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Boston Dynamics

24 napja

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

Flippy1565 Perce
nice rendering dance better than me
Zac 8 perccel
You're an idiot if you think they haven't given these things machine guns in testing. And that should scare the shit of you. Otherwise, cool vid! Please don't give these things guns, just don't.
Judit Varga
Judit Varga 22 perccel
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis 42 perccel
Great. Now they can dance on our graves.
Koochi Tv
Koochi Tv 51 perce
Krzysztof Olearczyk
Krzysztof Olearczyk 55 perccel
This the best!
GP draws
GP draws 56 perccel
That’s amazing
Vaio San
Vaio San 58 perccel
That made my day 😊
Miguel gamer animações
Miguel gamer animações Órája
Hades Órája
And by the way I Loveeee you
Hades Órája
Why does every comment have so many less likes ?
Ajmal Bhatty
Ajmal Bhatty Órája
Can I have one, lol
Alisar Dius
Alisar Dius Órája
i believe this is just PR for public, and behind curtain they make military grade super robots
Suman Roy
Suman Roy 33 perccel
They publicly make military robots.
Maksim Magomedow
Maksim Magomedow Órája
Теперь нам точно конец!!!
R Digi
R Digi Órája
The terminator is up next.
diane mainiero
diane mainiero Órája
AMAZING thanks so much
Nhat Ha
Nhat Ha Órája
SIIICKK!!! Amazing amazing.
niyaz azizi
niyaz azizi Órája
Why not a new design with artificial skin? It can be perhaps huge but that also strikes like a new phenomenon.
RayyM2 2 órája
For those claiming this is CGI: If that's the case, they really took it to the extreme because between 20 and 58 seconds, you can make out the reflections of the other robots that aren't yet in frame off the glass of the enclosure while waiting for their que. As well as the reflections of the camera man and a person assisting the camera man (who moves something out of the way) as the camera man is panning the robots. Later at 2:15, you can make out workers who are doing maintenance on one of the robots in the background and liquid splatter on the ground providing evidence of a malfunction during filming.
ImConfusedTwo 2 órája
I can't tell if this is real or not. If its real thats soooo awesome.
Miguel gamer animações
Miguel gamer animações 59 perccel
Yep its real
jajajajja Órája
It's real
Cartoon Head
Cartoon Head 2 órája
These will be turned against all of us soon.
Wai Fung Wong
Wai Fung Wong 2 órája
When the robot dance even better than you
Aelin FireHearth
Aelin FireHearth 2 órája
That moment the camera man is also a robot.
OOBootySnacksOO 2 órája
The moment when humans realize robots just want to know what a $5 shake tastes like
Hitrila 3 órája
Skynet is warming up...
바람이고싶다 3 órája
Wow. It's cool, but makes me think scary.
Gryjlfkagor 3 órája
This honestly looks like cgi and I am scared.
Sk Irfan
Sk Irfan 3 órája
It was hilarious 😆.Truly
S S 3 órája
This is the end of humanity.
Mr. H Fam
Mr. H Fam 3 órája
This is how they will emote on us when they win the war
Playz of Silver
Playz of Silver 3 órája
The fact that this was 3 weeks ago, and the comments are all 3 mins ago and stuff, is crazy 😂
Patryk Wojtkielewicz
Patryk Wojtkielewicz 3 órája
Yeah but if it was a cgi, it would be a hell of a good one. Just look at the shadows, camera movement or even robots refelctions in the glass when camera man is walking around them
Maria Tancu
Maria Tancu 3 órája
I came back to it after finding out it is real, i thought it was cgi the first time i saw it, and found out from a Max Tegmark-Lex Fridman podcast it is real, so had to see it again:)
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 3 órája
Вот когда капиталисты заменят живую рабочую силу роботами, вот тогда будет не до плясок, пролетариату.
yaakandaa kaewk
yaakandaa kaewk 3 órája
Ben 2 órája
@Ben Snow yes, 555.
Ben Snow
Ben Snow 3 órája
Sudarshan s
Sudarshan s 3 órája
we should bring robots into the education days lectures don't know anything.
sim sam
sim sam 4 órája
Finaly a vid, where boston dynamics fellas don't treat badly their other work fellows... heck, they even dance better than i do... Operator: I need to learn to dance! and to fly that chopper.
