Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

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Demi Lovato

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Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”
Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.

Maddy Rhae
Maddy Rhae 2 perccel
First concert I ever went to was Demi Lovato in 2008, she was my inspiration then and my inspiration still to this day. Strong woman 🤍
Moxie Boots
Moxie Boots 9 perccel
She needs help
Slo Poke
Slo Poke 21 perce
Dancing with the needles
Emu Enforcer
Emu Enforcer 29 perccel
Could use less brown
Juel Grace
Juel Grace 31 perce
R Tatum
R Tatum 32 perccel
When can I watch this thoughhhhhh
Likebotting 47 perccel
heroin lol
Pablo Ruslan Condado Lisbona
Pablo Ruslan Condado Lisbona Órája
Davina Collins
Davina Collins Órája
She is a very strong person!
Patricia Silva
Patricia Silva Órája
O fim dessa moça ñ vai ser bom, ainda mais exaltando o diabo!😕
Brittany Finney
Brittany Finney Órája
Cannot wait can’t wait
Demetria Lovato
Demetria Lovato Órája
Mohammad Benkirane
Mohammad Benkirane Órája
After she broke up with that guy i think his name is Mario Lopez she went downhill i guess she loved hem a-lot Hope she is ok bow
Kay 2 órája
She will always be a trashy icon. Lol another star turned into a junkie . What’s new.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kay 2 órája
She’s a hot mess & she just can’t figure it out.
jeuntes 2 órája
I love u so much I trust you. As lovatics we are always with you
Squ1 2 órája
Yawwwn. While her peers are busy getting #1s and selling albums, she has to CONTINUALLY resort to playing victim to get media attention, because she knows she can't compete.
Squ1 6 perccel
@rivièrelol nice cherrypicking bro. Album sales and Hot 100 #1s are the most accurate indicators of success. Demi: Zero #1s. Less than 3 million albums Taylor Swift: 7 #1s, >50 million albums sold. Ariana Grande: 4 #1s, 3 million albums sold. Lady Gaga: 4 #1s, >50 million albums sold. Demi doesn't even come close. Not even in the same galaxy. Streaming and single sales are not accurate indicators of success because they're too volatile and notnecessarily based on enjoyment. And even THEN demi would be averaged at best
rivière 28 perccel
@Squ1 Garbage sales yet she has 5 times platinum for a solo song, 7x eligible and 12+M ww sales. 177 Million $ from her tours in total, 51 Million$ from just TMYLM World Tour, 3 of her tours supprassed 35 Million dollars each.. Her flop era includes #18, #34, #36 x2 in USA, #20, #35 and #42 in UK. She has a #1 in UK singles chart and other multiple countries count how much if you want. She has 7 #1's in US ITunes, she's 8th female artist with most #1s on US iTunes. Her most streamed solo song has 1.340.434.819 views. She had earned her first top 10 hit when she was 16. She had earned her first #1 Album in Billboard 200 when she was also 16 turning 17. She has 6 albums and 6/6 of them hit top 5 in billboard 200. She has 2 platinum(US) albums, one has a grammy nomination. She has 4 top 10 hits but those are way more impactful than today's trashy #1's. Stfu now.
Squ1 32 perccel
@rivière no, I'd rather listen to them lol. My original post remains correct.
rivière 45 perccel
@Squ1 Can you list me her peers? Then I will shut your mouth up thanks.
Squ1 Órája
@rivière she's never had a non-flop era 😂 she's not even in the same galaxy as her peers. Zero #1s, garbage sales, garbage tours. FLOP from start to finish.
Piece Ctrl kyle
Piece Ctrl kyle 2 órája
What happened someone tell me
logan berton
logan berton 2 órája
Repent and go to the kingdom of Christ.
Jose Tapia
Jose Tapia 3 órája
Dancing with coco she got it from q loko
Garrison Nix
Garrison Nix 3 órája
I swear she’s made more recovery documentaries than albums
rivière Órája
She has 6 albums you're dumb.
Some Guy
Some Guy 4 órája
Imogen Poots 2021
Charliemagne Asuncion
Charliemagne Asuncion 4 órája
this is the best documentary trailer i've ever seen. it feels as if i am anticipating a blockbuster movie in a cinema. definitely very interesting. i am so happy that demi is alive and healthy.
A Non
A Non 5 órája
Most inspirational bully on twitter!!
