John Oliver Found Meghan Markle’s Revelations to Oprah Unsurprising | The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


John Oliver talks about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah, Ted Cruz’s wife’s text messages getting leaked and his show Last Week Tonight.
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John Oliver Found Meghan Markle’s Revelations to Oprah Unsurprising | The Tonight Show

Ann Chacko
Ann Chacko 10 órája
Looks like all paid royal commentators are out in full force defending them and putting down anyone thinking differently.
Massimo Marangon
Massimo Marangon 20 órája
Jimmy the moron Who talks to John the idiot. What a couple.
megavoyager1 3 napja
John Oliver is full of crap - he really is. He's just pandering to left-wing, liberals who can't be bothered to search out the truth for themselves.
reezlaw 3 napja
2:52 is when they talk about the shit in the title
Melanie Cotterell
Melanie Cotterell 5 napja
Racist noun one who brings race into all conversations, one who is obsessed with race, one who accuses others of being racist.
Rob Kunkel
Rob Kunkel 5 napja
Of the six or so late night comedians, Jimmy has the best laugh. 💜
Diana Miller
Diana Miller 9 napja
Stomach turn...
Jeff Spicolli
Jeff Spicolli 10 napja
There are certain things one can do within a family that prove to be unforgiveable. Airing family grievances whether true or false on US national television with a ambulance chasing host will in my estimation prove to be one of those things.
M.E M.E 11 napja
John Oliver really proving why he was "laughed" at of UK RM Doesnt change utter left wing crap RM Hss adapted over the decades RM has bought about so many changes . but as anyone who cares to view John Oliver FAILED UK Comedy career can see he hasnt changed
Catherine Gold
Catherine Gold 13 napja
God, I hate Fallon.
Isla Ary
Isla Ary 13 napja
I know racism is issue at the moment. But please, America, people around the world know that H and wife are narcissist. The interview is proof, the way they announced first pregnancy on Princess Eugenie’s wedding, the way she slandered RF about title when title was something that was rules long time ago. Be smart. This is jealous woman, who can’t adapt when she comes to another country and respect tradition in someone’s land. She lacks of modesty, loosing staffs as many as that is also indication that she is bully. Not even her mom’s family on her wedding day. She uses being black and race card for her own benefit. She is whiter than me even. She can’t treat her parents and family right, with boundaries but with humanity approach still. This girl is troublemaker. We will find out soon. Because she always want to be in spotlight and manipulate others. As for Andrew, his case is with authority. So why blame RF when the balls isn’t with them?.
Rebecca B.
Rebecca B. 14 napja
A big fan of John Oliver, but not so impressed with his seeming ignorance on the subject of Prince Phillip. You don't have to be a Monarchist to appreciate all that he brought to the table in evolving the monarchy. And as a sharp satirist, he completely glossed over the content of the Oprah interview. Instead, he basked in apparent smugness. Pity.
michael burns
michael burns 16 napja
Talking to Oprah.
James F Kahles
James F Kahles 16 napja
"Seven years ago,...No, it was yesterday." - Steven Wright. Ha!! Now that's memory conflation. Or was it George Carlin? 😶 (😄Definitely Steven Wright)
Xg4dam 17 napja
His nose looks like one of those fake noses hooked onto glasses cause it’s so big
Andrea King
Andrea King 18 napja
I guess John hasn’t got a problem with liars.
Jean Lawley
Jean Lawley 18 napja
Oliver is a prick ... just like Colbert ... keep him in the US we don't want him back in the UK ... as for that witch Markle well she is never welcome back in the UK ... The UK hates the manipulative bitch
Ahlisha Holloway
Ahlisha Holloway 18 napja
"I was gonna say it was a pleasure, but it wasn't" That really says it all
justshowmehow 18 napja
Wow, this is not funny.
Hellwish Presley
Hellwish Presley 18 napja
This is the most boring thing I have seen on YT for a long long long loooooong time. Kudos for the record.
Finoula Mc
Finoula Mc 19 napja
He is not known here in Britain.... but I think he is full of rubbish media speak!, seriously The rubbish created by USA media and talk shows is an example of everything that’s distorted and ugly ....
Reverend Jones
Reverend Jones 19 napja
John Oliver. The first token English guy
Brian Dobbin
Brian Dobbin 19 napja
You don't think Meghan & Harry are flawed? Jesus Christ...
Blue Clover
Blue Clover 19 napja
"I know the royal family...from a distance". Ok. And, the RF does change. I guess his knowledge of history isn't that extensive.
MAN AIR 20 napja
John Oliver saying “I know the royal family” is a joke. The closest he’s ever been to the royal family is delivering a curry at Jim and Barbs house. I wasn’t surprised by the interview either. I always knew she was liar, and he is just a fake woke child. Remember him partying in his nazi suit, now that’s the real Harry. Like Mr Oliver says, the royal family hasn’t changed. Harry is still the most racist member of the family, but Meghan ignored that when she thought she would be an important part of the family.
