Mulatto - In n Out (Official Video) ft. City Girls

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belinda sassy Yasaitis edmondson
belinda sassy Yasaitis edmondson 3 perccel
It's very different but not for kids under 18 to listen to I like the beat
꧁Rainielle꧂ 4 perccel
I liked it until I heard the N word
ibtsarmyi1 •
ibtsarmyi1 • 6 perccel
Watch this song become a new tik tok trend 🤣
Wode Dagawd
Wode Dagawd 7 perccel
Shit got more dislikes than comments only people liking this are ratchet ass single moms with only fans
Lovely Lizy
Lovely Lizy 11 perccel
Lol she said big latte sauce sound like motor oil I’m tripping out
Nunya Biznass
Nunya Biznass 14 perccel
Bernie Houston
Bernie Houston 15 perccel
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Dustin Grandchamp
Dustin Grandchamp 19 perccel
This has to be the dumbest song I’ve ever heard wtf
willo robo zex
willo robo zex 19 perccel
To whoever likes this song, fuck you
Tru Finesse
Tru Finesse 19 perccel
This is why I love Missy and Rapsody
Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast 19 perccel
This slaps tho🔥🔥
Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman 20 perccel
You said the N word, shame on you
Shortybx183 Shortybx
Shortybx183 Shortybx 22 perccel
Love it😎
Suto Mystik
Suto Mystik 24 perccel
Ashley glasner is a 🕷️
Mz tella28
Mz tella28 26 perccel
Really this shit popped!! Damn was here for citygirls!!
MaDnaN 26 perccel
isabelle reyna
isabelle reyna 33 perccel
Sindy Marisela
Sindy Marisela 37 perccel
This is a reminder that God loves you! Look up Transformation church here on youtube, the pastor talks about sex,life and how to live not just survive.
Zaid Rantesy
Zaid Rantesy 37 perccel
CIVICIOUS 42 perccel
Got save the children listening to this.
SpongeBob TrianglePants
SpongeBob TrianglePants 45 perccel
I was playing this song during my online class and forgot my mic was unmuted 😀
Cheeseburgers 823
Cheeseburgers 823 41 perce
What the hell
Mark Burks
Mark Burks 45 perccel
I thought this was about Obama...
Earths Advocate
Earths Advocate 46 perccel
Wtf. God help us
Aah'Maria Forbes
Aah'Maria Forbes 46 perccel
Girl get it
daniel meehan
daniel meehan 47 perccel
So much substance. 😂
Chase Kennedy
Chase Kennedy 49 perccel
Frank Frank
Frank Frank 51 perce
This garbage is what's considered "music" now? Disgusting.
OhnOmarr 46 perccel
Ya know
saynotosimps forgud
saynotosimps forgud 52 perccel
Terrible music best part 3:43
Jessica Bella Music
Jessica Bella Music 53 perccel
Donate here to help Aaron who is a double amputee below the knee
RealJoshTv 53 perccel
*Whoever’s reading this I pray you are happy and become extremely successful!*
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 52 perccel
Y’all better wake up:
wonderwall135 54 perccel
is this an ad for In N Out?
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 52 perccel
Y’all better wake up:
PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa Roxi Sandoval
PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa Roxi Sandoval 55 perccel
*This Flamethrower is the Future!*
Pulsar X
Pulsar X 58 perccel
giovanni bucio
giovanni bucio 58 perccel
8z dd's s
Keith Adams
Keith Adams Órája
30 second in I knew it was some bullshit 🙄
Alex G
Alex G Órája
Real goats uses the baphomet logo. Another satanic sell out yall open your eyes.
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 52 perccel
Y’all better wake up:
Mussa Kiula
Mussa Kiula Órája
Dat voice 🙌🙌
Mark lumpkin
Mark lumpkin Órája
Lord forgive them... they know not what they do... just nasty
N N Órája
This song gave me autism.
N N Órája
Why are there little girls in in this music video that has sexual lyrics? Wtf?
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 52 perccel
Y’all better wake up:
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin Órája
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin Órája
An awful lot of bragging for a basic ass bitch
Inside America Show
Inside America Show Órája
The video was cute but all the songs are starting to sound the same.🙄
A NoItAll Production
A NoItAll Production Órája
Correct I am a male. (One of two) And yes this song as well as the video is garbage.
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen Órája
This is culture
bebe rexmy
bebe rexmy Órája
Iggy azelia beat?
Danbarnes214 Órája
I'm proud to say I'm a part of the 8.5k dislikes
Samantha G The Natsarim
Samantha G The Natsarim Órája
Can we teach our young women to be good at something OTHER THAN being good in bed ?? I mean come on this is some basic chic theme song !
vincent paresa
vincent paresa Órája
Akoij Perezcastro
Akoij Perezcastro Órája
Amanda12124 Órája
Se looking like she related to jessica dime
Amanda12124 Órája
That pink hair.....
9mm Capone
9mm Capone Órája
This is blk chics role models? Ill just stay dating white girls.they have more class
Spooky The Kid
Spooky The Kid Órája
Wow most of the comments are bots too nice.
Asuelu Órája
I wish JT stop talking about her getting out the Feds 🤨 Girl bye
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more Órája
This video made my credit drop a couple points.
