Akrobeto Brings You Results Of The English Premier League...DON'T MISS

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Akrobeto Brings You Results Of The English Premier League...DON'T MISS
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aulia renata
aulia renata 44 másodpercig
At leat he pronounce roma well
Antony francis
Antony francis 3 perccel
Is this real ? Please tell me its not
Nifunifa 8 perccel
i just would like to add that he is an actor and comedian too .. just sayin
Sabareesh MR
Sabareesh MR 26 perccel
Who else noticed at the end that he accidentally covered his eye 😂
Panda jr
Panda jr 30 perccel
I just know now that my pronunciation is wrong. Thanks dude.
Sal Gangstarasta
Sal Gangstarasta 31 perce
Aston village 😂😂😂😂😂
Samyabrata Sarkar
Samyabrata Sarkar 32 perccel
Love how he pronounces wolfsburg like a wolf 🤣🤣
Vishy 37 perccel
He stood no chance at 2:39 with Borussia Moenchengladbach
gabriele fiore
gabriele fiore 37 perccel
Sicuro ha la mamma di Bergamo
BISHOOSON RAI 42 perccel
So arsenal lost to a strong village😂😂
Geel Jire
Geel Jire 46 perccel
1:02 Just nino second b4 pronouncing Wolverhsmpton, I think he cursed the shit out of whoever came up with that name in his language.
Kennedy Joseph
Kennedy Joseph 48 perccel
Aston Village must have a better player than jack grealish
Robson Santos
Robson Santos 50 perccel
Conheço esse cara pelos memes do Facebook zuando o flamengo de cheirinho pelo tamanho do nariz dele hehehe
William Chan
William Chan Órája
Honestly this has made my morning!
Plum Órája
"Ass na"
Tamang Raju
Tamang Raju Órája
Is this program for real ? 😄😄
ferhat ates
ferhat ates Órája
Kalkidan Tilahun
Kalkidan Tilahun Órája
Rest in peace english.
Santiago Aguayo
Santiago Aguayo Órája
Paper : Atalanta Him : Atlanta
what a comedy 😂😂
Didi Widi
Didi Widi Órája
Totenham hotpuspes 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Clyde Hayag
Kevin Clyde Hayag Órája
Who's here because of KSI
Dart Aader
Dart Aader Órája
this guy definitely passed english listening test
DPK- 96
DPK- 96 Órája
He finally learned to pronounce tottenham now hotspursis is next.
Omkar Kulkarni
Omkar Kulkarni Órája
Zeffielesss United..
kuroko phantom
kuroko phantom Órája
Honestly, i prefer this guy to deliver the result than any other commentator😂😂
Kiki Muharam
Kiki Muharam Órája
Halo warga ET 😂
bret hitman
bret hitman Órája
Your mom green..
Beshotsha 2 órája
Apparently Dortmund and Bayern play in the Serie A now
Ebenezer Samson
Ebenezer Samson 2 órája
lepengo 2 órája
i died when he was at west ham
Raoul Ciubotaru
Raoul Ciubotaru 2 órája
At the beginning I was impresse becuase he satrted very good but from sheffield to the end I lost it
ronel panchoo
ronel panchoo 2 órája
Put on auto gen subtitles thank me later 😂💀
Android droid
Android droid 2 órája
West bromswwwsisyfhjtdhwich - 0 Tottenham hotspotpess - 1
SSM GAMING 2 órája
Hahahaha ga jls
shyz 2 órája
Aston village 😅😅😅😅
OneBoy OneGame
OneBoy OneGame 2 órája
This is legit
Justin G
Justin G 3 órája
He seriously just pronounced Juventus with an L 😂😂😂
Shayan Abbaspour
Shayan Abbaspour 3 órája
hahahah he is very fun
D Escobar
D Escobar 3 órája
Tsitsi Zinyemba
Tsitsi Zinyemba 3 órája
I can't stop laughing
Farisan Wanaputra
Farisan Wanaputra 3 órája
I love how he take a moment after said Arsenal lol 🤣 also losing againts A Stone Village lmaooo 😂🤣
nazil 3 órája
imagine him saying starting lineup too💀
Homejyoti Mondal
Homejyoti Mondal 3 órája
when your caught drunk in your car and show you have got this
Rafael Parra
Rafael Parra 3 órája
Wtff is this ninja on 😂😂😂😂
Mohammad Nazim Syahrin
Mohammad Nazim Syahrin 3 órája
01:40 my favorite part
Jeff Ren
Jeff Ren 3 órája
1:02 "ɛdin bɛn ni ?" Translation: "What name is this" Proceeds to butcher the name anyway 🤣
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 3 órája
The way he said Tottenham had me in Stitches😂😂😂😂😂😂😂- Also the way he said Cagliari😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nugroho I.S
Nugroho I.S 3 órája
Syphilis united ..
kunsansama 3 órája
Turn Caption on, and you see the different.