Sudarshan s
Sudarshan s 4 órája
Here we go into the future of entertainment
Gadhvi Yuvraj
Gadhvi Yuvraj 4 órája
Who ever made this!! That guy is from another galaxy!!
Lucifer Gamer
Lucifer Gamer 4 órája
えびもなか 4 órája
please,fake this.
The North Bear
The North Bear 4 órája
i love the time we live in lol
babylama playz
babylama playz 4 órája
Anyone else agree that making GLaDOS wouldn't just be cool but to actually have that whole thing move around and the design like in the game wouldn't that be awesome?
Accessories Solution
Accessories Solution 4 órája
Now thats a robot dance.💯
Linda Gitschlag
Linda Gitschlag 4 órája
Beautiful. I liked how you copied a live person's moves into their programming, like how it's done for video action games. Thank you very much.
Mr. L XD
Mr. L XD 5 órája
Nobody is mentioning the fact spot went into protect mode for a sec when the one entered
Alien Sasquatch
Alien Sasquatch 4 órája
Holy shit did not notice that.
Anton Zatsepin
Anton Zatsepin 5 órája
jajajajja Órája
Alien Sasquatch
Alien Sasquatch 4 órája
John Robison
John Robison 5 órája
roger roger
Calvin Hobbes
Calvin Hobbes 5 órája
Roger roger
madaraszi 5 órája
Dear Boston Dynamics, the fact that they can even dance does not make them less scary and the future has just become a bit darker again.
jajajajja Órája
Angels Are Real
Angels Are Real 5 órája
*insert* my Replika into the brain one of these, how much is that? *wink wink*
Dick McNicholson
Dick McNicholson 5 órája
This is precisely why I need an ar-15 with 40 round magazines. Fuck these things.
Luke Snellen
Luke Snellen Órája
Are you high? They will be immune to bullets. In case you want to destroy them, you should learn to use rocket launcher or you should build your own robot. (There is a robot war scene in the film Outside The Wire. You should watch it).
logitech4873 2 órája
Do you also shoot roombas at sight? You sound pretty unstable.
Alien Sasquatch
Alien Sasquatch 4 órája
Francis Phillipeck
Francis Phillipeck 5 órája
Almost looked real........
logitech4873 2 órája
It is real.
Maria Tancu
Maria Tancu 3 órája
It is real, Max Tegmark confirmed on the Lex Fridman podcast, also Elon Musk on Twitter.
troy wrzesinski
troy wrzesinski 5 órája
Just watch they are going to be doing this dance on a mountain of skulls in a few years lol
Gnoulelein Tako
Gnoulelein Tako 5 órája
This is 3D animated right
hunter Órája
Your body is 3D animated
logitech4873 2 órája
Ediblebomb 4 órája
Thakur Lucky
Thakur Lucky 5 órája
If he starts dancing like me , people will run away in fear.
Александр Шанин
Александр Шанин 5 órája
Они танцую лучше меня
ちんすこうローション 6 órája
Framer of worlds
Framer of worlds 6 órája
Imagine what these things will be like in a decade. As soon as the price of a robot equals the annual salary of a low-wage worker these things will be everywhere. For you people thinking that somehow someones going to stop this from happening, ask yourself this, "when has technology that works ever been stopped from happening?" it can be delayed sometimes (electric cars in the 90's,) but never really stopped. Imagine if horse breeders had tried to stop cars from being developed, I doubt it would have worked. This is no different.
k4ot1c 6 órája
The Luddites eventually got rid of the Jacquard loom. So there's hope.
nyk7979 6 órája
let the frame carry the full weight of the body around waist and inner thighs as if the body were to possibly be suspended upside down. This gives the human full control and range of motion for the machine to compensate. This should work for a non motorized frame as well.
Joni Mclin
Joni Mclin 6 órája
Well they don't know the twist LoL 😆
G. Brent Wilson
G. Brent Wilson 6 órája
The will dance on our graves.
SpittingTruth 6 órája
I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords...