Rufy D. Cabrera
Rufy D. Cabrera 6 órája
La mas bella de este mundo
Cassie -_-
Cassie -_- 6 órája
I'm in tears... i love you queen
Kayy 6 órája
Im crying
Money Man
Money Man 7 órája
Demi I just want a shot at a date I'm poor from Dallas TX work hard 6 days a week dont have much but I'm 27...
Banana Head
Banana Head 7 órája
1:37 this was a couple of hours before the overdose. She may be smiling but you can see that she was crying if you look at her eyes. Absolutely heartbreaking
Katty Zuniga
Katty Zuniga 7 órája
Me encanta que nuestros artistas tomen en cuenta hacer subtitulos o títulos en español siento que ya están más tomando mas en cuenta a nosotros los latinos
if you know
if you know 8 órája
Her face bugs me
Shakeria Stewart
Shakeria Stewart 8 órája
Omg cant wait 😩❤❤❤ so emotional
Thalita Alexandre
Thalita Alexandre 9 órája
I can't wait to watch it, omg
Thalita Alexandre
Thalita Alexandre 9 órája
it's gonna be tough for lovatics to watch this doc
G A D 9 órája
Alex Hatfield
Alex Hatfield 9 órája
Someone overdosed on opiates makes her one of a million.
Abcdy Reyes
Abcdy Reyes 9 órája
I'm scared and this is only the trailer
Dzieu Quang
Dzieu Quang 12 órája
yes Demi!!!
Maddie Fluffy
Maddie Fluffy 14 órája
I’m getting anxious I wanna see this I love demi I’m obsessed 😂 I’m happy to see she’s doing better💖
The Basketball G.O.A.T
The Basketball G.O.A.T 14 órája
Is that Demi "Cocaine" Lovato?
Angie Foodie
Angie Foodie 15 órája
damn she really has me crying
Jean Matthews
Jean Matthews 15 órája
Question I know this is a 4-part documentary. Are all four parts going to be shown on the 23rd or is it going to be the first two parts that week of the 23rd and the the next two parts on the 30th? How long is each part going to be?
Star YouTubers
Star YouTubers 16 órája
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 16 órája
Where's Tom Grossi?
Lama Steve
Lama Steve 16 órája
You had no friends then !
Lama Steve
Lama Steve 16 órája
The West family is a bad situation !
Lama Steve
Lama Steve 16 órája
If they are not honest they are not your friend !
Lama Steve
Lama Steve 16 órája
I feel demonic prayer's around you !
america zuñiga
america zuñiga 17 órája
I am crying because it is a youtube original video and maybe I won't see it 😭😭😭😭
Belen Arando 99
Belen Arando 99 16 órája
It'll be free on her channel!
KAYITESI Liliane 17 órája
I’m turning 21st on 23rd march And i feel like this is going to be the best gift );already love the song replayed and replayed the video just to listen it
Ethan gaddiz
Ethan gaddiz 17 órája
I’m still waiting
Ethan gaddiz
Ethan gaddiz 17 órája
Nathan Jutras
Nathan Jutras 17 órája
Gods watching
Cansu 18 órája
Stream #whatotherpeoplesay
Ronnie W
Ronnie W 18 órája
That One Unicorn
That One Unicorn 19 órája
I can’t believe we almost lost her....
Ana 19 órája
love u demi
U Ç 20 órája
U Ç 20 órája
Sylvester Scott Jr
Sylvester Scott Jr 20 órája
Hiii mz awesome lady ur beautiful n keep with me cuz ur so awesome n chill n keep going boo 🧸🤗🤠🎉🎉🎉🎉🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥🍇🍇🍯🍯🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🙃🧨🧨🤗🤗🤗🤗
Julia Rodriguez
Julia Rodriguez 21 órája
I am so proud of her strength I look up to her so much, she is such a strong, beautiful, talented, amazing woman. I'm so happy to see her get back up after every time she falls. We love you demi💛🥺
Linda Alvarez
Linda Alvarez 22 órája
juanita solis :0
Marco Borja
Marco Borja 22 órája
Aint she a dope fiend?
shfeeq 22 órája
i think the reason why the view is rising up like 1 million view per day is maybe bcause i watched this video 5 times a day everyday lmao
Esme Delatorre
Esme Delatorre 23 órája
So when does it start
Iva Mijoč
Iva Mijoč 18 órája
On march 23
Natalie Hodgkinson
Natalie Hodgkinson 23 órája
“I was dancing with the devil out of control” 🥺💔
avery white
avery white Napja
Yesenia Garcia
Yesenia Garcia Napja
Smh another one 🤔
Vixen the demon fox Vixen
Vixen the demon fox Vixen Napja
I can’t wait to cry throughout this documentary
Yup Ok
Yup Ok Napja
Who cares
Kid Sinic
Kid Sinic Napja
Okay demi can you stop talking about yourself for 5 minutes lmaooo we get it you did dope stfu. You're not impressive at allll. There's people out there with so much more to give than you addicted to heroin so horribly and have died more times than they can count. Keep making your money off your addictions not for drugs but for attention...