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 52 perccel
Y’all better wake up:
Ashley M
Ashley M Órája
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Reel Shooterz Media
Reel Shooterz Media Órája
Did you see the interview Crunchy Black did addressing the DEVIL rumors? I found it 😳🤯
Spooky The Kid
Spooky The Kid Órája
What the fuck am I even looking at?
Choc O. Latte
Choc O. Latte Órája
I wasn’t familiar with your music before now, but my goodness you are freakin BAD ASS!!! I’m sure you got millions of fans, jus want you to know, you got another one!!🤩 I love how you guys (females)are all embracing each other in the industry as opposed to beefing
M'Lani Smith
M'Lani Smith Órája
T7 King
T7 King Órája
Gotta love the big black bars on the left and right of the video
Mellotoomuch Órája
Porn on a record 😂
Brooke B
Brooke B Órája
Every female rapper is now singing about her vulva and getting f**k*d. Really classy, I guess thats all that most women can bring to the table nowadays, so much for feminism and empowerment LMAO.
Brooke B
Brooke B 45 perccel
saynotosimps forgud Not all of them. It seems the more "empowered independent" they are the more they treat themselves like a simple sex toy.
saynotosimps forgud
saynotosimps forgud 47 perccel
Yes women are talking holes.
MiNuSx31 Órája
Girl I remember you sitting on JD steps...talking all grown now...
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge Órája
Claim your “here before a Million views” ticket here
Slick_Trixz Órája
Its already passed 1 mil u dumb 💀
Spookytooth92 Órája
So much sass. This women would make a terrible wife. Unfortunately so many women love and try to imitate this attitude
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge Órája
A future Millionaire will like this comment
Mike Órája
Why is all women rap just about sex and their bodies? Honest question
Mike 53 másodpercig
@Daniela Marron lmao a lot of mens rap is actually lyrical shit and not just sex gang murder like basically 99% of what women rap is
Daniela Marron
Daniela Marron 3 perccel
let them, all men rap about IS women’s body’s, sex and drugs. The women do it because they want to do it for themselves so let them be
The RzzTech
The RzzTech 6 perccel
That’s pretty much all female rap is at least the mainstream shii. Listen to Lauryn Hill, Rapsody and more underground rappers. Nicki Minaj raps about sexual stuff but she can actually spit some real shii her Queen Album was very good and you saw how that didn’t do that well because lyrical rap, especially female lyrical rap doesn’t get no type of plays it’s sad tbh.
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge Órája
To the 1% reading this, have an amazing day, may God Bless you and your family!
Saul Arias
Saul Arias Órája
Girls shouldn't rap just saying
Secret Number
Secret Number Órája
Secret Number
Secret Number Órája
Secret Number
Secret Number Órája
Onfri & Gonzalez Family!
Onfri & Gonzalez Family! Órája
New on here hi! 💕
Mark Kuziv
Mark Kuziv Órája
Mxm67 ccd k
kaley s.
kaley s. Órája
I'm legit scared
Mog Ravenclaw
Mog Ravenclaw Órája
Another song for whores.
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Órája
You know what this video needs? More children... Wtf
Steve Harris
Steve Harris Órája
These bitches is stupid
Sean O
Sean O Órája
This bitch ain’t even black
darrold vaughn
darrold vaughn Órája
Jordan Rucker
Jordan Rucker Órája
Yo u don’t have to but I would really appreciate if you checked out my new video💜
P H Órája
World best spa 18+ 😱😱💁💁
P H Órája
World best spa 18+ 😱😱💁💁
P H Órája
World best spa 18+ 😱😱💁💁
Kelam Órája
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him. Acts 5:32 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Hebrews 12:14
Adrian Brent
Adrian Brent Órája
BLK app sucks for men.
P H Órája
World best spa 18+ 😱😱💁💁
P H Órája
World best spa 18+ 😱😱💁💁
P H Órája
World best spa 😱😱💁💁
Black Star Company
Black Star Company Órája
So this is what they think of Black women? Sex, and what else? What about education and knowledge of self ?
Ones Stage
Ones Stage Órája
Random people who like this will become a millionaire someday
bakedinspiration Órája
I see nothing wrong with black culture.
Nikola Leviathan
Nikola Leviathan Órája
Marko Gematria Wizard
Marko Gematria Wizard Órája
This shit pure garbage 🗑 😒 When did it become cool to be a chicken head ho!? Omg Then you have the children on the video. For what!? F these sellouts man. Big up your ppl. Not your bank account
YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing
YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing Órája
HUpost Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing 🔥
Ineed Love
Ineed Love Órája
Ohio is north not south do u mean south of ohio
Shane Clark
Shane Clark 2 órája
Jesus Christ loves you all. Come to him today! He's coming very soon!! Sooner than you think! Accept him as your Lord and Savior. Turn away from your sins. Believe on him and Trust him! The time is now!!! God Bless
Richard Dickman
Richard Dickman 2 órája
those are the loudest hi hats ive ever heard in my life
MTV 2 órája
Where my crown??? 👀I'M THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH 👑
Slick_Trixz 50 perccel
@cocoabxtter same
cocoabxtter 52 perccel
@Slick_Trixz i was confused for a sec💀
Slick_Trixz Órája
Hold up mtv,wtf u mean by that 💀
cocoabxtter Órája
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