Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

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Marvel Entertainment

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Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.
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Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta 4 órája
I'm seeing this as an Epic Shadow Fight 2 Film
Blackseven Etrillion
Blackseven Etrillion 4 órája
kind of Asian stereotype
The inspired youth
The inspired youth 4 órája
Marvel is dynamic they did an African culture movie now this. Marvel is the best
Hassaan Mubasher
Hassaan Mubasher 5 órája
Shang chi and Iron fist can be the best duo ever if it actually happens
Kuya Xam.
Kuya Xam. 5 órája
I hear a Blue Dragon🤔
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 6 órája
God this is gonna be a great movie I bet
Rafael Angelo De Torres
Rafael Angelo De Torres 7 órája
1:48 isn't that ming fleetfoot from jumanji the next level
The Fun and Entertainment
The Fun and Entertainment 7 órája
Bgm 🔥 action 🔥🔥
Faraz Khan
Faraz Khan 7 órája
Seriously? Nobody understood the "enter the dragon" reference at 1:34? Dragon pose, while entering a tunnel. Which made it seem like you're entering the dragon, which is Shang chi here. Pretty dope when you realise it🔥l Edit : Only true martial arts movie fans will get it.
Younes Adam
Younes Adam 7 órája
Radhe your most wanted bhai 😁😁 sorry💥
이름 8 órája
Alf Vázquez
Alf Vázquez 9 órája
Can't wait for the Disney-budget Iron Fist and Shang Chi together.
Elliot Kung
Elliot Kung 9 órája
My asian parents: This happened because Shang Chi got one B+
HUSWE BEATS あと 10 órája
Bruh anti asians be disliking
Mrc c1ipz btw
Mrc c1ipz btw 10 órája
i really want to see this movie
OptimalMario 10 órája
Too bad this movie is going to flop in China since there's a boicot there
Jay Zhang
Jay Zhang 12 órája
1:46 asian woman driver 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
bank roll
bank roll 12 órája
Black panther: my son, it is your time Shang chi: son it’s time for you to take your place
Troll pravasi
Troll pravasi 12 órája
Hahaha this is something like dragontiger gate2
Gurpant Pannu 2.0
Gurpant Pannu 2.0 13 órája
The Millenial Falcon
The Millenial Falcon 13 órája
Finally an all asian cast with no white guys interferring or starring
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 12 órája
Marvel making a COVID 19 MOVIE? 🤯🤯😧🥵😷🤢
Dolled-up jen360
Dolled-up jen360 13 órája
They have the actions figures on sale at target
Gianluca Zalischi
Gianluca Zalischi 13 órája
This film makes no sense
Ankit Verma
Ankit Verma 14 órája
Martial arts in MCU ❤️💞 yh too next level hoga
Sathuparan Thayaparan
Sathuparan Thayaparan 15 órája
Zans _
Zans _ 15 órája
Jackie chan impostah
Aaron Tran
Aaron Tran 15 órája
Me after seeing this movie: “You know, I’m something of a kung fu master myself”
Josue Avila
Josue Avila 15 órája
Puño de hierro
Maleficent 16 órája
Better than batman to be honest
James Amar
James Amar 16 órája
Corona creator
Tell me you are Shang-Chi without telling me you are Shang-Chi... 1:33 😎 My Man Even Jackie Chan got shy
LaLaGrunge 16 órája
When will the United Nations punish Communist China for willingly allowing air travel and Covid-19 to leave the Chinese interior in late-2019/early-2020?
Storm Vatican
Storm Vatican 16 órája
There is no trump, no Jeffrey Epstein, no Maxwell Ghislaine, no Lucifer, no satan, no freemason, no satanic ritual, no human hunting but toy story.
Shibi Sunder
Shibi Sunder 17 órája
The Voice Actor for The Dragon On "Raya and The Last Dragon" Lmaoo I Love Her Voice xD
싼다 17 órája
china china china no no no
Akshin Barathi
Akshin Barathi 17 órája
imagine brucelee in this movie
KinnaJ _λ
KinnaJ _λ 17 órája
0:21 on the left what happened to her facial expresions?
