Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

I use C02 burners in my pot garden, our natural C02 in the air is roughly 300ppm and my plants thrive off of 1200ppm. so Alex Jones is making alot of sense bro!
Jt Francis
Jt Francis 3 órája
Nuclear power creates nuclear waste. We do not have a way to safely deal with nuclear waste and or nuclear power plant accidents. Common sense should tell you, if we do not know how to safely dispose of nuclear waste, we should not be creating nuclear waste. Furthermore, if we do not know how to protect ourselves from nuclear power plant disasters, we should not be building nuclear power plants. The problem with big government, “COMMON SENSE AINT SO COMMON!”
Jt Francis
Jt Francis 3 órája
A ONE DEGREE RISE in temperature over the past couple hundred years, IS NOT GLOBAL WARMING! It could be argued that the 1° rise in temperature is attributed to technology advances in better thermometers. Rest assured, GOD (insert your Creator here) HAS GOT THIS!
Christa Lewis
Christa Lewis 4 órája
I am a minority black woman, single mother, and feminist first and foremost, this was an amazing podcast. I always love and support Joe but Mr. Jones definitely had me thinking. I appreciate the perspective and reminder of why I always keep my eyes, mind, and views open. Some real related sh!t here and food for thought. Joe pulled some therapy crap in the end but when it comes from a place of respect and admiration and not views or ratings so be it. I trust Joe mostly because he doesn't rely in his opinions.
Joel Cormier
Joel Cormier 5 órája
It was borat!
Joel Cormier
Joel Cormier 5 órája
She was caught in new hampshire, not far from where we live, but it wasn't a farm it was a million dollar home in the middle of the woods
keshav kumar
keshav kumar 5 órája
I know that alex jons is dead wrong on climate, but the way he frogs being gay ..😂.. i like that.
Boston Bulldogs
Boston Bulldogs 5 órája
Alex Jones is a savant he also has a photographic memory he can remember docjet numbers from cases he studied 30 years ago on the drop of a dime. He's very animated and flys off the handle now and then but is spot on more times than not. Let's face it eith the crazy shit that he looks into your gonna miss and sound like a jersey now and then but some of the things he's hit on......holy shit. Just remember one thing they don't try to silence people who aren't on point.
Silas 66
Silas 66 6 órája
This episode is amazing.. Just took the aids vaccine & now I have aids so I won't make it til the next time Alex Jones is on. Thanks everyone. RIP me.
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds 6 órája
As far as gay sex elites ..... Got the owl.... And sacrifice. All sounds like satanic. But Alister crowley used sex as part of his magic and satanic worship......
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds 6 órája
Alex was really wanting to get high 😆
T P 6 órája
The biggest emitter of co2 is the ocean so.... yea its a big bag of shit
John Doe
John Doe 7 órája
Weird how the back lights are brighter behind joe than they are on the side of alex. Almost makes joe look more trustworthy, because i see him better, his face, his eyes..... Hmmmm weird. It's probably nothing.
tree pickett
tree pickett 7 órája
John Doe
John Doe 7 órája
Unfortunately most of the people that read this comment won't care. You should be ashamed of yourself smoking tobacco. Someone with this much influence, perpetuating the horrific and incurable manifestation of bodily cancer in humans, should not be viral. Maybe once you all get cancer, you'll understand. Just like my family now does.
A T 8 órája
A lot of the stuff they said about lockdowns and cencorship actually happened. Crazy
shannon 9 órája
What did you say GayDids?? 🤣
kurt overmyer
kurt overmyer 9 órája
Joe Rogan is a Monday morning quarterback with too many concussions. Alex Jones is genius.
Melody Conte
Melody Conte 9 órája
Why does Tim Dillon look ten years younger here? It's only been 3 months!!!! I'm not trying to roast him, I'm just saying what is hurting Tim Dillon?! Someone help!
James Porter
James Porter 10 órája
Good intentions Joe. Needs the talk one on one about his health. IDK
Ducks in a row
Ducks in a row 10 órája
Make peace in the Middle East maybe satan is the only one they can do that. Tim D. 🤣
Da Bunnisher
Da Bunnisher 11 órája
So when are you going to have the parents on your podcast to tell their story Joe?
Wyo Drifter
Wyo Drifter 11 órája
You cannot change what can not be, no matter the policy or money
Arkade 12 órája
The bizarre father affectively dream because catamaran potentially ignore given a omniscient author. purple, labored fine
akult isgod
akult isgod 13 órája
alex jones is a genius who i believe sometimes goes out of his way yo make himself look insane
Mutai Kipruto
Mutai Kipruto 14 órája
Get DJT on Joe.
Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]
Nikbrickk [B's Gaming] 14 órája
The point is to improve your life. Ya i guess we dont hunt our own mean anymore and ya i guess that means im weaker for it but thats a pluse for me. Ya im not good at math but ive got a powerful tool in my possession at all times it's what you call Quality of Life
Aalhs 14 órája
velexis92 15 órája
The Stoned Sailor
The Stoned Sailor 15 órája
Awesome show. Alex Jones has been right more times than he's been wrong.
Francis Hamill
Francis Hamill 15 órája
Best ever
Michael Eckert
Michael Eckert 16 órája
You need vitamins and nutricuitcals to defeat COVID. Alex Jones is self parody, he’s just acting as the Jon Oliver piece exposed him to be!
Patrick Griffin
Patrick Griffin 17 órája
Alex the point you are missing on climate change is the rate of change. Not if CO2 has been seen in higher concentrations. Sometimes you fit your narrative to the facts. Logical fallacies run abundant.
Patrick Griffin
Patrick Griffin 17 órája
Any serious point that joe brings up to counter alex, he responds with "we don't know"
Matthew Kreider Golf
Matthew Kreider Golf 17 órája
I believe a lot of these big events that happen in the media are meant to divide us. Events done on purpose to divide humanity. What’s the strategy? Divide and conquer
Mikhaw Loggins
Mikhaw Loggins 18 órája
Where’s the time stamp champ?
Bransil Adams
Bransil Adams 19 órája
"Sober October," he says as he sips coffee and smokes a cigar.
Bransil Adams
Bransil Adams 19 órája
Alex Jones explaining that "clean coal" just means it isn't producing anything but CO2... Disregarding that CO2 is the "dirtiness" we're trying to stop. This is the problem. The nuances of the arguments are lost on the average joe who just hears "clean coal" and thinks we can keep on like we've been doing without fear of consequences... That and Jones' sheer unwillingness to plainly admit simple truths like "Carbon dioxide is a contributing factor..."
Mikhail Slye
Mikhail Slye 19 órája
All I have to say about Alex Jones is. Everybody wants a revolution until their head is on the chopping block . Which seems to be his Creo
KJ Production
KJ Production 19 órája
Why are y’all using google
Evan Reeder
Evan Reeder 21 órája
It's sexual assault if its a man to a woman ? It's ALSO sexual assault if its a man to a man, a woman to a man or a woman to a woman. Men can be sexually assaulted by women and other men. If a woman touches a man's crotch without his consent.... That's sexual assault.
Paul Gsell
Paul Gsell 22 órája
Joe " I tell alex he's my friend as I secretly try to destroy him " Rogan
James C
James C Napja
I miss Alex Jones on youtube
KJ Production
KJ Production Napja
“THE MAIN THING THE EARTH LIVES OFF OF IS THE SUN” is that why these fuck faces try to cover the sun with chemtrails every day?
Daniel Sawan
Daniel Sawan Napja
Alex Jones or David Icke? Alex Jones
Anton Poggio
Anton Poggio Napja
Love these, it's like watching a high-stakes version of the Horse Whisperer with an audience of lawyers waiting to pounce.
Left Side Krew
Left Side Krew Napja
Alex Jones been sniffing the bat shit again
Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin Napja
Isn't it crazy there's 152 thousand comments on this video
kikolight15 Napja
2:30:00 ummm he predicted the shit 😳 f*ck
Burnningsoul Napja
Not a fan of the colors
Luke Harris
Luke Harris Napja
Alex Jones I wish you all the BEST, I'm clean now 3 weeks and it's tough but your TOUGHER
Callum Bush
Callum Bush Napja
Joe has turned into a corporate shill!
Callum Bush
Callum Bush 21 órája
@preston yeah bought off with a fortune!
preston 22 órája
@Callum Bush do you think he's been compromised?
Callum Bush
Callum Bush Napja
@preston his masters now tell him what he can and can't say!
preston Napja
not his choice.
shane tobin
shane tobin Napja
Were joe and Alex not at war with each other
Kelly Dimon
Kelly Dimon Napja
How could Alex be wrong about Trump? Or is he. 80 days of HELL!
Eamon Quinn
Eamon Quinn Napja
Joe seemed really tight on the carbon dioxide.
Juan Salgado
Juan Salgado Napja
What Alex Jones knows about the white papers fukkkkkk were all doomed
Fruity Tootie
Fruity Tootie Napja
Alex Jones = Bill Hicks
Juan Salgado
Juan Salgado Napja
His full of shit about the clean coal and using scrubbers to clean the exhaust
Its_foo Napja
Am I the only one who never gets tired but about to bring out my laughing abilities when Alex Jones says something funny?