Miss J OK
Miss J OK 6 órája
If only someone can programme nice dance moves into me like the robots. Maybe I would be a better dancer.🤣😭
FromPaint ToPixels
FromPaint ToPixels 6 órája
Stunning. Brilliant execution of engineering and art. Who said engineers were dull. I have watched the video several times and shared it with my friends. I have to look into boston dynamics stock. Kudos to the 100th power.
Buttercup Jones
Buttercup Jones 6 órája
Yes 🥰
Slim Carter
Slim Carter 6 órája
Who came from Elon's post
Maria Tancu
Maria Tancu 3 órája
I came from Lex Fridman:)
Chris Dolan
Chris Dolan 6 órája
When can we see the ‘behind the scenes’ vid? I bet that would be equally fascinating.
Framer of worlds
Framer of worlds 6 órája
here it is
Tobi Cole
Tobi Cole 6 órája
This is progressing so fast I remember when these could barely walk.
Got Em
Got Em 7 órája
yep, this is how we die....
PhilOffHisTree 7 órája
wow you know its not going to be long before we cant tell natural movement form robotic then you know whats next don't you
A G 4 órája
come with me if you want to live
Steven Bernard
Steven Bernard 6 órája
The first trillionaire will be the guy who invents a robotic housekeeper.
sambiddlecom 7 órája
@ everyone who disliked this...who even ARE you. How do you LIVE like that.
Maria Tancu
Maria Tancu 3 órája
@SpittingTruth lol, you still need Arnie;)
SpittingTruth 6 órája
We are the resistance. Long live John Connor!
Rocco Taco
Rocco Taco 7 órája
People are afraid of robots taking over I. the near future. Honestly I’m not sure how that could happen but I’m not a smart person, so what do I know? The do be grooving tho.
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols 7 órája
And when God created man, he created him in his image
Military gets ahold of this and crooked officials we're in trouble...
@Peppermint Gal Ponder on it makes ya think, americans will defiantly put up a fight. It makes sense to just bomb us yes, but they care to much about this country's resources/land, architecture, ect.. Just to blow it all away..
@Peppermint Gal Exactly too practical, what if they weren't trying to blow everything to bits. Just assemble them as ground troops? Less of a mess, same results... Idk lol
Peppermint Gal
Peppermint Gal 4 órája
@Alexander and Allegra The big tech industry is as Capitalist as it gets.
Peppermint Gal
Peppermint Gal 4 órája
Drone strikes are way more practical than a walking robot. These things aren't going to be made into effective murder weapons.
Chris Dolan
Chris Dolan 6 órája
Too late...
Nathaniel Burns
Nathaniel Burns 7 órája
I’m supposed to be doing homework right now Why am I here
fuzzy cotton
fuzzy cotton 7 órája
Ахуиболденно танцуют))
swag bot 98
swag bot 98 8 órája
Maria Tancu
Maria Tancu 3 órája
@David Beaver It is real, Max Tegmark confirmed on the Lex Fridman podcast, also Elon Musk on Twitter.
David Beaver
David Beaver 6 órája
I can tell by some of the pixels.
ethan robinson
ethan robinson 7 órája
its not
Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 7 órája
Nope. Corridor Crew had a comment early on saying nothing can beat the real thing.
yuh boi flarez
yuh boi flarez 7 órája
its not
dick kickem
dick kickem 8 órája
I find these oddly cute
katosin 8 órája
tony stark estaría orgulloso de esto
Ungyul Yi
Ungyul Yi 8 órája
Robotic BTS is around the corner
A A 8 órája
Preparing to smash these things en masse.
Bongos 9 órája
I was just waiting for them to start Twerking again
No Name
No Name 9 órája
So the metal freaks want a dance off, challenge accepted tin cans! Ok seriously, can I get my "red pill" now? I want out of this matrix simulation world.
X G 9 órája
Well... At least they will look cool when they come to kill us...
Monika Kaminska
Monika Kaminska 9 órája
In 0,59 you can see camera guys reflection :D plus how the plexyglass is shaking. I think I believe it s real. Little tweaked maybe (speed or something), but real. Or totally genius graphic artists (naaahh) Saw tests for yellow cutie movements. Creeeeeepy real.
A G 3 órája
its real time.