PK Collins
PK Collins 20 napja
John is freaking hilarious!
M Morrisey
M Morrisey 21 napja
John Oliver is one comedian that is NOT THE LEAST BIT FUNNY
jean myers
jean myers 21 napja
It must be very hard for Harry coming over to U.K. for his grandfathers funeral. It seems he will not be welcome arms. I am so sorry for this as he’s a lovely person & great comedian
jean myers
jean myers 20 napja
Germaine Greer also commented well before wedding that ‘she’ll bolt’. Look at Harry’s ex girlfriend’s, they bailed on him because they hated the pressure.
Billy Bunk
Billy Bunk 21 napja
And thats why John Oliver is over there because no one with any sense of humour in England would pay to seen him.
Kris See
Kris See 21 napja
The royal family has changed quite a lot , looking at history that's easy to see.
Justine Mot
Justine Mot 22 napja
This is just soo sad - whole of US media praising & defending a narcissist out of control, who obviously lies & manipulates the facts to paints others as horrible human beings just to look as a pure angel herself. I don't care about the royals. But it saddens me when a liar & a horrible monster throws innocent people under the bus & gets away with it - and others cheer over her victory
Mihaela Tudor
Mihaela Tudor 22 napja
I wonder what John would have to say now, after almost all of Meghan and Harry’s statements have been debunked.........I would LOVE to see such a comment at prime time !!! .......But, somehow, I know that it will never happen :))))))
SuperMYSHKIN 23 napja
You're a disgrace Colbert don't come back to England, we don't want you. Dickhead.
Kimberly D
Kimberly D 23 napja
Jimmy really does giggle at EVERYTHING! But I get it John Oliver is one my favorite hosts too.
Saunok Chakrabarty
Saunok Chakrabarty 23 napja
jimmy's mumbling sounds weird beside john's eloquence
Alisdair 24 napja
Is this entertainment? This is almost eight minutes of almost, nothing at all.
peter jones
peter jones 25 napja
john oliver , the man who had to go abroad to find people who could stand him ! lol
Gixermouse 26 napja
My dream 'going for a meal' (when lockdown ends). Me (Gixermouse), Berenice (my love), John Oliver and Jimmy fallon. I think we could all work out who hates each other then.. I'll be leaving with John :P
olivia blinds
olivia blinds 27 napja
Is this guy really funny?
M. Lizzie Brooks
M. Lizzie Brooks 27 napja
Meghan Markle talks start at 2:50
Nailjunkie 28 napja
I love you guys
R V Singh
R V Singh 28 napja
Even you are flawed John, everyone is, sickening words u said there about the Royal family..
miriam fernandez
miriam fernandez 29 napja
Common I will no longer watch these two. Have the balls to say the truth! Meghan is a manipulative narcissistic.
Spockrates 29 napja
Anyone else seeing these bizarre, word salad comments from bot accounts on this video? What on earth is going on?
cbruben 29 napja
Woke it baby!
Nicky L
Nicky L Hónapja
John Oliver is a republican so no surprise here. But how he, or anybody can uncritically believe everything that came out of thick Harry and Markle’s mouths is beyond me.
S R Hónapja
Jimmy hates John Oliver clearly
Danielle Stan
Danielle Stan Hónapja
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C. Hopper
C. Hopper Hónapja
John Oliver is a treasure.
Isabela Mariah
Isabela Mariah Hónapja
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Kiera Millsaps
Kiera Millsaps Hónapja
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Happyjoy Hónapja
It is sad that Megan made fools of both John and Stephen
Phyllis Neal
Phyllis Neal Hónapja
Yes. She made fools of most everyone ‼️
QueenMerlyn Amaya
QueenMerlyn Amaya Hónapja
Paula Richburg
Paula Richburg Hónapja
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Paula Richburg
Paula Richburg Hónapja
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谢伦琛 Hónapja
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James Bartlett
James Bartlett Hónapja
This is painful and Amazon is the worst
Karen Jaqueline
Karen Jaqueline Hónapja
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Charisse Anjelica
Charisse Anjelica Hónapja
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Rina Graham
Rina Graham Hónapja
John O liver is a slimy limy.....a piece of slimy hit!
Gilbert Mozell
Gilbert Mozell Hónapja
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CutZy McCall
CutZy McCall Hónapja
The Heidi Cruz group chat without Heidi Cruz needs its own reality show. I love the perv prince reference: "Meghan is ruining this family." Yeah, right, Andrew.
Melanie Cotterell
Melanie Cotterell Hónapja
If someone has to tell you that they are black they ain't black.
John McKnight
John McKnight Hónapja
Shut the fuck up.
You TB
You TB Hónapja
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Sumy Mathew
Sumy Mathew Hónapja
The one about Prince Andrew is priceless!!😂
Linda Minaga
Linda Minaga Hónapja
Wonderfully entertaining. TYVM
Benjamin Gal-Or
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Analizci Hónapja
Jimmy Fallon looks depressed or sad all the time. His laughs never look sincere. I can’t stand to watch him even for Oliver.
