Architects - "Animals"

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"Animals" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available February 26th
Pre-order at
Director: Dan Searle
Producer: Kode Media
Director of Photography: Sy Turnbull
Sam Carter - Vocals
Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
Adam Christianson - Guitars

Written and performed by Architects
Lyrics by Dan Searle
Produced by Dan Searle
Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
Additional Production by Pete Miles
Mixed by Zakk Cervini
Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
I do my best but everything seems ominous
Not feeling blessed, quite the opposite
This shouldn’t feel so monotonous
It never rains but it pours

We’re just a bunch of fucking animals
But we’re afraid of the outcome
Don’t cry to me because the fiction that we’re living in
Says I should pull the pin

Should I just pull the pin?

I dug my heels
I thought that I could stop the rot
The ground gave way
Now I’ve lost the plot
Fucked it again
That was all I’ve got
It never rains but it pours

Life is just a dream within a….

Buried under dirt
A diamond in the mud
Infinity is waiting there
‘Cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral

….dream within a dream within a….
Official Site:
Facebook: architectsuk
Twitter: architectsuk
Instagram: architects
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
#architects #forthosethatwishtoexist #epitaph

Riccardo Merlo
Riccardo Merlo 3 órája
AWESOME song, AWESOME band. Thanks for being awesome and vegan! Fight for animals!
Lex Pi
Lex Pi 3 órája
The Intro Riff : Gojirammstein.
Mttmnk1k19 rty
Mttmnk1k19 rty 4 órája
Kryptonite 4 órája
you know that the faint electronic siren sound makes the song
fpj melquiades
fpj melquiades 5 órája
Michael Hemm
Michael Hemm 8 órája
Never heard about them till I started listing to octane on sirusxm you guys rock
mega man
mega man 9 órája
So they are just literally just hardcore dad music now dam
Daniel Trombley
Daniel Trombley 10 órája
6.5 million views in 3 months?!
Anze Kopitar
Anze Kopitar 11 órája
This song hits hard
Natasha Millwood
Natasha Millwood 11 órája
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! You guys used my favorite quote of all time!! "Life is just a dream within a dream."
frank mancini
frank mancini 12 órája
So stylistic, dark, hardcore, melodic, and beautiful. Wow.
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas 14 órája
Wilr1000 15 órája
Awesome track ! The heavy music and clean vocals are incredible.
Koko Perdian
Koko Perdian 16 órája
This song must be Arknights new PV
Walace Orlich
Walace Orlich 17 órája
Love future
24 /7
24 /7 17 órája
I love it!
ryetExh 18 órája
Hits hard
Kent Structures
Kent Structures Napja
nice. It has a modern BMTH Vibe
Duane Bennett
Duane Bennett Napja
Loving the new tracks and can't wait to hear the whole album! I've even given my neighbours plenty of opportunities to hear the tracks!!! :-)
Michael Wightman
Michael Wightman Napja
🍿 🤙🏻 💯
CPS Compassion Protestant Society
CPS Compassion Protestant Society Napja
Rudi Van Der Westhuizen
Rudi Van Der Westhuizen Napja
This song is so good !!
Zildjian Bolton
Zildjian Bolton 2 napja
Ooooo I wanna see it liveeeeeeee
Ryan Marquardt
Ryan Marquardt 2 napja
The music sounds like STARSET... bad ass!!
Evelyn Layman
Evelyn Layman 2 napja
*this song comes on the radio* Stepdad: You know what that means!! 😂 Me: 😂🤣😅😁😈🤘🤘🤘!!!!!!!!!!
Shaun A
Shaun A 2 napja
We are a bunch of fukin animals and we don't care of the outcome.
Adam Steer
Adam Steer 2 napja
Thank you so much for this. You mob are legends and THIS song has gotten me through some hard days. ARCHITECTS. Absolute beasts!!!! Go for it!!!!!!!!
Codex 2 napja
I love how Architects have evolved! They are one of the most brilliant bands around now!!!
Hanc 2 napja
Producer: Okay, so how wide you want this vid to be? Architects:yes
eddiehimself 2 napja
@2:56 ASMR-chitects
Trisha Dennis
Trisha Dennis 2 napja
This song fucking ROCKS OMG
Giovanni Parisi
Giovanni Parisi 3 napja
All in this song Is gives me goosebumps. Thank you guys ♥️