Ana 19 órája
Tristan Cakes
Tristan Cakes Napja
I cant wait to watch this! I love Demi Lovato and I have had the same devils she has had!
WaxDaddyGaming Napja
Damn this chick gained weight
Iva Mijoč
Iva Mijoč 18 órája
And she looks beautiful
Lexi Boshey
Lexi Boshey Napja
the fact that she’s is talking about this and trying to stay strong is just amazing
Lexi Boshey
Lexi Boshey Napja
I have never seen her look more serious in her life
Bxbxb 1_
Bxbxb 1_ Napja
talk about a tense trailer jeesh
U Ç Napja
Septiana Sudi
Septiana Sudi Napja
So proud🔥
Carl L.
Carl L. Napja
a cultural rest everybody
Jill Grimes
Jill Grimes Napja
So ready for this
That’s playable
That’s playable Napja
Bradley Farrell
Bradley Farrell Napja
You don’t know how many times I’ve watched this
Jordan Guerrero
Jordan Guerrero 10 órája
Nice drugs kid
@ricardo no, you are not funny.
ricardo Napja
you are not funny
RailZ Napja
Who is this person this? What happened what she do? Btw I’m not trying to be rude🙂
RailZ 10 órája
@Jordan Guerrero ohhh ok thanks yeah sorry💀
Jordan Guerrero
Jordan Guerrero 10 órája
ok gurl, its weird u don't know who demi is but ok, she is a succesful singer, 2x grammy nominated, she was the star on camp rock disney movie, and she has released 6 albums
D.A Napja
We love you no matter what ❤️
Taemin's Nose Mole
Taemin's Nose Mole Napja
Three strokes and a heart attack? I never knew, omg. Demi :’(
Komix Napja
She said gender reveal parties are transphobic... I knew I shouldn’t have got her that new spoon she’s going crazy now
Sunny Bhardwaj
Sunny Bhardwaj Napja
What's your favorite dish? A a mug, the one which has a handle. I meant FOOD!
E Handler
E Handler Napja
DEMI NEED TO STOP cuz I want her to live. No more dancing with the devil.
tyler 1969
tyler 1969 Napja
I love you demi. 😔💟
Myamay Nelson
Myamay Nelson Napja
We get it she’s a drug attict
Tuğrul Gayretli
Tuğrul Gayretli Napja
If this’s the trailer i can’t help but think about to whole documentary
amrin fathima
amrin fathima Napja
I cried
Ruben Buenrostro
Ruben Buenrostro Napja
Go overdose somewhere else
Goo Goo
Goo Goo Napja
I'm withdrawing from oxy 30s laced with fetynal rn
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy Napja
Just out of curiosity does anyone else care about the other millions of heroin addicts who aren’t famous?
Big Poop
Big Poop Napja
Alternative accurate title "I can't believe im so rich and famous and popular i need black tar heroin to feel better."
J B Napja
I don't understand why she flipped out on people who do gender reveal parties...get a life.
Bruna Santos
Bruna Santos Napja
victoria lynn
victoria lynn Napja
i will love demi for as long as i live. throughout all my life, no woman has ever had my #1 spot as my favorite and most talented singer except for her. i remember crying for days when hearing that the news came out along with seeing her live two months prior.. :( when i saw that she had three strokes and a heart attack, my heart sunk. demi, you're a warrior. us lovatics love you so much. thank you for saving my life with your music
R3HAB & Sofia Carson
R3HAB & Sofia Carson Napja
I caught something in this documentary film when she posted a picture of her & a girl putting their tongues together and posted it on Instagram I knew she wasn't feeling herself at that time cause she's wearing the exact same outfit in the documentary from the photo posted on Instagram
morales Morales
morales Morales Napja
Necesitamos música en español para perrear
morales Morales
morales Morales Napja
Latinoamerica te ama demi, saludos desde COSTA RICA
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