
Danny Ramírez
Danny Ramírez 4 órája
26k displaced consciousnesses disliked your video
Vyrus yaboi
Vyrus yaboi 4 órája
LSD is a hell of a drug kids
Alex Darvai
Alex Darvai 5 órája
when u tell the truth and tell the truth: OML MY LIFE IS NO LONGER THE SAM IM SHOCKED
Alex Darvai
Alex Darvai 5 órája
my body when I'm in shifting: hay may I borrow ur body "sure man"
solo un vato XD
solo un vato XD 5 órája
Adiós máster 👌
Blessed Bookworm
Blessed Bookworm 5 órája
jellyfish don't have brains......
OZZIFY 5 órája
5:54 ayyyyyy my hero academia bakugo
Redbeard -TLoPO Life
Redbeard -TLoPO Life 5 órája
Nah idk about different universes being created they prolly just all infinitely exist simultaneously. Also jesus christ these guys are cringe.
Stephanie C
Stephanie C 6 órája
a lot of people claim their evidence is a government document by the CIA but even if the document were to be true none of these realities that you would shift into would be ANYTHING that you read/watch like books or anime because these are all created and written by people- they aren't windows to separate universes they are all fictional- sure realities could be SIMILAR but they wont be so specific to the point of being the exact same
Quiffination 6 órája
And a universal exists were the odd1sout didn’t make this video
Celina Godinez
Celina Godinez 6 órája
make a nother vid please
Kahli Toons
Kahli Toons 6 órája
its hard to make an animation
Lycan The Folf
Lycan The Folf 6 órája
2:49 Nope, still not a furry
Sonya Robinson
Sonya Robinson 6 órája
Ulfric Stormcloak
Ulfric Stormcloak 6 órája
This video made me not only think you are a furry now I'm starting to think you're gay now we have two things in common
Ben Todd
Ben Todd 6 órája
The ted talk end was sooooooooo perfect.
Aiden Inferno
Aiden Inferno 7 órája
Bxynxt Stxudios
Bxynxt Stxudios 7 órája
It’s like we asked him about his opinion like stfu
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 4 órája
When you have a lot more replies than likes, you know u have the unpopular opinion.
Kahli Toons
Kahli Toons 6 órája
Kahli Toons
Kahli Toons 6 órája
pukapuka 6 órája
someones mad
Minush. 7 órája
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson 7 órája
The moment he said tictoc I knew we were in for a treat.
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 7 órája
Well now we know who u simp for Bakugou and Draco
JJxy 7 órája
Yo ur stuff is amazing, but could you try to add sfx one time, i bet that would make it 10x better no joke
Milena KJ
Milena KJ 7 órája
i dident under stand a thing he said...
{galaxii} 7 órája
Im watching this video before shifting lmao
Human Being
Human Being 7 órája
At least they're not telling you that you need sacrifices to reality shift
{galaxii} 7 órája
Yes lmao shifting is safe and you don't need like 10 sacrifices to the devil to meet your favorite characters
Marie Turcotte
Marie Turcotte 7 órája
Watching this video while laying down on my bakugo body pillow 😅😂
Human Being
Human Being 7 órája
I mean it makes less sense than getting isekaid
Ryan Smedley
Ryan Smedley 7 órája
Hey there is a HUpostr called Alex Clark Shorts who is ripping your content and reposting it as his own, only 1 vid so far but has over 800 views. Don't know if you will reach the you but been a big fan for a while and don't know if your aware of this
Itz Lunaa
Itz Lunaa 7 órája
Me counting the amount of times bakugo was mentioned 👁👄👁
And every last inch of me's covered with hair
And every last inch of me's covered with hair 8 órája
Magic is very real, but it's evil
Stritt Four
Stritt Four 8 órája
There aren’t JUST parallel universes there are infinite universes, (at least that’s what I beleive u can beleive what u want) I think there are any realities including cartoons BUT you can’t reality shift because u can send ur soul out of ur body so u CANT believe hard enough to reality shift but universes are real,like any
Marcell Gatlin
Marcell Gatlin 8 órája
Hey I just watch his two songs and I hope he making a rap song soon because HIS SONG ARE FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Shy Guy
The Shy Guy 8 órája
Okay what?
Scottish guy1
Scottish guy1 8 órája
Psychedelic drugs exist why is this a thing? If these people are so desperate to escape reality why can’t they just drop acid or something?
Le Gaming
Le Gaming 6 órája
99% of them are underage and I’m sure they don’t have any plugs
Pennywisegaming 8 órája
I'm so glad this was in my recommendation list
Joseph Valerio
Joseph Valerio 8 órája
If there can be different worlds then if harry potter doesn't exist on one of those, then how would those universes get to it if it doesn't even exist there. And if reality shifting is true then what if you died???!! Would you see what happens when you die? This is so confusing.
{galaxii} 7 órája
You can always script your DR so you cant be harmed or die. And there are safewords to get our of your desired reality (DR) so you would be fine :/
Abe Gade
Abe Gade 8 órája
You play mtg, I saw a prismatic piper
Rookii 2
Rookii 2 8 órája
I want to be female.