Divyank Singhal
Divyank Singhal 17 órája
Don’t know jut don’t like a Chinese story or Chinese actors and characters after what they did to my country India for attacking and off course COVID 19 also spread by them
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 17 órája
@Divyank Singhal that’s... not something to be proud of.
Divyank Singhal
Divyank Singhal 17 órája
@Hi Hi yup I become
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 17 órája
So you’re basically saying that you’re racist?
IG Reels Status
IG Reels Status 17 órája
Bgm is lit 🔥
Mr Random Gaming
Mr Random Gaming 17 órája
Want Ironman back😭😭
Min Htike
Min Htike 18 órája
Is this Marvel super hero or kunfu panda?
Saraswathi N
Saraswathi N 18 órája
wait it said 9th march 2021
Akash Patil
Akash Patil 18 órája
Movie name shall be ninja assassin 2
Darkness News
Darkness News 19 órája
I saved you from my playlist: Marvel News
LLEBB KISH 19 órája
Awkwafina's gonna kill it as usual!!!!!
Suyog Subedi
Suyog Subedi 19 órája
You teasing Naughty Naughty
SAD 20 órája
I saw this after watching Mortal Kombat and now i'm even more exited.
Josiah Kato MD
Josiah Kato MD 20 órája
This is everything Mortal Kombat wanted to be.
Ethan Dimmie
Ethan Dimmie 20 órája
this might be the greatest movie about Asian cultures and superheroes to ever exist
swathi br
swathi br 21 órája
Who came here for Jackson wang
one of aghase
one of aghase 15 órája
Jack's squirtle
Jack's squirtle 21 órája
GAME MINE 21 órája
Hello i am here
Stuart Champion
Stuart Champion 22 órája
Marvels: Mortal Kombat's look great!
Blackhole 22 órája
Jackie chan.....❤️❤️
Nana Bonsu
Nana Bonsu 22 órája
Martial arts and Awkwafina. Don't mind if I do
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 21 órája
Not all asians 1.3 billion indians and arabs even dont know it this is fact
Bubblegum Lord
Bubblegum Lord 23 órája
yo wats the track played here ?
Jack's squirtle
Jack's squirtle 21 órája
It's an unreleased track by Jackson Wang. They'll release it with the movie I guess.
1:28 to 1:33 Super star Rajnikanth styles 🔥🔥🔥
he's the only asian to ever live up for his fans he 's not super hero he 's real life hero !
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 21 órája
So... his super power is that he's the only Asian to ever live up to his parents' expectations? xD
Alanzo Napja
So, basically every single supernatural Chinese martial arts movie only now labeled with the Marvel stamp so it's gets more attention than the Seven Words, The Untamed, The Blade, etc... smh
Han43S Napja
They should cast Rain instead of this guy..
Cuevas Napja
I don’t read Marvel comics, but when they mean 10 rings, do they reference the rings of Solomon?
Rhea Puranik
Rhea Puranik Napja
From Kim's Convenience to Shang-Chi, he's rocking it all
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang Napja
I wonder if Kim’s Convenience ending abruptly had anything to do with Simu Liu being cast in this and being too busy to return for the show. I’m sure it isn’t but it just seems like odd timing that they ended the show right as one of its main characters gets his most prestigious role
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green 18 órája
@Shaun Bang The show is based on a play of the same name and was based on the experiences of one of the co-creators. Without him working on the show, they couldn't continue and keep the same quality.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 21 órája
@Jennifer Green that sucks, I wonder why the creator couldn’t just have someone else write for the show while he does other stuff
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green 22 órája
No. The co-creators of the show wanted to leave to do other things even though the show had been renewed for a sixth season.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang Napja
I thought they were using the Eung Freestyle song cuz the first instrument sound that plays right when Shang Chi hits the wooden post sounds a lot like the string instrument used in the Eung Freestyle rap song
Gabriel Valentin
Gabriel Valentin Napja
Meanwhile NF music in the background
Nishad Karande
Nishad Karande Napja
This looks cool
吴安咏Robbert Napja
1:21 Wenwu : you can't outrun... Who you really are. Pause Wenwu again : dread it. Run from it. Father will arrive all the same, or should I say... Asian Father.