Marlene Kendrew
Marlene Kendrew Hónapja
John Oliver is a traitorous Brummy arsehole.
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson Hónapja
Unsurprising, and probably completely false. Markle has already been shown to have lied about several of the claims she made and in many others she refuses to name names. How convenient.
Stephanie S
Stephanie S Hónapja
On Ted Cruz's wife's friend outing them for their Cancun trip during the Texas freeze: "You know what the weak link is in a group chat." hahaha
Swift Li
Swift Li Hónapja
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Smart Brit spotted
James Geo
James Geo Hónapja
Jimmy Kimmel has the most uncomfortable and obvious fake laugh of any fake laugh ever. He is amateur. This person has a dark side that will reveal over time. All phonies are terrified of being outed and his OVER LAUGHTER is incredibly false.
brendy isabel santiago ullero
brendy isabel santiago ullero Hónapja
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bridlingtonengland75 Hónapja
I love the seal clapping! if all this woke leftist ideology works why are their record numbers of murders in leftist cities and why are people flooding out of them? Just a thought.
Brynn Hónapja
Jimmy looks really good during the pandemic...I want to know his secrets!!!
Sabine Hónapja
Unbelievable that people take the Oprah-interview with Megan etc. at face value and believe all of it without knowing the other side. And judge accordingly! That is cheap.
Elk Paz
Elk Paz Hónapja
John is very funny but that doesn't make him right. He's British but that doesn't make him an expert on all things British. He has a particular set of prejudices.
Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota
Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota Hónapja
I'm (a little) afraid to ask, although I have to, cause I didn't even aknowledge there was such one: WHO'S PRINCE ANDREW? Like, dude, who the heck? LoL
Open Eyes
Open Eyes Hónapja
Eileen Ralphson
Eileen Ralphson Hónapja
...just don't get this humour ...more like schoolboy humour to be honest ! Boring and childish 🤪
kamtihu guqurteh
kamtihu guqurteh Hónapja
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Roberto Chuter
Roberto Chuter Hónapja
Precious Wheeler
Precious Wheeler Hónapja
I don’t mess with group chats either
Carolyn Dull
Carolyn Dull Hónapja
Aren't jf and others on the h & m team? 🤮🤯
P S Hónapja
....Why does Jimmy Fallon look like Michael Jackson with a wider nose.....
Addis Ellis
Addis Ellis Hónapja
America's funniest bird looking man👏🏿👏🏿
Bananka Hónapja
john oliver, wanna be american loved.... you of all people should know what meghan said was a little bit whiney.
Clay Berger
Clay Berger Hónapja
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Michael Tang
Michael Tang Hónapja
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Rapsha100 Hónapja
Imagine watching this middle aged Harry Potter cosplayer telling you to be offended by everything
Karadjordje Hónapja
Oh stop it with the fake fucking laughter jimmy, damn he's obnoxious.
SabineEins Hónapja
No question what Mr. Fallon smoked before the show
A N Hónapja
I don't feel bad for Meghan at all, she knew what she was getting into.
Evo Lu
Evo Lu Hónapja
Where’s the part where you cut John off for talking about the evil Amazon antics?
CKnappJacksonville Hónapja
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mangaas Hónapja
"Late night TV" committed suicide. Holy crap this is terrible. How did they all co-ordinate to suck altogether? It's amazing how bad and how ALL of them suck so equally.
Peg Marinello
Peg Marinello 2 napja
@R. M john was the one fake smiling
R. M
R. M Hónapja
It is bad.. to political and no class.
Susan Tunbridge
Susan Tunbridge Hónapja
We're still better off with a Constitutional Monarchy than without one. Trump. They just need to sell most of the rocks and gold, including the Crown Jewels, I mean - really - and turn that to a better use. Stop wearing glittering piles of diamonds at state dinners, it's silly. Queen Victoria is dead. Turn over a good portion of the real estate for children to spend every summer in, camping and boating, especially inner city children. Cut way back on the Princes and Princesses, and make the finances *transparent*. Duchy of Cornwall - that just isn't ok, neither is the Duchy of Lancaster. PC and the Queen collect those rents, as if they expect to be actual monarchs with no PM tomorrow. Make it a much more slimmed down monarchy. All the King's horses and all the King's men have to go. William will do that when he's on the throne, he has already said he wants to burn all the ivory in Buckingham Palace. Having said that, I still think Meghan behaved with cruelty towards the RF, saying whatever she wanted to and getting away with it, because their policy is to not answer back. She behaved like a grasping profiteer, trying to get more money out of the RF. She does have those "Kashoggi" earrings given to her by MBS of Saudi for a wedding present. She hasn't returned them to the State as she should have, and they're worth £500,000. Nor has she auctioned off all the free designer clothes (£2.2M worth) that she was given, as Diana always did - auctioned for charity. Not Meghan, she's hanging onto that sh*t. This interview was all about money - blackmailing the RF into paying for their security, and sending more money.
Ionica Scott
Ionica Scott Hónapja
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