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Napja
💣 🇮🇹
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Napja
💀 ☠ 💊 👽 a round 🔫 the 🌎
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Napja
🕷 🕸 catch U
Kyle Suarez
Kyle Suarez Napja
2:52:19? What the hell
Dro Napja
now we just need to spread this to the boomers
no one
no one Napja
Alex Jones stated under oath during his divorce/custody trial that he plays a character on his show and that everything he says is for entertainment purposes. If you listen/watch Alex Jones you are being entertained with fictional content designed to sell products. He is a phony. Don't be duped.
Retrojunk's favorite Franchises
Retrojunk's favorite Franchises Napja
At the end alex was crunching with his teeth like he were on ecstasy or anphetamin or as a result from the drinking alcohol!
Gulf War
Gulf War Napja
My only goal in life is to see how many people actually "Like" my comment- even though it's among 152 thousand other comments.
Gulf War
Gulf War 10 órája
YES! Someone likes me! You know I'm alive! Wow!
Kush Kuniss
Kush Kuniss Napja
That intro is 💩💩💩💩💩
Andai Napja
Why does Joe seem so different in this one compared to the last one Alex was on?
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Napja
I'm sorry but Jones is so full of shit.
Davis Livingston
Davis Livingston Napja
Joe “I’m a little high from this cigar” Rogan
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Napja
J: How hammered are you on a scale of 1-10? A: Not at all😁
Leviticus Rock
Leviticus Rock Napja
Every listen from 13:00 till they show A t and t rogans reaction at 15:00
Victor Shankle
Victor Shankle Napja
You da man Joe
Gandalf The Gay
Gandalf The Gay Napja
1:57:43 Confirmed, Alex Jones is gay.
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle Napja
Joe seemed too grumpy on this one
Gandalf The Gay
Gandalf The Gay Napja
1:18:46 hahahaha
John Doesit
John Doesit Napja
I said this a million times. Human biological shells are very flawed for space travel or adapting to new physical environments such as other planets. Humans must "evolve" and transfer the intelligence to some other form such as "AI". AI is not like engineering a new creature, it is simply a transfer of knowledge, humanity and intelligence to a new form. Humans are too fragile to take life to a new location. Just my oppinion.
Harder Oneechan
Harder Oneechan Napja
Poor alex he knows the truth but his pursuit of it has made him batshit insane.
Jimi Light
Jimi Light Napja
I like how the "crazy" people are becoming "sane" and the "sane" people are becoming "crazy"
Andreww Breack
Andreww Breack 16 órája
This comment deserves more attention
Francisco BVRC
Francisco BVRC Napja
They won't need metal robots because they figured out that it's easier and faster to turn people into robots via chips than it is to actually make robots from scratch.
Happy Individuals
Happy Individuals Napja
How do I join the island
Sad Truth
Sad Truth Napja
AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY IT IS A REPUBLIC!!!! Read the constitution people it is pretty clear. Also, green energy pollutes three times as much as conventional methods.
Kajetan Ka
Kajetan Ka Napja
Great! Plz again!
Jason Massia
Jason Massia Napja
"liberate tuteme ex inferis" "Save yourself from Hell".. Event Horizon is definitely an awesome film. Love the video Joe! Awesome work.
Missy Johnson
Missy Johnson Napja You should do a video on this!! The United States is a Corporation? 🤔 Supposedly we have been sold!!
JJ Napja
Alex Jones for President. Thank you for your work, for what nobody does, but you! KEEP UP!
thomas -cummings
thomas -cummings Napja
Joe rogan is so annoying with the fact checking shit now
Ash Napja
Actually they changed PCR false negative test guidelines in January so Alex was right, again.
Jonathan Brightwell
Jonathan Brightwell Napja
Man. Alex can get on your nerves with talking over people. But this dude knows his shit and backs it up with facts. I respect that a lot. It's scary how often hes right.
The Miranda Project
The Miranda Project Napja
I agree with alex. They are trying to kill us
Andrea Breton
Andrea Breton Napja
Well he certainly predicted the kidnapping
Ufology 101
Ufology 101 Napja
I would love listening to Alex tell fart jokes for 3 hours
Fergus MacLoud
Fergus MacLoud 2 napja
Joe is so dumb 43:00 in the past 150000 years, we lived through over 100000 years of ICE AGE...
C H 2 napja
God, this is embarrasing
Billnerd 2 napja
Can’t dislike this if more than half Is true.
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg 2 napja
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg 2 napja
CO2 😇 😈.....WAR 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜
Dan Ag
Dan Ag 2 napja
Ian 2 napja
Joe get Del Bigtree on the show to talk about the pandemic and the vaccine.
Alex Mansfield
Alex Mansfield 2 napja
God knows everything except one thing, where did HE come from? Alex Jones.
Big Draco
Big Draco 2 napja
why is there a hindu god in the background?
Big Draco
Big Draco Napja
@James just wondering.. never seen in his studio before, pretty random.
James 2 napja
Why not?
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