Le Gaming
Le Gaming 6 órája
Do it
Ethan Schule
Ethan Schule 8 órája
do it ✨
FINN _ 8 órája
James: “there are some beliefs that I don’t agree with but are absolutely that are fine to believe in, like thinking bucket hats look good on someone” Philza: *“hold my Minecraft potion”*
Dr. Nachos
Dr. Nachos 9 órája
Have you meditated?
SainDoesStuff 9 órája
Me hate tic toc
ZlatBurger Plays
ZlatBurger Plays 9 órája
If only James did animation classes for people who want to learn how to animate
czyryl Amethyst salamat
czyryl Amethyst salamat 9 órája
lolol bakugou XD
Pekn 9 órája
James is noob :) I relity shirft :)
{galaxii} 7 órája
@Pekn im going to try shifting tonight?
Pekn 7 órája
@{galaxii} Waht
{galaxii} 7 órája
Im actualy attempting to reality shift tonight! Maybe i'll edit this comment when i am done to tell you if it worked or not and maybe say my experiences
Pekn 7 órája
@Marie Turcotte :)
Marie Turcotte
Marie Turcotte 7 órája
Fallen_angel 9 órája
I love twilight so much that I don't want to go there...I'm sorry there's a lot of problems in the twilight saga
Elias Saetern
Elias Saetern 9 órája
i hate tik tok
Salad Fingers
Salad Fingers 9 órája
You said conspiracies you’re not real in this video and then use made a conspiracy
lennie shin
lennie shin 9 órája
dude you did this voeio on my bday
Kris_does_dum_crap 9 órája
People who believe in reality shifting are fckin weird
Jagged_c 9 órája
brb finna astral project to paris...we finding out who was there 😈
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 9 órája
James, you really threw my mans bakugo into this.......also bakugo is MINE JAMES SO BACK OFF lol
Seth Seth
Seth Seth 10 órája
2 weeks later IM DONE WITH JAMES HELLO AND GOODBYE (actually unsubs)
Namanimations 10 órája
I remember I was on my school internet when this came out I clicked on this right when it came btw but yah
RandomMagician 10 órája
"reality shifting isn't real" *except in the parallel universe where it does*
Toys,Crafts &Co.
Toys,Crafts &Co. 10 órája
Idk someone please tell me what did i just watch? A 9 minute and 48 second video about reality shifting and i didn't understand a word
Josh Gomez
Josh Gomez 10 órája
You back off backugo he's mine
Toxicreaper69 10 órája
Bro that blue haired anime charcter looked like a charcter from overlord
Nickolas Rodriguez Perez
Nickolas Rodriguez Perez 10 órája
Charlie, I only have 100mill , me with my 5900 it’s ok
Texmewo 10 órája
why the hell would you need this when you could just do it in your head
Carola Paez
Carola Paez 10 órája
I’m not ashamed to say that I love riverdale
Jay Hope
Jay Hope 10 órája
The avatar is Real then theoretically
꧁༒kenzy༒꧂ 10 órája
Patricia Davidson
Patricia Davidson 10 órája
Games how you start youtubing
Patricia Davidson
Patricia Davidson 10 órája
olive here
olive here 10 órája
so theres a reailty dat youtube dont exist? .O. NU lul
flame_ destroyer
flame_ destroyer 11 órája
10 out of 10
flame_ destroyer
flame_ destroyer 10 órája
kaidoi8050 j
kaidoi8050 j 11 órája
remember when James and his team won the mr beast i think it was the 2000000$ challenge
mucic with me
mucic with me 11 órája
no bokugo is MINEEEE THEodd1out
RandomPersonInTheInternetʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 11 órája
Troy Plumb
Troy Plumb 11 órája
the football one will be me
Kk Go
Kk Go 11 órája
zameer the gamer
zameer the gamer 11 órája
Dakota Wiggins
Dakota Wiggins 11 órája
Can you make a yu gi oh vid
Dakota Wiggins
Dakota Wiggins 11 órája
I have a tiktok account 111dakota
byron's channel
byron's channel 12 órája
the aniamtion of the girl crying made me sad
G3 Sizzy cuppaidge
G3 Sizzy cuppaidge 12 órája
I'm literally having a stroke trying to take this all in😂
Camila 12 órája
I thought reality shifting was just using your imagination..... strongly?? Like you have enough brain power where you feel like your really there? Lol it’s kinda dumb I realized after watching this
GosquisSovietico 12 órája
se que no me vas a entender por que estoy hablando en español asi que voy a tener el traductor I want all Americans (as I translate, that you appear as Americans who instead of appearing like this should appear as e s t a d o u n i d e n s e s but in English, and instead it comes out as Americans and America is a continent, not a country) find out what happened on April 25, 1846 and the truth of the Thorton incident
Terrie Meyers
Terrie Meyers 12 órája
dude ... your right ITS FAKE
Juan Manuel Andrade
Juan Manuel Andrade 12 órája
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