I recorded every toxic Rocket League player I encountered for 3 months

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Rocket League players can be incredibly toxic, even in Grand Champion. I recorded every interesting, funny, and toxic moment for over 3 months! This is the result...
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0:00 Intro
1:00 1. Rage Quit
2:05 2. I'm not c3
3:35 3. karma
4:24 4. crying in 1v1
5:54 5. funny players
7:57 1b. more rage quit (bonus)
8:55 6. mad (at demos)
10:34 4b. negotiating in 1v1 (bonus)
11:47 7. forfeit (main theme)
14:28 8. grand champion plays
15:58 9. just kiss already
16:52 10. salty af (the final dash)

#rocketleague #sunlesskhan

Analytical Strategy
Analytical Strategy Hónapja
To remove the dirt and grime from my soul I finally found a reason to bust out the lavender bath salts I've been holding onto for 13 years for this very type of occasion. I sat in a circle of them around me, whilst lighting sage and incense, and breathing in lemongrass essential oils. The real icing on the cake was the sweet calming tunes of 'Who Let The Dogs Out' playing wistfully in the background. I am now a reborn man.
Cdog the pro
Cdog the pro 23 órája
Ronan Atlas
Ronan Atlas 3 napja
@Yehuda Lachlan wow! It took like 15 minutes but it reallyworked!
Yehuda Lachlan
Yehuda Lachlan 3 napja
dunno if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :D
Brayden Gore
Brayden Gore 5 napja
Adam Diaz
Adam Diaz 6 napja
I had to knock my self out to forget all this great here we go again
Rotation Barrackit
Rotation Barrackit 2 órája
To get rid of the toxicness i had to take a shower in holy water.
I clapped you
I clapped you 3 órája
I love sunlesses videos I don’t know how to repay him
ProXlmao 3 órája
POV: you are one of the toxic guys from the video
Hydrox Fortnite
Hydrox Fortnite 5 órája
the toxicity was so bad i had to go to chernobyl to get rid of some of it.
Danny Montalvo
Danny Montalvo 13 órája
What does c3 mean
Mario Baic
Mario Baic 15 órája
As a gold player seeing this... I dont know if I should be happy or disappointed knowing higher ranks are just as toxic if not even worse than what I currently get in games.
Skull Kid Games
Skull Kid Games 16 órája
I had to bathe in fire
Matthew_Rufc720 20 órája
15 minutes in 3 months? Make another account and do it in plat or diamond. You'll have at least 4 hours worth in 2 weeks
Lewis Barrah
Lewis Barrah 22 órája
I'm absolutely subscribing to you, this channel is hilarious!
ʍօʝʝօ 23 órája
Rocket League has one of the worst video game community
Jupiin 6 órája
@ʍօʝʝօ r6
ʍօʝʝօ 22 órája
@EnMaMu14 Well, every game has a part of its community that is toxic, but i have never seen a game with more toxic players in it than Rocket League
EnMaMu14 22 órája
Which game does not have a toxic community? Thanks.
Courtney Boyle
Courtney Boyle 23 órája
sunless > musty
GamingWolf Napja
Honestly I just create a custom match in rocket league and practice or just be silly with my friend if that helps tell me 👍🏻😎✌️
beaux Napja
the piece control kyle was a nice touch
26Connor K
26Connor K Napja
I had to slap a bot to cleanse myself from the horrible players here
zᗪxνιใツ Napja
I don’t blame the people who get mad over demos
de danger boys
de danger boys Napja
It's Funny that when you are toxic you play worse
Daniël Koegelenberg
Daniël Koegelenberg Napja
10:13 I beg you... please call it soccar hell the game itself also calls it that in certain locations
Daniël Koegelenberg
Daniël Koegelenberg Napja
Gabriel Szewczyk
Gabriel Szewczyk Napja
Duuude, sometimes i miss my silver times, where nobody gave a shit about me playing badly for my rank...
Squid RL
Squid RL Napja
U would expect kids around gc could take demos
Yazan Samir :3
Yazan Samir :3 Napja
13:36 best moment
George Playz
George Playz Napja
To get all the toxicity out of my lungs I might have to actually play fortnite for once and call everyone bad.