dumb kiddo
dumb kiddo Napja
This movie about an Asian kid who did not obey his father.
why is my brain connecting this to the 10 Rings from IronMan
Booker DeWitt
Booker DeWitt Napja
So... his super power is that he's the only Asian to ever live up to his parents' expectations? xD
Revanth chary
Revanth chary Napja
Not all asians 1.3 billion indians and arabs even dont know it this is fact
sAbhradip Das
sAbhradip Das Napja
Shadow Fight X Mortal Kombat feat. *Marvel*
Goldie210 Napja
I’m sorry, but *10* rings? Usually the number is between 3 and 7.
Koreanx Spritex
Koreanx Spritex Napja
Tbh I came here only for jackson Wang!
Yao Teck Voon
Yao Teck Voon Napja
Tony Leung Chiu-wai
George's N
George's N Napja
His face look like Shang Tsung and the color look like Lo Wang 👌
Memerise Studio
Memerise Studio Napja
Fanlly! marvel release new hero loved one❤️😁
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Napja
this movie looks more American than the 4th of july
Zile birds
Zile birds Napja
four 4 more days to go
jdamommio Napja
Please, why can't I stop watching this trailer!
Kenji Napja
who are u ? A: 疝氣
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto Napja
is he xi jinping's young self?
Hans Ivander
Hans Ivander Napja
i love this🔥
Pedro Barragan
Pedro Barragan Napja
0:37 Tony Leung looks like a boss!
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Napja
Chinese woman asks chinese guy "who are you?" in English, with a heavy American accent 😏😏
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Napja
Katy probably was born and raised in San Francisco, California USA.
CynicalPOV Napja
So he can punch and kick hard?? Last time I checked nearly everyone in the MCU can also do that so why is he special?? Ohh yeah cause it’s starting Chinese actors and will hit big in Chinese theatres. Good job marvel 👍
Tom G
Tom G Napja
I thought this movie is boycotted by the Chinese because it's a bit racial sensitive? And has anyone ever said he's special? You really live up to your nickname...
Hartej Taggar
Hartej Taggar Napja
0:10 when you start a new minecraft world
Aquafina rocks !!!!
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Napja
wang carl
wang carl Napja
So who remembers who Fu Manchu was?
Edgar Bosques
Edgar Bosques Napja
Not good I am very disappointed.
Moses Reed
Moses Reed Napja
Wow just like how they said about all the other movies who cares what you think freak show
Imon Napja
i recon wakandans will have some sort of involvement with this.
Fes Y
Fes Y Napja
2GEEZ Napja
so 1:02 is NOT Jackie Chan????
RepeatedAxe Gaming
RepeatedAxe Gaming Napja
I just keep coming back here to listen to the trailer music
The Best Lyrics
The Best Lyrics Napja
Not inspired by Jackie Chan
TkSharma Napja
Dutchie M
Dutchie M Napja
Aren’t the Ten Rings the organization which kidnapped Tony Stark in the first Iron Man?
GamerPepperPig99 Napja
does he have powers or not
SAD 20 órája
No he doesn't, but he is the most powerful martial artist in the mcu, his hand to hand combat skills, along with his countless styles of martial arts are insane. He may not have powers, but he's the master of hand to hand fighting.
GamerPepperPig99 Napja
there releaseing a movie about asian cultrue at a good time
Kaweeshwara 666
Kaweeshwara 666 Napja
Ima start answering people with moving my hands now
Indraudh Sarkar
Indraudh Sarkar Napja
If bruce lee was still alive he would be best for this role.
SAD 20 órája
@Indraudh Sarkar Ohhh yeah I mean he could play a good Shang -chi
Indraudh Sarkar
Indraudh Sarkar 20 órája
@SAD No I mean young bruce lee.Because we all know if he is still alive he would be too old for this old.
SAD 20 órája
Probably too old for the role. He could play the mandarin tho.
durga aduri
durga aduri Napja
Wait wasn’t he in Kim’s convenience
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