Julien Censier
Julien Censier 3 napja
So professional and so resulting!
ThePowerranger23 3 napja
This was my number 1 in the hottest 100
Gfk K
Gfk K 3 napja
Heard this song on the radio for the first time and almost shit my pants!!
The Blog Of Tech
The Blog Of Tech 3 napja
Bad ass music video though i cant stand how small and wide the video itself is.
Steve Meyang
Steve Meyang 3 napja
Perfect just missing something... that thing is "Bleeeggghhh!!!!!"
Francois Barnard
Francois Barnard 3 napja
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez 3 napja
2:38 shakes my soul
88sephiroth88 3 napja
cant wait to listen to this when the gym will finaly opened up...
João Oliveira
João Oliveira 3 napja
00:00 Sam pass you tha boof, do you accept?
Dirk Kubusch
Dirk Kubusch 3 napja
Woh!!! Das trönt! Geiler Beat, Drums und Bass👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻eben Architects pur! Danke dafür!
aziz comi
aziz comi 3 napja
amazing sound design!
Rikk Hyo
Rikk Hyo 3 napja
The Night Man
The Night Man 3 napja
People: All the old metal bands from the 2000's are mainstream or gone Architects: Hold me Blergh
r j
r j 4 napja
This song is epic. Bravo!
LoganTheSlogan 4 napja
God showed me different cultures. I love this side of music as a rapper or rap listener. More minister now. Full respect
Алексей Плескач
Алексей Плескач 4 napja
Dr Rockzo
Dr Rockzo 4 napja
loss the headbang challenge
Alexander Yaroshevskiy
Alexander Yaroshevskiy 4 napja
Last three songs they released sound like a Linking Park on steroids! Wtf? I really loved their unique sound, that's why people were crazy about them! Now Architects are no more than just another cookie cutter metalcore band... Architects R.I.P
Lxst Light
Lxst Light 4 napja
Can't wait full album
Dylan Weeks
Dylan Weeks 4 napja
It's like new bmth... but good
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 4 napja
This is what the taliban listens to.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 4 napja
New album is ordered ready for when it's released...I am genuinely looking forward to it after hearing this and dead butterflies, this is everything I need right now, thanks.
Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography
Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography 4 napja
That opening riff makes me wanna break a box of floor tile.
Anfernee Tungeitt
Anfernee Tungeitt 4 napja
This song gives me a mixture of a Three Days Grace, Korn and Linkin Park vibe.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 órája
Sounds a little like Nickelback too
Alex Burchell
Alex Burchell 2 napja
Definitely hearing a bit of Linkin Park in the electronics. Also definitely a major Rammstein vibe as well.
Anfernee Tungeitt
Anfernee Tungeitt 4 napja
@Isaac Juhel Fair enough.
Isaac Juhel
Isaac Juhel 4 napja
Nah I get more a Rammstein vibe from this some
Wilfredo Garcia
Wilfredo Garcia 4 napja
Wooooooo, holy shet!!! That breakdown!🔥🔥🔥👌
Brianna Fithian
Brianna Fithian 4 napja
Just a bunch of f*cking GOOSEBUMPS
Ice Reduction Through Daughter Combustion
Ice Reduction Through Daughter Combustion 4 napja
Sooo the album's leaked :D (don't have a go at me, I'm probably gonna buy it too when its out). Here are my first thoughts: Impermanence has a pretty dull chorus but the second verse has cool chuggy bits and HOOO BOY the Winston McCall guest spot will be an absolute cum deployer when its played live
Habibur Rohaimam.S14
Habibur Rohaimam.S14 5 napja
Rob While It Beats
Rob While It Beats 5 napja
That driving beat..those vox...the guitar sound...faaaaaaaaark!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You guys never disappoint
Alex Stan
Alex Stan 5 napja started a cover of this song
bornfreeeee 5 napja
First Architects song I listen to and holy fuck I'm impressed. You guys just earned a new fan.
Christopher Dewhirst
Christopher Dewhirst 5 napja
This has a Bring Me The Horizon vibe. 🔥🔥🤘
Chris Woods
Chris Woods 5 napja
I kept trying to scroll up thinking i was cutting the top half of the screen off >
alex uman
alex uman 5 napja