Dean Keller
Dean Keller Napja
to get the toxic mess of my soul i would latterly sell my soul
Salt T
Salt T Napja
“Tm8 where are u” - Gold II Div III with 140 points after taking your goal
Junior Tlatelpa
Junior Tlatelpa Napja
What’s the music at 1:00
Sam Rain
Sam Rain Napja
I literally had to turn to God to cleanse myself
Joel Dc
Joel Dc Napja
anyone knows the song in 1:00?
mademlium 2 electric boogaloo
mademlium 2 electric boogaloo 21 órája
I need it too m8 it's gna be my new alarm sound (my current one is just some cannon firing for 5 mins and still I won't wake up)
Azul Napja
9:11 and 9:48 is the funniest in my opinion 🤣🤣
stefan Baldinelli
stefan Baldinelli 2 napja
Charlie Archer
Charlie Archer 2 napja
i just had to watch it to get thru it
Lucas Pereyra
Lucas Pereyra 2 napja
The community in rocket is so toxic
ColePlaysBaseball99 2 napja
i had to take a nap on the ceiling
Nolan Sheir
Nolan Sheir 2 napja
I had to get baptized to cleans the toxicity
LucasBTW2005 2 napja
1:50 my plat 3 tm be like:
Ilya's Stop Motion And Gaming
Ilya's Stop Motion And Gaming 2 napja
'Im NoT c3!' yea, cos ur bronze 1
Dom 2 napja
Bruh I’ve literally had it happen twice in a span of week where when we’re winning, one of the opponent leaves and then my teammate leaves straight after. So weird
kumaz 2 napja
how did u get ur grand champ tag red?
65rjd 2 napja
To cleanse myself of all of that toxicity I had to drink some holy water
Penecia Sutton
Penecia Sutton 2 napja
NightCoins 2 napja
Drink holy water that’s what I did :)
Adam Magee
Adam Magee 3 napja
Caden Duran
Caden Duran 3 napja
I had to do nothing I am the toxic
Philality VR
Philality VR 3 napja
Those rage kiddys are fckn annoing. I mean i had games where the enemy Team made a goal after 30 seconds and they instantly wanted to surr or just leave. I mean wtf u can always win
NEBEXHD 3 napja
soo after this i took a 2 hour bath but i felt that i was still a bit infected so i took the covid vacine and then i cleaned my butt beacause i had toxic poop
Karasu 3 napja
maybe if we limit how many matches poeple can play in a row, their mental health will be better ? i know it's kind of mean to limit poeple playing but rocket league is one of the most hard games to keep playing constantly, compared to cs where you can rest when you're dead and waiting for the next round, here you're ALWAYS in game, thinking where to go, what to do and stuff, i'm sure we can do something to force players resting a bit between each match c: for now i just keep the chat muted, too bad for the kind guys that would be fun to play with or against ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wahrercat 0.4
Wahrercat 0.4 3 napja
never cuddeld my girl more intense then after this video
PeachyKeena 3 napja
actually kinda felt bad for the kid on his div 4 match. not that you owed him the match or anything but that sucks to know ur gonna lose and have to grind it back up again.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 3 napja
I played rocket league... That’s what I did No trick No lie Just played some rocket league. Cause that’s my secret cap. I always play rocket league
Ben Matthews
Ben Matthews 3 napja
Its obvious you should stay in competitive instead of cherry picking in casual.
Robert Heldman
Robert Heldman 3 napja
listen to uh oh stinky
yoConn 3 napja
This vid almost made me toxic
Matt Cooper
Matt Cooper 3 napja
Yea a ton of forfeit votes recently - I wonder why this is a thing
vBrogoGaming 3 napja
watched all the way through, great vid sun
YaKoi _
YaKoi _ 3 napja
9:22 yikes...
Dolphin Plays
Dolphin Plays 3 napja
Athena flick lol
luka2831 luka2831
luka2831 luka2831 3 napja
I actually had to go to church for the first time in 10 years and ask the priest to tell God of my sufering
_Bennet098_ 3 napja
brizzy was 2 times there r.i.p
Brendan O'Rourke
Brendan O'Rourke 4 napja
I have to do nothing
illuminate clan
illuminate clan 4 napja
I had to lick my cat to calenz myself
Brody Bowlin
Brody Bowlin 4 napja
wesq 4 napja
Can someone tell me the name of the song at 1:00? I've heard it but I can't get the name in my head :D
Kacpereczek334 4 napja
alternative title: all your rocket league pain in 1 video.