Mr. mephitic
Mr. mephitic 3 órája
He was so happy when he say Bayren won der klassiker
Tahmid Samin
Tahmid Samin 4 órája
Name: Borrussia Dortmund Reporter: Brzsslibrz Dortmund Subtitles: Bruce Lee Dortmund
Harmz Beatz
Harmz Beatz 4 órája
Fastest growing video on this channel 😂 1 million in 2 weeks..
Wolfe 4 órája
The only reason I can pronounce them is because I watch football like everyday. Otherwise I'd be at a complete lost too. Like monchengladbach and internazionale
lost_in_translation 4 órája
You know you have transcended this reality and achieved infinite wisdom when you try to drink with the mask on 💀
Maya 4 órája
He got the pronounciation of man City and Dortmund fairly right I should say
muhammed zaman
muhammed zaman 4 órája
This guy is a legend......
Kingover 4 órája
The only reliable news source. Everything else is fake
alepiu saja
alepiu saja 4 órája
0:49 westbruhweswuswich(didn't even mention Albion he made it sound that long already) niyl. Toteham hotspoospess one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justin Joy
Justin Joy 4 órája
Aston village😂😂😂
Pes Malaysian
Pes Malaysian 4 órája
Same video
cool dude
cool dude 4 órája
If you want to have fun turn on captions.
Godsonn 5 órája
1:14 “ASSNAL”
Ibrahim Mohamed TV
Ibrahim Mohamed TV 5 órája
No one This guy: Tottenham hotspesess
Beri Indra P
Beri Indra P 5 órája
love for this guy from indonesia 🇲🇨
Twenty Seven
Twenty Seven 5 órája
😂 Lmao, deep down inside me keep shouting him cmon u can pronounce it better AKROBETO!!! but i cant help to keep laughing so hard
Alexis Moreno
Alexis Moreno 5 órája
Akrobeto read Panama football results!
Abin P k
Abin P k 5 órája
Iyhe enthe myre
Георгий 5 órája
Это типа юмор?
Stephen Tynes
Stephen Tynes 5 órája
If Bill Cosby and Bobcat Goldthwait somehow had a baby with Bjork, that kid would sound exactly like this!
Annoyed Orange
Annoyed Orange 5 órája
Aren't we going to talk about how he put his mask on?
SkyRaider001 5 órája
ESPN would hire this guy for sure!
yonas woldemikaelgk uh fyhg
yonas woldemikaelgk uh fyhg 5 órája
He made my night, I can't stop laughing!
Sahil s.k
Sahil s.k 5 órája
Listen to that city = Leicester city 😂😂😂😂
Nabeel P
Nabeel P 5 órája
West bromwhiwhiwhwich
Hiho Hohlein
Hiho Hohlein 5 órája
is this for real or
Linus Emai
Linus Emai 5 órája
Aston village 🤣🤣
Yonis Ali
Yonis Ali 5 órája
2:33 this one is the funniest
mpaikonz 5 órája
Some one: Why did he pronounce my name correctly? Was he tryin' to insult me?
Pro Zodax
Pro Zodax 5 órája
Entire world: Arsenal Him: Arsssenaa
Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine 6 órája
I am a Tottenham Hospurspest fan. I dont like Shwihwnhmspss United.
He ras
He ras 6 órája
He recognises the big teams names and can't read the others
Lia Opi
Lia Opi 6 órája
So, i was wrong all this time pronouncing all that club name..
Rizaldi Rakhman
Rizaldi Rakhman 6 órája
The score is on the screen..why does he hv to read it out loud? Funny
wana yasa
wana yasa 6 órája
Actually he doesn’t need to say , we can read it on the screen.
Ammar MH
Ammar MH 6 órája
So that was just an act 😕? At the end, he seemed to be able to speak English well enough..
mohd khairuddin mat husin
mohd khairuddin mat husin 6 órája
Sakit perut gelak...tak baik aku gelakkan org...
Ashraf Sahdan
Ashraf Sahdan 6 órája
This guy is so pure we need more people like him in this world.
Mr President
Mr President 6 órája
Nice game from Leisafd;sdanvcads'vsa Hasgfwe[nsadsad'vsdf 4 - 1 Uisdfpaw;rska Pasdfnsd854
Nikhil Khanal
Nikhil Khanal 7 órája
Thank god he has now improved his pronunciation
Nathaniel Ameh
Nathaniel Ameh 7 órája
UTV: How many mistakes can you make? Akrobeto: *Yes*
D- Media
D- Media 7 órája
Is he doing mimics or is he doing in his own way?
Hamza Gök
Hamza Gök 7 órája
Hasin Rayhan
Hasin Rayhan 7 órája
Thank god my man didn't have to read Borrusia Mönchengladbach full
yash gore
yash gore 7 órája
How will he pronounce his own name then?
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 7 órája
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla 7 órája
Saw this on KSI's HUpost channel. Too funny. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
Bailey Webb
Bailey Webb 7 órája
Anyone else confused how he went from Italy to Germany in a matter of seconds ?
Nabil Hawari
Nabil Hawari 7 órája
Wkwk anjeng
Patrick Thomson
Patrick Thomson 7 órája
The exaggerated swagger of a Ghanaian news reporter
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