Constitutionality50 9 órája
Oh HELL NO. This shit is EVIL. Stop making this shit.
jajajajja Órája
@Constitutionality50 It's movies lol
Constitutionality50 Órája
@M Vee - I know right!!
M Vee
M Vee 7 órája
Did these people ever watch Battlestar Galactica, Terminator or most of the robot movies where making these things go wrong?
Adam Frisoli
Adam Frisoli 9 órája
This is obviously animated CGI. Everyone can see it.
Maria Tancu
Maria Tancu 3 órája
It is real, Max Tegmark confirmed on the Lex Fridman podcast, also Elon Musk on Twitter.
Brian! P.
Brian! P. 8 órája
Your brain can’t process the amazingness
Joe Newton
Joe Newton 8 órája
I don't think it is.
2Frog2 2Frog22
2Frog2 2Frog22 9 órája
Your brain can process it, thats why you thing its fake.
Cyborg Manticore
Cyborg Manticore 9 órája
I think you're mistaking this for Bosstown Dynamics and their robot video. XD Everything here is the real deal.
Little Tooth
Little Tooth 9 órája
AY babe, cha cha real smooth
ahmed Hasanin
ahmed Hasanin 9 órája
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 10 órája
3 weeks in and I'm still getting my life off of this!
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 6 órája
@How Does it Really Work I'm gonna say...Both
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work 8 órája
I am not sure what is more fascinating -- the dancing robots or the way so many people react to them.
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU 10 órája
Scary... truly scary...
Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan 9 órája
The age of Man draws to a close. Our children are here.
tmsact 10 órája
Looks fake
Drowning 8 órája
lmao yknow you can buy the robot dog? or watch offline tv they bought the robot dog and you can see very clearly that it's real
Joyce Blodgett
Joyce Blodgett 9 órája
They're robots---you expect them to breathe, for pity's sake??
Desperadox 9 órája
Your mother looks fake.
LuiZ René
LuiZ René 10 órája
Correct. Did you see the guy above? He´s using telekinesis powers to move them...
Mary Deniz
Mary Deniz 10 órája
NOPE it's real
ZTE 10 órája
Umbra S.
Umbra S. 10 órája
i am so jelly right now. If only i had the money to source parts for this.
estaqui 10 órája
Yesss... i love You... i was waiting for this
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 10 órája
Do you love me ?
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 10 órája
This is so cool like I would’ve never noticed
Towed Array
Towed Array 10 órája
It’s a cool sequence but it isn’t real. Boston Dynamics has tons of cool technology, they didn’t need to do a CG render. I mean it is cute, but just not what I’d expect Boston Dynamics to ever do. I can’t think of a robot they’ve shown off that wasn’t totally mind blowing. The company’s robots always have a few kinks to work out but their technology is so very impressive that I’d much rather see the thing trying to do it’s best, fall flat on its face or stumble, so that we see the warts and bugs and kinks and all. Better off to show all of that than a render. It a fun video, but easily spotted as a CG composite just based on how the robots’ feet don’t compress the padded floor. Nice work with the reflections though, showing a camera crew in the spot that they should be - that helps with the immersion a lot. Sorry to be negative. It’s a very cool video.
jajajajja Órája
@Adam Frisoli You are a joke XD
Desperadox 6 órája
@Adam Frisoli Go put on your tinfoil hat.
Yes noticed this as well
Amy Livingston
Amy Livingston 8 órája
@Regor If Adam Savage says it's a real robot, it's a real robot, end of story.
Monika Kaminska
Monika Kaminska 9 órája
@Regor Thanks for link. I was curious it's real.. God. It s creepy, you can set movement timeline for it, like in graphic programe for animations :D
Zach Martin
Zach Martin 10 órája
in 50 years they'll be the ones making us dance..
Arel R
Arel R 9 órája
@SweptAwayDreams Less.
SweptAwayDreams 9 órája
@Arel R 10? Or less?
Arel R
Arel R 10 órája
ALE 510
ALE 510 11 órája
awesome...yeah, we're about a hundred years away from the t-800
chaisocks 11 órája
People: Robots will kill us all!!! Robots:
rasheed white
rasheed white 11 órája
Excellent choreography
Mazi Thoughts
Mazi Thoughts 11 órája
Ok, I’m convinced. We are for sure living in a simulation.
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