Denise Hill
Denise Hill 4 napja
Honestly I did get through all of them and after I- Had to.....eat a bagel
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez 4 napja
I had to drink holy water then took a shower with bleach 100% percent legit
Inky 4 napja
Getting through this maid me want to sue them,drink bleach,and delete myself and rocket league from the existance of the multiverse just to get a speck of my sanity back after watching this
ScopedPro YT
ScopedPro YT 4 napja
Bruh mr. problem child over here is like that one 8th grader thinking he's better than all the other people
Roaring Eagle Playz
Roaring Eagle Playz 4 napja
I had to be wholesome for like eight days, and say Nice Shot to the enemy.
Max Anderson
Max Anderson 4 napja
Smeelo, I remember that name
rice eats deepfried dogs
rice eats deepfried dogs 4 napja
Kaylor Roberts
Kaylor Roberts 4 napja
I got a LOT of laughs out of this. I relate so much to so many of these moments! Thanks for the great editing work man!
michael devito
michael devito 4 napja
I had to go take another shot of insulin I’m a diabetic just so everyone knows
Zyad Azzuz
Zyad Azzuz 4 napja
Leaving is being toxic?
mason 4 napja
i am here to find diego
Lora Callahan
Lora Callahan 4 napja
Ace_11_10 4 napja
bathed in chilli sauce
Gnomebrain 4 napja
HoboGrifter 4 napja
Song at 9:00?
Ingrid Mira
Ingrid Mira 4 napja
i watched the whole thing i really love ur vids kepp it up
Joel Lockett
Joel Lockett 4 napja
Rl tm8s will be the people to blame you for world hunger
Diana Hill
Diana Hill 5 napja
The tender tense january interstingly yawn because burma proportionally wail at a salty hell. judicious, nappy breakfast
Bleo 20
Bleo 20 5 napja
11:44 the "Go die" killed me
C J 5 napja
Is bleaching my eyes and option
Egad Man
Egad Man 5 napja
That fact after this that my vomit was a toxic green ment I had to just die
Holland Gutke
Holland Gutke 5 napja
I started dying when the guy said "pause" in the chat
axolotl way way
axolotl way way 5 napja
1:07 isn't this evry game
Bengal_Viper 5 napja
I had to get baptised and changed to the side of god and had him eliminate the toxicity and rudeness in the world
Haza Btw
Haza Btw 5 napja
Telling someone to end themselves because they played one bad match in a car soccer video game
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 5 napja
I only leave if it’s 5-1 aka me 1 enimes 5
Sike 5 napja
Yeah so I had to drown my self in my bath for 5 minutes and I somehow survived:-l probably because you can’t actually drown yourself...
Rebecca Pella
Rebecca Pella 5 napja
I watched the whole vid and you know what i did... I took a warm bath with epsom salts and ate a lot of fruit to get rid of the salt lol 😂👍
Brexzyy-_- 5 napja
15:46 who asked the way it was used
Brexzyy-_- 5 napja
This is the best vid I’ve ever seen
Frzre FN
Frzre FN 5 napja
Great content man 👊👏
Random clips- Moments
Random clips- Moments 5 napja
can someone trade me fennec? ID: XD_IAlyy (ps4)
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 5 napja
I had to go to church and confess on how toxic this was
Dorian Vlogs
Dorian Vlogs 5 napja
If rocket league didn't have a ranking system the community would be great
C2c Jacob
C2c Jacob 5 napja
trash talking in 1s when you're losing is the most dumb thing kids do, literally insulting themselves when they call a person better than them trash meaning they're worse.
C2c Jacob
C2c Jacob 5 napja
a few days ago I got into a 2s match and within 20 seconds my team m8 made a mistake and instantly left, I said in chat "why did he even launch the game" which made the other team laugh.
khalid alqtob
khalid alqtob 6 napja
i finished to the end and went to play rocket league and suddenly every one got toxic
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