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great!
Free Dom
Free Dom 5 napja
Не могу остановиться... Ааааа жму на репит. Это топ
Pablo Granados
Pablo Granados 5 napja
Producer: Okay, so how wide you want this vid to be? Architects: Do you know the meaning of thicc? Also, stupidly insane song, keep it up, song is really good
D P 4 napja
Good that my phone is 20:9 lol
max mustermann
max mustermann 5 napja
This is not the architects i remember. Where tf is the BLEERGGHH?!
Julien Lecroq
Julien Lecroq 5 napja
"Shall I just prout de pine ?"
Private Inferno
Private Inferno 5 napja
Bye bye metal... again
Viktor Averichev
Viktor Averichev 5 napja
This will be the best song on the album. How I missed industrial music.
Brian Gillis
Brian Gillis 6 napja
I can't stop listening to this track. It pumps me up!!! Bravo Guys!
M 6 napja
Gorgeous video, yummmm
lame habits
lame habits 6 napja
This song is SO GOOD, haven't stopped listening to it
Esme Ortega
Esme Ortega 4 napja
I feel you. Whenever I pack a bowl, or crush bud, I gotta listen to this😂 I was even brushing my teeth humming this lmfao
Catt Weir
Catt Weir 6 napja
That fucking chorus, blast it with headphones. MY FUCKING GOD.
Supra Tyler
Supra Tyler 7 napja
Who's here because they lost the headbanger challenge
Harry LaFountaine
Harry LaFountaine 7 napja
Middleton is the real animal
William Lingual
William Lingual 7 napja
Love, love, love that industrial-sounding (Hybrid Theory) metallic snare. This is so reminiscent of early Linkin Park. Great song!
Man Anis
Man Anis 7 napja
Jordan Araujo
Jordan Araujo 7 napja
This... this song made me love metal again I rock out every time I hear it I lost interest years ago in metal and this song dragged me right back in, I fucking love your guys band !!!!! I cant believe I'm just discovering you guys now!
Olafur Johannsson
Olafur Johannsson 7 napja
Search all over cause i thought and i hoped Chester had one more in him but sad to find out, this is what ever this is
Olafur Johannsson
Olafur Johannsson 7 napja
Good song but feels like a cover band
Olafur Johannsson
Olafur Johannsson 7 napja
Wannabe linkin much?
calebe santana
calebe santana 7 napja
i love this even more
Dahir Dubi
Dahir Dubi 7 napja
left speech less this song just captured what I was thinking.
Amanda Adamson
Amanda Adamson 7 napja
I feel these lyrics deeply, love you guys so much!
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez 7 napja
This what I needed to hear thanks
muffins the terror
muffins the terror 8 napja
It sounds like something broke out of containment lol
Vivek Mehta
Vivek Mehta 8 napja
Listen it at 1.25X and thank me later
Aaron Plörer
Aaron Plörer 5 napja
Thanks for wasting my time. That was trash
James Baynes
James Baynes 8 napja
Beating that drum like it owes him last month’s rent.
Zildjian Bolton
Zildjian Bolton 20 órája
@lil angelfuck beautiful! Life goals 10/10
lil angelfuck
lil angelfuck Napja
@Zildjian Bolton one of my passions in life
Zildjian Bolton
Zildjian Bolton 2 napja
@lil angelfuck hehehehehe love making fun of good old tobey maguire xD
Esme Ortega
Esme Ortega 4 napja
lil angelfuck
lil angelfuck 5 napja
you'll get your rent when you fix this damn door!
Zuzu Petals
Zuzu Petals 8 napja
Heard this on Hard Drive and had to check it out! Awesomeness!!!!
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan 8 napja
This song absolutely smacks
Dmitry Sokol
Dmitry Sokol 8 napja
I cant stop to listen this song , masterpiece .
Maureen Wagg
Maureen Wagg 9 napja
hmmmm meh. The beat drop is great, but I'm just not feeling this song. No disrespect but vocals are too commercial. It may even get radio play, which is great if that's the goal. Not for me.
Marie Wahlberg
Marie Wahlberg 9 napja
Alexandre Pereira
Alexandre Pereira 9 napja
marco 9 napja
the beginning looks like the last minutes of gojira's songs on the album The Way of All Flesh
Heath Mawlet
Heath Mawlet 9 napja
Honey advertising is pretty fucking obnoxious. Great song though. But fuck Honey.
paps 9 napja
ROCK WILL NEVER DIE with artist''s like you !!!!!! AMAZING
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